Saturday, November 26, 2022

Saturday and Dusting

I slept very well last night and was up at my usual 5:00AM. I have dressed, made my bed and got myself ready for the day. I am getting ready to have my breakfast now.

I will need to call the Merle Norman store this morning and have the woman there that owns the store send me some of my powder base. I am nearly out. I should have ordered it last week. 

All I really have to do today is dust the apartment. I got everything else done yesterday.

More later... 

It's 7:07AM and I finally opened the front door to both cats waiting for their breakfast. They are both eating now.

The cats have eaten and left now. I will leave the food out there a little while to be sure they are truly finished.

I caught the weather forecast for the next week. Today is to be 50 degrees and rain, tomorrow is to be  47 degrees and cloudy, Monday is to be 58 degrees and mostly sunny,  Tuesday is to be 68 degrees and partly cloudy and windy, Wednesday is to be 42 degrees and sunny, Thursday is to be 48 degrees and partly cloudy. And Friday is to be 57 degrees and partly cloudy, That's the week. Rain today but it hasn't started yet.

I had better get the cat food back in the garage  and cover it. They are evidently finished with it. I did that and later Blondie came back for more so I took it back out to him.

I did call the Merle Norman store in Chanute about my makeup base. She will put it in the mail for me. I sent her a check for it this afternoon.

It began misting this afternoon...just barely misting. It may rain harder tonight.

I watched the Ohio State/Michigan football game. Michigan won by a big score. 45 to 23.

Two interceptions resulted in touchdowns too.  

I never did do my dusting. Maybe I will do it later this evening. I will have to make my coffeecake in the morning for the breakfast at church. 

It's 3:30PM now.. Perhaps More later...

I finally got the latest copy of my Chronicle. They insist I get it even though I often do not. 

This is the instructions they gave me to access it online.

As a reminder, you do not need the email notifications to read your issue.  You can always access the e-Edition as follows:

1.  Go to the paper's website

2.  Click on the link for the e-Edition and click through to the LOGIN HERE option under "Digital User",  entering your credentials. 

If you need a reminder of those credentials, please let us know. 

Once signed in, you have full access to the e-Edition.

While we are confident you will have success with your notifications and access, please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

I am keeping these instruction and trying them  when this happens again...and it WILL happen again regardless of what they say.

More later...

I took my bath at 8:00PM and will  go to bed at 9:00PM as usual.



Friday, November 25, 2022

Friday and the Kids Leave

Again, I slept well last night. I was up at 5:00AM to dress and put away the trundle bed. Keith is an early riser too so I may have to wait until later to get into the  bathroom to brush my teeth and put my makeup on for the day. I checked my e-mail, sent the spam on to Cox to deal with and deleted what was just junk. 

I made the trundle bed and  put it away the first thing this morning as soon as I was dressed.

I think Keith may be in the bathroom shaving. I heard some noise in that direction.  

They will be leaving today and will be going to Tulsa to catch their plane later this afternoon.

Keith is up so I will get back to this later...

I got my makeup done and Keith and I had our oatmeal.  Esther is up now but I think at this point she is just having coffee.

Scruff has come back twice to eat some more cat food. I left it out there this time. She may come back again. When I am sure she has left for good, I will take it back to the garage and cover it again. 

Scott and Ginger left John and Leslie's at 4:00AM this morning to get back to Tennessee. It was so wonderful to see everyone this Thanksgiving. 

Finally the weather came on the TV and I  always like to add that forecast to my blog. Today will be 58 degrees and mostly sunny, Tomorrow will be 54 degrees and rain, Sunday will be 50 degrees and partly cloudy, Monday will be 57 degrees and mostly sunny, Tuesday will be 65 degrees and mostly sunny and windy, Wednesday will be 47 degrees and sunny, Thursday 48 degrees and partly cloudy.

Keith lifted my mattress and got my bed skirt shifted to even on both sides of the bed. When the carpet layers were here they didn't bother to put it back even again. They just stuck in on any way.  

We went out to Eggbert's and had lunch. That's what the kids wanted to do. I still had soup and even some salad but they wanted to take me out to lunch. I didn't argue with them. 

When we got home Esther and I took a walk and later Keith went with her and they took another walk.

