Saturday, June 13, 2020

Saturday and Another Boring Day

I slept pretty well last night. The arm did not get sore at all although I got up at 4:45AM.

I dressed and had my breakfast and the opened the door to this. This just one of Scruffie's kittens. She has four. One is yellow (this one)  two are Gray, like her, and one is pitch black

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 I finally had a chance to take a photo of them together. Here is a photo of three of the kittens with Scruffie. One is yellow, one is gray like Scruffie and one is the black one.

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Usually I cannot get them to all be here at the same time. They are so wild.  They must have been very hungry. The only one missing is the other gray one.

More later...the CBS news is on now.

This notebook couldn't access the internet this morning. I rebooted several times and now it is finally back online. The Cox company is going to work on their network on the 17th and they really must do that. Several weeks ago I had a problem getting online with my new computer and after rebooting several times over several days, I finally got a signal. Cox thought that was because the computer was too far away from the router but the laptop was setting right next to the desktop computer and was online with a USB connection. I rebooted the desktop several times and finally was able to get the signal. They were both online this morning.

Last week I lost my Amazon Prime and after calling the company they told me the entire block's network was down and it would be back up in a couple of hours, It took five hours and then I had to figure out with the help of my older son how to get my Tivo back online so I could record shows and also connect to Amazon Prime. It took us an hour or so to do that.

Now I got that notice from Cox this week that they are going to be working on their network next Wednesday and the entire block will go through that again. This time my son contacted Tivo and got their instructions on how to get through that and I have printed that off for that occasion. I hope it will be easier this time.

The notebook. which is the newest of my three computers, has never had a problem getting online until this morning. After rebooting three times I finally got their signal.

Cox is a mess!!

More later...

I watched a couple of episodes of Forensic Files and then picked up my book to read. 

I've been reading all afternoon and am tired of it. I don't know what else to do though. The apartment is clean, I have watered the plants and fed the cats. The laundry is done and put away. I suspect Nancy is still sick although  I could call and check that out. She is one person I could visit if she's not still sick today.

I've called Nancy three times  this afternoon and each time her line has been busy. I don't know whether she has left the phone off the hook or if she really is talking on the phone that much.

I watched some more Forensic Files and then decided to repair the screens again. I had patched them once but the patches didn't hold. So I did it again yesterday. After the heat today, the patches were loose again. So I went outside and put some patches on the outside of the screens too. I don't know that that wil hold but it can'r hurt anything to try.

I watched a bit of the PGA golf. so you know I am really bored.

It's time for news now and only the NBC news is on right now. The CBS news will be on later at  5:30PM and it's only 5:15PM right now. I will switch channels at 5:30PM.

More later...

I took my bath at 7:00PM and then just went on to bed at 8:30PM. Channel 6 out of Tulsa was having trouble with their video. I don't like Oklahoma news either. They don't seem to realize southeast Kansas is also stuck with it. We get no Kansas news here in southeast Kansas.

Friday, June 12, 2020

Friday and Dusting

I slept very well last night. No pain in the arm at all. That's odd because I did all that vacuuming yesterday. I have dressed and had my usual breakfast and am now working on my chai.

When I was in the bathroom making up my face, I saw a huge recluse spider on the floor. I quickly killed it!  Those things are deadly! The skin around their bite rots away and the person bitten has to have surgery to heal. I knew a post woman back when I lived here when the kids were in high school and she was bitten and had a terrible chunk taken out of her shoulder. She had to have the surgery to heal it.

I had Scruffy here a bit ago for her breakfast. One of the little kittens, the black one, ran across the street when I opened the garage door to take the cat food out but one of the yellow ones, very tiny one, ate with Scruffy, it's mother. They are all gone now. I guess the kittens are still least two of the four that I have seen. I was afraid Big Tom had killed them since I hadn't seen any of them in several weeks

I will dust the apartment today. Everything else is done. I will also wipe down the cabinet tops. I will start after the CBS news. That doesn't even come on until 8:00AM. It's only 7:30AM now.

I am glad to see I lost a pound yesterday. I need to lose at least 4 or 5 more pounds. I will try to be careful what I eat. It's ice cream that does me in. I bought two pints this last week and they were both gone by the end of the week.

Cox is going to work our wireless connection over again on the 17th. I got a notice in the mail yesterday. Keith and I just got it working again a few days ago. When their wireless was down last week, I lost my Amazon Prime until Keith talked to Tivo and got some instructions on how to get the Tivo going again. Undoubtedly I will lose it again when they work on their network again on the 17th. Keith contacted Tivo again yesterday and got the instructions on how to get it going again after they get their work finished. He sent me the instructions and I printed them off. Cox is a mess. It's always something.

More later...

