Saturday, December 14, 2019

Saturday and Christmas Shopping

I read most of the day yesterday and this morning I woke up at 2:00AM with a very bad back ache. It appears to be a muscle problem. Too much sitting, I guess. I got up at 3:30AM and took two Aleve. It's much better now.

Today I am going to try to finish my Christmas shopping and get things wrapped. It's almost 5:00AM now. I have had my oatmeal and coffee and will have my Chai soon. I will start shopping at Independence and get Marlene's gift. I already have the little girls gifts. I still have Jeromy's to get and John and Leslie's, Sage's and a little something for Bob Avery. Then I will need to get everything wrapped. I have plenty of paper and bows. I have been slower then ever before getting all this done. It's because I have no actual Christmas tree up this year...just the ceramic one my sister Phyllis made for me years ago. I do have the apartment decorated with everything else.  It's hard to get into the spirit of Christmas without an actual tree though. I gave mine to Debra for her new apartment. I also gave her all the decorations that go on it,  She was delighted. I am happy she can use it.

I also need to contact Kay at "Just Us" and get my name on her list for Christmas dinner there.  Leslie is on call Christmas and will probably be swamped with problem people. I don't know what she and John will do for Christmas. I will ask her about Christmas Eve, I could have that here if she will be available and fix some fancy breads and have eggnog to drink. 

More later....

I just texted Leslie and she is fine with me having Christmas Eve here. She will be on call but she will be here if she is free. I will have John and Jeromy and the little girls  too.  I will bake some nice breads, cookies and maybe make my peanut clusters. They say they will bring the Braums eggnog.

I will get into the spirit of Christmas now. :)

I went to Independence this morning and bought all my Christmas gifts, ate at Big Cheese and came back home and wrapped them all and put them in the living room. I ordered Sage's from Amazon. It will be here on the 16th. I will wrap it and then send it on to her. Hopefully she will get it by Christmas!

I got a nice Christmas card from my friend Myra who moved to Wyoming to be near two of her kids.  The older daughter lives in Indiana or somewhere up that way . I wrote Myra a Christmas letter and put it in a Hallmark Christmas card and got it out on the mailbox. Hopefully Michael will pick it up on Monday and send it off for me. Michael Estes is my mailman.

I have Alexa playing some Christmas music now. I am determined to get into the mood.

I ate a breakfast bar and had a little juice, Then I watched "Lucky Doy". I had recorded it this morning wanted to watch this afternoon. Then I watched the news on CBS and  am now watching channel 6 Tulsa news.

I  took my bath and put my pjs on at 7:00PM and I will watch "Murder She Wrote" if I can find another episode. I will go to bed early tonight, probably by 8:30PM  since I have been up so long.

Friday, December 13, 2019

Friday and Cleaning

I slept well last night and was up at 5:00AM as usual. I will clean the apartment today because I didn't get it done yesterday. I think it was Friday last week before I got to the cleaning too. Monday, I will strip my bed and wash my sheets and bedding.

I ate my oatmeal and had my coffee and Chai and fed the cats this morning too. They were really ready for their breakfast. They were climbing on the storm door.

I see we are to have rain on Sunday and snow on Monday. I am not looking forward to that. Luckily, I have books to read from the Coffeyville library. I am quite a ways along in the first one. I may finish it today.

But first I wanted to clean the apartment. I washed the bare floors and then vacuumed  the apartment.

About noon I went up to Independence to buy a few groceries at their Walmart  and also get some cash. And then I stopped at the Dairy Queen and got a blizzard. Then I came back home. 

I read all afternoon  and finished my first book. Now I will have the second one to read before I go to get my hair done on Wednesday and I can take these books back to the Coffeyville library.

At 7:00PM.I fed the cats and the kittens and then took my bath and watched a couple of TV programs before going on to bed at 9:00PM.

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Thursday and Reading Day

I woke up about 5:00AM and got up shortly after that. I had my oatmeal, coffee and part of my Chai. I fed the cats and two of the kittens.Then I checked my e-mail and went back to my book. I am reading Labyrinth, by Catherine Coulter. It is pretty riveting.

I went by the post office outside box and dropped in a letter I had that I didn't get into the mailbox that had the flag up yesterday.

Then I went by Nancy's house to see how she was feeling. She was fine...up and dressed. It was 10:30AM and we were going to go get lunch when her cousin Dale arrived.  We stayed an hour or so and visited with him. Then after he left, we went on to Eggberts and had lunch. Nancy didn't have any money with her and they are no longer accepting checks so I bought her lunch. She has bought mine several times so that was fine.

