Saturday, April 30, 2011

Saturday Again

This morning I went out to breakfast with Bob A. He wanted to buy my breakfast for taking him to the doctor yesterday so I let him. It was no problem really but he seems to think he needs to do something for me in return.

He goes to see my sister at 10:00 this morning. He missed seeing her yesterday because of the doctor's appointment. Bless his heart he is so faithful to visit her nearly every single day.

I got up about 5:30 this morning. Slinky never did bark...amazingly. He was wandering around the yard when I looked out at 6:00. I gave him his dog food and then his oatmeal. Then I went out and blew off the patio with the blower. It was covered with seeds and leaves after all that wind yesterday. I cleaned up the patio chairs and put out the hummingbird feeder. I need to get some more hummingbird nectar. My glider cover is wearing out and needing to be replaced. Bob A. has a new chaise cushion to give me for the chaise but I don't want to take it until Slinky is gone because he would just ruin it like he has ruined mine. The patio chairs were covered with cat hair from Missy and Inky. They look pretty good now.

If the roofers ever come back to do the patio roof and the swing, I will scrub the patio off and repaint it with cement paint with grit in it. I can roll it on. It needs it. I will have to stake Slinky out in the yard when that is done until the paint dries and put Missy in the house and Inky in the garage.

My first project is to spread mulch in the flowerbeds but I don't want to do that today. It's too windy. I am ready for the wind and rain to be finished but it's supposed to rain again tomorrow.

Scott called again this morning. He is pretty miserable. He is so lonely. Becky will be there Thursday for four days. At least that's the plan. She plans to come back in July and spend the month.

Bob A. and I went to Cherryvale. There was nothing going on. It's next weekend. Then we went to Independence but saw nothing all that interesting at the opening at Riverside Park. So we came back to Coffeyville and looked around at the festivities here. That was pretty interesting.

He then went home to mow and I watched Angels and Demons on TV. Now I will change my clothes and mow here.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday At Last

I looked out in my backyard iris bed this morning and saw my first iris of the season. I just had to go out and take a photo of it.

It's Friday at last. I don't work today since I'm taking my brother-in-law to Bartlesville for his colonoscopy. I hope it works out o.k. He has lymphoma but it isn't growing or least not so far. That's why he has this test every year.

I'll comment more later after we return.

Well they found four polyps and took them out. The Lymphoma had not changed or grown. If the biopsies come back o.k., he will not have to have the test again for two years.

I brought him home with me for a couple of hours and then he seemed to think he was o.k. enough to drive himself the other mile to get home. He did eat some yogurt that I had here. He had not eaten in 24 hours. He also had a banana. That's about all he wanted for awhile.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Another Chilly Thursday

I wish spring would finally arrive. It rained yesterday morning so the ground is wet today. I would love to see some sunshine. I also would love to find some hanging baskets that I could afford. Maybe I will in May. I also need to get some more bedding plants. I'll not get as many this year. If I get to go to church camp, I don't want to make watering my plants a big deal for one of my friends.

My supervisor asked me to begin coming in at 8:30 next week. She doesn't get in until 8:15 and I am always there waiting for her to come up with some work for me to do. The director is on vacation this week so she has nothing for me to do. Most of yesterday, I had nothing to do. I don't really like those kinds of days where I am just sitting around waiting for something to happen.

I didn't see the roofer on Wednesday...maybe because of the morning rain. He still has my corrugated fiberglass patio cover and the swing set to do. I have the money for the job in the bank now but do not want to pay him until it is completely finished.

I wonder how the puppy did last night. I am sure she missed her brother and sister and mom. I wonder if she whimpered all night. I hope this turns out alright. I gave John another puppy some years back and that did not turn out well. Maybe I should stop meddling.

Well, I called Leslie this morning to inquire about the puppy. It seems she curled up in John's coat and went sound asleep and slept all night. Leslie fixed her some breakfast this morning and they left her in the garage when they left for work. That's where they had her bed, water dish and food dish.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Chilly Wednesday

I worked this morning and took some cinnamon rolls for everyone. They seemed to really enjoy them. I stayed until nearly noon today to make up for leaving a little early yesterday.

Tomorrow I have a hair appointment at 12:30. I hope my lawn can wait until the first of the week to be mowed because I will not want to tear up my hair right away.

I have nothing much going this afternoon. The rain has stopped and am I glad! It's supposed to be nice the next couple of days.

