Saturday, October 17, 2020

Saturday and the End of a Visit

I slept very well last night/ That little trundle bed in the den has a good mattress on it but then seldom has anyone larger then a 5 year old child slept on it so it is in good shape.

I got up shortly before 5:00AM and made up the bed and put the trundle away. I took the mirror into the kitchen and made up my face and brushed my teeth in a paper cup..just as I did yesterday. Then I dressed. It is nearly 6:00AM now. 

I guess I will go drink some coffee. No telling when Dean will be up. In a little while I will feed the cats/kittens too.

So more later...

I have my coffee and have the "Weather on the Eights" on the TV...waiting to see what our weather is forecast. Then I will move to solitaire and the CBS News. Closer to 6:30AM I will text Bob and see if he is alright. I will also open the front door and see how many cats/kittens  are waiting for their breakfast. I will need to buy cat food again today. I am nearly out. They go through a bag every other day.

I don't know when Dean will be leaving today...probably close to noon if he sleeps late again this morning. He never wants to be too far away from his son, Rod, for too long.  Rod dove into the shallow end of a swimming pool when he was 18 and broke his neck and has been paralyzed ever since.  He is 55 now. He has a caregiver that lives in a bedroom in the basement of their home. He helps Rod with his showers, etc. Rod has a law degree and and another in computer science and is an IT. He has a van fitted for his needs and, of course, has a wheelchair to get around in.

More later...

Dean left at 10:30AM and we had a very good visit. He was anxious to get back to Rod, his son. I fixed flavored oatmeal and coffee for our breakfast, and he packed up, gave me a hug and left soon after. It was a good visit.

Suzanne is coming by soon to pick up some of those banana bags I have and to bring me bananas she got at the produce yesterday. I need to eat the ones I have before she gives me more. I need to go out to Dollar General to get cat food again today.

More later...

I  also had to get more envelopes. I printed off 54 envelopes for the class newsletter that goes out for 2021. Those are for the classmates that are not online. The others I send out attached to e-mail. My classmates need to send me their news early if they want that newsletter before the first of the year.

It's slightly after 4:00PM now and I will go watch the news.

More later...

I watched the news and made myself a sandwich out of the bread I bought and the had I had frozen.  Then I read in one of the Amazon free books until 8:30AM when I was just too tired to stay up any longer and went on to bed.

Friday, October 16, 2020

Friday and A Friend's Visit

 I was up at my usual time..about 5:30AM. I dressed and made up my face in the kitchen and brushed my teeth from a paper cup like we used to do when we went camping when the kids were little. 

I will wait unto Dean is up to fix some sort of breakfast and see if he would rather go out to Eggberts. I have eggs and bread so I could fix french toast. I even have syrup. Or we could have oatmeal. It will be up to him. He usually says his visits are a vacation for me too so we will see.

When I finally went to sleep, I slept well but after staying up late visiting, I had a hard time winding down.  I may fix some coffee while I wait. 

It's almost 9:00AM and Dean is still sleeping. He must have been very tired after we stayed up late and visited. I have had my coffee and Chai but will wait to have breakfast until he gets up and find out what he wants.

So more even later...

He didn't wake up until 11:00AM and I was quite concerned that he may not be well so I went in and checked on him. It wasn't long and he got up and dressed and we went over to Eggberts in Coffeyville and he had breakfast and I had the same thing I always have for lunch. The chicken salad and muffin. 

Then we went out to South Coffeyville and he checked out the farm.

We stopped at Woodshed there and bought gas. Then we went out to John and Leslie's and saw the puppies and dogs. John showed him his art works. and trains. Then Leslie showed Dean the house.

Then we came back home, He will be leaving around noon tomorrow.

Dean has lots of health problems. He has a pacemaker, and diabetes. I think he has had stints too although I'm not sure. I may ask him when he gets up tomorrow morning..

I warmed up our leftover fish dinners and that's what we had for supper. Then I broke out the Schwan's ice cream bars for our dessert.