I got my dusting done and did a load of laundry too. I had a frozen dinner for lunch. I called Nancy but she was sick again.  I would like to have gone to the Copan Truck Stop restaurant but didn't want to eat alone there. It's 1:18PM now. I didn't get any mail today.Usually I at least get some junk mail.

Oh well....

I read for awhile this afternoon and then folded out my laundry and put it away.  I went out to Dollar General and bought some more detergent and cat food and crangrape juice. I have been drinking crangrape juice for several months.

Now I am watching the 4:00PM news and now the 5:22PM CBS news will be on at 5:30PM. After it is over I will take my bath and put my pjs on.

At 9:00PM, I plan to go to bed.

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Thursday and Cleaning

I slept pretty well last night. The brace moved around a bit and I had to adjust it several times. But it sure beats trying to sleep without it.

Scruffy and two of the yellow cats were waiting for me to bring them breakfast this morning. The two yellow cats are still eating but Scruffy has gone back across the street to wherever it is she lives....under that gray shed. One of the yellow cats is Big Tom and the other is one of his adolescent kittens.

I have have had my oatmeal breakfast, coffee and a breakfast bar already.

I will do some cleaning this morning starting with the bare floors, dining room and den. If I can hold up, I will do the bedroom and living room too. But it will be after the Tulsa news and the CBS news.

After I finish cleaning I will get back to my book . I would like to go to Chanute to see Gay but she may not be up for that because of the colonavirus. We will see. As it turned out, Gay is away on a trail ride with friends and will call me back tonight.

More later....

I moved all the chairs out of the dining room and all the decorative accessories too. Then I vacuumed that room and the halls.

I tried to call Nancy to see if she wanted to go to lunch at Copan but there was no answer. So I went by her house and this time, she answered the phone...but once more she was sick. So I guess I will just eat a frozen meal again.

 So now I will vacuum the bedroom and den and the living room.   So more later...

O.K. I got the entire apartment vacuumed and the bare floors washed. Tomorrow all I have to do is dust and wipe down all the cabinet tops. Then on Monday, I will strip the bed and wash the sheets and remake the bed with different clean sheets.

Scruffy has been back twice this afternoon to eat. She eats just a little when she comes but then wants to come back several times during the afternoon.

Last evening I patched the torn screens on the window on the west side of the living room. I patched it a couple of weeks ago but with the humidity and rain, the patches came loose. I imagine they will do the same again in time.

There are a few things I would like to have done if I just knew someone who could do them, For instance, I would like the windows washed inside and out. I have my long time sprayer to wash windows that always worked great wherever I have lived. When I moved in here, I washed the den window that way but when I came into the apartment, the water had leaked around the window and into the apartment and the carpet was wet under that window. I was appalled. That had never happened before.

I have used Rinz E-Z and those two sprayers for years and have never had that happen before. In fact, that solution cleans the windows right through the screens and cleans the screens too. The window came clean but that window must not be tight and it must have leaked around the fitting. So I am leery of trying to wash the rest of the windows for fear they would also leak into the apartment.

And I don't think I am up to climbing on a step stool out there and taking the screens off and washing them and then also washing the windows inside and out. But I don't know anyone that does that here in Caney.

I guess I will get back to my book again. So, more later...

I read for awhile and am on page 102  now. I have only read 1/5 of that book. It is interesting but will take me awhile to read.

I was working on the desktop computer and Gay called me back. Their trial ride is tomorrow and she was exhausted after getting her RV ready for the trip. She also had to hook up the horse trailer.  There are four of them going on the trail ride.

I had a banana for my supper. Then I had another breakfast bar too. I could fix the rest of my microwave popcorn too. I'll see how full I am first.

Scruffy and the two yellow cats came for supper. I fed them and they left so I brought in the food.

It is nearly 7:00PM now and I have just had my bath, watered my plants and have my pjs and the rotator cuff brace on.  I will either read or play solitaire on the computer until 9:00PM and then go to bed. I got an awful lot done today. I still have my dusting to do tomorrow. And I want to wipe down all the countertops too.

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Wednesday and a Hair Day

I slept pretty well last night. I woke up a couple of times but got back to sleep alright. The arm is not bothering me near as much since I began wearing the brace.

I will go over to Coffeyville today to pick up Bob for breakfast, get some gas and get my hair done. Then I will come back home. I will probably read again on my new book. I may check in with Nancy again and see if she wants to go to lunch. She was feeling good yesterday but Sandy was there visiting her so I didn't go over. I never know how she is going to be feeling from day to day.

I had better check to see if there are any cats out there waiting for their breakfast. I will be leaving soon for Coffeyville. Sure enough..there were three very hungry cats out there. Scruffy was the only gray one and there were two yellow ones. One of them was the smaller one and the other one of the teens. Before I got the three bowls out there the smaller yellow cat was swatting at the larger one. I thought the larger one might just clean his plow but nothing came of it after they saw they each would have a bowl. Ah, what it take to amuse a very bored person!

