Saturday, May 13, 2017

Saturday and Breakfast Out

Bob will be by at 7:00 or thereabouts to pick me up for breakfast. I may have an omelet this morning. It's been awhile since I've had one.

I slept well again last night. Missy woke me up at 5:00 AM to clean out her litter box....fussy cat. I got up then and got dressed and around for the day. I had a cup of Chai to have a warm drink to open up the day.

More later....

We had breakfast but I was not impressed. The pancakes were cold and so were the eggs and bacon.  The computer was down and we almost never got our bills.  I don't care to go back again. There is no consistency to their service.

More later...

I warmed up the spaghetti and toasted some garlic bread for our lunch.  He did a couple of loads of laundry while we ate and checked out his computer. Then he plugged it in to let it charge.  

I got the flowerbed replanted and re-mulched where I took out the lavender. It looks sparse right now but I will try to plant others stuff in there from time to time to fill it.  Bob borrowed a shovel from Merrill and dug out the roots of the last lavender plant I cut down. Then I spread the remainder of the red mulch.

Bob went home to take a nap.

The mailman came and Howard's DVD and material arrived. I called Judy and took it by to Howard so he could look it over before we meet next weekend at Marilyn's. 

After all this was done, I went up to Happy Nails and got another pedicure. No sense getting a manicure since I work in the yard.

Bob will be back tonight to watch the news.

More later...

Bob decided to just stay home. Saturday evening is a terrible time for TV.  There's nothing on of any interest.

I took my shower and washed my hair and dried it. In another fifteen minutes I will go to bed. I've had a big day. 

Friday, May 12, 2017

Friday and Exercise Class

I slept well again last night. I did get up twice to take some meds for leg cramps. After that settled down I slept fine.

I got up an hour later then usual this morning and got myself around for the day. I fed Missy and myself and took her out on the carport for awhile. She wanted to eat some grass. I finally got her back in but she was not a happy kitty.

Now I am trying to find out what is going on with Amazon. I got a strange e-mail from them this morning and it appeared to have their correct e-mail address on it. I clicked on a link but nothing happened. I may have been a victim of a phishing expedition.  Here's what it said:


Your order AL4757834 delivery has failed because the address was not specified correctly.
You are advised to fill the form on the link below.

If you do not resolve this issue within 7 business days, you will be paid your money back
but 20% will be deducted.

It was a address and it looked legitimate. 

Oh well...any damage is already done. 

Karan just called. She is getting ready to go to Oklahoma City for a grandson. I am afraid there will be flooding after what I went through yesterday.  And I have had two warnings about flooding from the highway patrol. 

I called her back to tell her it was only 8:00...not 9:00 so she will go on to exercise class first before she leaves.  

Bob came while I was talking to Keith on the phone. We signed off and went on to exercise class. 

Then he brought me on home. We are going out to the Dearing Drive In for lunch. They are having chicken and noodles today.  He will pick up Marilyn and we will take her with us.   She is all alone since Barbara sold her house and moved to Lawrence.

More later... 

I had a purple finch on my bird feeder this morning. This is what it looked like:

Note this Purple Finch is rich purple red all over and features a ...

Aren't they cute? And aren't they colorful!;

We picked up Marilyn to go to lunch with us and she bought our lunch! wasn't that nice of her?  

We plan to go back to Buck's Bar B Q in Sedan again next week and we will ask her to go with us again but will see to it that she doesn't buy that lunch. She is as lonely as we are especially since her friend, Barbara moved away.  Marilyn is very good company too. 

More later...the newspaper should be here. 

I read the newspaper  and then Bob came to watch the news here and Brooks and Shields...except that David Brooks was not with them. 

After he left at 7:00 I took my bath and lay with Missy on the usual evening activity. At 9:30,I took my Zrytac and went to bed

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Thursday and Vacuuming Again

I slept really well last night and woke up after 5:00...closer to 5:30.  I dressed and got ready for my day.  I will vacuum the entire apartment today. I didn't do the two rooms I'd intended yesterday after getting "sick" again. I never did figure out what that episode was all about. But it was gone as fast as it came on so I am fine this morning.

Bob called this morning to check me out. We decided to eat lunch at El Pueblito at noon so I wouldn't have to cook again. This has been a week!

I have been reading again. I am working on the novel that Gay left me about the orphan trains. I read awhile this morning and then put on the music on the TV and am working on today's blog before I do the vacuuming.

I moved the flower container that doesn't have a hole in the bottom onto the carport before that storm last night. It is awfully full of water and I am afraid it will kill the plants with "root rot". I emptied out as much of the water as I possibly could. I need to get some more Miracle Grow and add some to the pot to help dry it out.

Tuesday evening I sent another "letter to the editor"  to the area newspapers. I was so disgusted with the Trump decision to fire the head of the FBI on a pretext of his actions last summer and fall.  Most thinking people know the read reason for the firing was the investigation of Trump and his staff and the possible collusion with the Russians...for whatever reasons. I thin he has financial dealings with them that he doesn't want disclosed. He admires the Russian "dictator" so.  That also would explain his reluctance to disclose his tax returns.

