Saturday, August 1, 2015

Saturday At Last

I am always delighted to see Saturday come. The three of us Bob, Bobby and I, will meet for breakfast at Sirloin Stockade at 7:30.  Bob and I will later go to Bartlesville for my appointment to have my oil changed at 1:45. We will eat at McCallisters. Bobby will be on his own today for lunch.  Also, I want to see if I can find a pair of white dress pants at Dillards or Christopher and Banks. I wore my white crops yesterday at the library and got something pale yellow on the left hip. I am doing some laundry now to see if I can get the stain out. If not, I will also be looking for some white crops. Darn!

Missy and I slept well last night.  We got up shortly before 5:00 AM and she is patiently waiting for daylight so she can go outside. It gets light about 6:00 and it's only 5:35 now.

Aime is supposed to call the college on Monday. If I can get an interview and get on there, she will move me out of the library. Still no one there has said a thing about the firing of Joy. If Marilyn hadn't called me about it, I still would not know.

I just put my small load of laundry in the dryer and it appears my white crops came clean. Hooray! I like them very much and was not looking forward to looking for white crops at the end of the season.

I want to change the shape of my flowerbed next to the apartment. The yard used to be a gravel parking lot before Wayne built this fourplex. So under the grass, there is nothing but gravel. At the south end of my flowerbed there, is a patch of bare gravel. Nothing grows there so I want to curve the flowerbed bricks around the edge of that area and fill it in with the leftover Miracle Grow from the re-potting of my house plants and plant something in there. Perhaps I will just move some of my hen and chicks there. It will need to be something short. It should improve the looks of the flowerbed though. I will try to get that done today when I get back home or perhaps even before I leave for Bartlesville. If I can get it finished, I will take a photo of it to post here this evening.

Marilyn, my neighbor across the front yard to the west, called me over last evening to see her dining room and living room walls.  The new landlady had a professional contractor sand and repaint those walls. The previous renter there had sat in there and smoked and the paint had been peeling everywhere off the walls in those two rooms. Marilyn had hesitated to get Wayne to fix those walls while he owned the fourplex because of his age. He is 95.  But she told the new owner about it this spring and she promised to get it fixed sometime this summer and finally did get it repaired and it looks great! Marilyn was so pleased. After Bob and I read the newspaper, I have been passing it on to her. We may as well get my money's worth.

More later. It's getting light out there.

I took Missy out for an hour but first I had to get my broom and chase that stray cat out from under my car. I will have to get a trap from animal control and trap him or he will be a constant trouble.She and I stayed out an hour or so.

Well then the three of us went to breakfast this morning and had a really good breakfast. Then I came home and read the newspaper and did the crossword puzzle.  Later, Bob called and said he was ready to leave for Bartlesville so we went down there and shopped first at Dillard's and Christopher and Banks. At Dillard's I found a pair of white slacks that were originally $39.95 and got them for $17.75 on sale. They were size 6 but too large around the waste.  But they fit otherwise. So I bought them. Then we went out to Honda of Bartlesville and I got my oil changed and my tires rotated. They showed me both the glove box filter and the car filter and they were both filthy. So I ended up spending even more then I had counted on to replace those too.  My bill came to $126. and change and I saved quite a bit with my coupons.  I hated to spend the money but I figured I'd better take care of those things now. We got home about 4:00 and I took Bob home and then went to Gilliam's to get a bottle of wine. I figured I needed that. :)

Now I am ready to relax and go out to see what I can do about that flowerbed.

I got the flowerbed enlarged and lined with red blocks but Orchelon's did not have any Miracle Grow so I will have to wait to go to Wal Mart tomorrow. Then I will need red mulch to fill in before I plant my hen and chicks. But this was a start.

I will work on it some more tomorrow. It was 92 degrees out there this afternoon.

Until then....

Friday, July 31, 2015

Friday Again at Last

I am so glad to see Friday come. Katie will have me looking for books...literally hundreds of them.... that for some reason did not make it into the system when they put the bar codes on them years ago.

I slept well last night after a relatively easy afternoon yesterday. All I did was put away DVDs and the new fiction and do some minor things to help Katie out. My hands, as sore as they have been, have been feeling better today and I didn't take any Aleve last night.

