Saturday, September 13, 2014

Busy Saturday

This will be a busy Saturday. Bob and I went to breakfast at 7:00 at Eggberts. Now I am home but at 10:00 we are going to the car show at Tyro. Then when we get home I am going with Bobby and Karan to the 60th reunion of Bobby's class.  My class has been invited too so I will go.

This evening I may or may not go to their dinner at Southern Supper Club. I will see how hungry I am by then. I had  a large breakfast and will try to order something light at noon just in case.

I need to run the sweeper today. It's been awhile. Also I can do some more laundry if I have time.

More later...

I  went with Bob over to the car show at Tyro at 10:00 this morning. I did get my vacuuming done just before that though. Now I am waiting for Bobby and Karan to come get me for the reunion.

I will finish my cleaning tomorrow afternoon. I have the bathroom and kitchen floors to do and the dusting. Otherwise, the place is neat.

More even later....

Friday, September 12, 2014

Bartlesville Friday

I will go to Bartlesville this morning to get my oil changed in my car.  They will want to do some other stuff too but I will wait until later in the fall to have my tires rotated. Maybe by then I will be working again.

I worked over my budget last evening and there is no way it balances. That can't be helped though until Aime finds another work site for me.  There isn't much I can eliminate.  I am thinking of giving up the TV. There isn't much on TV that I enjoy anymore and the dozens of commercials get muted.  So many of them are completely ignorant and appeal only to the ignorant among us. I would keep the internet. It's $29.95 and I can get the news there and from the radio. We get no local news on TV anyhow or even any Kansas news. Tulsa Oklahoma has the only reception Cox gets. And we are in southeast Kansas. Eliminating the TV would save me $38.00 a month.

While in Bartlesville, if it takes awhile to get the car finished, we will eat there. 

Change of plans:

Honda informed me my car's oil is only 50%  ready for a change.  I asked them to check out that fluid I have been losing under my car. The mechanic came back and told me there was a problem.  The block was cracked and it was a blue oil from the compressor leaking. I about fainted. The mechanic said the warranty had been extended to 120,000 miles because they discovered some of the 2008 motor blocks were cracking.  My car only has 55, 960 miles on it so it's completely covered.  In fact they sent me home in their 2013 Honda Accord.  The leak was bad enough they wanted to keep it there.

CRMC (Coffeyville Regional Medical Center) called while I was there and they wanted my resume' so I e-mailed it to them when I got home. If I understand correctly,  it is a position for someone to guide people through the computer to their portal to see their health care records. It would be 20 hours a week. Doug, the man who called me, will contact Aime before they schedule me an interview. We will see what happens now.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

No Work Thursday

I'm out of work until Aime can find another qualified site for me to work.  I am to get my oil changed on my Honda tomorrow.  So I hope to get my resume' to the hospital this morning.

I didn't sleep well last night.I woke up before midnight and could not get back to sleep. I finally got up and read for a couple of hours and then was able to go back to bed and get back to sleep.

I have thawed chicken tenders for lunch today. We will have mashed potatoes and gravy and a veggie with that. Bob will bring a salad.  I have my cookies for dessert. I sent the cake home with Denise.  I may get some canned fruit to go with the cookies.

More later...

The hospital auxiliary supervisor called me back but did not want a paid person among his volunteers. He was going to pass my number on to another person and have them call me about a position. That person never called.  So...I am still in limbo.

I did take a short nap this afternoon. I lost a couple of hours sleep in the middle of the night last night.  Today, since I stayed home waiting for that phone call, I finished my book.

I am taking my car in down to the Honda agency in Bartlesville to get the oil changed in the morning.  I will wait until later to get the tires rotated though......closer to winter.  Bob is going with me. He has tried to check out his doctor's appointment down there twice and that office never calls him back.  He will run by their office and see what day and time it is.  The date and day they told him didn't match up on the calendar.

Dinner was fine. We had some of Bob's ice cream and two cookies for dessert.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Another Short Workday Wednesday

This is another of my short workdays. I will have to go over to Braums and get some milk and yogurt today. I have yogurt for lunch.

We will take Denise and Dee out for dinner tonight for Denise's birthday. I am baking the birthday cake right now.  I will ice it after it cools. We will bring them back here for ice cream and cake after dinner.

I will contact Aime again today if possible and see what kind of  luck she's had finding me another location. I am still working alone at the museum. That is against their regulations and could cost Aime's office a $10,000 fine. Aime has e-mailed Wendy that rule but so far, nothing has changed.

More later....

Today, I discussed with Wendy that Aime had told me of the need for direct supervision for me in the program.  Wendy said she had submitted a quarterly form that plainly said the employee only had one hour a week of supervision. I assumed Wendy has read the e-mail Aime had sent to her.

I told Wendy I was probably telling her something she already knew.... that Aime had e-mailed her about that need last week but Wendy hates the computer and the only time she reads her e-mail is if someone calls her to tell her she has e-mail. I told Wendy the site there in Chanute could  have been fined $10,000 if Dallas had learned that the museum had no regular direct supervision of the SER program. She immediately had me make out a leave of absence form and fax it to Aime's office. So at least temporarily, I am out of a job.