More later in the day.

After lunch I went out to Woodshed and bought gas and then went on to my hair appointment. After that, I went out to Walmart and bought some frozen meals and some bananas and some more melatonin. I used the last of mine last night. Then I came on back home and went out to Sonic for their Wednesday special...their Wacky Pack deal for $1.99 plus tax. Then I came back home.

I had Cox Complete Care go through the new computer. The hard drive had failed their test. He warned me that it could fail anytime or it might last for awhile but he thought it should be replaced. I told Keith about it and he said "no problem". They plan to come Labor Day weekend if at all possible. He will take care of it then. He will also take two of my old computers home with him. He may be able to fix them enough so he can use them for something.

I looked out front and Scruffy was wanting her lunch  so I fixed her a bowl of cat food and after she had eaten all she wanted, I brought it back in.

Now I am just watching some TV.

I read on my new book for awhile and then tried to check my e-mail on the notebook. The outlook program looked very different  on it so I had Cox Complete Care have a look at it and he made it look like I was used to.

I am tired of reading and there is nothing on TV I am interested in right now. I guess I could go out and do my trimming. I will see if it's cool enough to do that. It's 81 degrees out there. It could be worse.

So, more later...

Well, I got the yard trimmed. It almost ran the battery down on the trimmer. I probably will have to charge it next time the yard is mowed. It's 4:23PM  now and I guess I will go watch the 4:00PM news.

More later...

After I watched the CBS news  and then went back to my book. At 7:00PM, I took my bath and at 9:00PM I took the plants back outside, watered them and then went on to bed.

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Tuesday and Mowing

I slept fairly well last night. Not as well as usual lately but not terrible, I got up at 5:00AM since I evidently got my sleep out.

I made my bed and got myself ready for the day. I have had my breakfast and coffee and Chai and fed two cats...on was Scruffy and the other one of the young yellow cats.

It appears I still have TV although I have not tried the Amazon Prime yet this morning. Keith got it fixed last night. If Cox doesn't lose our internet, I am home free with the Amazon Prime. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

We are forecast for high winds today.  I hope Krystal can get my yard mowed today..this afternoon after 3:00PM.

I hope the wind will dry the yard this afternoon. So far we had very little rain..but some earlier.  Bob says it is raining in Coffeyville now. I thought it might. Their weather is about twenty minutes behind ours.

Bob says he will have breakfast with me in the morning. We catch up that way every week.

More later

I am starting another book on Epidemics and Pandemics by Frank Snowden. It's title is "Epidemics and Society From the Black Death to the Present".  This one originated as  a series of lectures for undergraduates at Yale University and it's original purpose was to respond to concerns at the time about diseases such as severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) avian flu and Ebola that were not met within the established courses on offer to undergraduates at Yale. Of course, it expanded into  a lot more then just those three.

It is actually a study of the history of such epidemics and pandemics.  The author considered such a study an underdeveloped subject in the undergraduate curriculum of US universities in general. The course, therefore, was his attempt to meet what seemed a significant need for the discussion, from an interdisciplinary perspective, of the ways that infectious diseases have played a substantial role in shaping human societies and continue to pose a threat to their survival.

So far, I find it very interesting. Of course I have read two other books on the subject during my enforced stay at home these past four or five months..I began with "The Great Influenza" bu John Barry about the 1918 - 1921 flu pandemic and my interest at first was about it's history because my grandmother's baby sister died in that one. When I finished that one, my interest was peaked and so I read "The End of October" about the same pandemic. This one, which is 504 pages long, appears to be more about, not just that one, but several we have endured in our lifetimes.

So, more later...

Paco came over a little bit ago to tell me the air conditioning man had not come yet. His apartment is hot and Suzanne called him yesterday about it. She is out at the lake with Steve's family for a family reunion.

I got tired of reading and then Krystal and her daughter came to mow at about 2:30PM so I turned off the TV. They did a good usual. If it cools down any, I will trim later this week.The wind is blowing something fierce.

I watched some Forensic Files on Amazon Prime and later at 7:00PM took my bath. I went on to bed at 9:00PM. It has been another boring day.

Monday, June 8, 2020

Monday and Laundry

I slept well again last night and got up about 5:00, dressed and made the bed and had my usual breakfast.

I had two cats here for breakfast..Scruffy and one of the yellow cats. They have eaten and are gone now. If I don't get that  food back in here the birds or the ants will eat it.

I got that food back in the apartment and watered the plants too. The geranium had lost all it's flowers but now there are two nice buds getting ready to bloom...maybe by the next weekend.

The yard really needs mowing. She is supposed to come tomorrow afternoon to mow. I wish she would come today. It looks awful.

Scott called today. He would like me to come to Galatian in July. I am not wild about flying during this pandemic. Everyone breathes the same recirculated air during the flight.

