Saturday, December 5, 2020

Saturday and Mowing Again

 I slept well last night after I took two Melatonin tablets. I was up and dressed shortly after 5:00AM as usual. It's 30 degrees this morning..very cold! I have had my oatmeal and am working on my coffee now. I just a few minutes I will go into the living room and turn on "the weather on the 8's" to see what the forecast is. I know it is to be very cold..I can tell that already. I am having my breakfast bar now too.

After I see what the forecast is, I will open the front door to see if the hungry cats are  there waiting for their breakfast too. They usually are. It will be very cold to go out through the garage to set their food out by the front door. I also  need to text Bob to see if he is alright. It is 6:21AM now. Surely he is up.

He was! He said he was up at 5:00AM too. 

I will try to get my dusting done today just to be sure to keep the dust down. I changed the furnace filter yesterday. That is often the source of my allergies. I dusted some on Tuesday when I decorated for Christmas so it's not terribly dusty. 

More later.. 

There were four cats usual. I took Scruffie's bowl in when she was finished with it. One of the yellow cats was eating from her bowl. I want them to eat the new food. The "weather on the 8s" said it would be sunshiny all week.  Maybe I can get some leaves mowed.....the front and back yards anyhow. I can't do the west yard. It's too big. Most of the leaves are off the trees now. 

The siblings (Inky and Blondie)are still out there by my front door..playing. They usually sit by my front door and look in.

More later.... 

After lunch, I watched the Ohio State football game this afternoon. I have become a fan since Scott's wife, Ginger, is a huge fan. She graduated from Ohio State and played basketball with their women's team as a guard. Afterward, I mowed leaves...again.   It was 55 degrees by that time so not too cold. Mowing warmed me up some.

The fourth time this fall I have mowed the front yard of the leaves from everyone's trees..including the one in my front yard.

 Image may contain: tree, grass, sky, outdoor and nature 

I hope to be able to do the back after I rest up a bit.

So more later.... 

I also cleaned the leaves out of this little flowerbed for the fourth time.

 Image may contain: house, grass, tree, plant and outdoor 

You can see all the leaves from the west side yard. I have never been able to do it this year.  It's just too large. I did it last year but I was a year younger then too. If I can get up the energy to do the back yard I might make a few swaps at that west side too. We will see.

More later... 

I made a couple of swaps at the west side yard  and filled my last black yard bag so before I finish and perhaps do the back yard too, I will need another box of large black bags. I will be back later...I will need to run out to Dollar General to get those.

I got some more yard bags but I am not sure I have the energy to finish the mowing today.  I will check the weather for tomorrow. If it's not going to rain, I will try to do it in the morning. If it is going to rain, I will do it yet this afternoon or this evening.

More later.. 

I had better wait until tomorrow to mow. When I finished putting the black bag in the frame, three of the four cats were out there waiting for their supper. Scruffie is the only one not out there so I didn't put her food out there. It's almost 5:00PM so I will watch the Chanel 6 news until the CBS news comes on at 5:30PM. I hope it doesn't rain tonight. It is beginning to cool down a little anyhow.

At 7:00PM, I will take my bath and then read until I am ready to go to bed.


Friday, December 4, 2020

Friday and Dusting

I slept well last night. Before  I went to bed. I took two Melatonin tablets. I finally realized the trouble I had sleeping all night was because I have been on the computers so much and am using the Kindle and watching TV. All electronics like those destroy the melatonin your body produces. They produce a yellow light that does that.

I have dressed, had my breakfast and read my e-mail. Now I will go turn on the "weather on the 8s" and see what to expect in weather today and over the weekend. So more later...

I watched the "weather on the 8s" and fed four cats. 

I played a few games of Freecell and then went out to Dollar General. They didn't have the clear  Windex. I bought some candy for my candy jar and on the way home I stopped at Nancy's and rung the doorbell. She answered the door and I went in for a visit.  While I was there, Gina came and she invited me to have lunch with Nancy. I was going to go home  for my broccoli cheddar soup but I accepted Gina's invitation instead. The food she fixed was a stir fry and was very good.

She left and I visited awhile longer and then asked Nancy  if she would like to take a drive and then I would go back home and look for my Christmas wreath. She volunteered to come with me and help me by letting me hand her down the wreath. I found it in a wreath bag up there and put it on the front door and put the one I got at Walmart on the back door. 