I stopped by my brother-in-laws after work this afternoon. He had a computer glitch. I tried several times to put in his username and password to update his virus protection but it would not work. Finally I rebooted. That fixed it. Much of the time if one reboots, that fixes a lot of stuff.

I don't exactly know what I want to do this afternoon. It's pretty chilly.

More later...

Well, I found something to do this afternoon. I was reading the Good News, the little shopper I used to work for, and found an ad for Jack Russell puppies. I have been watching for those ads because I wanted to get another one for my son-in-law, who lost his when the UPS truck ran over him. I drove over to Caney and out to the sand hills west of there and found three little seven week old puppies. I bought a little female. She is black and white with freckles on the white....cute as can be.

I bought her and took her out to the kids' house. I don't know whether John will take to her or not. I hope the former owners will let him return her if he doesn't. I took a chance. This one is three quarters Jack Russell and one quarter rat terrier. Her ears do not stand up like a Jack Russell. But she is very cute.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Another Tuesday

It's Tuesday again and I will work until 11:45 again today. Tonight I am to give the invocation at the City Commission meeting down at City Hall. The disagreeable city councilman resigned after the election because no one was elected who shared his views. So the meeting should be a lot more productive.

There was not much on TV last night but I did run onto an interesting story on American Experience about the struggle the GLBT community has had to receive their human rights. It's a tragedy but they have been through the same struggles as the black community went through in the 60's just trying to get their human rights in this country. This story took place in California. I had never seen it before.

It appears the rain may have gone. It was supposed to have rained today and tomorrow too but it may have cleared up. That would break my heart. I am so tired of worrying about my car and hail. Yesterday I did receive the check from the insurance company for my new roof but I will wait to pay them until they are finished with the patio cover and swing. They may be back tomorrow.

More later....

When I got home from work, I had a bowl of chili and then went out to see Phyllis and Gerry. Phyllis was about the same. She had not eaten any lunch even though Denise had gone out to feed her as usual. Gerry was not feeling too good. She had lost her appetite. She still remains her old cheerful self though.

When I got home, I took Slinky out for a walk. He was delighted!

Around six o'clock I went to the city commission meeting and gave the invocation.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday Again

I worked an extra 45 minutes today so I can take Bob A. to the doctor in Bartlesville on Friday. I will do that for the next three days. There wasn't an awful lot to do today. I finished sorting the files. When I got off, I came right home because I was afraid it would start hailing again and I did not want my car out of the garage. It hailed about 6:00AM this morning but the car was in the garage. It also hailed last night while I was over to Tyro but it did not hail in Tyro. When Bobby and Karan brought me home, there was marble sized hail on my lawn and driveway.

It rained hard this morning until afternoon. The animals stayed out...Inky in the garage and Slinky on the patio. Missy was in the house.

I received the check from the insurance company for the roof today but will wait until they get the patio roof done with the corrugated fiberglass roofing and also get my yard swing repainted before I write them the check. I want them to be sure and get everything done first. Then in order to get my depreciation refunded, they will have to submit a bill showing that they actually did the work. They are to be back on Wednesday to do that roof.

I checked out a different insurance company for the car. I will wait until I get the final bill from 21st Century to make a decision about it. If I don't put them both with the same company, I will lose a discount.

I made chili for dinner but even making just a small pot, I had too much for just me. I took some of it over to Bob A.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Nice Rainy Sunday

I got up fairly early today and decided to dress up a little for church since it was Easter. My daughter invited Bob A. and I for Easter dinner and she had a nice ham, potatoes, corn, tea and my dessert. It was a good meal and she sent some ham home with us. I left some dessert for them and also some for Bob A. She showed me around her yard. It was simply lovely. They have kidney shaped flowerbeds everywhere and it is just lovely! They are getting ready to plant a lot more too. They have several new trees and lots of more flowers.

The sermon at church was good but Bill had a cough so he had to stop now and then to drink some water and cough. That was too bad. We also had a small congregation today although with it being Easter you would have thought people would have come out. I guess the rain discouraged them.

I will do my letters now and get them out on the mailbox for the mailman to pick up.

Then tonight, I will go over to Tyro Christian Church to a special Easter pageant they are doing. I understand it has run all week and has been packed each night. They are an evangelical church and that is the type of church that is growing. They also have a band and that appeals to the youth. More power to them! Anything that works to get the youth in church has got to be good for Christianity.