Saturday, February 7, 2015

Saturday and Working Two Hours.

I will work from 9:00 until 11:00 today and then Bob and I will go to "Just Us" for lunch.

More later...about yesterday.

Yesterday was really a nightmare for me. Katie wanted me to go into the teen room and scan all the books there except those I had scanned day before yesterday. So what was the problem? The first two bookshelves were just like the ones I had been scanning all problem. The rest of of them....were shorter so I didn't have to stand on the stool to reach them. However, the bottom shelves were also full of books. Those were right off the floor so that meant I had to sit on the floor to pull the books out to be scanned. Besides that, they were tightly held in those shelves, which meant I had to literally pull them out and then try to get them back in their place after I scanned the bar code. Halfway through the process, after getting down on the floor about five times and then having to get myself back up to scan the books bar codes in the next bookcase, I was putting one of the books back in and the entire shelf fell out and all the books fell on my lap. I checked and the shelf only had three plugs in the holes that hold the shelf up. They were delicately balanced on that shelf and when I put the last book back, the entire thing came down.  I saved the row on the tablet and then went to tell Katie about it. She acted like the entire mess was all my fault. But she did get another peg and replace the one that was missing. I looked around for the original but it was nowhere to be found.

I finished the room. It took three and a half hours. Paula didn't come in so I spent the next half hour filing away all the DVD cases. When I got home, I was wiped out.

Most of this job is alright but the book scanning is a hassle.  If you don't save within two minutes of stopping scanning a shelf, the tablet shuts down and you have to reboot it.  Then you have to find the proper day and open it. Then you have to scroll down and find the bottom and be sure the curser is blinking right there.  It's a hassle.

Anyhow, I finished reading my book last night and then Missy and I went on to bed. At 3:00 this morning I awoke hurting all over.  I got up and took two Aleve and then got back to sleep. I awoke at 5:30 the next time and got up.

I stripped my bed and  washed my sheets and remade my bed. 

Today during my two hours of Saturday make up time, she had me shelf reading the whole two hours.

Bob will be over here soon and we will go to Cherryvale to eat at "Just Us".

Friday, February 6, 2015

Friday Again and Exercises

Well, I did it. I accidentally deleted this day's post so I will start over.  I slept really well last night. I should have. I stayed up until 10:00 and watched "Frozen" after I watch the new version of the "Big Bang Theory". I had checked "Frozen" out for Karan who really wanted to watch it. I will return it to the library today.

I will probably scan bar codes again today at work. I still have plenty to do. All I have finished is the fiction area and now the graphic fiction area in the youth area. I still have the rest of the youth room sections to do, the entire non-fiction area, the DVDs, listening books, large type area and of course the entire children's department.   It will take me months. I also repaired and cleaned four DVDs yesterday and put away all the DVDs. Paula didn't show up yesterday at all. She may have been sick.

I will work from 9:00 until 11:00 on Saturday too the next two Saturdays. Bob and I will go to Eggberts for breakfast first.  Then after I get off work tomorrow we will drive over to Cherryvale and eat lunch at "Just Us"...a buffet there.

In about three minutes, I will call Bob to see if he had any more pain last night.

More later...

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Thursday Again

I called my brother-in-law a while ago to tell him about the black ice and he informed me he had spent the night in the emergency room. He had a kidney stone attack and the pain was terrible. He has some prescriptions that I need to pick up for him at 9:00. He didn't call me to take him to the emergency room because I work. I told him that made no difference at all and he shouldn't have driven himself over there. The doctor said the kidney stone was small. He said the pain wasn't "small". He will pass it ....hopefully. We have cancelled lunch for today. I will go by Arby's and have a sandwich today.

I watched TV last night until 9:00 and then went to bed. I had been asleep about an hour and Suzanne called me about Chester's funeral. I wanted to attend but I am working extra this pay period to make up for the library being closed for President's Day. I can't miss another four hours work.  I hate missing the services but can't be helped.

More later.....