We visited awhile and then I took her home. 

I never did get the dusting done.

It's 5:15PM now and almost time for the CBS news. I will watch that and then take my bath and read awhile.  At 9:00PM, I will go on to bed. I think I will take melatonin again. I slept better last night.


Thursday, December 3, 2020

Thursday and Cleaning the Apartment

Thursday is the day I usually clean the apartment. I do that while commercials are running on TV. I dislike commercials because they are usually so stupid.

I got up at 5:00AM although I had woke up several times in the night but had managed to get back to sleep each time. I will fix my coffee and oatmeal and eat while I wait for the "weather on the 8s" and news to come on TV.

So I will get back to this at that time. More later... 

I had my breakfast and fed four cats too. Scruffie had her "special" food and the  others had the new food. The siblings are still out there and the others have filled up and left.

I have been watching the Tulsa news and once again it is full of their crime problems. I wouldn't live in Tulsa if they gave the city to me.

Oklahoma is also 19th in the nation in deaths and cases of the Coronavirus. The Midwest states have a terrible problem with the issuance of mandates to protect the general public. They are so afraid of having their "civil rights" violated. Poor things! I wonder what they would do if the draft was re-instituted...escape to Canada??? That would definitely be a violation of their civil rights. :) We would not have won the 2nd world war if this generation were born then. 

They seem not to care about anyone else except their "rights".  Some even say the virus is just a bad case of the flu. I wonder what the hundreds and thousands of folks who lost their loved ones think about that. I have no patience with idiots who think like that. It's a simple thing to wear a big deal at all.

I like to refer them to the 25th chapter of Matthew. Read verses 34 through 45 to see what Jesus thought about that kind of thinking. 

I got the entire apartment scrubbed and vacuumed while the commercials were on during the CBS news this morning.

Then this came at noon for my yesterday birthday. They are from my son, Scott and his wife, Ginger. Just Beautiful!!! Thanks to both of them so much for the lovely yellow roses!
More later...



I had some more of that delicious broccoli cheddar soup Suzanne brought me yesterday for lunch with crackers and cheddar cheese. Then I had a small piece of my cherry pie for dessert. It was very good!

The Schwans man just came with my order. That should hold me for another week or two. It's 2:55PM now and I guess I will go back to my reading for awhile. First I will call Nancy and see if she's up and around. 

Nope, she is evidently taking a nap....again. Nancy sleeps her life away. Well back to my book! More later....

I fed the four cats at 4:00PM. Scruffie got the tender center stuff from Meow Mix. The others got the new food.  They don't mind it but Scruffie won't eat it. I don't know why...spoiled, I guess. After they ate I took the food in and they went back across the street to their shelter.

It's 4:45PM now and I will play a little Freecell, I guess. Later after the CBS news at 5:30PM, I will read awhile again. I have read about one book a day for months. They are free from Amazon to read and and Prime members can have 10 a month as long as we turn back in one for each new one. 

More later... 

After the CBS evening news, I read until bath time and then read until I finished the book at 9:00PM and then went on to bed.

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Wednesday and an Historic Day

 I know, I know.... you all don't know what is historic about December 2nd. This is my 85th birthday. I don't feel a whole lot different from the way I have always felt. But I have outlived everyone in my family except my great aunt Margie who lived to be 104. She went to sleep one night and just didn't wake up the next morning. What a way to go! I think she died in 2006. I think I have it noted somewhere on this blog.

I had a strange night. I had a lot of sinus drainage and had to get up to blow my nose several times. I finally just got up at 4:00AM. It was a lost cause.

At 7:00AM, I will pick up Bob and we will go to breakfast at Eggbert's in Coffeyville. After that, I will go get my gas and then run out to Wal Mart there and see if they have a smaller wreath for my front door. So far I haven't found the beautiful one Cyndi made for me. I know it's in the attic in a box but so far I haven't found the right box.  I have those boxes labeled but just haven't run on to it yet. There were a bunch of Christmas decoration boxes up there on the south side of the attic opening.

I am having a cup of coffee and my Chai Latte but no breakfast until I go to Coffeyville.