We had a nice visit before bedtime and I took my bath and we went to bed about 9:30PM. I think Dean was very tired. I know I was. It had been a big day. I am two weeks older then Dean but in a lot better shape physically.

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Thursday and A Good Night's Sleep

I slept very well last night on the trundle bed again. I woke up once and went to the bathroom but that was it. I got up at 5:30 and rebooted the laptop computer that I had shut down so the light would not keep me awake. It is running Windows 7 so it seemed like it took awhile to boot up but it made it.

I will dress now and get myself ready for the day...more  later....

I had my breakfast and coffee and Chai and fed the four cats/kittens that came for breakfast. Then after they were finished, I brought in the bowls. 

I emptied the boxes I had filled with the stuff out of the roll top desk and got the desk back to normal. Then I took the boxes out to the garage. While I was there, I pulled the car out and parked it down the street and got out my blower and long power cord and blew all the leaves out of the garage. I also blew some of them out of the yard...not that that will do any good.  They will be back out there after the wind picks up again. Anyhow, the garage looks better and cleaner. 

When the new renter moves in next door I will try to get acquainted with her. She lost her husband last year. Suzanne thinks she is 65 or around that.

I balanced my checkbook again. My Cox cable bill and City of Caney bills came due today. That 's my water bill and the trash pickup.

I did some raking in the back yard. The leaves had blown right up to the door. I watered the plant out there and the flowerbed too.

Even more later...

Dean showed up a little after 4:00PM and we visited until dinner time. He had had a late lunch so we drove up to Independence and ate at Sam's. I showed him John's art work there and we had a fine meal.Then we came back home and visited some more until the 10:00PM news, which we watched and then about 11:30PM, we went on to bed.  He sleeps with one of those packs that helps with his sleep apnea so any noise I make from the den doesn't disturb him. I sneaked in there early this morning and used the bathroom and I don't believe he even knew I had passed through his bedroom.

It's 6:00AM now and I am fully dressed and I made up my face in the kitchen. He may sleep awhile since we stayed up so late visiting.

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

A Very Busy Day

 This has been a very busy day. I woke up before 5:00AM and dressed and didn't eat any breakfast or have any coffee. I went over to Coffeyville to the bank and withdrew what I would need for the week. I went to breakfast with Bob and then took him home and went out to Woodshed at South Coffeyville and filled my tank with gas.  

Then I went out to Walmart and  got the three things I couldn't get at Independence's Walmart yesterday. Then I went to wash my car and then to the beauty shop to get my hair done. I also went by the post office there and bought stamps again. After that I went to Karan's and left the newspapers for the animal shelter then l went to Auto Zone and bought some rubbing compound to help clean up the scratches on my car. Someone doored me. I went up to Independence to get my makeup and then came on back home. A very busy day and it wasn't finished yet.

For lunch I went out to our Sonic and had my Wacky pack with chicken strips and tater tots and a small coke .That's $2.18. You can hardly beat that.

They were still working on my new floor and Suzanne did not want me to come home until they were finished. I went uptown and sat in my car and read my Kindle. I tried to raise Nancy but I had called twice but she never answered the phone. I went by the house and Dale's truck was there.

So I just waited until Suzanne texted me they were finished. Then I came on home. The floors are very pretty and I really like them! Suzanne had put nearly everything back the way it was but there were three of four things she did not know about so I did that. She had killed a jillion flies and I killed about a jillion more after she left. The plumbers finally came and put my commode back and cleaned up their mess. They were just a couple of boys. I hope they knew what they were doing.  They said they flushed it several times to be sure it was not going to leak.

I am very tired. I finally mopped the floor by the front door where the men had been in and out a dozen times.  I bet I sleep well tonight.  

When Dean and I go out to the kid's house to see the puppies, I will take my leaf vacuum to John. I can no longer use it. It has become too heavy for me. I can rake and stoop to clean them up. I need the exercise anyhow. 

More later....

I went out to Dollar General and bought another bag of cat food. I will be glad when Suzanne takes a couple of these cats for her barn. Lord only knows when another litter will be born.