I went by the hospital to see Bob Vanderhoof about the auxiliary position and he was gone for the day. However he will be back tomorrow and they will call me when he comes in and I will take my resume in to give to him.

So I came home and told Bob about it and we went to lunch at Sirloin Stockade. Tonight we will take Denise and Dee out to dinner for Denise's birthday.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

My Short Tuesday

This is one of my short days. Yesterday I had ten people in the museum. It was a long day. After I get off work at 1:15, I will need to do a job search. Every four weeks I have to fax in a job search form with my pay form. I haven't had an opportunity to do that this month so I must get it done.

Friday I will take my car down to Honda for an oil change and it's leaking something underneath. Last month, to avoid being hit in the parking lot by a person on their cell phone, I ran up over the curb and I may have damaged something underneath.  I will get that checked out too. Always something.

I have started my pork ribs in the slow cooker this morning. When I get home I will peel some potatoes and boil them. Then I will fix some veggies in the microwave and put Bob's jello salad out.  That will be dinner today.  We may have some leftover for later in the week on Thursday.

More later.....

The ribs turned out well. I made some more peanut butter cookies when I got home.  Then I put the potatoes on and the veggies. Bob came over and we had dinner. I was very tired. Walking around town leaving my resumes and talking about a need for a job in the heat really wore me out.

I have had my bath now and feel better.  I'll go to bed in another hour.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Long Monday

I slept well last night. I got around and put some tomato sauce in the spaghetti we will have for dinner. Bob has brought some jello with mandarin oranges. I still have garlic toast too. We went to exercise class before I went to work at 9:35. 

I had twelve people in today and they were steady. I read some about Emmit's life after he was released from prison and paroled.

When I was finished at 4:00 I put away the money and the guns, turned off the lights and set the security alarm.

Then I came home and put the spaghetti in the microwave and the garlic toast in the oven. I had set the table before I went to work.

I am very tired. Six hours just about is my limit to be at work. I really get tired by then.

Bob stayed until 7:00 and then went home and I took my bath and put my pjs on for the evening.

Aime still hasn't found me anything else so I have stayed at the museum. But I am still working alone.

I need to call my cousin's widowed husband and see if he is going to come next weekend for his 60th
high school class reunion.

Well, I called Everett  and he had a terrible experience with his flight both to Kansas City and home from Kansas City and he has decided not to attend his class reunion if he has to deal with the airlines.
They cancelled his flight from Houston to Kansas City and he had to catch another flight and that made him late for his meeting. Then when he had his daughter buy his airline ticket for him he used a credit card that gave his name as H Everett and his driver's license had his name listed as Howard Everett.  That made him have to go to a whole other rig-a-ma-rol.   He didn't get home until tonight and he was supposed to have worked today. That will cause him to be behind on his work. So he just cancelled his trip.  He is thoroughly disgusted with the airlines.

So I guess my weekend is free after all.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sunday and Church

Sunday the weeks fly by.

I slept very well last night in my own bed. I've always slept better at home.

We had a good time in Branson. After we went out to Silver Dollar City and found that they were closed on that Friday, we went into town and to The Landing. Christopher and Banks had a nice sale going  and both Karan and I bought a top and some earrings.  Then we went to Garfield's for fish and chips. They served way too much and I was only able to eat about half of it. I need to try to order half an order next time...if there is a next time. The trouble with eating out is they serve  such huge servings. That's absolutely stupid. No wonder there is so much obesity. No one needs that much food.

Then we went to the motel and checked in and all took naps.  Later we went to see Pierce Arrow. They always have a good show.  Bobby and Karan had never seen it. Both Phyllis and Myra had when they went with us last year.  It was changed quite a bit. Still it was entertaining. We went for ice cream afterwards.

Saturday Bob and I went across the street to Panera bread for a cup of coffee and a roll. Bobby and Karan had the motel's fare. Then we went to Wal Mart and each bought wine for home. Later we went out to Silver Dollar City again. It was misting but we all decided we would not melt and made up our minds to have a good time anyhow ...and we did.  I will post some photos after I charge the batteries on the camera.

Afterward we went to Olive Garden and had soup and salad. It was excellent as usual and not so much we were stuffed or had to leave any of it.  I had my usual zuppa toscana....a sausage and potato soup....spicy but excellent.

After that we checked out and drove home. Bob drove most of the way but I drove some too. He gets sleepy in the afternoon and has to fight to stay awake. We got home plenty early and later I had Bob start the mower for me and I mowed the front and my east side of the lawn. I started the back for him but ran out of gas so we will finish that later this afternoon after I get my congregational letters finished. It looks much better now anyhow.

I preside at church today and so will run the bulletins off when we get there at 9:00 or so.  

 The service went well. Afterward we went to Sirloin Stockade and had lunch. My daughter joined us after she left the hospital. She was on call this past week. She was called out every night and just as she was getting ready to come to church this morning she had a call from the hospital and she had to go to take care of the patient.

After I got home I did my newsletters and then helped Bob mow the back yard. Later he came over and we had a glass of wine and we watched some TV and then he went home and I took my bath and put my pjs on and finished this blog.