Saturday, June 20, 2009

Grandson's Wedding

This evening is our grandson's wedding. He and Marlene will be married at his home. He has a nice deck and they have decorated it for the wedding. It is at 7:00 this evening.

Bob and I are going to Bartlesville this morning to do some shopping and buy some groceries at their Superstore. I need makeup too.

We went to the ice cream social last night and had a nice visit with my cousin and her husband. We came home early though. Bob was exhausted.

I guess I will be going to church camp July 5 - 10. We got the schedule yesterday and they have me down to teach a Temple School class. I took the class in preparation for reunion (that's what we call our family camps) last year and then in May the tornado hit the camp and they had to cancel the camping season while they rebuilt the campgrounds. It was a two and a half million dollar tornado.

Now I can't find my material and have ordered it anew.

Bob will stay at home. He's afraid he wouldn't be able to manage his diabetes on camp food. He will take care of the animals. Then on Wednesday during that week, he will drive to Tulsa and pick up Juanita at the airport from her Chicago trip. On Thursday, he has a PINCH meeting that week.

Hopefully, Cyndi will be able to get herself to her therapy by then.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday Activity

Today following my regular morning chores, I did a couple of loads of laundry and got ready to go pick up Cyndi for her therapy. First we met Leslie for lunch at the Railroad Inn. They had fish and chips and it was pretty good although not as good as Garfield's.

She is doing much better with her foot. She is even walking on it a little. She still uses her walker but is still doing her therapy regularly. Her next appointment is Monday at 1:15. I will pick her up at 12:30. Wednesday, her appointment is at 8:00 AM just prior to my hair appointment. And then Friday she will go back to 1:00. That way we get home much earlier and she is not so worn out. (And I am not so worn out too.)

Tomorrow evening is Jeromy's and Marlene's wedding at his house. It is at 7:00 PM so we will go up there at 6;15 PM. Leslie is going to help him decorate tomorrow.

This evening we will go to the hospital's ice cream social. I go every year. This will be the second year Bob is home to go. Bob mowed and trimmed today and must have been very tired. I came in at 3:00 and he was asleep and slept until 3:45.

I wonder how long it will be before Cyndi can take herself to therapy?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Fun Day

We all got up this morning and got around early and went out to John and Leslie's so Scott and Taresa could see the house. Then we came back home and had that leftover chili and brownies for lunch. It was even better today. After noon, Scott and Taresa took off for St. Robert and his place.

I posted on several boards, read my book, and gave Bob a haircut after I did the dishes and put away the laundry and the dishes I had put in the dishwasher. He is taking a nap now.

He was going to mow but it is over 90 degrees out there so I discouraged that. He can mow in the morning before I go to Independence to take Leslie and Cyndi to lunch and Cyndi to her therapy. He doesn't think he wants to go. He would miss his nap.

It's always nice to have company but it's also nice to be alone again.

This evening we are taking John and Leslie to the Tavern on the Plaza for dinner after 5:30. We take Scott there every time he comes but we don't take John and Leslie out except on their birthdays.


I guess I wouldn't call yesterday interesting. After I made the chili yesterday afternoon and baked the brownies, I sent Bob for ice cream just in case I didn't make enough brownies. I iced the brownies and we were ready to go. We left about 5:30 and when we got to church and carried all that stuff in, we found that Leslie had arrived before we did and made the tea. We got bowls out and cups and got everything ready for the meeting and waited...and waited...and waited. Finally my sister and my brother-in-law arrived. No one else came. Some forgot the meeting...even though I sent out reminders. One was just too tired (this is the same woman who insisted we had to hold the meetings because she wanted more input), and one couple just got in from Branson and wasn't aware of the meeting. So the five of us ate chili, had brownies and ice cream and did the quarterly schedule. The woman who wanted the meeting called twice to offer her input. She also suggested we not hold the Wednesday evening meetings again until fall. The Wednesday evening meetings were her original idea too.