Dean will be here sometime tomorrow. I don't have  a clue when. I will just stay around home until he gets here.

It's 4:40PM now and I guess I will go watch the news. I haven't seen any today. So more later...

Image may contain: outdoor and indoor 

This is my new flooring, I really like it!

The dining room too!


It is 6:15PM now and at closer to 7:00PM I will take my bath and I plan to go to bed at 9:00PM as usual.

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Tuesday and Cakes Delivered

 I slept well last night. After all the exercise I got yesterday, I should have. I feel good today and have already changed the bed and am washing the sheets I took off the bed. When they are dry I will fold them and put them away.

I just had my breakfast and coffee and am about to fix my Chai Latte.

Today I will go over to Coffeyville and leave here at 8:00AM and pick up the three other cakes from Bob and take them all four to the First Christian Church in Independence for the desserts for their dinner tonight. Then I will come right back home and get the apartment ready for the flooring people who will lay my new flooring tomorrow.

I will sleep on the daybed tonight so the bed in my bedroom will be clean and neat for Dean on Thursday.

It's almost 6:00AM now and I will need to text Bob to see if he made through the night alright. While I am doing that I will fix my Chai Latte. So...more later..

Bob was fine and slept well. 

A Mystery...While the dryer was working, a strange chirping noise occurred periodically. I thought it was the dryer. When I finished folding and putting away the laundry, the chirping continued periodically. It sounds like a loud cricket. I have not heard it in some time now. I have no idea what it was. I certainly hope it isn't a cricket because it was loud and there is no way I could sleep though that noise. Dean uses a breathing machine because he has sleep apnea. It may not disturb him.

More later...

I got home after taking the cakes to Independence and moved everything out of the dining room that I could manage. The men laying the new floor tomorrow will take the roll top desk, the server and the table out of the dining room and then put them back in after they lay the flooring. I also rolled up the rug in the den and drug it into the living room. I want it over the new flooring in the dining room. I put the notebook computer back in my bedroom. I think I have done everything I could. They will do the bathroom first. A plumber will have to take up the commode and then put it back after they get the flooring laid. He may have to turn off the water to the washer before they take those two appliances out to lay the new flooring in the utility area. Lowe's wouldn't even do that when Suzanne let them quote her a price. She didn't really like the flooring they had. That's why she went on up to Derailed Commodity and looked and found what she really wanted.  When they are ready to do the kitchen floor, they will need to get the frig and range out of the kitchen. This entire operation is a really big deal. They will probably charge her an arm and a leg after having to move the furniture and appliances out and then back in... besides laying the flooring.

The trash people came and emptied the trash container today but they didn't take the extra bag of leaves. I guess they don't get out of the truck to do anything. After Ryan is home today, I will ask him to put it in the trash container for next week. He's a good neighbor.

More later..

I turned the trash container over on it's back and managed to work that bag of leaves into it and then I managed to upright it again by using the handle. So I won't have to trouble my neighbor after all. Determination works fine sometimes.

I had one of my chicken pot pies for dinner and an ice cream bar afterward for dessert. Now I am full.  

More later

I checked my mail and got a package I had ordered online a few weeks ago. It is a fitness tracker that has to be charged on a USB port on one of my computers. It may take awhile. It is suppose to charge in 5 minutes and so far it appears not to be charging. But I bought this out of Canada so it may not easy to understand.  According to what few instructions it has, the button should turn green when it is charged and it should vibrate once. I have no idea how long this will take. It's been much longer then 5 minutes. I will try another USB port. I used the notebook and that worked.

I hope this works.

It charged... but I don't believe I can use it. For one thing, it requires either I Phone with OS 9.0 or later or Android 4.4 or later. I don't believe my smartphone qualifies. I have to be able to download Runmifit on the App Store or Google Play. The website I bought it from didn't mention any of that.. Well I have learned something from this experience. The date says Saturday February 15. I probably would have to have that  APP to have it update to the correct date.

Oh well...

