Saturday, March 4, 2023

Saturday and a Funeral

I didn't sleep all that well last night. I had a mess with the bank and Atmos Energy last evening. I noticed they had taken my Atmos Energy bill out of my checking account but had an overdue memo on my online banking. It wasn't overdue. It had come out and was listed on my statement  as having come out on time.

So I called Atmos Energy and got billing. They said they had problems with Kansas and the payment of $133.51 would show up in their records in a couple of days and I would not owe another $224.67 on the 30th. I would only owe $91.16 on the 30th. They advised me to cancel that scheduled payment and enter the correct amount. So I cancelled that payment but the on line banking would not allow me to reschedule the correct amount. I wanted to talk to Lisa, who is the manager there but she was off until Monday and the woman that I talked to at the bank didn't know how to help me. I will have to get hold of Lisa about it on Monday. I cancelled Atmos Energy online banking and want to just be billed directly here at home and I will write them a check each month. I will have to deal with that on Monday though. Atmos Energy billing is only open Monday through Friday.

So all that mess was on my mind and I woke up about 4:00AM and could not get back to sleep.

It's 5:25AM now and I am fully awake. I have made my bed and dressed and will fix my breakfast in a little while and also check out the weather forecast...and later...the cats. 

I will meet Leslie at Tyro at 11:00AM and we will go to Coffeyville to pick up Karan and then we will go to the campgrounds for the funeral services for Lester Lay.. Leslie says we will eat lunch before we go to the campgrounds...probably at Joplin I am thinking.

More Later... 

I have had my breakfast here in the living room while I wait for the "weather on the 8's" to come on. It's late this morning while they go over all the other weather in America. It's 34 degrees now here in Caney according to the laptop computer.

Blondie was the only cat that came for his breakfast. I took the cat food out for him. I don't see anything of Scruff . She didn't show up this morning. He is eating though. Maybe she will come a little later. I see he ate and has left now. 34 degrees is pretty cold for cats.

I see today is supposed to be 64 degrees and partly cloudy , Sunday is to be 73 degrees and partly cloudy and windy,  Monday is to be 73 degrees and partly cloudy, Tuesday is to be 55 degrees and showers, Wednesday is to be 55 degrees and rain, Thursday is to be 53 degrees and rain, Friday is to be 47 degrees and showers. That's the week and it looks like we are going to get some much needed rain. 

It's 9:32AM now and I just finished the book I was reading. I will need to leave for Tyro about 10:30AM or even a little earlier. I don't want to be late for meeting Leslie. It's 42 degrees now and I might be able to take my walk but it might make me run late.  I will give it a try. 

I was able to take my walk and get back in plenty of time to drive over to Tyro to meeting Leslie  and then we went over to Coffeyville to pick up Karan. Then Leslie took us to the church's reunion grounds for the funeral. It was huge. Over 100 people were there..members of the church and also friends of the Lays there for Lester's funeral.  It was quite an affair...all his children and grandchildren were there as well as everyone in the area that came to stand up for Patsy. Many of them spoke of their admiration for Lester.  

We got back home about 6:30PM and I immediately took my bath and started reading a new book until 9:00PM, my usual bedtime.

I was very tired but needed to wind down.

Friday, March 3, 2023

Friday and Dusting

Again, I slept well last night. I took an allergy pill and that dries up my sinus'.  I was up only once in the night and I took my two meds at that time.

I was up at 5:00AM as usual. I made my bed and dressed and made myself up for the day.

I fixed my breakfast and ate it here in the living room and checked on the cats. They were both out there waiting for me to open the door. I noticed it was lightly raining out there but I took their food out and set it down just outside the front door where it was dry. They ate quickly and went on their way probably to find shelter from the rain. I will leave the food out there for a little while and they can eat more if they should come back. Now I am waiting for the weather report on the "weather on the 8's" and drinking my coffee and now my Chai Latte.