I had some alarming news in my e-mail today. My old friends Ron and Joyce are having some major health problems....mostly Ron.... from what I see in the morning's e-mail. He has had quadruple bypass surgery twice in the past and has type 2 diabetes on top of that. Joyce, his wife, has type 1 and has to take insulin.  Ron has recently had another heart attack and pneumonia and lord only knows what else. Their  granddaughter has quit her job and is taking care of them. I think Ron is 82 or 83 and Joyce is three years older. I am very concerned! They are very dear friends. The movie "Space Cowboys" was written about an experience Ron had years ago.  He worked for the government, the Air Force, I believe, as a physicist and is brilliant.  He and I worked on a book together for years about our church's history. I scanned the Book of Mormon page by page and he wrote the bulk of the book. I don't think he ever got it finished and published it. Joyce has been a stay-at-home mom and grandmother.  They are both from England originally and Ron came over here to attend college over 60 years ago and stayed. Joyce followed him over.  Anyhow..I am very concerned.

Today we will have chicken tenders for lunch...with mashed potatoes and gravy and a veggie. Bob will bring the salad. I have some pudding for dessert and I made cookies yesterday. Bobby will be eating with us again today. He will eat with us through Tuesday when Karan comes home from Florida. Bobby has done so many nice things for me over the years, this gives me an opportunity to  do something for him.

I will need  to make an appointment for tomorrow for an oil change on my Civic. I see it is finally telling me the oil is down to 15% effective and that is supposed to be the time to have an oil change. I will try for 9:30 or so in the morning.

More later....

Dinner today was good. I sent the leftovers home with Bob and Bobby. I will take my car to Bartlesville tomorrow afternoon to have the oil changed.  Bob wants to go too so we will eat at McCallisters.

At work, I searched for the dozens of books that were not in the system.  It took me an hour or so but I got them all located. I also cleaned four DVDs this afternoon and put away dozens of DVDs. It's a mess there.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Thursday and Housecleaning Day

I am doing laundry right now. It's 6:00 AM.  I have stripped my bed and am also washing my towels. I slept until almost 6:00 this morning but I awoke at 2:30 with my hands throbbing. I had taken two Aleve before I went to bed but they only alleviated the pain enough to get me to sleep. I did get back to sleep but my hands are still sore this morning.

I never mentioned to Katie what I knew had happened at the library on Tuesday.  There was no point.  Amie said she was going to call the college back Monday morning and see if she could get me set up for an interview there. The library has become toxic.

Yesterday Katie had me begin to scan bar codes in the genealogy area.Those tomes were huge! Every time I took one of them down, the entire shelf wanted to fall.  I was up on a stool trying to keep all those books from falling down while hold the huge book in my left hand that I had to open to scan the bar code.  I got three bookcases finished before really just playing out.  My hands were aching from the strain. And  I took Katie a half dozen books that would not scan. She will have to enter them into the system manually. The bar codes were too damaged.

Then I went back to checking in DVDs, filing them in the machines, and putting away the cases in the bookshelves. I finished that at 4:55 and came home exhausted. I ate some yogurt and fed Missy her treats.  At 6:00, Bob came over and we had some ice cream and watched re-runs of The Big Bang Theory before he left.  Then I took my bath and Missy and I watched Nova on PBS before we went to bed....exhausted!

When the dryer finishes I will remake my bed and start my cleaning. In the meantime, I will take Missy out for an hour.

More later....

All right! I had Missy out for an hour and then we came in and I cleaned the apartment thoroughly. I even cleaned a spot on the living room carpet. I got my bed re-made too. 

I went over to the dollar store for something I needed and also went to the new Braums store and bought garlic toast for our lasagna which we are having for lunch.  We will have broccoli with it and Bob's coleslaw. I have fruit for dessert.  I have just enough time to make some more cookies before they come. Bob has meals on wheels today so we will eat later at noon. We have invited Bobby to come too. He is at loose ends with his wife in Florida visiting a friend. He will come tomorrow too and Monday. If he comes to our church (I doubt he will without Karan) he can eat out with the  eight or nine of us that eat out together on Sundays after church.  I'm not sure what the plan is for Saturday's meal.

After lunch, I will go to work (which I dread...for obvious reasons).  My hands are still swollen and aching from yesterday.

More later....

Today was easier then I thought at work. There was no scanning done. Primarily because almost all I scanned yesterday was not entered in the system and I will spend tomorrow afternoon picking out the materials Katie will need to enter them into the system.  What a mess. There were hundreds of books not entered in the system...for some reason.  I worked steadily putting away DVDs and new fiction.  I also checked some DVDs in and put them away. I stayed busy.

Bob came over this evening and we watched the news and two sessions of old Big Bang Theory episodes.  When he went home, I took my bath and then took the paper over to Marilyn to read.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Wednesday and Watching Missy

I am watching Missy closely this morning. Last night I noticed a small puncture hole on her back and she did not act like she felt well. I wasn't sure whether to put some antibiotic ointment on it or not.  I felt her nose this morning (4:30 AM)  and it doesn't not feel hot to the touch. Perhaps I'm just over reacting.  Today I will clean up Bob's trimmer. I used it yesterday morning after Missy's trauma to do the trimming. It has lots of dried grass clinging to it since the grass was wet with dew. The mower just did a halfway job...very little if any mowing. I will need to recharge the trimmer.  He didn't even mow the ditch in front of the apartments.  The grass there was six inches tall. I trimmed the entire complex around Marilyn's apartment and mine and down the middle as well.  It looks much better now.

