Saturday, August 7, 2021

Saturday and No Particular Plan

I slept like a log last night even though I was up twice in the night to go to the bathroom...all that water I drank while mowing. If you read this blog yesterday, you know the little girls who mow for me didn't show up and I finished the west side mowing myself. Their mother never answered my texts. I don't know what the deal was. They were having a family problem of some sort on Thursday and that's why they changed the mowing day from Thursday to Friday this week. I may have to mow myself if I can't find someone dependable. August would be a bad month to have to do that. 

I can't lift the bag full of clippings into the trash container and I wondered what to do about that. I thought about asking my neighbor to the south, Ryan, to do it for me but I hate to impose. This morning I thought about turning the trash container on it's side and sliding the plastic bag into it that way then setting it back up if I can. I will try that later this morning after it gets light. It's not quite 6:00AM yet. I want to sweep all those leaves again out at the curb before they blow onto my yard again and get them into a trash bag.

I will need to water the plants today since we didn't get the rain they forecast. I did water them once yesterday but I don't know if that's enough and won't know until the sun comes up and I can check it out.

I have had my breakfast and am drinking my coffee now. I need to go turn on the TV and see what the "weather on the 8's" is and see what the forecast for today is. 

I'll get back to this later.... 

Both yellow cats were out there wanting their breakfast...both Scruff and Blondie. I fed  them and they are eating like they haven't had a meal in a month.

I didn't have to impose on anyone about lifting the clippings bag. I pulled the trash container over on it's side, drug the bag over to it and pushed it in and then set the trash container back up. It worked!  No big deal at all!. 

Now as soon as the news is over, I will rake up those leaves and get them in the new bag. I will wear gloves to do that.

It's  7:30AM now.

It's 8:12AM now and I just finished raking up all those leaves and put them in a black yard bag. I wore plastic gloves. That was my last black yard bag so sometime in the next week, I will have to buy another box.

Leslie just called and they are going out to Cessna for a tour and it starts at 9:00AM. She wanted to know if I want to go too and it will be something interesting to do with a Saturday morning so I will meet them there. I didn't have another plan for the day.

I had better water the flowers.. .now

I watered the flowers and then I took off for Cessna. It was a very interesting morning. We walked through the plants and looked at the partly built planes and some cars for a car show connected with the Cessna tour. About 11:00AM, there was a stunt show with two planes. It was very entertaining. We signed up for several drawings but none of us won anything. We were given plenty of water and a brunch too about 9:30AM.Then we walked through areas of the hangers were were allowed in. We moved some of their chairs to the west side of the hanger for the stunt show. It was very good! Lots of exciting stunts!!

Then they asked me to go to Maria's with them for lunch. I did that but was unable to eat all of my dinner so I brought part of it home for tomorrow. I enjoyed the morning and got back home about 1:50PM.

More even later...

I downloaded some more free books to read on Kindle  this afternoon. I  read most of the afternoon although I did water the plants again.

I took my bath after I went out in the back yard and picked up more leaves from my south neighbor's tree. I took my bath at 7:00PM, read until 8:30PM and brought the solar kitty in the den. I don't leave it out overnight.

I will go to bed as soon as I finish about 9:00PM, I imagine.


Friday, August 6, 2021

Friday and Trimming and Dusting

I slept very well last night just as I figured I would. I had worked so hard yesterday. I was only up once in the night. And I was up at 5:00AM as usual this morning. I made my bed, dressed and got myself ready for the day. I have just finished my breakfast and am having my coffee now.

I will dust the apartment this morning and later trim the yard. I hope the trimmer will work alright. I tried to put a new string cartridge in it last week and got it in but I don't think it's quite right. There's something I did not get right. It worked but seemed to use a lot of string. I need to contact Works and get some more string too. I think I only have two spools left.

I don't think it rained last night and I will need to water the plants and flowers if it didn't. I slept so hard I am not sure.

It's 6:18AM now and I will go watch the " weather on the 8's" and check on the cats. I will get back to this later.