I went over to see Bob when the pharmacy opened at 9:00 and picked up his prescriptions.  Then I visited with him awhile. I called him when I got off work and asked if he needed me to pick up anything for him while I was out.He said he had had a good nap and didn't need a thing. He expects to go to exercise class tomorrow if he has no more pain.  He has had none this afternoon.

I had a couple of cups of Chi Latte when I got home from work.  I also had a bowl of ice cream. That will do for my supper.

I did scan the graphic novels in the Teen department today at the library. It didn't take long. That wasn't a large area. Then I did some shelf reading and repaired and cleaned five DVD's. I also shelved the dozens of DVDs I had put away in the machines.  For some reason, Paula did not come in today.   

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Wednesday Hump Day

I slept well last night and I am surprised. As I was getting ready for my bath last night I turned and started to climb into the tub, I misjudged my distance and slammed my right knee into the glass enclosure. It hit hard enough to break the skin and blood oosed out. I put a band aid on it and went ahead with my bath. It looks a little swollen this morning but no bruising. I am amazed about that. Generally I bruise at the drop of a hat. Maybe I have lucked out this time.

Missy got up at 4:00 this morning ate some cat food and then used the litter box but then she stepped into the hall and vomited. I quickly got a Kleenex and picked it up and flushed it... then grabbed the spot remover and sprayed it. I had an old wash cloth handy and washed the spot down after letting it set for a minute. It didn't even leave a mark or stain of any kind. Missy does that every once in awhile. She eats either too much or too fast and chokes on it and then throws it up. She's done that once before. Luckily, I keep Resolve on hand and it does a good job.

I was lucky to be able to get back to sleep after that.... but I did.

I was really tired last night after work. I fell asleep briefly during the Genealogy Roadshow but woke up in time to watch American Experience about the Big Forrest Fire of 1910 . It was very interesting. PBS's American Experience always is.

I scanned another aisle yesterday at work.  I am up to the "T's" now in fiction. That's not even half finished with the adult side of the library.  I still will have non fiction. Then I will still have the teen side. Then I imagine I will have to do the children's department. It's a huge job. This is the end of this pay period so I will need to sign my pay sheet today and Katie will fax it to Aime's office. I will be paid tomorrow by direct deposit.

We are having leftover hamburger pie for lunch today. It has green beans in it too so Bob's salad will finish it off with our hot tea.  

We also have exercise class this morning from 9:00 until 9:45. It's not much but it is primarily for flexibility.

Tonight I will watch Nature and Nova on PBS. I usually like those programs.

More later....

What a busy afternoon. I sorted and put away DVDs first and then did some shelf reading. I also looked up some "lost" books and took them to Adrian so he could get them into the system.  Then I scanned book bar codes for the last two hours.

I came home and drank a couple of cups of Chi Latte and now am eating some Crunch and Munch....not a very healthy dinner, I know. 

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Another Tuesday and Hair Day

My hair appointment is earlier today. Kathy gave my regular 9:00 time to someone else.  So I am to be there at 8:20. I will leave here shortly before 8:00 AM to get to Independence in time.

I slept well last night. I awoke at 4:45 and just got up. I had my sleep out by then.

I am fixing spaghetti and meat sauce for lunch today. I have some garlic toast bread in the freezer.  There is also some leftover salad there in the frig from yesterday. I will fix a veggie and we will have some fruit and peanut butter cookies for dessert.

I will probably scan bar codes for a couple of hours today at work. My hands seem to have become used to the work and my thumbs are no longer swelling up. The left one, the one I pull the books out with, is still a little sore. I start my afternoon by putting away several dozen DVDs and then when Paula comes in at 1:30, I get the scanner and start in on the bar codes. She leaves at 2:30 so when I finish my entire aisle, I go back in and start again putting away DVDs. Then I put away newspapers and finally put the new books in the new book shelves. Sometimes, if there is a free "check in/out computer", I check in DVDs so I can get them all caught up. I try to stay busy so the time goes by faster.  If all else fails, I clean shelves and do some shelf reading to make sure the books are in their proper order.

