Saturday, July 12, 2014

Birthday Saturday

Today was busy again. I noticed the pews out there at the tabernacle were needing to be wiped off and recruited a helper to help me wipe them down. Then we broke to attend the Prayer for Peace out front at the peace area on the grounds. I then went to the fellowship service and afterward to the class. The class turned out to be an opportunity to go over the new hymns that had to do with generosity (and some of the older ones) in the new hymnal.  Our guest minister is a Bishop.

At noon I met Bob at Olive Garden for lunch. This was his 80th birthday and I didn't want him to have to celebrate it alone. As it was, the folks at Olive Garden heard (from me) that it was his birthday and treated him to a piece of lemon cake. (a 6.49 value).  He then went to Hobby Lobby with me to find some poster board for one of the teachers.  I was so pleased...his older son e-mailed him a "Happy Birthday". That was special. He seldom hears from him. I had invited him to the party, Leslie, my daughter, gave over the 4th.  He has several computers and had just checked the one that downloaded the invitation and found it.

This evening we will have the worship service outside in the tabernacle. There is a good breeze  out there. That may help cut the heat. After the service we are having ice cream sundaes.

My friend, Karan just called. A very dear friend of ours, Jack, passed away this morning at 10:00 AM. She is contacting the Living the Questions group.  He will be a big loss. He was a retired lawyer, a Brigadier General from the Air Force, and a retired judge. He was a fine man!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Busy, Busy, Camp Friday

This is going to be a very interesting camp. We have 99 registered so far. It may grow as the days pass. Sometimes they do.

I went to get my hair done first this morning and Bob went too and got his cut. Then we came back home and I finished packing and loading my car.  Then I drove to Joplin to look for the grey jean crops and I did find them. So now I have three new crops and one new short. That's the first new things I've had this year. It was 99 degrees here today and sweltering. I think we are going to move the service into the air conditioned dining hall tomorrow.

The service was good tonight. We really needed a music director but we made do.  Our music director had a baby this week.

I helped Leslie with the snack bar tonight and the girls, Mary Beth and Sage, also helped.  Now I am ready to get a shower and go to bed. I am so tired.

Bob will come over to Joplin tomorrow at noon and I will meet him at Olive Garden to celebrate his 80th birthday. I can miss lunch at camp.

So goodnight to all.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Very Busy Thursday

It was very busy today. We left town at 7:15 in order to be in Bartlesville at 8:10. Bob had his colonoscopy and we got back home about 11:00 or so. He was pretty groggy the rest of the day.  I looked in on him from time to time to be sure everything was going alright with him.

He came over about 6:00 to watch an hour of TV and then went home. While he was out of order this afternoon I packed for camp. I will be gone until Tuesday around noon.  I have a hair appointment at 6:50 tomorrow morning in Independence to get my haircut. Bob will get his cut too while my hair is developing. After that we will come back home and I will leave for camp. I want to get there early enough to get moved into my cabin and get ready for registration at 2:00.  I will first meet Sage, my oldest great granddaughter and Leslie at Steak and Shake in Joplin for lunch.

Not much else to report tonight.  I have the car packed ....all but my suitcase. When I finish packing it in the morning, I will be ready to go.

More later....

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Exercise Wednesday

We have exercises today. Bob is fasting in preparation for his colonoscopy tomorrow so I will not cook today. If I want anything to eat, I'll just fix a hamburger patty. I have plenty of those.

I worked most of the evening on camp preparation and again this morning.  Camp starts Friday afternoon and I will be so glad when it's over. There have been so many changes and staff resignations. It has kept me scrambling all spring until today.  I did some ironing this morning to get clothing ready for camp. I will probably wear just crops and tees and sandals since it will be so hot. I will take my new laptop with me and probably the lightweight printer too.

So far Leslie  has registered 92 for camp and camp has not even begun.

I may go down to Bartlesville this afternoon and look around at Christopher and Banks. I could use some more crops. I could also stop at Pecks and buy some more ground beef.

More later....

After I got home from Bartlesville, I got my mail and had a huge surprise. Medicare would not pay for my $60. tetanus shot after Missy bit me and they wouldn't pay the $20.00 to administer the shot either.  So I am "out of pocket" $85.00  that's not in my budget. Wow! The doctor's office told me they would no longer pay for B-12 shots or the shingles injection either. Luckily, I have had neither of those and do not intend to get them either. I've had shingles twice but I sure cannot afford the $300 to get the injection.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Very Busy Tuesday

Today was a bear! I got up about 5:15 and got my biscuits made and took Missy out on the carport for awhile.

I made my scalloped potatoes and peach tea and loaded up the car with the ham we were going to use as the main dish. When I got there about 9:15 I put it in the oven. We warmed up the chicken sand noodles Melissa had made too. I also warmed up my scalloped potatoes. I sent the ham leftovers home with Karan who has a freezer.

We had a lot of food but that was a good thing. We had about 35 for lunch. Several of us took some food home. I brought home some of Karan's jello.  We got home about 1:30 after we cleaned up the church's all purpose room and kitchen.

It's 2:00 now and I am bushed.

I will rest this afternoon.  I talked to Carol and I can get my hair done at 6:50 AM Friday morning before I leave for camp. On top of everything else, I had another camp staff member who had to back out. She found she couldn't get off work.

More later....

Monday, July 7, 2014

Exercise Monday

I never got around to posting yesterday. It was a busy day. First of all I presided at church and then afterward we went out to El Publito for lunch. There were eight of us. I came home and did the congregational letters and sent off a sympathy card from the congregation to Pam, whose father died last week.

The graveside services are tomorrow morning and our congregation is providing a lunch.  The church will provide a sliced ham and the rest of the congregation will provide food to go with it.  Sue and I will go out at 9:30 and get the tables ready and get out the plates and glasses.  The dinner will be around 11:00.

Last evening Bob came over to watch 60 Minutes and afterward went home. We ate the rest of the apple brown betty I had fixed and had some wine.

Today I will go to exercise class and then Bob will need to check out why he didn't get a reminder of his car registration and tag in February. He just realized he was still using this year's tag. He thinks he should have had the 2015 tag in February when his tax came due. Mine is due in August. And I have to renew my insurance the 17th of this month.  I am changing my company to save a couple of hundred dollars.

At 1:00 I am to meet Pam at the church to let her in to leave some food she wants to leave for the dinner tomorrow.  Sometime this afternoon I will get the ham and have it sliced.

More later...

I met Pam at church and while I was waiting for them, I put plastic tablecloths on the tables and set up the chairs.  Pam brought some food that friends and neighbors had brought over to her mother.  Her mother wants to share the food with those who come from the funeral.

Afterward, I went to Juanita's again. She had received a couple of letters sent on the same day from the same source but had different information. I called again and confirmed that the payment would be taken out automatically as she wants. Juanita is nearly blind and has had a terrible time getting these new bank accounts straight. I think we finally have it done though. It has taken a month.

I will make my scalloped potatoes in the morning. Pam had two cakes so I am not going to bake another because I don't want to take any home after the dinner. I will be leaving Friday for camp.

This evening, Bob came over for wine and we watched two episodes  of The Big Bang Theory. Then he went home to take his shower and get ready for bed. I took my bath here and have my PJs on. I will try to stay up until 9:30 or 10:00.