I see we are forecast rain for Sunday and Thursday this week. Nothing today in the forecast.

I guess I will go water the plants. Later this afternoon one of the girls will come mow the west side of my yard for me. I need to get some change for her.

I was going to water earlier but the hummingbirds were out back and Scruff was eating out front. I believe Scruff is gone now and I am not sure about the hummingbirds now. Nope! They are still out there. I will begin with the front I guess.

I got all the flowerbeds watered except the large one in the back. I had good shoes on and didn't want to get them wet in the wet grass. I will put on some old shoes and water it later when I trim. The flowers look pretty good. In the mean time, I will start in the house with the dusting. So more later.

I got the apartment dusted and was about to go water that large back flowerbed and when I looked out there the hummingbirds were back. So I will wait until they are finished. 

O.K. they were finished and were gone so I got that larger flowerbed watered.  I will wait awhile until the dew is gone before I begin trimming. I am leaving my old crummy shoes out by the back yard.  I will trim in them later.

It's 9:35AM and I will trim in a little bit.I want to grass to dry up a bit first. I went out to Dollar General to get a couple of items I couldn't get at the market. I also needed to get $10.00 cash to give to the mower this evening. All I had was a $20. bill and a couple of ones.

I got the entire yard trimmed and swept off. The trimmer worked just fine so I must have done something right even if it wasn't completely right. I am really tired and having some water now. It is 10:20AM and I am going to rest for awhile. 

I have been working on another puzzle for a couple of hours and standing all the while. So I am tired. In fact, I forgot to eat lunch and it is 3:15PM now. A person can get wrapped up in those things and lose track of time.I guess I had better eat something. I have some frozen mini pizzas and I may put one of those in the microwave.  I could just have a banana I guess. It's pretty late in the day for a pizza.

More later... At 7:00PM I texted Krystal to see if her daughter was still planning on mowing for me this evening and getting the west side done. I didn't hear a thing from her and so I texted her again and still heard nothing. I had the mower all ready for her and gassed up and everything but they didn't come and she didn't answer me either. So I just bit the bullet and mowed it myself. It was 88 degrees out there so it could have been worse.

Phyllis just called me and asked me to send her the material on the next  tour that Sherry Epp is planning for September 30th. I had already mailed in my registration. It is a mystery tour but I am sure it will be neat. Her tours always are. Phyllis changed her e-mail address when she bought a new computer so she did not get Sherry's e-mail. She wanted me to send her the information because she wants to go. I am sending her the information she will need in tomorrow's mail.

Now it's 8:21PM  and past my bath time so I will end this and go take my bath. I am sure I really need it now.

Thursday, August 5, 2021

Thursday and Apartment Cleaning

I slept well last night and was up shortly before 5:00AM. I made my bed, dressed and got myself ready for the day. I am now having my breakfast and coffee.

I charged my Kindle again last night. I read so much it runs the battery down every couple of days.

Nancy leaves this morning at 11:00AM for North Carolina if American doesn't cancel her flight. I saw on TV last evening that American and another airline I wasn't familiar with are canceling over a 100 flights today. Her cousin, is to pick her up at 9:39AM this morning to take her to the airport.  It would be just her luck for her flight to be cancelled. David will be heartsick if that happens. He is in physical therapy now at a hospital that does just physical therapy. Dale, her cousin, said she was supposed to have flown out earlier last month and backed out. I wasn't aware of that until he told me. Of course she lost the cost of the ticket. But Nancy is wealthy so she never missed the money, only the chance to see David.  They are going to do radiation treatment for his lung cancer. I hope he can live because Nancy will be devastated if he should die of it. He is her only child and she does not want to outlive him

I will clean the apartment this morning after I watch the "weather on the 8's" and perhaps feed the cats..if they come for breakfast. I will also need to water the plants. I hope one watering a day is enough to keep them thriving. I was afraid I was drowning them with two.  And I clean during commercials. I hate commercials. They are usually so dumb and repetitious. And there are way too many at a time. They lose their effectiveness when they put so many in a single time slot. 