I will do some laundry this morning. I don't have much but I do have towels and underwear and I like to keep those done up.

More later....

I was checking my checking account online and noticed an error. Before I went out to Leslie's yesterday afternoon I stopped at Sonic here and ordered three cherry limeade slushes to take out there for the three of us. They only sent two. I had paid for those with my debit card  and so I ordered another one. I also paid for that one with my debit card because the last $1.00 bill I had, I had given to the carhop for a tip. This morning I checked my bank statement online and noticed there was another $4.37 charged on my debit card and dated today. So I printed off the statement and took it out to Sonic. The manager is going to trace it out and will get back to me when she has a chance to see what happened. Luckily I had kept one of the receipts. I must not have taken the one for the one drink because I only had the receipt for the one with the two drinks. I assume she will get to the bottom of that and credit my card. Strange...

I had better start my laundry.

I got the laundry done and put away and was going to watch some Amazon Prime  and Cox informed me they have no internet in the entire neighborhood.  Strange..I am on the internet now but still have no Amazon Prime. They said someone would be out here to get us all back online within an hour or so.  Evidently I have some internet to be able to be online with the computers.

I see Scruffy is outside wanting more food so I guess I will try to accommodate her.

So more later....

I was going to watch my Amazon Prime and couldn't access it. That was around 10:30AM this morning. Cox told me the internet was down in my entire neighborhood but I am not having any problem with the internet for any of my three computers. However, they said it would be fixed in a couple of hours because we had a technician in town. It's 2:30PM now and I still don'r have my Amazon Prime.  I called them back and they said it would be fixed by 5:00PM. I certainly hope so. I get gross incompetence from Cox...unfortunately, they are the only ball game in town.

Well, I have lost my Amazon Prime. Nothing I have done helps. Now when I choose to record a program and check mark doesn't even show up.  I don't believe the Tivo is even going to record anything. I will check tonight when "bull" comes on and see.

More later...

As a last resort, I called Keith,my son.   He walked me through the way to get the Tivo to connect with Amazon Prime again. It was trail and error but he figured it out. That guy is a genius with TV and computers and other gadgets. I really appreciate all he did to help me out.  I thought I had lost my abilty to access Amazon Prime and even to record programs.

Now I have had my bath and am waiting for "Bull" to come on so I can watch it before I go to bed at 10:00PM tonight..

I stayed up later to watch "Bull" tonight and it was....a rerun. I am going on to bed.

Sunday, June 7, 2020

Sunday and No Church

I slept poorly last night for the second time this week. My feet and legs cramped. Finally half way through the night, I took some meds for that and was able to get to sleep. I woke up at 5:00AM the next time and just got up. I have had my breakfast and coffee and Chai.

My watch battery died again and that was two times this year. At $10.00 each that gets kind of expensive. I have a manual wind Mickey Mouse watch so I got it out and wound it and set it and will wear it. I will have to wind it each morning.

Three cats have come to eat this morning. Two of them were the yellow ones and the other one was gray Scruffy. I was looking across the street and saw the one little yellow kitten run across the street.  That's the only one I have seen. I think it ran under that shed across the street. That's the direction it was heading anyhow. They must still be nursing since they have not been back here to eat. And that one little yellow kitten is the only one I have seen in well over a week.

I will watch the church service from Ontario Canada this morning at 11:00AM after all. Since Montgomery County had one more coronavirus case on June 1st, the  church has decided not to try to open our congregation's building until the 28th.

Bob, my brother-in-law, is going to go to the Assembly of God church with his girlfriend and her daughter this morning. He is ready to attend a church. He doesn't have a computer  to watch online services. He returned his wifi to US Cellular a couple of years ago and gave me back Scott's laptop. I have to keep it plugged in in the den because it really needs a new battery. So I use this notebook Keith bought me a couple of years ago when I sit here in the living room and watch the news.

More later....

I cleaned out the garage and put some empty boxes in the attic. Then I contacted Leslie to see if she is home. She was. I picked up three cherry limeaid slushes at Sonic and after I learned she was not busy, I took them out there for her and I and John. John was in the hayfield and I thought that slush might be something different for him. As I was leaving we looked around at Leslie's flowerbeds. They are lovely. She works at it.

I stayed until after 4:30 PM and then came on back home. I am watching the CBS news now. I had Scruffy and a medium sized yellow cat here for dinner so I fed them both. They are finished now and going across the street where there is shade from trees. I think they are crawling under the shed across the street for shelter and perhaps it's cooler there. It is 92 degrees here today.

I will eat a banana for my supper. And I have Alexa playing Kenny Rogers music.. I enjoy his music. He died this spring at 81 of natural causes his family said..

It is 5:30PM now and the CBS news is just going off. News on 6 is next.

At 7:00PM I will take my bath.  I will try to go to bed at 9:00PM.