Tonight, after I get home, I will read the newspaper, work the crossword puzzle and have my Chi Latte and yogurt. Then I will take my bath, move to the recliner so Missy can lay on my lap and watch Genealogy Roadshow on PBS.  That's my usual Tuesday evening routine. She will probably curl up and sleep. We will go on to bed at 9:00.

More later....

Monday, February 2, 2015

Monday and Back to Work

This morning I went to exercises and then came home and started my dinner (lunch). We had hamburger pie with green beans in it and Bob's toss salad. Then we had apple brown betty for dessert.
We also had hot tea.

Afterward I went on to work. My son, Scott, had called me earlier and we spoke for half an hour. He had a particular concern and I took care of that as best I could.

At work I put away dozens of DVDs and that took forty five minutes. Then I scanned an aisle of book bar codes. That took two hours. The last hour and a half I stored newspapers and put away another several dozen DVDs.  I left at 4:50. I had gone in at 12:50 so I put in my time alright.

This next two weeks, I will work an extra half hour each day.  The library will be closed President's Day and I want to make up that lost four hours.  I may go in fifteen minutes early (I usually do that anyhow) and stay 15 minutes longer each evening. That would be easier then getting in there a half hour earlier each day.

After work, I came home to two cups of hot chocolate and some yogurt. I also had two peanut butter cookies. :) Those I should have not had.

I tried to call my ex-daughter-in-law but she did not pick up.  I put her on the prayer list though. She has some big issues right now.

I've taken my bath and am checking my e-mail before getting into the recliner so Missy can get up in my lap.

Karan called a little while ago. While they were here last night for the Superbowl party, she lost her cell phone. She wanted me to see if it had worked itself out of her pocket there on the sofa. Sure enough, I picked up the pillow and it fell out on the floor. She will drop by in the morning and pick it up.

I will try to stay up until 9:00 tonight.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sunday Morning and Church

I've been up since shortly before 5:00 this morning and have paid two bills (at least I wrote the checks) was rent and the other is offering.

I got Missy's treats right off this morning and filled her food bowl. She insists! Then I made my coffee and browned my biscuit for breakfast.  Then I read the paper and did the crossword puzzle. Now I am trying to catch up on the blogging.  Bob will be here to pick me up for church in about 30 minutes. He came over last evening and read the Friday paper while I made peanut butter cookies. I sent him home with half a dozen since he provided the peanut butter and brown sugar. :)

I had a really busy day yesterday. Besides the lunch and visit with Myra, I got a lot of other stuff done for my Superbowl party this evening.  I bought bowls and napkins at Wal Mart there in Bartlesville. I was hoping I could find Superbowl popcorn bowls and napkins but no such luck! I even went to the Hallmark store looking for those.

I still have to make my apple crisp (apple brown Betty) this afternoon. I will make it after I do the  newsletters for the congregation. I have popcorn, caramel popcorn, mixed nuts, chocolate covered almonds, and ice cream (for Joyce). I hope they can all make it. There are only six of them coming. That's all I can seat comfortably in my living room.

More later....

Well Joyce didn't come to the party.  She had had company all day and was just too tired. But everyone else came. My daughter called at 4:30 and told me they had seen the pregame show and the Superbowl was starting at 5:00. I hurriedly called Bob and Joyce and Marilyn and told them that the Reporter had given the wrong time and the game was starting at 5:00. They all rushed around and came right over.  We had a real good time. I ate too much "junk" food. Popcorn, nuts and chocolate almonds were just too much. We drank Marilyn's white wine and I fixed hot chocolate for Bobby and tea for Marilyn and Karan later on. Then I served the apple brown Betty and they left about 9:30. Of course, the Patriots won. It was a real tight game though. There at the last I thought the Seahawks might be able to pull off another touchdown and win but the ball was intercepted by a Patriot. It was truly a good game.

I stayed up until 10:30 and finally went on to my bath and to bed.