We are having the leftover meatloaf from Monday again today. I fixed a sauce to cook it (read warm it up) in and it turned out well but we have quite a bit left so we will have it again today. I will warm up the leftover boiled potatoes too and the green bean casserole. We still have Bob's orange jello salad as well.  That will be lunch. Tomorrow when Bobby joins us for lunch, I will have chicken tenders and mashed potatoes and gravy and a veggie. Bob will bring a salad.  We will have the fruit I bought at Wall Mart on Saturday with cookies for dessert. Bobby will eat lunch with us while Karan is with her friends in Florida. They leave in the morning and will be gone four days. I will cook Thursday and Friday and perhaps Saturday and then we always eat out on Sunday. Karan should be back on Monday. Perhaps we will have tuna casserole on Friday.

More later...I may as well dress.

Lots of news. A friend called this morning to find out why one of the librarians was fired yesterday.  I didn't have a clue. She was gone when I got there in the afternoon. I asked around and learned that she had been given a project to do and never got it done. Then she was told to do it again and told she would be terminated if she didn't get it done. Again, she didn't get it finished.  There are only two librarians that check out all the books and DVDs. One of the others is in charge of getting all the books into the system. Another is in charge of children's programs. These two up front are swamped.  When they go to lunch the other two have to jump up to cover the front desk. The second "up front" librarian is also very unhappy with the situation. He is on vacation right now.  The director is gone a lot. She has numerous meetings that she attends.  She's also pretty authoritative. ...instead of being tactful and friendly.

A couple of weeks ago, the librarians had a meeting behind locked office doors...all but the man. He stayed
at the desk and took care of the business. ...someone had to. I needed to get into the office to finish my work but they would not let me in.  After thirty minutes or so, they opened the door and I got in to do my work. I thought that was rude but didn't know what it was about.  I may have complained about that here. I've forgotten.

Last week, when the director was gone, I heard them discussing whether they could afford to retire or not.
One of them is an ex-teacher and she said she had Kepers  but still would not have enough to retire.  I didn't know what that was all about until today when I learned abut the firing.  I was just in there doing my work and overheard all this.

I called my director, Aime, this morning after all this broke.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Tuesday and Trouble

Well, the worse thing I have always dreaded happened this morning. I had slept late after waking at 3:00 and having trouble getting back to sleep. It was 6:00 before I awoke again. I dressed and painted my face and ate my quick breakfast and opened the door for Missy to go out on the carport. I stepped back in just to get my car keys. I wanted to put the five cakes in my trunk. Just as I reached for my keys, I heard a terrible cat fight on the carport and rushed out just in time to see Missy and the Tom cat she has been leery of wrapped in fighting mode. There was a terrible snarling racket. When I opened the door to chase him off, he broke loose and ran. Missy immediately came back into the house and now will not come back out. I'll say one thing for her...she's a skilled fighter. I looked her over as best I could but could see no damage to her. There was cat hair all over the carport and since they are colored the same, I could not discover which cat it came from.  I didn't see any missing hair from her and there was a bunch on the carport.

I will have to watch her. The last cat fight she got into was a couple of years ago and a huge cyst raised on her back. That's when she spent ten days in the vet's hospital while he plied her with antibiotics. When I brought her home that time, I had to give her a week's worth of antibiotics myself morning and evening.

I am taking the cakes to Independence this morning at 8:15.  I am picking Bob up too because after I get my hair done, we want to eat at Big Cheese. We wanted to do that last week but they were closed getting new air conditioning installed and we had to settle for Pizza Hut...a poor substitute.  Today we will go to their Wal Mart and buy school supplies for next month's school supply back pack party. 

More later....I want to check on Missy.  What do you know! She ventured out again! I will sit out here awhile longer...boy, is she suspicious though!

That didn't last long. I came back in to get my coffee and she came back in with me.

More later to this saga.....

I went on to Independence and left the cakes. Then after we killed some time, we went to lunch at Big Cheese. When I got home I went on to work. There were hundreds of DVDs again and I finally got them put away by 2:30. I scanned bar codes the rest of the afternoon and finished the non fiction in the children's department. ...finally. Now I have no idea what is next.  I am hoping the college will call me for an interview soon. If I get on there, I may save my hands.  I think I'm going to have to take an Aleve tonight.