It's a little after 6:00AM now and I had better go check the weather forecast.I see we are to have rain today so there's a good chance if that happens, the yard will not get mowed. Also I will not have to water the plants.

I got all the bare floors  mopped and I am now ready to start vacuuming the apartment.

I have everything but the dining room vacuumed now. I am resting for awhile before finishing. I see the hummingbirds are back quarreling over the fresh sugar water in the feeder. It may be awhile before I can check that plant.  I may wait to see if the rain happens before I do any watering.

Both cats came this morning but only Scruff ate. The owners of Blondie must be feeding him..or he is eating birds...who knows. Scruff ate and when she was finished, I took the food and put it in the garage.

In the meantime, I will finish the vacuuming. I am interested in how much dirt it picks up now that Liebert Brothers has gone through it.

I got plenty of dirt in the sweeper this time. I don't know what the difference was. But it appears to be working fine now. I am finished and washed up the sweeper and the filters. They have to dry overnight before I put them back in. 

By noon, the rain still hadn't begun and I was afraid the plants would get too dry before the rain came. So I filled the pitcher and watered them.

I read until almost noon and then I went to the market and bought juice, water and a meal from their deli. They had meatloaf, corn, okra and a biscuit. The meal was $5.99..a bargain in my opinion. I couldn't have had a meal like that for $5.99 in a restaurant....that's for sure.....

I see the hummingbirds are still hitting the hummingbird feeder out there for that sugar water... still no rain.

Still no rain and I am trying to mow it myself. Krystal says they have some family  problems and will have to do it tomorrow. We are forecast for rain later this afternoon and evening. I am getting it mowed myself. I have the front nearly finished and am taking a water break now. I will finish the front and try to get the back too. The side can wait until tomorrow unless I can get a second breath.It's only 84 degrees. As long as it's not in the 90s I can do it.

More later...I'd better get back out there.  

O.K. I got the front finished and am taking another water break. In a little while I will do the back. It's 4:55PM now. Maybe I can get the back finished before the news comes on. I will record it and watch it later. 

May be an image of grass 

This my front yard after I mowed it this evening and that is the flowerbed John, my son in law, made for me for the front yard earlier this year.  It is really blooming!

More later... 

I have a part of the back finished and am taking another water break. In a few minutes, I will finish the back. I won't trim this time. I trimmed the last time it was mowed last Thursday. It's 5:15PM now. 

O.K. I got the back mowed too. It's 5:35PM.  Not too bad but I am tired. I drank a lot of water. Krystal's girl will do the west side tomorrow if it doesn't rain. That will cost me $10.00 but I saved $15.00 by doing the rest myself.

 May be an image of grass 

This shows the back yard I mowed this afternoon and the flowerbed John made for me several years ago and moved here to Caney when I moved here. You can also see the hummingbird feeder Ginger, Scott's wife, sent me on Mother's Day this year. The solar Cardinal Leslie gave me is barely visible in this photo but it is really pretty at night and glows very bright in the dark.

It's 6:30PM now and I will read until 7:00PM and then take my bath. I imagine I will really need it tonight. Not only did I clean the apartment today but I also mowed the front and back yards.I imagine I am pretty pungent.!!  

I see two or three hummingbirds out there fighting over the sugar water in the hummingbird feeder. 

I just had my bath and did it feel good! It really cooled me down and freshened me up.

I will read now and I plan to go to bed at 9:00PM.

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Wednesday and Bunco

I slept pretty well last night. I don't even think I was up once in the night. I got up shortly before 5:00AM and made my bed and got myself ready for the day. I am having my breakfast now. I will watch the weather in a little while and leave for Coffeyville at 8:30AM. My hair appointment is shortly after 9:00AM. Then I will get gas and get my car washed. Then I will stop by the Montgomery County Health Department and pick up Nancy's vaccination card. I will take my Kindle so I can read at the senior center  while I wait for 1:00PM and Bunco to begin. While I am there I will pick up another puzzle too.