My family were the ones who made the effort to be there. My sister is on a walker and has Alzheimer's Disease and my brother-in-law, who is her caregiver, had had a horrendous day himself. He had cleaned house all morning and mowed all afternoon. But they managed to make the meeting. My daughter came straight from working all day.

We came home and put away the leftover chili and brownies and waited for Scott and Taresa to come. They finally arrived after 10:00. After they showered and got ready for bed, we visited awhile and then we all went to bed.

Some days it just isn't worth getting up in the morning.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wednesday in Independence

I got my hair done this morning and took Cyndi to her physical therapy. She is doing much better. She has been doing everything the doctor told her to do. Her foot is noticeably better.

Then we went to her bank to make a deposit and then went to the medical supply house so she could pick up some elastic stockings with compression.

Then I took her home.

When I got home, Bob had had the desktop computer lock up on him and I had to work with it awhile to get it to work. Then the computer refused to recognize the printer and I had to re-install it. Finally after working with it awhile, I got it to share the printer with the laptop again.

I made my brownies for tonight's meeting at church. In about an hour, I will make the chili and cut up the cheese. Bob and I will go out early to get the tea made.

We will do the quarterly schedule tonight after supper.

Scott and Taresa will be in this evening later. They will stay overnight and go see John and Leslie's new home tomorrow. Then we will all eat out together at the Tavern on the Plaza. They will either leave after that or stay one more night and leave in the morning.

This will be interesting.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Zoo

Yesterday was a zoo and perhaps today will be more calm. We only need to go to the market.

My brother-in-law is working today so my niece is staying with her mother. Bob and I will go to the market after while.

I called Juanita this morning and told her that I would not be able to meet her for breakfast until Cyndi is able to get around on her own to her therapy. She was very disappointed but it can't be helped.

We are thinking that Scott and Taresa will be here late Wednesday night. If they get everything packed and stored today, they should drive up from Tyler tomorrow on Wednesday evening. They plan to stay overnight, go see John and Leslie's new home, go with us to eat at Tavern on the Plaza and then drive on to St. Robert on Thursday evening after dinner or early Friday morning.

We will have our chili dinner at the church tomorrow evening and then plan the next quarter's schedule. Bob and I will make the chili and I will bake brownies to take for dessert. We hope to be finished before the kids get in.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Cyndi's Therapy

This morning I cleaned house. Later, after lunch I took Cyndi to Independence to her physical therapy.

She does have a serious problem where the dog bit her. The surgeon had initially told her to get up on the foot the next day after her surgery. Not that she would put the heel down but she should have got up on the ball of her foot. Now there has been damage to the nerves. Later he told her to elevate the foot and stay off of it and that was exactly the wrong thing for her to do. She should have been on it as soon as possible.

She will have to have at least 8 to 12 weeks of physical therapy to reteach her nerves (and her brain) that every sensation from her foot is not pain. Right now that is the message her brain is transmitting.

Sensory nerve damage may produce the following symptoms:

* pain
* sensitivity
* numbness
* tingling or prickling
* burning
* problems with positional awareness

Sensory nerves send messages in the other direction—from the muscles back to the spinal cord and the brain. Special sensors in the skin and deep inside the body help people identify if an object is sharp, rough, or smooth; if it's hot or cold; or if it's standing still or in motion. Sensory nerve damage often results in tingling, numbness, pain, and extreme sensitivity to touch.

Cyndi has sensory nerve damage. She will have to train her brain anew that every sensation in her foot is not pain.

Busy, Busy Sunday

Yesterday was very very busy. First there was my regular early morning chores, animal feeding, flower watering, and then add to that, baking biscuits for a brunch at church.

We went to church about 9:00 to be there early in case someone came early. The guest minister gave a very interesting presentation about recorded music for the church. He also gave a mini sermon. We had our brunch and it was all delicious.

After church I came home and worked on my various blogs. I forgot to do my letters but those don't go out until this afternoon so I will do them later this morning.

Then we watched 60 minutes. After that we went to our "Living the Questions" group and had a good time.