I then took her over to Myrtle's Market to look around at their Christmas decorations and lots of fun things. They have probably had a good month since much of what I saw the last time I was there had been sold..

When I got home I took up my book again. I read until 4:30PM when I put down the book and watched the news.

It's been a "different" day. I enjoyed my visit with Nancy and even that with Dale.

More later....

I went back to my book until 7:00PM when I took my bath, watched some "Dateline" I had recorded and then watched an episode of "Murder She Wrote".

I went to bed at 9:00PM as usual.

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Wednesday and Hair Day

I slept pretty well last night despite the drainage I seem to fight constantly. I am allergic to this world. I am going to look for some Vicks nose spray over at Coffeyville this morning. Maybe that will help.

I have contacted Bob and will pick him up at 7:15AM for breakfast. I have had my little dab of oatmeal and my coffee and Chai and fed the four cats that showed up on my doorstep this morning.

I have laundry in the washer but I will put it in the dryer later...when I get back home from Coffeyville. It will be alright just setting there after it finishes. There are no games today at the senior center. They played Bingo yesterday. I don't go over for Bingo.

More later...

I got back home about noon. I had breakfast with Bob, my brother-in-law and then went to the beauty shop after I went to the bank and cashed a check.  When I got there about 9:00AM, I was told my appointment was at 10:00AM so I told the receptionist I would go to the library. At the library the beautician called to tell me she was ready for me. I had just got to the library. It appears the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing at that shop. Anyhow, I checked out a couple of books to read when there is absolutely nothing on TV that I care anything about..then I went back to the beauty shop. Toni did my color and haircut and then I went to the doctor's office to see about that prescription. Lori came out and told me she was calling it in for me. Then I just came on back home. I guess Lori, Dr. Christensen's nurse will take care of that from now on. Otherwise, I will forget it and not use the cream.

I did not find the Vicks Nasal Spray anywhere in Coffeyville so I guess I will not try it after all. The pharmacist suggested I try Benadryl.  I hate to use that too much because it affects memory though it does dry up the sinus drainage.

I guess I will read the library book this afternoon. It sounds a lot more interesting then the one on my Kindle. For lunch, I will have some more of my Waldorf salad that I brought home from church.

I can sure tell it's December and near Christmas. The mail has been two hours later this month. I ordered a new magnetic calendar for my frig and it is supposed to be here today. After ten or fifteen years, the one  I have had finally gave up the ghost this year. The magnet came apart. I tried taping it together but that was just a temporary fix.

More later...

I got the new refrigerator calendar in today's mail and copied all the birthdays etc. onto  it. After I had some lunch, I worked on my class newsletter again. I got another letter from a classmate in a Christmas Card today..

I read in my new book from the library for an hour or so. It is 4:30PM now and I will go watch the news...such as it is.

I watched the news and later some programs I had recorded and last of all turned to Amazon Prime and watched "Murder She Wrote". Then took my bath and went to bed at 9:00PM.

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Tuesday and No Particular Plan

I slept well last night and got up at 5:00AM. I dressed and ate my breakfast and fed the cats and kittens. I don't have a plan for today. It's been awhile since I've seen Gay and I am thinking of driving up to Chanute to visit her.

I will wait until later to text her or call her to see if she has plans. It is plenty cold this morning.  I also want to see if they have snow.. I sure don't want to drive in the snow.

More later....The most aggravating thing just happened this past week. I am supposed to use a cream medication that was prescribed by the woman doctor that did my surgery at Kansas City Med Center. I tried to refill the med as usual and she told the pharmacy she refuses to refill it until I see her again.

l cannot drive up to Kansas City to see her. The Midwest Compounders Pharmacy at Lenexa suggested that under those circumstances, that I get my family doctor to prescribe it for me. They refill it for just a fraction of the cost from another pharmacy. It's $65 a month from the Midwest Compounders and I checked with my local Coffeyville pharmacy and they would charge me $300 for that same cream.

I called the doctors office in Coffeyville on Friday to ask the nurse to pass on my request to the doctor since he was not in the office on Friday. I gave her all the information and the name of the medication and the telephone number of the Midwest Compounders Pharmacy at Lenexa, She suggested I call back today (Tuesday). to see if that worked out so I did that. It seems the doctor is out today too. She could not find her note to him and did not know if he did that or not. I will be in Coffeyville tomorrow and will drop by the doctor's office to see if he would do that. If he won't I will just stop using that cream.