After I get the "weather on the 8's"  I will check on the cats. Neither of them came for supper last night so they may be good and hungry.

More later...I want to be sure to water the plants before I leave. I didn't water them last evening because I was afraid I was over watering them. It's just now 6:00AM. 

When I turned on the den light switch this morning both bulbs came on. Yesterday only the north one came on. The south one never did. That's a mystery! I sure have a lot more light in here when they both work.

It looks like we are forecast for rain on Sunday and after Friday we are back in the 90's  temperature wise.

Krystal's daughter will mow tomorrow for me....probably later next evening after it cools down a bit. That's what she did last week.

I need to water my plants so I will get back to this later.... 

I got the front flowers watered but the hummingbirds are still out by the back ones...near the feeder. So I will wait. It's only 6:39AM. I still have time. 

I left for Coffeyville at 8:30AM and was there in plenty of time to go to the bank and get cash  first.  Then I got my hair done. I went out to the Woodshed after that and filled my gas tank with gas and then I went to Karan's and left the newspapers for the animal shelter.  

I stopped at Sonic and bought a cherry limeade slush for my drink and then went by the Montgomery County Health department to get Nancy's covid test card.. I gave them her note and they called Nancy to be sure I had her permission to pick it up even though I had her hand written note giving me that permission.  They told her they had found her original card so that was covered. 

Later I went to the senior center to read until time for the Bunco game.

Six showed up for Bunco and we played until almost 3:30PM. I won $5.00 for the most losses. I stopped out at Marilyn's and took her the treats I had left over. I didn't stay. Her physical therapists were there. Then I came on back home.  I need to check my mail. I wasn't here when the mailman came.

So, more later... 

I got my water, sewage, and trash bill. And some trash mail. I threw that trash mail away. I paid the City bill by check and put it an envelope and put it in their drop box at city hall. 

I watched the CBS evening news but that was about all. After that I read again. At 7:00PM, I went to the market and bought six more bananas. I had my last one this evening. I buy six a week and have one every evening for my supper. It's full of potassium everyone needs potassium.

After I put away my bananas, I took my bath.

I filled the hummingbird feeder again with sugar water. I hadn't come in even five minutes and there was one out there eating from it.  They fight over it.

I plan to go to bed at 9:00PM. It's nearly 8:00PM now.

Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Tuesday and Concern About a Friend

 I slept fairly well last night and only got up once in the night but was restless worrying about Nancy. I am concerned that she probably will need proof of her vaccinations to get on the plane on Thursday. Her cousin's wife went to North Carolina while the pandemic seemed to be abetting and didn't need proof of her vaccinations to get on a plane but the new Delta variant is so much a problem right now that even already vaccinated people are getting it. Dale, her cousin,and his wife don' think it is necessary for her to have her card showing she has been fully vaccinated. I had the health department fax a copy of that card to the Caney Clinic yesterday for her record there but I will pick up the actual card for her tomorrow while I am in Coffeyville at the senior center. But how to get it in her possession without their thinking I am interfering is another concern. Let's face it, I am interfering. Dale told me that she was all ready to go to see David earlier and backed out of going and lost the price of the ticket. Since then, David has told her he really wants to see her and wants her to come. He is now in a rehab hospital and getting physical therapy.

Yesterday afternoon while I was there visiting her, they came in and started taking over for her.  Gina, Dale's wife, unpacked her bag and repacked it the way she wanted it done. They brought a smaller purse with a long strap for her to take with her. Gina will fill it with what she thinks Nancy she needs. Gina is very bossy and treats Nancy like a child...often talking to her about her dementia. She shows no respect for her at all. It irritates Nancy terribly but she won't stand up to her. She intimidates Nancy and bosses her own husband around too. He doesn't seem to mind. His first wife was the same personality and bossed him around too. She died some years back.

