Saturday, October 26, 2019

Saturday and a Good Night's Sleep

I had another good night's sleep last night.

I tried to text Bob as I usually do about 6:30AM and never heard a thing back So I tried to call him and his phone went straight to voice mail. So I called Joanne and woke her up. She couldn't raise him either so she went over to check on him. They had been to a concert in Independence last night and he had turned off his phone. He had forgotten to turn it back on. She told him to call me right away so he did.

I was glad he was o.k.

I don't have plan for today except to dust but I am waiting for the CBS news to finish first.

I have fed the cats and kittens this morning and that big Tom came over to chase the others away. They are his kittens.When he attacked the smaller yellow one,  I took my broom and chased him away. There is plenty of food for all of them. I am not going to let him bully the others. After awhile one of the smaller gray ones came back to eat and big yellow came back to eat too. But he didn't bother the smaller kitten this time.

Suzanne is coming over Sunday afternoon to put three light bulbs in the sockets where the three burned out ones are. I don't feel secure about climbing on my step stool to try to change them myself. I can usually get the globe off and the light bulb screwed in but the I can't get the globe back on. The last time this happened, I got that far but had to have Steve come to put  the globe back on. For one thing, my step stool is not tall enough to reach the ceiling fixture to unscrew the globe easily.

More later...

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The "keeping room" at Ginger and Scott's new home.

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View from kitchen to second living room and breakfast nook.... pool/hot tub being put in tonight.

Image may contain: living room, table and indoor

Living room at new home.

Image may contain: living room and indoor
Keeping room (Scott's man cave) and breakfast nook.

Image may contain: indoor
Looking into living room from entry.

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From living room into entryway, dining room and kitchen .

More later...I want to watch the Ohio State football game at 11:00AM

I watched the Ohio State Wisconsin football game this afternoon and then finished reading my Kindle book. I haven't eaten anything but a package of nuts all afternoon....and that during the game.

I did go out to Dollar General this afternoon  and buy some more dry and also wet swifter cloths. I was out of the wet ones and nearly out of the dry ones.

It's 5:15PM now and I am thinking of just having some yogurt for supper.

I will watch the news and then CBS news and then watch "Murder She Wrote" again before bath at 7:00PM and bedtime at 9:00PM.  

Nancy called this evening and David didn't come after all. She was expecting his wife and him on Wednesday but he didn't show. She wanted to know what I had been doing too. I feel so sorry for her. David seldom calls and when he does and plans to come then he doesn't show up..He is her only child too.


Friday, October 25, 2019

Friday and Up Earlier

For some strange reason I was up at 4:00AM this morning. I had gone to bed at my usual 9:00PM but woke up at 4:00AM and just couldn't get back to sleep. So I got up. I had a cake to bake, ice and freeze for Tuesday for the First Christian Church in Independence anyhow.  So I dressed, got myself ready for the day and had my breakfast and the rest of the strawberries from yesterday's game day. Everyone sure enjoyed those strawberries and the shortcake and whipped cream.

Then I baked the cake. It is cooling now.  After it cools I will ice it, then I will freeze it.

When I opened the front door this morning two hungry cats were waiting for me to feed them. One was mama cat the other the yellow tom cat. It is raining so they had to brave the rain to come to breakfast. I usually turn on the foyer light to fill their bowls but when I did that, it blew the bulb. Now I have three bulbs out. The one in the garage door opener is out and has been for some least a month and one of the ones in the den is out too.

I dread this winter. I fear it will be a wild one with lots of snow and ice. The cat and her kittens will have to live under that deserted house on the corner from me on State Street. That's where mama cat lived last winter when I moved in here.  Later in the spring, she had her litter of kittens.

I am doing laundry now and have it in the dryer now. I also have to dust today. I got the bare floors and the carpet done yesterday. I brought the mum plant in yesterday. It sits on a plate on the little kitchen stool in the den by the back door. It may need water today. I will check in a bit. I want to plant it later and hope it lives through the winter.

More later...