It's after 5:00AM now and I should go check on the cats. It may be raining out there too. I think it was forecast for today. They may not come for their breakfast if it's raining. I have very little shelter out there.

More later...I want to check "the weather on the 8s" too. 

I left here a little early because it was so dark. We had breakfast and afterward I went out to the Woodshed and bought gas and then went to Walmart and found just what I was looking for...a smaller Christmas wreath. I got my hair done and then came on back home to get everything ready for lunch. I stopped at The Shed and bought a cherry pie...made by the Amish.

Now I am waiting for Suzanne to arrive... 

Suzanne came thirty minutes later then she thought she would. She had gone to get produce for her family and had to wait in line. She brought a wonderful cheddar/broccoli soup and we had my crackers and cheddar cheese and afterward some of the Amish made cherry pie I bought at The Shed. She also brought me some gifts. It was some hand cream and hand soap and two boxes of that wonderful cinnamon flavored oatmeal and some cake....and a beautiful birthday card. I sent a piece of the pie home for Steve.

Keith and Esther  called me just as Suzanne was leaving.

I read some this afternoon while it rained. The cats, all four, showed up for supper. I gave Scruffie  some of her "special" food and the others some of the new food. 

Blonde and Inky are still out there playing in front of my storm door...out of the rain but near the water to drink. 

I am watching the 5:00PM Channel 6 news. At 5:30PM, the CBS news will be on and I will watch that. 

I will take my bath at 7:00PM and plan to go to bed at 9:00PM. Between the bath and the bedtime I will read on the new free Amazon book I downloaded this morning.  

Maybe more later...

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Tuesday and Another Boring Day

 I slept pretty well last night and was up at 5:00AM and dressed and did my makeup and then fixed my oatmeal and coffee and ate. I also downloaded another new book from Amazon. I guess I will read again today.

In a couple of minutes, I will go turn on the TV and watch my usual "weather on the 8's" to see what to expect today and the rest of the week. Tomorrow is my 85th birthday. Suzanne is bring some homemade soup for lunch  and I have some sharp cheddar cheese and some nice crackers. I will fix us some punch to drink. I may stop by The Shed at Tyro and buy a pie for dessert.

I also want to text Bob and see if he is alright today. So more later... 

I haven't heard from Bob yet. I texted him. 

I had four cats waiting for me this morning. I took Scruffie some of her special food with the tender centers. The others get the new food. She ate it all but just a few kernels I brought the dish in. The others are still out there. I chased off Big Tom. He belongs across the street on State. They can feed him.

I finally heard from Bob. I will meet him for breakfast in the morning at Coffeyville's Eggberts. After that I will get my haircut and my hair done and get gas at Woodshed.

Then I will go by Walmart and get the three or four things on my list. I will come home after that to have my lunch with Suzanne.

It is 27 degrees this morning. Very cold!!

I feel sorry for the four cats. They have only a shed to get under or that garage across the street with the cattywampus garage door. 

The other cats are still out here eating the new food. They aren't as picky as Scruffie is. To them, food is food.

In about 20 minutes I will watch the CBS news. I really am not all that interested in Tulsa's news. I am more interested in national news.

This is my only Christmas tree.

Image may contain: shoes and indoor 

My sister made it for me years ago. I just set it out on a glass topped end table. I gave my other Christmas tree to a homeless woman our church was helping. It's among the things I gave her to get her into an apartment at Sycamore landing in Coffeyville.  

I need to climb up in the attic and get what Christmas decorations I have left stored up there and decorate since I don't have a lot going on today. Somewhere up there, I also have a Christmas wreath for my front door.

I got most of the decorations down and decorated most of the apartment. I never did find the Christmas wreath Cyndi made for me. It's got to be up there somewhere but I couldn't find it. After I decorated almost all the apartment  I was completely played out. But it was a good day to do it. I had nothing else going on. It's noon now and I need to figure out what I am going to eat. Probably it will be a Schwan's chicken pot pie and some of that punch.

I will spend another Monday or Tuesday finishing the decorating. It's nearly done. I need a scarf for the top of the computer console and that's about it. And I need to find that beautiful wreath for my front door.

More after lunch...

I couldn't find a wreath at the Wal Mart in Independence. They only had big 20 inch wreaths. I want a smaller one.