Anyhow, that is my concern. While I am in Coffeyville tomorrow at the senior center for Bunco I will go next door and get the card showing she has been vaccinated and take it over to her house to her when I get home. I only hope they are not there then. It would be so much better if Dale would just go with her but he has arranged to be roofing their house all next week. With her memory problems and confusion, I don't know if she will remember that she has that card in her purse.

It is nearly 6:00AM now and I have finished my breakfast so I will go turn on the "weather on the 8's".

I have fed both cats...Blondie and Scruff. Then I started reading one of the three new free books I downloaded from Amazon this morning. It's 8:13AM now and I want to catch the CBS morning news. It starts at 8:30AM.

So, more later...

I watched the CBS morning news and even got all the plants watered and put away the trash barrel during the commercials. The hummingbirds finally got their fill for awhile. It's nearly 10:00AM now.I believe I will go out to Eggbert's for lunch at noon and have my usual chicken salad,fruit and muffin.

And that's what I did for lunch...I have lost 4 pounds since I started eating this way. It seems to work. If I have a dessert, I have it before 10:00AM. That way I can work it off before evening. Then for supper, I just have a banana. That is full of potassium and all elderly people need lots of potassium. So I have my main meal in the middle of the day.

I need to go up to the Caney market and see if they have anything I can take to Bunco tomorrow for my treat. I think that's all I need in groceries at this time. 

I downloaded three more free murder mystery books to my Kindle and will begin reading them this evening. I printed off more index cards too..updated.

It's 4:08PM and I need to go to the market to get my treat for tomorrow at the senior center. Then I will get back to this.

I did get a treat at the market and two frozen Healthy Choice meals too.

I watched the CBS evening news and then went back to my new books before bedtime. It is 6:50PM now. I did take the time just now to take my bath. I have noticed I was having to wear readers to read anymore. Then I realized I had worn the same left contact for several months so I put a new one in. That made a lot of difference. I still have three left before I will have to get the optometrist Dobbins to order some new ones.

I will read until time to go to bed...around 9:00PM

Monday, August 2, 2021

Monday and Laundry

I slept pretty well last night and was up only once and then was able to get right back to sleep. I changed my bedding this morning and am doing laundry. It's mostly just bedding, underwear and towels. It's in the dryer now. I have fed Scruff. Blondie didn't come for least not yet. I was going to water the back flowerbed and hanging basket but the hummingbirds are still out there and I don't want to disturb them.

The dryer has stopped so I will go fold out the laundry and get back to this later. 

I got the laundry all folded and put away. That's it for another week.

Sometime this morning Steve and Suzanne will come to change out this light bulb here in the den. I brought the step stool in yesterday and was going to try to take care of it myself but realized if I got dizzy and fell I could be badly hurt. So I decided to be wise and just wait for Steve to do it. I am typing by the light of the window this morning. 

I will go watch the news when the channel 6 news is over and the the CBS news is on. I am not interested in Tulsa's news. Every day there is some kind of shooting there. And their governor is stupid.  He refuses to mandate vaccinations. That's what needs to be done to get this virus stopped. It will continue to spread as long as people are so stupid as to refuse vaccinations. 

This pandemic is nothing to play with. It is serious business. There's a time when the health and well being and possible deaths of others overrides our personal choice. This is not the chicken pox and it's nothing to not deal with seriously. I know Biden is hesitant to mandate it himself because the stupid people out there out number those who take it seriously and he would be a one term president. At least he is taking it seriously and doesn't try to say he has it under control like the previous president did.

Nancy's caregiver  called this morning to check if Nancy and I were planning to go to lunch. It wasn't lunch we were going to do. It was a stop at the bank to get her pin number and a stop at Patty's office to get a record of her vaccination in case she needs it for her flight on Thursday. I told the caregiver that and asked her to take Nancy for those stops. I am waiting to see if Steve and Suzanne are coming this morning or this afternoon to put a new light bulb in my den fixture.