I finally got the weather report. Today  is to be 58 degrees and AM rain. Saturday is to be 64 degrees and partly cloudy, Sunday is to be 74 degrees and partly cloudy and wind, Monday is to be 69 degrees and partly cloudy, Tuesday is to be 51 degrees and PM rain, Wednesday is to be 52 degrees and showers, Thursday is to be 43 degrees and rain.  That's the next week. It looks like four days of rain in the next week. We need the rain.

I did my dishes and am on my Chai Latte now. I will take the laptop computer back in the den and let the desktop computer pick up the information from this laptop computer.

It's 9:38AM now and  I have been reading one of the books Denise gave me. So far I am not impressed with this one. But I am just at the first couple of chapters so maybe it will improve soon.

It's 40 degrees according to my phone. But it doesn't appear to be raining now. But it is forecast for AM rain. 

More Later...

I had a bowl of soup for my lunch and later went up to Independence to the Dairy Queen and had a blizzard. Then I came on back home to read some more on my book.

I talked to Leslie this afternoon.She asked me if I was going to Lester Lay's services at the reunion grounds tomorrow. I hadn't planned to because I didn't want to drive to the reunion grounds by myself. Leslie said if I could meet her at Tyro at 11:00, we could pick up Karan and I could go with them. I told her I would do that. So I will ride with them to the services tomorrow. I will leave my car at Tyro. We will have lunch at Joplin I imagine.

I will get back to my book now.

I read until 7:00PM and then took my bath and after that I read until 9:00PM again when I went on to bed. I was very tired.


Thursday, March 2, 2023

Thursday and Apartment Cleaning

I slept well again last night. The allergy pills help a lot. They stop the sinus drainage. I was up once in the night but when I went back to bed, I was able to get back to sleep. I was up at my usual 5:00AM this morning and made my bed and got myself ready for the day. It's always good to get a good night's sleep. I am eating my breakfast now here in the den. Soon I will go turn on the TV to catch the weather forecast and check to see if the cats are out there for their breakfast.  The computers say it is 41 degrees out there. 

Both cats were out there and I took their food out to them.  They ate quickly and then left. They are both gone now. 

But I did catch the weather forecast. Today is to be 51 degrees and there will be afternoon showers, Friday will be 58 degrees and morning rain, Saturday is to be 62 degrees and sunny, Sunday is to be 71 degrees and partly cloudy and windy, Monday is to be 72 degrees and partly cloudy, Tuesday is to be 57 degrees and a few showers and Wednesday is to be 53 degrees and cloudy. It looks like rain three days this coming week. We still need the moisture. The rivers are all down around here..

I see Scruff is back for some more food. She is looking around for Blondie. But he may have eaten at the house over on State street where they claim him as theirs. They have a different name for him. I forget what it is.

I think Scruff is finished again and has left again. I may leave the food out there for awhile...just in case.

I will take the cat food back in the garage  now. They appear to be finished eating.

Well, my old hearing aid finally completely died. It was barely working last weekend so I continued to wear it...but this morning I put a new battery in it to try to get some sound in it but it is completely dead this time.

Good thing I will be getting two new ones next Tuesday. I will tough it out until then. 

I've started my cleaning with the mopping of the bare floors and I will wait for them to dry before I vacuum the carpets. And I have the throw rugs in the dryer on "fresh air". 

It's 9:30AM now and 43 degrees outside. I may bundle up and take my walk while I wait for the floors to dry.

No, it was too windy! And it was a cold wind too.

More Even Later

I guess I will begin my vacuuming!

I got the vacuuming finished and cleaned it up and the filter too and I will dust tomorrow. I am charging the vacuum sweeper now. It will take at least a couple of hours for that to charge. Now I am very tired. I guess I will go back to my reading for awhile.

I read until noon and then decided to go down to Copan Restaurant and have a bowl of their vegetable beef soup and iced tea. It is trying to rain but so far it's just sprinkles. I am glad I got back home before it really starts raining.

This afternoon I called Cox Complete Care and got one of their techs help me to be sure all my cookies are on.They said at The Chronicle that that was why I couldn't download the Chronicle on my laptop. After that, I was able to download it just fine. 

I read my book until 7:00PM and then I took my bath and put my pajamas and robe on. After I did that I went back to the book and finished it. I plan to go to bed at 9:00PM as usual.

Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Wednesday and Bunco

I slept well again last night. I was up at my usual 5:00AM, made my bed and got myself ready for the day. I am eating my breakfast here in the den. I put these big bags of books Denise gave me yesterday in my clothes closet. I am really out of storage here. When I am gone, I have no idea what the kids will do with all the stuff I have stored in the closets and in the attic. They will have to have a huge yard sale. The books can be donated to the two libraries to sell and make money from them.  

When my mother died, Phyllis and I had an auctioneer friend of mother's do an auction. He managed to sell everything she had left. That would be a good way for the kids to get rid of my stuff. Keith and Esther could use my Thomasville and Drexel furniture.And the dining room table was made by the Amish. Well, hopefully that will be awhile yet. My great aunt Margie, that I was named after, lived to be 104 and was never sick. She went to bed one night and just didn't wake up the next morning...that's the way to go. That would be another 17 years for me. 

But enough of that! I will get my hair done at 8:30AM this morning in Coffeyville and then I will go to the library and return the books I checked out last week and read there until time to go to the senior center for Bunco.

I may visit with Marilyn after that. It depends on how she is feeling. 

David and his wife will be coming to Caney to visit Nancy for a week at the  assisted living where she lives in Bartlesville so I will not be going there on Monday. I will need to take the cookies to Independence on Monday instead of Tuesday since Leslie has her hair appointment in South Coffeyville at 8:00AM on Tuesday and then we will be going to Tulsa after that to get my new hearing aids. 

Then the next week on Wednesday the 8th my social security comes in. And my wellness checkup at Dr. Christensen"s is Thursday the 9th. I have three birthdays to plan for in March too. ..Kelly's, Cyndi's and Maia's. I will send Kelly and Cyndi birthday cards from the congregation and send $13.00 and a birthday card to great granddaughter. She will be 13 on the 14th. 

Then Sally and I will go to the Bartlesville community center to see "Chicago" on the 16th. 

Leslie's ordination to High Priest will be held at the church's campgrounds just south of Joplin, Missouri, at the Mini Conference held here on the 18th . We will go down there the day before on the 17th and stay overnight. The conference starts at 9:00AM Saturday. It will be  a busy month, that's for sure ! 

April will be just as busy. My grandson, Jeromy's, birthday is on Sunday April 2nd and Sally and I will be attending our last concert, "Stomp!", on Monday April 3rd. It is also the church's World Conference from April 22nd through the 28th. Leslie and I are both delegates and will be going to that for the week too.

Both cats came for breakfast this morning. Blondie ate fast and left, Scruff ate longer but just now left.

Then "the weather on the 8's"came on. Today is going to be 62 degrees and cloudy, Thursday will be 57 degrees and rain, Friday will be 56 degrees and rain and wind,  Saturday will be 60 degrees and partly cloudy, Sunday will be 69 and partly cloudy, Monday will be 73 degrees and mostly cloudy , and Tuesday will be 66 degrees and mostly cloudy. It looks like we will have a couple of days of rain the next week. 

More Later...It's 6:55AM now. I will leave for Coffeyville at 8:00AM.

I went to the bank first when I got to Coffeyville. Then I went to the beauty shop and got   my hair done. From there I went to Dr. Dobbins' and got my new contacts. That was $80. Then I went out to the Woodshed and bought gas for my car. Then I went to Walmart and bought the few things I can't get at the Caney Market. Next I stopped at Sonic and bought a cherry limeade slush. I then went to the library and returned the two books I had checked out there earlier last week. I got another James Patterson book because I forgot the one I had intended to take from those Denise gave me. This time, though I just checked out one. I have plenty of books to read now at home. I sat in the car for quite awhile and read.

We had some real good treats at Bunco. I never eat lunch when I go to Bunco.

I got home about 3:15PM.

More Later...

I read all afternoon on the James Patterson book from the library and took my bath at 7:00PM and read until my bedtime at 9:00PM. Then I took an allergy pill and went to bed afterward.


Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Tuesday and A Quiet Day

I slept well last night. I had a lot of sinus drainage when I went to bed so I took an allergy pill and that always makes me sleep well. I was only up once in the night to go to the bathroom and took my two meds. 