They left about 2:30PM to go to Tulsa to catch their plane. They had to get gas and fill the tank and return their rental transportation. And they had to be there at least two hours early.

More later... 

I stripped the bed and am washing the sheets and towels and my underwear. I will get them into the dryer as soon as they are finished washing.

I also texted Stephen and gave him Esther's telephone number so he could call to tell her how he would like them to do the rent. I also sent Esther his telephone number so she would not think his call was a person with spam and delete it.

More later...

I mopped all the bare floors and will vacuum the carpet when the floors are dry.  I have the throw rugs in the dryer on fresh air now.  

More later...

I got all the carpet vacuumed except the living room. I will rest awhile before I do it. For some reason..I am very tired. I have been sleeping well so it can't be that.

I got the living room carpet vacuumed and I am done except for the dusting. I will do that tomorrow. I am very tired for some reason. I haven't done that much since they have been here. It's 4:52PM now.

I guess I will go read for awhile. It's almost 7:00PM. I will take my bath and put my pajamas and robe on and read until bedtime.

More Later....


Thursday, November 24, 2022

Thursday and Thanksgiving

Again, I slept well last night. I was awake at 4:00AM and got dressed and made up the trundle for another day. The kids are still asleep and it's just 4:30AM now. After awhile I will go wash my face and put on my makeup. I just went to bed last night without my usual bath. We were all very tired. It had been a big day. If I have an opportunity after they are up, I may take my bath this morning and even if I don't bathe... for sure I will wash off yesterday's makeup and make up my face for the day.

Today after we have breakfast, we will wait until nearly noon to go out to John and Leslie's for Thanksgiving dinner. We will take my Waldorf salad and the whipped cream Keith bought last evening after we got back from their place yesterday afternoon.

I want to ask him later this morning to make My Documents on the laptop into folders like the desktop My Documents instead of just a list of them. I couldn't figure out how to do that last night.  Outlook is not working on this laptop either. I had to download my e-mail on the desktop computer.There was an error message this morning saying the laptop computer was not shut down correctly last night. I had to boot it up this morning. It had shut itself down last night I guess.

It's 5:07AM now. More later... 

Blondie came for breakfast first and when I opened the garage door to take out the trash, he came in the garage and wanted to eat from the bowl while it was still on the boxes where I set it. I had to chase him out of the garage and over to the front door where I feed them. Soon after I came back in Scruff came too and they both ate their breakfasts, Blondie soon filled up and left but Scruff is still out there eating. 

I dd catch the weather forecast too after I turned on the TV.  It has been raining some this morning. The sidewalk and driveway are wet. 

It's supposed to be 58 degrees and AM fog this morning, Tomorrow is to be 57 degrees and sunny, Saturday is to be 51 degrees and rain, Sunday is to be 49 degrees and partly cloudy, Monday is to be 57 degrees and mostly sunny, Tuesday is to be 61 degrees and partly cloudy, and Wednesday is to be 42 degrees and sunny. That's the forecast. They have moved the rain to Saturday.

I crept into the bathroom as quietly as I could (so as to not wake the kids) and removed yesterday's makeup, brushed my teeth and made up my face again and brushed my hair. I notice the laptop shuts down after I leave it for awhile and I have to push an icon in the middle of the screen to access it then. Maybe Keith can do something about that too.

 More even later... 

I also need an icon to access my bank account with the laptop. I have to use the desktop computer to check that out.

It's 6:15AM now.

We went out to John and Leslie's at about 10:00AM and the girls, Esther and Ginger,  helped Leslie with the meal. It was a very good meal! Afterwards, I did dishes and loaded the dishwasher. We played with the dogs...primarily Sarge. He was hungry for attention. We also watched a football game afterward.

We got back home at 4:30PM or 5:00PM and Esther and I took my walk..then Esther and Keith took a walk.

We watched movie on TV from Amazon Prime. It was about those 13 Thai boys who went into a cave and the cave flooded during the monsoon and they were trapped.  They were all rescued in an amazing way. It was a true story that happened ten years ago or so. It's 8:19PM now and soon I will start thinking about going to bed..usually about 9:00PM.

Tomorrow the Keith and Esther will leave for Tulsa to fly home to Phoenix, AZ.  I will miss them a lot! They are very good company and I love them dearly! I am very lucky I have some wonderful kids!

