Saturday, August 5, 2017

Saturday and Breakfast Out

I slept well last night...thank goodness! It helped that I had that schedule for KUMC changed. Things like that unsettle me and interrupt my sleep.

I got up after  5:30 and fixed Missy's breakfast. I was going to have an omelet at Eggberts so I only had my Chai. I picked up Bob and 8:50 and we went to Eggberts for our breakfast.

When  I got home I read most of the morning. I had a new Reader's Digest. Then I went out to the bank that handles my rent payment and found the drive through window was open so I gave them my rent check.  I was not late after all. Only after the 5th am I late.

I am just going to take it easy today. I have one small load of laundry and I may get that done.

I did do the dead heading of my flowers. It rained this morning so I won't need to water the flowers on the east side. I will probably water the ones in pots on the north.  I refilled the hummingbird feeder and that's all so far.

So...more later...

I took a nap this afternoon and when I checked the mail I had my newspaper.  So I read that and the rest of  the Readers Digest. 

Missy and I went out for awhile and I watered the flowerpots in the front of my apartment.  I also swept off the carport.  There are a lot of leaves falling for some reason...after all, it is August.

This is the above ground flowerbed that John made for me. It just started out with sparse flowers but that didn't last. Now it's overflowing with flowers.  And that yellow miniature rose bush is no longer a miniature.  It's taking over the flowerbed.

This one is also overflowing. It has rained twice this week so that helped and I go out every day and deadhead the flowers. That may help!

More even later...

About 4:00, I had a bout of diarrhea.   It went on for over an hour and a half. Finally it was over. Bob came over and read the paper and had another of Marilyn's brownies. They were delicious.

Now it's nearly 7:00 and I will take my bath and try to find something on TV worth watching. I want to stay up until at least 9:00 when Missy and I will go to bed.

Friday and a Quiet Day

I awoke at  3:00 AM and could not go back to sleep. Finally I just got up.

I didn't do much today except cook lunch. I was so tired.

We had chicken and boiled potatoes and the rest of the beans. Then we had the rest of the chocolate pudding for dessert. 

After lunch was much more productive.

I managed to find a valid telephone number for The KUMC and called them to change my appointment. I got one for September 11th at 11:00 in the morning.  Leslie said to grab that one so I did. She will take me up there for my consultation appointment. She and Karan are going to Kansas City on the 8th as 9th for her to see Sheri's hairdresser to get her hair done. Then on the 11th, she and I will drive back up there for this appointment. She seemed nonplussed about it though.  I will try to schedule any surgery after October 10th.  I would like to take my tour of the salt mines near Hutchinson. It's on October 10th.  After that, I don't care about the date.

That took most of the afternoon and I forgot to pay my rent. I had the check all made out but didn't realize I had not gone to the bank until it was  too late.I texted Betty about it and she said that was o.k.

Bob came over at 5:15 to watch the news. I had fixed the strawberries I bought at Walmart and we had a small bowl of them. He left at 6:30 after we watched Brooks and Shields on PBS,

I took my bath and Missy and I went to bed at 9:00.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Thursday and Housecleaning

I slept fairly well last night. I woke up several times but did get back to sleep each time. I finally just got up shortly before 5:00. I have fed Missy and myself and have myself dressed and ready for the day. It's still dark out so I won't take Missy out until it gets light out.

We will have chicken for lunch today. I will boil some potatoes and we will have a veggie. Bob said he would bring a salad that he could use the tomatoes in. I have the rest of the chocolate pudding for dessert.

I want to clean the apartment today. I haven't done much except laundry this week. I will wash both the bathroom and kitchen floors and this afternoon I will vacuum the carpets and dust.

I noticed Bob's computer had shut down overnight. I hit the switch again this morning and finally got it back up. I set it on "sleep" in hopes it will not completely shut down again. In a little while I will go hit "enter" and see if it will come back up. I would hate to have to send it back to Keith to be reformatted again.

More later...

I got the floors all scrubbed and wiped down and the carpets all cleaned and vacuumed. I also did a load of laundry and folded it and put it away. Then I dusted.  I am really tired. Bob called a little bit ago to say he would be late for lunch. I suggested we just eat out since I am so tired. He agreed.  We may eat at the Sunshine Shop. We have never eaten there. I am very tired. I took the hose that leaked off the cabinet it fits into and poured some gorilla glue around the crack in the screw on part. It was the part that was cracked. That may not help but if it stops the leak there, I won't have to buy another hose.

We will see if it works.

The sunshine shop was real good. Bob got a huge taco salad and I got a pig sandwich. We both had a cherry lime aid and we split a piece of apple pie. It was huge but very good.  He is her now paying some bills on his computer. It is still working alright. I hope it continues. I don't think Keith has time to reformat the hard drive and start over.

More later...I am going to take a nap. I am really tired.