I got the rest of the things on my list there. I got home about 30 Minutes ago. The cats were gathered for their supper. I got the groceries put away. I had an e-mail from one of my class mates needing an address of another one. I e-mailed it off to her. She is going to send me her news in a few days. She may be the first one this year.

I am watching the CBS news now so I will get back to this later.

At  7:00PM,I will take my bath and at 9:00PM, I will plan to go to bed. I am pretty tired after climbing that ladder into the attic and bringing all those boxes down and decorating the apartment for Christmas.

I will check tomorrow at the Coffeyville Wal Mart and see if they have the smaller wreaths they had the last few years. I know I still have the lovely one Cyndi gave me a couple of years ago but I played out before I found the right box. I gave my other Wal Mart one to that homeless lady we helped out. bed...


Monday, November 30, 2020

Monday and Laundry

 I woke up several times in the night last night. But overall, I slept  fine. I have dressed, made my bed, started the laundry and had my breakfast. I even checked my bank account. My Blue Cross/Blue Shield came out last night. I spend $3750.40 for that every year and seldom use it. It will go up again this next year.

I will go watch "the weather on the 8's" again. I think we are to expect some cold weather this week. I'll get back to this later.

I had four cats waiting for me to open the door this morning. 

Scruffie was the first. I gave her some of her "special" food and after she finished with it, one of the yellow cats came to eat from her bowl. I brought it in.  They can eat the cheaper food. They don't mind it. Scruffie won't eat it. She lost a lot of weight refusing  it.

It's 26 degrees here today. I knew it was supposed to get cold but I am just not ready for cold weather yet.

I took the laundry out and folded it. Some of it wasn't quite dry so I put that back in for awhile. It was my pjs and the towels.

More later...  

O.K. I got everything dry, folded and put away. It's 10:00AM now and the CBS news is over. I will probably read awhile in my new book until lunch time. I am not sure what I will have for lunch. Suzanne is coming Wednesday with a birthday dinner for me and her.

More later... 

Suzanne showed the apartment next door to a 40 some young man. He took it and will be moving in on Wednesday. I gave Suzanne the rent check today. It is due tomorrow anyhow. Scott sent me a deposit that should be here tomorrow. That will help.

I printed off the label for the box that I used to send the ice crusher back in and went over to Coffeyville this morning to take it to a UPS at the pharmacy there on 8th street. It was prepaid back to the guy that sent it. It didn't work. It was a third party seller and was poorly used.  It took me a good deal of time to print off the label. Then I came right back home. 

I fixed myself some lunch of one of those Schwan's pizzas and some punch. It was o.k. I probably won't buy them again though. If I want a pizza, I want a Big Cheese pizza. I had an ice cream bar for dessert.

I watched a couple of episodes of 48 Hours that I had recorded. It is nearly 4:00PM now. It feels like a completely wasted day. It's still only 46 degrees or I would mow the leaves in the back yard.

I guess I could go watch the 4:00PM news on Channel 6.

I did that and then I went back to my book and read until 7:00PM when I took my bath, After the bath I read until 9:20PM when I finished the book and went on to bed.

Sunday, November 29, 2020

Sunday and Once Again, Online Church

 I slept well last night although I did wake up several times in the night.  I have dressed and had my breakfast and coffee and am about to fix my Chai Latte.

I had stewed about that mess with the ice crusher. I was surprised I was able to sleep after that. That made me so disgusted. I hope I get the credit back on my Chase Amazon card.

This morning at 11:00AM, I will log onto the Ontario Canada site for their worship service. It's always very professionally done.

Today is my youngest son's 40th birthday. He doesn't look anywhere near 40. Mine is three days later on Wednesday, I will be 85. That doesn't seem possible either.

I hope to get the dusting done today. I have put it off long enough.

Right now I want to watch "The weather on the 8s" so back to this later...

I watched the weather and even fed the cats. I downloaded another free Amazon book and read most of the afternoon. I watched part of the Chief's football game and then watched 60Minutes and recorded it. The church service at Springfield came on an hour earlier and I switched over to it on Zoom. Then I read the rest of the evening until time for my bath at 7:00PM. Then I went on to bed at 8:30PM