I ran out of 2X2 gauze for my toe bandages yesterday evening and so I went out to Dollar General to  buy some more. Trouble was, they were out of it too. So I made a fast trip to Independence to their Walmart to buy some and while I was there I bought two more cake pans and a get well card for Cheyenne. She fell getting out of the tub last week and broke her leg. That can't be fun for a six year old. Come to think of it, it wouldn't be any fun for me either at 83. I thought perhaps a cute card would cheer her up. I sent it from the congregation.

I stopped on the way out and bought a blizzard at their Dairy Queen to "reward" myself for getting those things done. :)

Now I am about to read the Reporter and do the crossword puzzle.

I got that done. And I put out some more cat food too. The little creatures had been here while I was gone.

I never did get the dusting done. I got to looking at that kitchen stove and decided to tackle it.  I have never used the top of it since I moved in here. I have only used the oven for my cakes and coffeecake. And I usually just have microwaved food and use my own microwave.

But  I took the burners out and took a good look at the trays under them. Someone, probably the last tenant, had boiled something over onto the trays beneath the burners and then left it to burn over and over again. Suzanne had told me she paid a woman $100.00 to clean the apartment after the last tenant moved out and then spent several hours cleaning it over herself. It looked pretty good when I moved in. But this afternoon, I used a soap pad and scraped and scraped on those burner trays and could not get that burnt stuff off. Finally I got out a paring knife and scraped it off with that. It took me the better part of an hour to get those stove top trays clean. It looks pretty good now but I went through a dozen paper towels and that paring knife was the only thing that could get that burnt stuff off. 

I have only one complaint besides the stove. Every time I vacuum, every Thursday, I get a lot of dirt in my vacuum. And I usually leave my shoes at the door on a small rug. The carpet looks pretty clean but when I vacuum, I get a wad of dirt about two/two and a half inches in diameter that I dump into the trash. I wash the filters whenever I use it. All this is probably just wear and tear from the years of different people living here. I hope when I am gone, Suzanne finds it left cleaner then after the past tenants.

So now it is 2:45PM and  I am really tired. I guess I will read awhile. Maybe I'll get to the dusting later.

More later...

It's going on 4:00PM now and I have rested some.  I will try to get the dusting done tomorrow. I am just too tired right now. I just had the rest of my strawberry smoothie. That will hold me for the day.

More later...

I watched a couple of episodes of "Murder She Wrote" and now it's my bedtime. I had my bath shortly before 7:00PM.

Now I am going to bed!

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Thursday and a Good Night's Sleep

I slept well last night. I got up at 5:00AM as usual. I got myself ready for the day and had my oatmeal and coffee. I also fed the cats and watched the news and weather.

I texted Bob to see if he was up and around and alright. He was. Dr. Christensen has added another med to his collection. This one is anxiety medication usually prescribed for anti seizure. It is prescribed for him for the pain he has in his legs. It can cause depression.

I will clean, as usual, today.

I'd better get to it. I will get back to this later...

I got the three floors washed and the mail came. I got a new navy sweater and it's supposed to be a medium but it's the smallest medium I have ever seen or worn. I also got the Reporter. The only newspaper worse then the Reporter is the Journal.

I made an appointment for Blue Cross/Blue Shield in November on the 18th at 10:00AM. I want to discuss the alternatives to Blue Cross/ Blue Shield. I may just have to stay with BlueCross/ Blue Shield whether I want to or not. They have raised their premium to $312.70 a month for 2020. They don't offer Medicare Advantage in Montgomery County. I would have to go with Aetna to get Advantage.

I'd better get  something to eat. It's been since 5:30AM since I had my oatmeal and it's almost 1:00PM now..

I had one of my Schwan's meals for lunch. Then I watched a Dateline episode. Then I shredded a lot of old Medicare paperwork.

I still haven"t vacuumed yet..

More later....