How incompetent!!! So typical of today's world.

I went out to Sonic at 1:00PM and had a child's lunch. .. two chicken strips, tater tots, and a small coke. Gay called while I was there and she and Adele made a date with me for lunch on Monday, December 23rd at Eggberts here in Caney. They have an appointment with Dr. Eslicker in Bartlesville that afternoon.

Then I spent the afternoon getting my Christmas letters and Christmas cards out. I will just have some last minute cards to do later. It's nearly 4:30PM now. I am going to watch the 4:00PM news while I do this.

I did pretty much all the cards and letters except for the last minute ones.

At 5:20PM I watched the news, such as it was,  and then at 7:00PM, I took my bath and watched "Murder She Wrote" on Amazon Prime. At 9:00PM I went on to bed.  

Monday, December 9, 2019

Monday and a Quiet Day

I slept fairly well last night. I woke up several times but managed to get back to sleep each time. I finally got up shortly before 6:00AM.

After getting myself ready for the day, I fed myself and the cats. Then I watched the news on Channel 6.  Now I am watching the CBS news. They are dealing with the impeachment now.

I may watch this awhile.

More later...

I tried to watch the proceedings  but both sides behaved like children so I finally just gave up and did something else.

I went down to Bartlesville and looked around at what is left of the mall. Then I bought gas and came on back home. The only thing I bought was the gas..... at $2.03 a gallon. 

I have two computers...a laptop and a notebook. I attempted to blog from the notebook but there was some sort of game on my blog when I attempted to respond to a remark on my comments. and I didn't care to play their little game and tried to bypass it. Then I was locked out and was forced to come in here to this laptop to finish my blog.

I get so tired of this sort of thing. On facebook, I get 40 different requests for "friends" from friends of some of my friends and the only way I can rid my facebook page of them is to go to my phone to log on and then I can delete them from there.  My computers don't offer that option.

More later....It's 6:15PM in the evening now and I will take my bath and get my pjs on and then watch some  TV.

More later...

I ate a breakfast bar for supper and some Waldorf salad. Then I watched an episode of "Murder She Wrote", took my bath , "All Stand" as well as "Bull" then I  went on to bed.

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Sunday and a Basket Dinner

I got up fairly early this morning...5:30AM. I had a lot to do. I needed to add the miniature marshmallows to my salad. I remembered in the night that I had forgotten them. That's the first thing I did after I got dressed and had my breakfast and coffee. Then I put together my coffeecake. It is in the oven now. After I get it out and it cools, I will put the icing on it.   I have already done my dishes.

I came in after the coffeecake was in the oven and noticed a large raccoon eating the cat food. He must have run the cats off because ever since I ran him off , they haven't been back. Perhaps I should take the food in until I see the cats and the kittens again looking for it. I'll wait awhile to see if he comes back or they come back. I went out with a flashlight a while ago but saw no raccoons or cats.

The yellow Tom cat came and finished off his food. I am quite sure he is the father of the kittens because one of them looks exactly like him.

After church today, we are having our congregational Christmas dinner at church.

I am taking my Bob's fruit salad. It is apples, celery, two kinds of grapes, and raisins and miniature marshmallows. I mix it with Miracle Whip dressing.

More later...

The timer is going off. The coffeecake is  done and is now cooling. It's only 7:00AM so I have some time before I can ice it.

More even later....

I got the coffee cake cooled and iced and left for the church about 8:15AM . I loaded everything into the car.... the papers I save for Karan, the wreath for Debra along with the over the door hanger for it, the two bowls of fruit salad and the coffee cake. The service went well even though Karan had to substitute at eh last minute for the guest minister, who had a death in the family. She did well...especially after those circumstances. We had a nice big group who stayed for the dinner too. Mary Beth, Phyllis and Carmen and I did up the dishes.

I bagged up three pieces of coffee cake for Kelly and the rest disappeared on the dessert area. I got home, put away my salad and did my usual newsletters for the online congregation and ran off some for those four who are not online. The are out on the mailbox for the mailman to pick up tomorrow. I need to buy some more stamps tomorrow too.

I then went to the Dollar General store and bought some more 2 X  2 gauze squares for my big toe bandages and some trail mix and some ice cream bars.

I recorded some programs for after I left this morning. I guess I will go watch them. It's 3:30PM now.

I watched those programs and also watched "Bull" .

After watching an episode of "Murder She Wrote", I took my bath and went on to bed at 9:00PM.