Bob came over to pay his bills online. He left after he read the paper and watched the news.

I took my bath and Missy and I went to bed after he left.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Wednesday and Game Day

I slept really well last night without taking any medication. I got up at usual. I have dressed and got myself ready for the day. I have fed Missy but still have my own breakfast to fix and eat. I wanted to see if my bank account was up to date now and it is. The bill I wanted paid came out last night. Everything is up to date except my rent. I needed to withdraw some cash for the week so I lack enough to pay my rent until Friday when Keith's deposit comes in. My social security won't come in until next Wednesday.

I will pick up Bob for exercise class at 8:45. Some of the group may go to the donut shop afterward, If so, we will go.  After that I will fix lunch. This noon we are having hamburgers and french fries.  Leslie gave me tomatoes so we will have some of those on the hamburgers. I made cookies yesterday so we will have fruit with a cookie for dessert.

After I clean up after that I will go to Bunco at the senior center.

More later...after my breakfast.

I took Missy out for awhile but something out there bothered her and she wanted to come back in. So...we are back inside.

She seems happy to just lie beside my chair right now.

Before next Tuesday, I need to get a cake pan. I looked for one in the Independence Walmart Next Tuesday we will resume taking cakes up to Independence's First Christian Church. I have a cake mix and icing but no pan. I looked for on at Independence's Walmart store yesterday but they did not have the size I use. I will get one at Country Mart before then.

More later...

 Bob came over for lunch. We had hamburgers and french fries and coke for lunch.  We had pudding for dessert. 

 Then he checked his bank account while he was here.  Next he updated his utility and rebooted the computer.  It ran disk check and after that, it crashed.  I tried to get it back up for him but it would not come up. I plugged it in and went on to game time to let it charge. When I got home, I tried to reboot it again and after several tries, it finally came back up.   But Windows wanted to be authenticated. I attempted to authenticate it but was told it was not an authentic Windows.   I knew better. It was just Windows 7.  So I closed the program and opened a browser and it worked fine. I left it plugged in and put it on a TV tray in the dining room. I figured I had better leave it up because it might be kind of fragile.

I called and told Bob. He was really happy about having it back up.

He came over and watched the news and then afterward left. I went to take my bath but the water main at the end of the block is broken and they're working on it. So right now, at least, we have no water.

I will watch Nature on PBS with Missy and then go to bed at 9:00.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Tuesday and Hairdo Day

I slept very well last night until 3:00 AM. At that time, Missy crawled off the bed and got sick. I heard her coughing and got up to check it out. She had coughed up a line of cat food. She must have eaten too fast or something. Anyhow I picked it up in a kleenex and got out the Resolve.  I sprayed that piece of the carpet and scrubbed it with a wet cloth. It all came up fine. She choked again in the hall but this time did not get sick. I went back to bed and back to sleep and slept until 5:00.

She seems to be fine this morning, She wants to go outside but it's still dark out and I never take her out in the dark. She will have to wait. It has been raining in the night. That means I won't have to water. We are to get rain today.

I will go to Independence to get my hair done this morning and I will take Bob over to his sister, Betty's, home for a visit. Afterward we will eat at Big Cheese.

I looked for Scott's deposit this morning but it hadn't been posted yet...for some strange reason. I did withdraw some of my rent money for my hair and lunch today.  And I want to bake cookies this afternoon.

More later...

I've taken Missy out twice but she doesn't like the rain and we stay out only about ten minutes. Then she wants to come back in.  So we are back in now.

I will watch the news. More later....

I got my hair done and Bob and I had lunch at Big Cheese. Then he brought me back home. I checked my bank account again and realized not only was my deposit from Scott not there but one of my payments had not been processed either. I went over to the bank to check on both of those things. They said it takes two days for an account to process a payment and since Scott transferred his transfer late yesterday afternoon, it would be tomorrow before it would  show up in my account. We will see....

By evening the deposit was there.

I baked peanut butter cookies this afternoon. Bob came over and had one while they were still warm. I was sitting out on the carport with Missy and he joined us. He stayed and read the papers. We watched the CBS news and the Tulsa local news and  then he went home. I took my bath and lay down with Missy on the sofa and watched PBS where they had American Experience.  I went to bed at 9:00.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Monday and a Doctor's Appointment

I had a hard time getting to sleep last night after the LTQ group met. I was just too wound up. I went to bed about 9:30 but was still awake at 10:30 when I got up and took a Zyrtec, It took awhile but I finally got to sleep and pretty much slept through the night until nearly 5:00.

I will go on to exercise class this morning  and from there I will go to my regular doctor's appointment. The doctor's office is only two blocks from the senior center.  I am supposed to have blood work done to check out my thyroid. I also want to ask him about my swollen ankles. They are pretty much swollen all the time now....especially the right one.  Other then that, my allergies are my primary complaint. ...that and the failed bladder surgery. There's nothing more that can be done about that though.