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Wednesday and A Hair Appointment

I slept well again last night and was up early this morning at nearly 5:00AM. Keith was soon up too. I dressed and will get myself ready for the day. I believe Keith wants to work some more on the laptop computer to try to get the printer  to work from it too. I will go into the bathroom and make up my face for the day.

More later.

Keith has been working on this computer all morning and I am finally about to get into my blog on it.

I went over to Coffeyville at 8:30AM and Toni did my hair. Then I came right back home. The kids wanted to go to breakfast at Eggbert's and that's what we did. We had a breakfast out of the senior breakfast menu and it was very good.  

Then we went back over to Coffeyville so Esther could look over some of the antique malls there. After that we went to Walmart and they bought some groceries for me and a new water filter for one of my Brita pitchers. We then went to John and Leslie's for chili and Esther had bought a small pumpkin pie and we had some of that for dessert.We visited all afternoon  and finally came back home when I wanted to put together the Waldorf salad I am taking to the Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow.

When we got back to Caney, Keith looked everywhere for some canned cool whip and finally found some at Dollar General. When we got back from that, they ate their leftovers from yesterday' dinner and I made the Waldorf salad. Esther put the filter in one of the Brita pitchers and then went into the bedroom to read and Keith and I watched Forensic Files until time to go to bed. It's 8:11PM now and I will take my bath in the morning.

I will try to stay up until 9:00PM

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Tuesday and a dinner at Bartlesville

I slept well last night and was only up one time to go to the bathroom and took my meds. I didn't take a bath last night but I didn't go anywhere to really need one. The kids were exhausted after their stressful day flying here for Thanksgiving from Arizona after just getting in from Rome on Saturday, I didn't  want to disturb their sleep by taking a bath.

It's almost 5:00AM, my usual time to get up.I will make up my bed on the trundle and dress in the clothes I wore yesterday until later this morning.  I will change this morning if I need to. I will need to brush my teeth, floss and take my makeup off and remake up my face after they are up and around later this morning.

The entire family will eat at Soho in Bartlesville about 3:00PM. That is a hibachi grill in Bartlesville. It's Leslie's suggestion and everyone is up for it.

Esther's deposit for my rent finally came in. My rent is due the first and my social security doesn't get in this next month until the 14th of December. So Keith and Esther subsidize me for it. Thank goodness for their generosity. 

It's 6:12AM now and the cats could be out there.. I will check. 

It's 30 degrees out there this morning.

I did catch the weather channel. Today's forecast is for 61 degrees and sunny. Tomorrow is to be 57 degrees and cloudy,  Thanksgiving is to be 57 degrees and AM showers, Friday is to be 51 degrees and am showers, Saturday is to be 49 degrees and rain, Sunday is to be 53 degrees and partly cloudy, Monday is to be 55 degrees and mostly sunny.  So Thursday,  Friday and Saturday are to be rainy days. We will see...

Now I will check out the cats. 

They were both out there...very hungry.They are eating like they hadn't eaten in days. I just fed them yesterday morning. But they didn't come back for supper so they are really hungry. Scruff always wants the side of the dish Blondie is eating from/But he won't budge and if she gets too aggressive about it he will snap at her.

They finally got full and left. Now in a little bit I will go bring the food back in the garage and cover it. 

 I did put the cat food in the garage and covered it.

Now more even later..

Monday, November 21, 2022

Monday and Keith and Esther Come

I slept fairly well last night...not as well as I had been but I just couldn't turn off my mind. I knew Keith and Esther would be here this afternoon and I was trying to plan for everything..meals, washing the sheets on their bed and changing them to fresh ones. I also put my pajamas and underwear in with them in the laundry and everything is in the dryer now. 

It's 5:48AM now. I will fix myself some breakfast and turn on the TV for the "the weather on the 8's" too. I will also watch for the cats and I will have my breakfast in the living room while I watch the TV and watch for them.

Later this morning I will fix some soup for supper.

So, more later...