I was going to water the hanging plant out back but about four hummingbirds are fighting over the hummingbird feeder. I didn't want to run them off and they wouldn't tolerate my presence. So I will do it later...

More later... 

Steve came this noon and put a new couple of bulbs in my den light fixture. After he left I had one of my frozen meals for lunch. I read until the battery needed to be charged again on the Kindle.

Then I called Nancy...with no answer...and went over there and rang the doorbell. She answered the door immediately. She wanted me to come in so I did and stayed a couple of hours. The last 45 minutes I was there Dale and Gina came in and went over everything with her again. I left as soon as I could get away. Nancy had given me written authorization to pick up her vaccination card fax at the Montgomery County Health Department in Coffeyville.  I stopped at Assention St. John's Clinic there in Caney and used it to pick up the fax of her card. On Wednesday I will use it to pick up a copy of the card itself at the Montgomery County Health Department...just in case she will need it for the plane on Thursday. 

It is 5:17PM now and I will go watch the CBS evening news at 5:30PM. I will also eat my banana. At 7:00PM I will take my bath and plan to go to bed at 9:00PM.


Sunday, August 1, 2021

Sunday and A Light Bulb Problem

I slept well last night and only woke up twice. I think it rained last night but I won't be sure until daylight and it's only 5:45AM now. I  turned on the switch for the den light this morning but it appears the light bulb is burned out....or the fixture is out itself. When I first moved in here, Steve had to put a new bulb in this fixture and found half the fixture was out. So he only put in one bulb. Now that one is out again. I brought my floor lamp into the hall to give me some light until daylight, I also got the desktop computer fired up. It gives some light to this laptop too. I am sitting here in the semi dark eating my breakfast.

I guess until daylight I will go watch the weather channel. 

It's 7:09AM now and I am blogging again with natural light.  I see the hummingbirds are fighting over the sugar water in the hummingbird feeder. I won't have  to water this morning because it rained last night and is forecast for today. I will have to go out to Dollar General and buy a light bulb for this fixture. I hope it's only the bulb and not the fixture. 

I only fed Scruff this morning. Blondie was here but he evidently ate at home. He actually lives across the street on State street.

More later..after it's lighter in here. 

I put away the lamp after it got lighter outside and therefore in the den.  

Then I went out to Dollar General to get a light bulb, breakfast bars and water. They didn't have the swirley type LEDS that Suzanne and Steve want me to I went back up to Independence to get those things. I learned there that they are no longer making the swirley type LED light bulbs because they said they only last a year or two. Now the new LEDS look very much like the old light bulbs. So  I bought a box of them, my breakfast bars and water and even some breakfast brew coffee. I will have to get Steve to put the light bulb in for me since even with my step stool,I can't reach the light fixture. 

I got back in time to put away my purchases and log onto the desktop computer to watch "Beyond the Walls" out of Ontario Canada. I have nearly an 8 minute wait.

I took the solar kitty back outside to capture some rays of sun. I see the hummingbirds are still fighting over the hummingbird feeder. 

It's  time for the service and it is on the computer.

That was a very good service and was also a communion service.

It is 12:15PM now and I will go fix myself some lunch and get back to this later. 

I had one of my Schwan's frozen meals for lunch.Then I read most of the afternoon. At about 3:30PM, I called Nancy but got no answer. Finally after trying again, I just got in the car and went over there. I called from the car but again, no answer. Then I went and rang the doorbell and she came right to the door. I stayed until 5:30PM. While I was there I attempted to call American Airlines to see if Nancy could use her expired driver's license for ID. It won't be a year expired until November so it should work. She may need a Covid 19 card showing she is fully vaccinated to get on the plane too. Her caregiver got the information off the internet about the ID. I was on hold for 25 minutes before I gave up and hung up.

Then I came home to watch the news and log on to Zoom to join the worship service out of Springfield, Missouri.  

I will record 60 Minutes and watch it later.

I plan to take my bath after that and go to bed at 9:00PM or thereabouts.