When I opened the door to the front door, Blondie was out there waiting for me to bring him his food.

I started the blog in the den and when I took the laptop in the living room, I saw that he had eaten quickly and left. Scruff hasn't come yet so I will leave the food out there for a little bit and see if she comes to eat. Sure enough she is out there now eating her breakfast. She is looking around for Blondie and now is drinking some of that fresh water I put out there yesterday. Now she is leaving too. It's 58 degrees out there.

I am still waiting for "the weather on the 8's" to come on. I haven't fixed my breakfast yet but I am next.

I am eating my breakfast in the den.  If it's not too cold this morning, I will take my walk. It has been several days since I have been able to do that since if it isn't too cold, it rains. Yesterday while I was in Bartlesville, I washed my car at Okie's and swept it out and wiped the windows off. It's a 15 year old car but I like to keep it clean if possible.

I will read today on that last library book. So far I'm not too impressed with it but it's here until tomorrow when I return it to the Coffeyville library and get a couple more of those James Patterson books. His are the best.

Now I will post the week's weather forecast.

Today will be 74 degrees and sunny, Wednesday is to be 62 degrees and mostly cloudy. Thursday is to be 52 degrees and thunderstorms, Friday is to be 50 degrees and AM rain and snow showers, Saturday 55 degrees and partly cloudy, Sunday is to be 62 degrees and mostly sunny, and Monday is to be 71 degrees and partly cloudy. That's the week! It will be interesting to see if we get that snow on Friday. We need all the moisture we can get.

I had a letter from the city yesterday telling us that the Caney water has a chemical in it that shouldn't be in there. They are supposed to test for that two times a month and that was not done in 2021 .,,nor was it reported on time. I never drink the Caney water. I drink bottled water. One never knows what the long term problems with the water here will bring to our long time health. 

They are suppose to monitor for any cloudiness that tells them whether there is disinfectant residual in the water. They are also supposed to report any residual coliform bacteria two times a month.. And that was not done. The letter says that is a drinking water violation. And they are supposed to report any violation to KDHE ten days after the last day of the month and they didn't get that done. So that was a violation.

I took my walk at 7:57AM and got back at 8:35AM. I could tell I hadn't taken my walk in some time. The street was full of trash and I had an entire full grocery bag of trash to put out for the trash collectors today. What a tragedy. No pride in the community at all. Tin pop cans, lots of paper, even cardboard boxes. One huge cardboard box was ten feet away from a large dumpster. Why couldn't they just put it in that instead of throwing it out in the street?

Oh well..people who have no pride in their community just don't care. Their homes and yards probably look just like that....trash everywhere. Disgusting!

I guess I will go back to my book. I would like to finish it today so I can take it back to the library tomorrow.

I called my niece Denise and made a lunch date with her and then I went over to Coffeyville and picked her up and we went to Eggbert's  for lunch.  After I took her home I went back to my last book. I would like to finish it this evening so I can return both of them to the Coffeyville library in the morning. Denise gave me two large sacks of books. She has read them and does not want them back. I will donate them to one of the libraries after I read them all.

I turned on both computers and neither one had a signal so I rebooted both of them and when they came back up I had signals on both of them.

Now the CBS news is on and I will go watch it.

More Later..

I watched the CBS News and now I will get back to my book. It is 6:04PM and I will take my bath at 7:00PM as usual.

After that I will read some more until 9:00PM when I plan to go to bed.


Monday, February 27, 2023

Monday and a Windstorm

I slept pretty well last night.I got up twice but got right back to sleep until 5:15AM when I finally got up and dressed, made my bed and am preparing to start my breakfast.

I looked out for the cats but there were leaves everywhere all around the door ....and even in their water from the wind. I got my broom and swept them away from the door, emptied the water dish and refilled it with fresh water...not that that will do any good with that wind still blowing like it is. I don't like makes me nervous blowing the way it is. I will not be going down to see Nancy today unless the wind calms down. 55 mile per hour winds would blow my little car all over the highway. I will call her when I see what the morning will be like. I usually don't go down there until 10:00AM or so. She is nearly always in bed no matter what time I get there.