Bob is here now.I will finish this later.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Monday and a Funeral

Today will be touch and go. I have the funeral for Judy's brother at 11:30 so we will eat at 11:00. I doubt I could stay for the funeral dinner since I need to be at work by 1:00. I'm supposed to have my green bean casserole there by 10:30 and then I will need to come right back and get our dinner on the table. So soon after I take Missy out for her hour this morning, I will need to put together my green bean casserole to get it ready for the funeral dinner. Then I will need to make a tomato sauce to put over our leftover meatloaf to warm it slowly. I took the meatloaf to the church dinner yesterday but there was another meatloaf there and it was the one everyone ate. I only had one piece missing from my entire meatloaf. It had been rewarmed in the microwave so it is now dry. That's why the sauce. I will put some potatoes on to cook too. Perhaps I will be able to keep some of the green bean casserole for us. I have plenty of green beans. Bob has his jello/orange salad too.  I also have pudding and cookies for dessert.  This going to be a hectic morning.

I awoke at 3:30 and really never did get back to sleep.  I finally just got up at 4:30. Sleep was impossible. I had too much on my mind.  I had seven hours. By 8:30 last night, I was exhausted and just had to go on to bed.

I took my new car sun shield out to the car this morning while it was still dark...about 5:25. Missy jumped out the door and even though I tried to catch her she wiggled loose and went on out. I turned off the carport light and then went out and found her on the carport...kind of surprised that it was so dark. She then let me pick her up and bring her back in. Darn cat! She's calmed down now and is not meowing to go out.  I will take her out in about twenty minutes.

More later...

I took Missy out at 6:15 and we stayed out an hour or so. She was happy to come back in because it was getting hotter all the time.  Bob came over and brought his coffee and had some of his pumpkin bread. He had left it with me yesterday. He left to get ready to go to exercise class. I am no longer going. I get plenty of exercise at work...up and down constantly.

My hands were very sore last night when I was getting ready to go to bed so I finally took an Aleve. Then I was able to go right to sleep.

In a little while I will start my green bean casserole. I need to get it to the church by 10:30 and it has to bake thirty minutes.

Marilyn, my neighbor here at the fourplex, came over this morning and offered to fix some brownies for the Christian Church for me to take with our cakes tomorrow.  She wants to do something for me for taking the trash over across the street every week. She doesn't need to do that but I gratefully accepted her offer.  The church can use another pan of  dessert. That was very nice of her. She will bring them over this evening.

More much later...

I didn't get all the DVDs put away until nearly 4:00....what a mess!  I got to work on time after feeding myself and Bob before the services at 11:00.

Bob came over this evening and we watched the news and an old episode of Big Bang Theory. Then he went home.  I took my bath etc.

I went to bed at 10:00, hoping I would sleep better

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Sunday and Church With a Guest Speaker

In a little while I will mix up my meatloaf for the dinner after church today. We have a guest minister coming and we always have a dinner after church when that happens.  I will take a meatloaf for the dinner.

But first I'll bring everyone up to date with my schedule. Tomorrow I will make a green bean casserole for the funeral of Judy's brother at Trinity United Methodist Church. I am to take it to the church  at 10:30. The service is at 11:30. I probably will not be able to stay for the dinner since I need to be at work at 1:00. I could be a little late any other day and make up the time on Saturday but Mondays are humongous!  There will be several hundred DVDs to put away in the machines and then I have to file the cases in the book cases. That usually takes me from 1:00 until 3:30 at least. Then I will have the new fiction books to put away.  It will be usual.

I slept fairly well last night. I awoke at 4:00 and went to the bathroom. Then I had trouble getting back to sleep. It didn't help that Missy mewed for me to get up. We had our usual argument over "going outside".  After I get that meatloaf mixed up, I will take her out for an hour.  She is waiting patiently now.

More later...

I got the meatloaf in the microwave oven and done and then took Missy out for an hour and a half. She was delighted.

Bob came by and read the paper and we left for church by nearly 9:00. We had a nice group there for us.

The message was good and the dinner was too. I got my newsletters finished and now am working on this blog.  I will put the letters out on the mailbox for the mailman tomorrow.

I want to change my clothes now and perhaps do a load of laundry this afternoon. It's only 2:30. It's almost 97 degrees outside. I am sure glad my air conditioning is fixed now.

More later....

Well, I got my laundry done and also went to Braums and bought my milk and yogurt. While I was there I saw that they had Butter Brickle ice cream so I bought a three quart carton. Bob really likes Butter Brickle ice cream...especially Braums. He does nice things for me every once in awhile so I thought I would buy Butter Brickle ice cream. :)

He will be over after while to watch 60 Minutes.