Keith called about 4:30PM and talked to me on his way home from work. His car has bluetooth and so he doesn't have to deal with his phone. I always like it when the boys call. My kids stay in touch very well. They wanted to know what we wanted to do for Thanksgiving. As far as I know, we don't have a plan. Leslie has to work Thanksgiving. In order to get Christmas off she works Thanksgiving.

The last I heard the kids in Tennessee are hoping the family can get together for Christmas. I would love to see their place and also love to see them too but I don't want to fly.

I had a breakfast bar for supper. Earlier I had a banana. Those things will be my supper.  

I plan to watch TV until 7:00PM and then take my bath and then I plan to go on to bed in the daybed at 9:00PM. I want to save the clean bed for Dean. He still plans to come for a visit on Thursday and stay until Saturday.

Monday, October 12, 2020

Monday and Slept Well

 I slept very well last night and woke up well after 6:00AM.  I made my bed and got myself ready for the day. I have even had my breakfast and a breakfast bar. I have had my coffee and am working on my Chai.

When I opened the door there were four hungry cats/kittens there waiting for their breakfast. The only one not there is Scruffie. I have fed them now.

I am doing some laundry this morning..mostly towels and underwear. Tomorrow morning I will strip the bed and change the sheets for Dean. I will sleep in on the trundle Tuesday and Wednesday night so the bed will be fresh for him. He will be here Thursday for a couple of days. If I can raise Nancy, we will go up to Sam's for lunch one of those days. If there are still puppies we may run by the kids.... to show those to Dean.

Speaking of the kids' one or both of mine are coming today to mow for me. John texted me last evening that I should have asked for help. I hate to ask the kids to mow for me when I thought I could do it myself if I took it in stages. By late afternoon and evening, I was just too tired.

 I am running short of money this month again and that always happens when the second Wednesday of the month falls on the 14th of the month.  Luckily all my utilities fall after the middle of the month. So it will come in this Wednesday,

Tomorrow morning I will pick up the cakes at Bob's at 8:30AM and take them to Independence to the First Christian Church there. Then I will come right back home after that. I will have sheets to dry and make up my bed. 

I will need to roll up that rug in the den and drag it into the living room. Sometime tomorrow afternoon I will move the chairs from the dining room into the living room and also the decorative accessories that sit on the floor in there and the TV trays. All that needs to be in the living room for Wednesday so the flooring people can lay the flooring and then they will move it back in there after they put that rug down in there. Suzanne wants me to stay away from home as long as they are working here. She will text me when they are finished. I hope I can raise Nancy so I can visit with her until they finish the job. I will be so glad when that is finished.

I will see if Bob wants to have breakfast with me on Wednesday and then after I take him home, I will go get gas again and get my hair done after that.  I may get my car washed too. I want to go by the Coffeyville Walmart and get my Chai and some more breakfast bars and cinnamon roll oatmeal...things I couldn't get at the Independence Wal Mart store. I will do that before coming back to Caney. I also need to get some more Omeprazole. I am down to two pills. That is a generic not a prescription.

More later...I need to get the laundry in the dryer.

O.K. the laundry is in the dryer now. I want to get the broom and sweep the front walk off. This time of year there are always leaves out there on the walk.  The cats/kittens are mostly finished with their breakfast now.

Back later....

I have the laundry dried and put away now.  I swept off the walk and put the fall flag on my outside hook. I guess nearly everything I can do is least for awhile. I need to add the Clean and Clear to my grocery list. I am nearly out of that too. I use that to wash off my makeup when I take my bath.

More even later... 

I gave the yard a hard look after I put that little flag out there. The yard really doesn't need mowing. I was just trying to clean up the leaves and in the fall that is a lost cause until all the leaves have fallen. There's no sense in those kids of mine coming over here to mow now. It's been cool enough that the grass has not grown much. 

I just had a text from John that they are coming anyhow...about 10:00AM. They planned their time around that.

I watered the flower bed and the potted plant..or what's left of it out back.  The flowerbed is really wild.

Next year I am going to be more careful what I plant.