Here's the letter:

"Dear Editor,                                                                                                   May 9th, 2017
Another “interesting” development in the Trump administration today. This administration is full of “interesting” developments. Now it is the firing of the FBI Director Comey.  And to hear the reasons given, it has something to do with the investigation of Hillary Clinton and the indictment that was not brought against her. That was last summer in 2016! This is May of 2017.  Who really believes the real reason was not the Congressional and FBI investigations against Trump and those in his administration and their affiliations with the Russians?

Let’s face it…you can’t fire someone who is actively investigating you and have any credibility at all.

And while we’re checking credibility, let’s look at the statement Trump made about President Andrew Jackson.  He said Jackson saw the Civil War coming and felt it was inevitable and was angry about it and would not have let it happened. But how could that be? Jackson died 16 years before the Civil War even started. 

Besides that, history shows that Tennessean Andrew Jackson owned slaves himself and would not have opposed the war. 

Then he recently said he would be willing and honored to meet with Kim Jong Un of North Korea “under the right circumstances”.   And he has invited the Philippines’ President Rodrigo Duterte to meet with him at the White House..a man who has been responsible for the deaths of over 7,000 lives of suspected drug addicts and drug dealers. 

The evidence shows this president is just full of “interesting” developments. Stay tuned…it will get even more interesting."

More later...

I went out to Walmart to do my grocery shopping at last. While I was there, the rains moved in and I was inundated with rain. I made a run for my car carrying my five sacks of groceries. I got wet but didn't comb my hair. I figured it would be better to just let it dry.

Anyhow, I started for home and it began to hail. I pulled into a truck wash and sat it out until the hail let up. Then I encountered flooding streets all over town. It was a maze trying to find any streets that were not flooded. It took me forty minutes to drive a 15 minute drive but I finally got home without drowning the car.

Later it stopped raining for awhile but then it moved in again. By this time I was home so I just stayed home. It's after 6:30 now and all we have on Tulsa TV is weather news...for the Tulsa area...72 miles away.  None of our news was carried or even the CBS news. So I get my national news on the computer where I don't have to deal with eight commercials every fifteen minutes.

I will take my bath shortly and put my PJs on and get ready to go to bed at 9:00 or 9:30.

Maybe more later.... 

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Wednesday and Exercise Day Again

I slept really well last night! Since I didn't take the cough med, I took my Zyrtec again.  That always helps me sleep.

I fixed my own and Missy's breakfast after I got myself ready for the day. Bob came by at 8:40 and picked me up for exercise class. I went but afterward I noticed I still have the loose cough. I may take some more cough medicine later after the Zyrtec wears off. I still have one or two doses of it.

Exercise class went well.

In a little while I will fix spaghetti and garlic bread for lunch. I will have some kind of veggie with it but haven't decided which one yet.  I am out of green beans and that is the logical choice with spaghetti

After lunch, I will go to Bingo back up at the senior center. It will run from 1:00 until 2:30.  Right now I had better decide which veggie I will have for lunch. I have some banana pudding for dessert.

More later...

Lunch was good! We had broccoli with our spaghetti and garlic toast.  After cleaning up after lunch I went to Bingo at the senior center.

When I got home, I took Missy out for awhile. Later in the afternoon I was visiting with Marilyn when suddenly I had stomach cramps and had to make a run to the bathroom. I was nauseated and trembley. Then I had dry heaves. I took some Tums and lay down for awhile with a plastic wastebasket nearby.  After awhile the episode cleared up.  I don't know what that was. I was afraid I was going to be sick all over again.

Scott texted me this evening and we discussed the cruise they are taking Linda and me on in June 2018.  They wanted me to choose whether to take an Alaskan cruise or a river cruise in Europe.  I finally chose the river cruise. Ginger made the arrangements.

A huge storm with a lot of thunder and rain came up and it poured for awhile. I think it has let up now. I wonder if my flower pots are still there. That was quite a wind with it.

I lay on the sofa with Missy for an hour and even napped. Finally at 9:00, I got up and took my bath and got ready to go on to bed.   

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Tuesday and Hair Day

My hair looks terrible today. Between the wind and the fever, it really is a mess. Since I was sick, I didn't wash it myself Saturday evening. I will pick up Bob at 8:20 and take him to see his sister, Betty, in Independence while I get my hair done. Afterward I will pick him up and we will go to Walmart there. I want to get a bird feeder and start feeding the birds again. While there, he bought me one similar to the one that broke earlier. He said it was an early Mother's Day gift. I told him I was not his Mother. Lol. I will hang it on the hook by the drive and hang the other one by the kitchen window so I can watch it.

We then went to eat at Great China. We both had  lemon chicken  and as always, it was great. I brought half of mine home to Marilyn. They always serve way too much!

While I was preparing the feeder, I saw a lovely Baltimore Oriole drinking at the hummingbird feeder and grabbed my camera and took it's photo.

I will try to get it downloaded and post it here.

Darn! You can barely see him.  The screen is in the way and I was not close enough to get a really good shot of him. Here's what he looked like.

Great looking bird! They love to eat from the hummingbird feeders.