I did catch "the weather on the 8's" on the TV. Today is to be 70 degrees and sunny, Tuesday is to be 53 degrees and sunny, Wednesday is to be 64 degrees and partly cloudy, Thursday is to be 52 degrees and scattered thunderstorms, Friday is to be 51 degrees and scattered showers, Saturday is to be 55 degrees and partly cloudy, and Sunday is to be 63 degrees and mostly sunny. Between Thursday and Friday we should get some moisture...which we sorely need.

It's 9:32AM now and the wind had slowed down so I guess I will go down to visit Nancy after all. I will take her to lunch and if we can find Sally we will have lunch with her.

More Later... 

It turned into a beautiful day and Nancy and I did find Sally and ate breakfast with her.

Then I went to Okie's car wash and washed my car and vacuumed it out. Afterward I took Nancy back to her assisted living.  I will not go visit her next week. Her son and his wife will be there to visit her then and I want to give them some privacy.

When I got home I went by the Dollar General store and bought two of the items I needed, They did not have the instant oatmeal I eat for breakfast so I stopped by the Caney Market and picked up the other two things I needed there.,,,flavored water and the instant oatmeal.

I will need to get a treat for Bunco on Wednesday but they didn't have what I was looking for...neither store.I will get something at Walmart on Wednesday when I am in Coffeyville for my hair appointment and Bunco. I want to drop by the library there and take the two books back that I checked out there last Wednesday.

More Later...

I read this afternoon and stopped only to watch the CBS evening news and read after that until nearly 7:00PM..when I took my bath. I plan to go to bed sometime between 9:00PM and usual.


Sunday, February 26, 2023

Sunday and Breakfast at Church

I slept well again last night and was up at my usual 5:00AM. I made my bed and dressed and got myself ready for the day, Then I made up my coffeecake and put it in the oven to bake. It is to bake 45 minutes at 350 degrees. After it's baked I will put a glaze on it made up of butter, powdered sugar and milk. The butter is setting on the top of the oven now...hopefully melting so I can add the powdered sugar and get it to the consistency I want before I drizzle it over the cool coffeecake. I use the Krusteaz brand. It is excellent.....much better then the cheaper brands. And I add chopped pecans between the layers and on top of the batter and topping before I bake it. Everybody brings something different for the church breakfasts. We eat at 10:00 or 10:30AM and then go right into the worship service at 11:00AM. 

I usually have some leftover coffeecake and I put that in a small plastic bag and take some of it to Nancy tomorrow. She drinks coffee with it and looks forward to my visits on Mondays...and that coffeecake. She eats it after I am gone. It stays fresh in that zip lock bag.

I'd better check on that coffeecake now and the cats and drink my coffee. More later... 

The coffeecake is done and cooling so I can put the glaze on it. Neither of the cats are out least not yet.  It appears to be sprinkling or at least it has been. The computers say it is 43 degrees out there....not terribly cold. I haven't seen the weather forecast yet. I will go check on it again soon.

I got the weather forecast at last.Today will be 59 degrees and PM thunderstorms, Monday will be 70 degrees and sunny, Tuesday will be 70 degrees and sunny too, Wednesday is to be 61 degrees and partly cloudy, Thursday is to be 49 degrees and PM light rain. Friday is to be 47 degrees and mostly sunny, and Saturday is to be 54 degrees and partly cloudy. That's the next week...a couple of days of rain in it . We do need the rain!

I got the glaze on the coffeecake after it cooled. Still no cats yet though.

More Later...

I left at 9:30AM for church and took my coffeecake. There was a nice group at church and Johnna had a good sermon on Lent. After church, Phyllis and I went to Eggbert's in Coffeyville for lunch.

Afterward I came on back home and checked out my computers, They both had a temporary error but I think they are both o.k. now. 

I worked a couple of hours on a sermon for March 19th and then I took my bath at 7:00PM and put my pajamas and robe on. I read my latest book until 8:30PM and plan to go on to bed at 9:00PM as usual.