The kids came and mowed for me shortly after 10:00AM and by 10:45AM they were finished and gone. There were four bags of clippings and leaves and I raked leaves too and got some good exercise picking up leaves and putting them in the bag. It looks so nice now and will for a little while. I will see if I can get a photo before the leaves start covering the yard again.

Leslie and John mowed the west side yard.

Image may contain: one or more people, grass, tree, sky, outdoor and nature 

John mowed the front and helped with the west side. Below is the front.




Leslie mowed the back yard and helped with the west side yard.

I raked leaves and we got the yard looking very neat. I so appreciate my daughter and her husband.

More later...

This afternoon, I watched a couple of episodes of Dateline and then went back outside and worked on the leaves again for awhile. It will be a never ending job but it is good exercise...all that bending to scoop up the leaves. I can do that while I can't mow anymore. I certainly need much as I sit around during this pandemic.

More later...I think I will go out and do some trimming..especially in the back.

I got the back done and will wait awhile before getting to the front and the west side. It is pretty hot out there right now and I am pretty tired..

Suzanne dropped by and brought the newspapers. She was telling me she had messed up her outside mirrors too and Scout had fooled with them and finally got them working again. I had tapped mine on the rider's side of the car just getting my car in the garage some time back and they no longer worked. After she said that, I worked with mine for awhile and finally they started working again.  I am so glad. I figured it would cost an arm and a leg to get the Honda agency or even Gary or Brandon, my mechanics in Coffeyville, to fix them.  So now I can adjust them again.

I fed the four cats/kittens their supper.  Starting the mower sure ran them off though. Hopefully they will find their way back to their food.

I need to finish the trimming on the front and west side. I will get back to this later.

I got the trimming finished and swept up and then I took the mower around to the State street area and ran it up along the curb. That gave me another half a bag of leaves but it looks even better. I noticed when I was trimming that you kids do a great job of getting right up to the side of the house with the mower. That sure makes the trimming easier. 

It 5:10PM now and I will watch the CBS news at 5:30PM. and then at 7:00PM I will take my bath. I intend to go to bed at 9:00PM as usual. I wil be up early in the morning to go get the cakes. Bob has all three of them so I won't have but one stop before I get to the church.

Sunday, October 11, 2020

Sunday and Online Church Again

I was updating this post and it suddenly disappeared. This is why I don't like the new google owner of this blog site. That never happened with the old blog owner.

I awoke at 3:30AM and could not get back to sleep so I ended up getting up at 4:00AM. I dressed and got ready for the day and even had my breakfast.

I fed the cats and kittens at 6:00AM.  They finished and left so I brought the bowls back in. At 8:00AM the CBS news came on and I turned to it.

At 11:00AM I will watch the worship service from Toronto Canada. They do an excellent job. Then at 7:00PM this evening I will watch the one from Springfield Missouri. It is not as smooth as the one from Toronto.

More later...

It's 10:30AM now and I have just finished watching "Face the Nation". In a few minutes I will log onto the Toronto Canada site and watch the worship service there.

It's still 25 minutes until it starts.

Finally it started!

It was another excellent worship service!!! Great Sermon!!!

We get some of the best speakers online with Toronto Canada. They usually get someone from headquarters that is a really good speaker to do the sermon.

More later...

I decided to do some mowing this afternoon and made about four swipes around the front yard before I played out temporarily. I will drink some water and rest a little while before I go back out and do some more of it.  It's a little after 4:00PM right now and I will go back out in a half hour or so and try to get at least the front done. Later this evening I will work on the back. The west side can wait until tomorrow.

I have worked on my classmate list all afternoon. I needed to get the seven classmates we lost this  month off my list and get the list numbers corrected. In December, I will begin working on the newsletter. It usually goes out after the first of the year.

More later... 

I may have to mow tomorrow evening. I just am not up to it this evening.  I have 60 Minutes this evening and church afterward online. Or I may get another $5.00 out at Dollar General and ask one of the little girls to do it tomorrow evening. I have $20.00 and just need another $5.00. 

After the church service I will take my bath and plan to go to bed at 9:00PM. I was up very early this morning.