This afternoon I feel fine but I still have that occasional cough. I don't cough too often and it is loose.  I just have a small bit of that cough syrup left and I want to save it for tonight.

I took a new photo of the front of my apartment  building where I have potted plants. They are looking pretty good.
It's supposed to rain this evening, tomorrow and Thursday so I may move them under the carport. They got way too much rain last time we had rains last week and are still soaked.

Then in the mail, I got this from Scott and Ginger for Mother's Day.

How neat! And how original! It will take me a month to run out of coffee.

It's wooden box full of a huge selection of coffees for my Keurig. What a great gift! I am sending the kids a "thank you" card. That lid slides over the box. Each pod says "Best Mom Ever".

Bob came over at 5:15 and we watched some TV.

When he left at 7:00 I got myself ready for bed and finally Missy and I went to bed at 9:30.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Monday and a Decision to Make

I slept well again last night...thanks to the cough medicine. The cough medicine is nearly gone . I think I have one dose left. I am going to see how the cough is today and maybe I will go to the doctor if it hasn't cleared up by 9:00. What a mess.

It is 6:30 now and I have only coughed one time since 5:00. I do not appear to have a cold. There is no mucus.  What little mucus I have blown is clear. That's very unlike a cold.

I will get breakfast together for Missy and myself and get back to this after we eat. By then, I should know if I still have this cough. I probably will not go to exercise class.

So..more later...

The cough is much better and my voice is almost back to normal. I sat in the sunshine on the patio with Missy for awhile and also watered my flowerbed.  I didn't go to exercise class.

Bob dropped by and brought me a stamp for my last newsletter. He stayed awhile. Then he went on to exercise class.  he said there were several at the class last night. Joyce and the two Bashams came even though they had not responded to my e-mail. Bob was there and Karan and even Marilyn.  She had come home Saturday from her sister's trip. Marilyn has one older sister and one younger sister and every so often they make a trip together. How fun! With the two Bredesens that was seven if I have counted correctly.

I want to do some laundry and wash the bathroom and kitchen floors again. I also need to go to the bank and to the market and also to Brahms for milk.   I will do that while the laundry dries.

I need to strip my bed and wash that too. I didn't get that done last week what with this illness mess and all. I had no energy at all. I don't have a lot today. I will try not to overdo.

More later...

I did two loads of laundry and stripped the bed. I also mopped the kitchen and bathroom floors. I also went to the bank and deposited Howard's check for the DVD I ordered for him. I will remake the bed after the sheets are dry.

Now outside of warming up lunch, I will not do anything else.

I got lunch warmed up and it turned out fine. What little I had left, I put down the garbage disposer.

In the afternoon, I went to the bank the church uses and had some help getting the church's credit card pin number changed.  I had had the old card so long I could not recall the pin number I had used. The bank officer had to help me get that done.

Then I came home and lay down with Missy for a rest. Bob came over for the news and after he left, Missy and I watched TV until 9:00 when we went to bed. I never could get to sleep and I am up at midnight now.

Maybe I can sleep now.

I did get back to sleep slightly after midnight. What a night! I had a lot going on in my mind. 

Sunday, May 7, 2017

A Better Night

After taking that codeine cough syrup I slept better with very little coughing until morning. The cough is a little looser this morning but I still feel wiped out.

I have searched the apartment in vain for the DVD for tonight's meeting. I usually keep them all neatly stacked in the cabinet under my TV. But it is not there. I wasn't going to be able to go anyhow. But I was going to send it with Bob. Gary is not up to going either. I just heard from him. It's up to Howard and Judy if they have the meeting.

In the meantime, I need to get some oatmeal down for my breakfast. So I will get back to this later.

I am doing better. The cough is still with me but it is looser now. And so far this doesn't look much like a cold. The mucus is clear.

I am feeling much better too. Maybe this thing is on it's way out. I hope so!

I went out with Missy for a little while and sat in the sun on the patio. She enjoyed that too. She is on the daybed behind me right now...napping.

Bob texted me and asked if I would like to go over to "Just Us" for lunch. I would love to but I had better not. Nothing is more aggravating to me then to have someone who is sick come out and around other people. Karan and Phyllis will be with him. I am not going to expose anyone else to this stuff whatever it is.

More later...

Bob texted me again and said it was just Phyllis and him that were going and neither of them were afraid of what I had.  I was feeling quite a bit better so I decided to go. I was going to drive myself but he offered to come get me. We had a good lunch at "Just Us" and my cough was quite a bit better but I should have taken the cough syrup before I left. By the time I got back home I was coughing again.

I took the cough medicine as soon as I got home. Then I laid down with Missy and watched TV and napped on and off all afternoon. 

Bob came over to watch the news and he chose a DVD to take to Howard and Judy's for the Living the Questions group meeting. I did not try to go. I never did find my "Jesus and The Kingdom of God" DVD. I don't know where it went.

Bob went on at 6:45 and I finished watching 60 Minutes. I laid around all evening until I started coughing again. I put it off until 9:00 and finally took another does before Missy and I went to bed at 10:00. I don't know what to expect tomorrow. If it is not on the way gone by then, I may have to try to go to the doctor.