I have fed Missy and myself. We will have warmed up hamburger pie for lunch today. I still have  strawberry shortcake for dessert.

Missy is waiting for it to get light so we can go out on the carport for awhile. She loves to be outside and as long as she doesn't try to get away, I'm good with that.

So more later....

I took Missy out for awhile before I went to exercise class. She really enjoyed it and was very good. After exercise class, I went to the doctor. I told him about my swollen ankles and the failure of my bladder surgery. I also told him I had decided against having it redone for fear it would fail again.

He suggested I let him refer me to Kansas City Med Center.  He said they have some phenomenal doctors up there that have done some of the best surgery around. He said at 81, I was in such great health I might live another 20 years and surely would not want to have to deal with this bladder problem for all that time. He urged me to at least have a consultation with one of their doctors that he would recommend. I told him I would want to discuss it with my daughter and would get back with him.

After lunch, and after Bob left, I went out to Leslie's and told her about the doctor's visit. She agreed I should look into it. She said I would not want to deal with "leaks" and constantly looking for bathrooms on my cruise in June of 2018. I admit she had a point. I called the doctors office, explained the reason for my call and asked his nurse to have him call me at the end of his day.

Leslie cannot have the appointment on August 14th and 15th  or September 12th. And it has to be on a Monday or Tuesday. Those are her set days off work.   She also suggested I have my prescriptions filled at Walgreens in Independence since I am up there on Tuesdays anyhow. She says they are cheaper and I can call the prescription in and then pick it up at the drive through window when I get to town.

Leslie also gave me tomatoes and ground meat.

I have the best kids in the world!

Bob came over shortly after 5:00 while I was watering the flowers on the east side. Soon after that, I took Missy and we all went in to watch the news. After the news, Bob left and I was still waiting for the doctor to call back. He never did. Doctors!

I went ahead and took my bath and got ready for bed. I was glad I had explained all those days Leslie can't go to his nurse. Perhaps she explained that to him and when he calls me back about my blood tests, he will tell me what day we can go up to Kansas City for the consultation.

About 9:00, I went to bed.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Sunday and Coffecake.

I slept very well last night and woke up shortly before 5:00 and just got up.  I have made my coffeecake and got it iced and ready for the church school class. I also got myself ready for the day. I am presiding at church today. Bill is speaking.

Phyllis has gone to Kansas City so she will not be going to "Just Us" with us. Bob and I will probably go alone if Becky comes and attends with Karan. And, oh yes, because it was Karan's birthday this week, her son, Mark, is down here with her. They may come to church today. They undoubtedly will not go to "Just Us" with us.

I had a problem with google today. When I logged on to this blog, I had no access to it on either computer. So I checked out the desktop too. I was locked out of it too.

I may have to log on again with the laptop too. I will check that out now.

More later...

Sure enough! I had to sign in again to google on the laptop too. Someone had changed my password 19 hours ago. I am back on it now though.

I am driving to church today. I have the coffeecake and whoever has the morning treat, does the driving.

I need to get my offering ready.  

So More later....

I got that done and then tried to take Missy out for awhile. She did not want to mind so I finally just got my broom and pushed her back inside. Darn cat! It's 8:41 now and at 9:00 I will go get Bob.

So, more even later....

I picked up Bob and we went on to church. I took my coffee cake and the order of service and printed off the bulletins. The church school class went well. Bill did a fair job with his sermon. We had another visitor. His name was Mike and he sat with our Mike. This fellow's wife is in our exercise class. Right now she is in California and he is alone.

We went to "Just Us"  to eat. I saw my cousin there with her best friend.

After I dropped Bob off at his apartment, I came home to do the newsletters. So more later...He will come by to read the papers and pick me up for the Living the Questions group at Howard and Judy's tonight at 7:00.

So more later...

Bob came while I was baking a peach brown betty with the Porter peaches Vic brought me. They were beginning to ripen from laying out on the window sill. The dessert looked great and I took it to Judy's for the Living the Questions group meeting. They ate most of it.  I gave Bob three of the peaches I had left and he will have them for his breakfast in the morning.  I still have three. I am not sure what I will do with them but I will probably have to use them tomorrow.

Right now I just finished my bath and have my P.J.s on and am ready for bed. I am exhausted. I baked my coffee cake this morning before we left for church. Then I presided at church. After that we went to "Just Us" for lunch and after that I came home and did my newsletters and got them ready for the mail and then worked on my next sermon and the bulletin for it. Then Missy and I went out and she enjoyed the outside while I watered the flowers on the east side of the apartment.

Bob came over while I was baking the peach brown betty and after watching 60 Minutes, we left for Howard and Judy's home.  

He brought me home at 9:00. It is nearly 9:30 now and I had better go to bed.