I finally found the weather forecast.Today is to be 57 degrees and sunny, tomorrow is to be 60 degrees and sunny, Wednesday is to be 59 degrees and mostly cloudy, Thursday (Thanksgiving) is to be 52 degrees and showers, Friday is to be 50 degrees and few showers, Saturday 57 degrees and  showers and Sunday is to be 55 degrees and  partly cloudy. So Thanksgiving week we are to get three days of showers... starting with Thanksgiving. Wouldn't you know!

I got the laundry done, folded and put away. The bed is clean for the kids to sleep in this evening. 

I  took my walk this morning at 7:33AM. It was 28 degrees out there but there was very little wind. I picked up trash along the way and put it in trash containers along the street. I don't know why people just throw their trash in the streets. This small town seems to have very little pride in their community.  There are trash containers setting at the curb most places but they just toss their trash out their car windows it appears. Oh well...there's very little one person can do except just pick it up and put it in the trash containers by the curb. I got back home about 8:10AM.

It's 8:24AM now. I guess I'll make my soup. 

I got the soup done and I hope it's good. I do have some cheddar cheese too and crackers. I will try it later on this afternoon. It has been in the cabinet awhile. If it's not good I will not serve it to the kids at supper.

I tasted the soup and it is good. I guess I will serve it for supper

 More later.... 

Toni texted me and asked me to come to my hair appointment on Wednesday at 8:30AM. That shouldn't be a problem. I will come right back home afterward.

That evening Leslie wants us all to go to Bartlesville to that restaurant that cooks your meal right in front of you. It's called SOHO and it's a hibachi grill. I don't think that will be a problem for anyone. Sounds interesting to me. I have been there twice with the congregation in the past.

More later...

Keith and Esther came this afternoon and Esther and I have visited all afternoon. Keith went to visit a classmates of his from school.

It's 5:33PM now and I will get back to this later.

We had some soup after Keith came home from visiting with his friend. Esther ate the rest of her Mexican meal but Keith and I had soup and crackers. They had some of my Coffeecake too.

They were exhausted and went to bed early. It is 7:40PM but they had a huge day. They are in bed and I am getting ready to go to bed too but I think I will read until 9:00PM. If I go to bed this early I may not sleep well at all. I will go get my Kindle.

Now I will put this blog on Keith's blog.


Sunday, November 20, 2022

Sunday and Breakfast at Church

I slept pretty well last night and was up at my usual 5:00AM. I made my bed, dressed, and got myself ready for church. We are having breakfast this morning at church as usual and as usual, I have been making my coffee cake. It is in the oven and will have to bake 45 minutes and then cool before I can put the glaze on it. I have the timer on so I will not forget it.

It's 5:40AM now and I will go turn on the TV to catch "the weather on the 8's" forecast when it comes on. I will also watch for the cats although they usually don't come until 6:30AM or so.

Both cats were out there for their breakfast at 6:00AM...much earlier then usual. They are eating fast because it is very cold out there. It's about time for me to check the coffee cake and see if it's done.

Th cats ate very fast and left to find shelter from the cold. I took their food in the garage and covered it. They usually crawl under that house on the west side of the street across the street on State Street... the one that faces the east. No one lives's always been empty since I have lived here.It's terribly run down..a real eyesore.

I  did catch the weather though. Today is to be 48 degrees and sunny, tomorrow is to be 56 degrees and sunny, Tuesday is to be 59 degrees and sunny Wednesday is to be 60 degrees and partly cloudy, Thursday (Thanksgiving Day)  is to be 55 degrees and AM showers, Friday is to be 55 and mostly sunny and Saturday is to be 61 degrees and mostly sunny. That's the week. Thanksgiving  is the only day with rain forecast. Wouldn't you know!!

The coffeecake is done and cooling on a rack. I will put the glaze on it now.

I will need to leave here about 8:15AM or shortly thereafter to get to the church in plenty of time to get everything set up for the breakfast at  9:30AM. 

I guess I won't be taking my walk. It's 18 degrees out there according to my desktop computer.

We had a nice breakfast at church but still no visitors came for it. I don't know how long we will continue to keep it going but it's not a problem to me. I just get up a little earlier to make my coffee cake.

I will work on my letters to those who don't show up for the services. I sent out 7 of those letters. It never hurts for people to know they are missed. I include one of today's bulletins.

It's 46 degrees now and I may as well go read again. I will go to bed after I finish my book.

More even later...