I got the apartment vacuumed and the vacuum put away.   I can't imagine where all the dirt comes from. I generally leave my shoes at the door on a small rug. And I vacuum every week. Perhaps the last resident didn't clean the carpet before she left the apartment. Anyhow, it could use a good cleaning. I dump out a lot of dirt every week when I vacuum. But I really don't want to get it wet.

I wish that young man with the dry cleaning carpet machine was still around. It left my carpet sparkling clean and no wet carpet. He moved to California. Even Nathan Marsh had one of those machines. Doug bought it for him when Nathan was playing the clubs in Kansas City. It gave him a regular income even when he wasn't booked somewhere.

Anyhow, it's 4:30PM now and I am about finished with my cleaning.

Tomorrow I will bake my cake for next Tuesday, freeze it, and take it to church with me on Sunday and put it in the freezer there. Bob can pick it up on his way to Independence on Tuesday.

I'm pretty much finished today. I will dust tomorrow.

I will watch the news, watch an episode of "Murder She Wrote" and take my bath and perhaps read before bed. 

More later...

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Wednesday and Another Busy Day

I woke up very early this morning and could not get back to sleep. I took three Melatonin tablets but that did not help a bit. Finally I got up at 3:00AM. I had coffee and some oatmeal but I will go over to Coffeyville and take that information and a couple of health newsletters to Bob at breakfast.

Then I will take the groceries Nancy gave me out to the church and put them in the frig there. I will text Leeann that they are there.When I come back in town at 9:30AM, I will get my hair done. Then I need to go to Dollar General and get some paper bowls. I am taking strawberries to game day at the senior center at 1:00PM. I also need to get some whipped cream for them.

I have fed the cats and watched the "Weather on the 8s".  It looks like it may rain tonight. I had left my mum plant out on the glass topped table on the patio last night. I brought it back in the den just now.

It's about time to leave for Coffeyville. I usually leave at 6:30AM to drive over there. It's now 6:05AM. I should be back home by 4:00PM or so. It will be a full day.

More later...

I got over to Bob's about 6:50AM and he came right out and we went over to Eggberts and had breakfast. I took him home afterward and went to the bank to get some more money and then out to Woodshed to buy gas again. Then I went to the Dollar Store and bought the few things I needed from there....the whipped cream, paper bowls, and plastic spoons. I had taken the strawberries for my dessert at the senior center.  That went over very well. I will take the paper products and spoons out to church for use there.

Then I went out to church to take in the groceries I was donating and put them in the frig.

Then I went to my hair appointment. From there, I went to the library and read for a couple of hours.

I got back home after the game day at the senior center at about 4:00PM.

I have put out food for the cats and kittens again.

More even later...I want to go get the mail now. 

This evening I watched my regular episode of  "Murder She Wrote" and then took my bath and went to bed at 9:00PM.

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Tuesday and Another Quiet Day

I awoke about  1:30AM this morning and was going to have trouble getting back to sleep. So I got up and took three melatonin tablets and got right back to sleep. I slept until 5:00AM, when I had my sleep out. I got up and dressed and got myself ready for the day .  When I came in the living room and opened the front door, I had two cats waiting for the food. So I opened the second bag of cat food and filled their dishes. They seem to be filled and gone now. Then I fixed my coffee and oatmeal and had my own breakfast.

I watched the weather channel until the "Weather on the Eights" came on and then got this laptop to blog. I will probably read today. I want to check with the Caney library and see if they have the latest John Gresham book  "The Guardian", Coffeyville has three copies but they're all out and I am eighth on the waiting list.

I need to remember to set my trash container out at the curb. I have missed the past two weeks.and it is full. In fact, I have had to take two bags to the car wash and use their large dumpster. I washed my car while I was there.

I set my trash out and this time it was emptied. After awhile I warmed up some of that Chicken enchilada casserole from Sunday's basket dinner and ate that for lunch with iced tea.  The mail came and I had a couple of health newsletters to read and the Reporter. It's a little after 1:30PM now and I have read everything including some of the book I bought last week, "Silence Is Not The Answer". It has some good information in it.

I was going to walk up to the library but the wind is blowing hard and I have been blowing my nose all morning. I will just stay in.  Allergies!!

More later...

Needless to say, I never made it to the library. I spent the rest of the afternoon trying to make sense out of the conversation I had with the insurance agent about Medicare Advantage. I printed off the material she sent to me and will share it with Bob tomorrow morning at breakfast.  Blue Cross/ Blue Shield had told us several years ago that our premium for our supplement would not go up again after age 80. We got a letter this week raising it for 2020 from $289. to $312.70.   You simply cannot believe a word an insurance agency tells you. They will do what they want to regardless of what they have said in the past. So I am looking into Medicare Advantage. We are low enough income from Social Security that there would be no premium.

I watched a couple of programs on Amazon Prime and then went in to take my bath at 7:00PM and went on to bed at 9:00PM. 

Monday, October 21, 2019

Monday and a Trip to Chanute

I got up early this morning and got myself ready for the day. I did a load of laundry and dried and put it away. Then I texted Gay to see if she had plans for the day. She didn't. So I asked her to meet me for lunch. I had cancelled our last lunch because it was raining and I didn't really want to drive up there in the rain. And she was agreeable.  So I fed the cats and kittens and then checked out my Dallas classmates to see if everyone was alright and all of them were. Then I took off for Chanute at 10:00AM.  It was a beautiful day and after we ate lunch, Gay and I went out to their Walmart and she bought curtain rods and new curtains for two rooms of her home.

On the way up there, a truck passed me and threw mud all over my clean car..windshield and all. I was very aggravated!  So on the way home, I stopped in Independence and washed the car...again.

Then I came on back home and got here about 4:00PM. I checked my mail and came in the den to catch up my blog. .

More later...

This is the gray mama cat and the yellow daddy cat of those kittens.

Image may contain: dog, cat and outdoor

There are four gray kittens and one yellow kitten in that litter.

More even later...

Here are a couple of the gray kittens with the mama cat.

Image may contain: cat and outdoor

They are so cute!

More later...

At 7:00PM, I watched an episode of "Murder She Wrote" on Amazon Prime and then took my bath and re-bandaged my right big toe. Then at 9:00PM, I went on to bed..

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Sunday and An Early Rising

I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't get back to sleep. I was considering that casserole dish I am making for the dinner at church this morning. I had never made it before but I had spent a lot of money on ingredients so I felt I should make it up. Finally, about 2:30AM, I gave up and just got up.

I worked on that complicated casserole until 4:00AM when I put it in the oven. It has to bake an hour. And I will have to warm it up in the oven at the church before the dinner. It is a chicken enchilada casserole. Suzanne gave me a small casserole of it that she had made a couple of weeks ago. It was very good. There was enough of it that I shared it with Nancy and she liked it too and asked me to get the recipe from Suzanne. I hope mine is as good or I will be eating it for a week or sharing it with Nancy again.

I will certainly need a nap this afternoon.

I used the last of my milk in the casserole, keeping just enough out for my oatmeal. I had that and my coffee too after I put the casserole in the oven. I will need to go into Coffeyville to Brahms to get more milk after church. One thing about Brahm's milk. I have never had it sour on me. I only use milk with my oatmeal in the mornings so I don't use a lot. It lasts me a long time.

We are forecast for heavy fog this morning and it isn't supposed to clear up until 10:00AM. I hope our guest minister can make it. I also hope I can make it!

More later....

I saw another post from Scott with this lovely photo of their new home...all moved in!

 Image may contain: house, sky, grass, outdoor and nature

Isn't that pretty? And now they are working on the pool.

This is day 1 on the pool and hot tub!

Image may contain: sky, tree, outdoor, water and nature

I am really looking forward to seeing it all!

More later....

It is 5:00AM now and the casserole is out of the oven and it is bubbling hot! It looks good but we will have to wait to see. I have it cooling now on the stove burner. I will go get dressed and  get ready for church. I may have to skip church school this morning because of the fog. We will see!