Saturday, August 22, 2015

Saturday and Springfield Trip

Leslie will be by shortly to pick me up for our trip.

I slept poorly last night. I guess I was trying not to oversleep and not be ready when Leslie comes by. I did get right back to sleep every time I woke up but finally at 4:00, I just got up.

I've had my cereal and coffee and cleaned up after Missy's litter box. Now I am watching the news.

I will not get back to this blog until this evening after we get home.

More later....

We got back to my house about 6:00. We had to leave a little early because Leslie was on call after 6:00.

The World Church of Community of Christ is planning to restructure our Mission Centers and eliminate a lot of paid positions. There will be only 6 Mission Center Support Areas in America to support the self sustaining presidents of the 6 Mission Centers. They will each have two staff members to make up a presidency for each of the 6 Mission Centers.  Each Mission Center Support Area will have an apostle with 2 support people assisting them.  The Mission Center president teams and financial officers will be appointed by the First Presidency and not elected.  This new model goes into effect on next January 1st. There is a meeting next weekend in Independence, Missouri to further iron out the details.

There will be also be five Mission Center Expansion Teams consisting of the Presidents of Seventy and Council of Twelve.  This model is for Leading Congregations in Mission.

1) New Expressions Team, 2) Compassionate Ministries, 3) Expanding Diversity 4) Disciple and Priesthood and  5) Congregational Revitalization Teams. We will know about these plans in the new Herald in September.

Lots of changes.

Anyhow we ate lunch at Chili's in Springfield.  Leslie bought my lunch.

It was really all pretty exhausting. All morning we heard about the new structure and this afternoon we brainstormed congregational needs.

I was happy to get home.  In an hour I will take my bath and stretch out in the recliner with Missy and try to find something on TV to watch.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Friday and A Two Hour Workday

Today is the first day of my two hour Fridays. SER cut our hours two hours each week and I am taking mine off on Fridays. Bob and I have decided to go to "Just Us" over at Cherryvale for lunch.

I will be going to Springfield tomorrow with Leslie. She will pick me up about 6:30 in the morning.  This is our Mission Center special conference. They will decide whether to spend a lot of money building a porch on the west side of the lodge and also make one of the restrooms handicap accessible.  I can see doing that but I can't see the value of the porch.  I will listen to their reasoning before registering any objections.  Our Mission Center is pretty affluent but the world church is struggling. I this time, at least....we should hold on to any money we have and tighten our belts.

I don't know what I will do with the extra time I will have this afternoon. My apartment is clean and the laundry is caught up.  Maybe I will read.

More later....

Lunch was good and I got to work just 5 minutes late. I stayed an extra ten minutes to make up for it.  I put away all the DVDs and fiction books as well as magazines and newspapers. By then it was 3:00 and time to leave. I read all afternoon and later watched TV until bedtime.

Tomorrow I will go with Leslie to Springfield.  She will be by to pick me up after 6:00 AM.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Thursday and House Cleaning Day

This is the day I set aside to clean the apartment. If I do it on a regular basis I get it done. I used to clean on Monday...every Monday...then I started the exercise classes. I get so much exercise at work in the afternoon that I dropped out of the class but I continue to clean on Thursday now.

Missy has waited pretty patiently to go outside this morning. It's just now light enough so I will take a short break and put the laundry in the dryer and then take her out.

More later...

Well, she rushed me around to let her outside and now she thinks it's too chilly and wants back in. Cats!

I have to admit I went back in and got a sweater myself.  Finally she came back out. But it is chilly!

The wind and rain yesterday blew a lot of leaves around so I swept the carport.

Bob came briefly and then went on to Braums to have biscuits and gravy for his breakfast. I had my bowl of cereal and a banana and orange juice with my coffee earlier.

Missy seems pretty content to stay in here where it's warmer.  I came in while Bob was here and he could open the door for me. I had my coffee cup, my laptop and Missy's mat so  I needed someone to open the door. I have my laundry in the dryer and some of it is crops so it's good I'm where I can get it out before the wrinkles set in.

Tomorrow will be nice at work. Since they cut our hours, I will only work until 3:00 on Fridays until they increase our hours again.  That will mean less money but I will deal with it.

We will have our cornbread and beans again today for lunch. Tomorrow we may go to "Just Us" and eat a nice buffet.

More much later....

I got my apartment cleaned again today.  After I finished, I took the registers off the wall and took my vacuum and cleaned up a huge mess of filth back there.  There was dust an inch deep.   I'll bet no one has ever had those registers off. What a mess!

Scott, my younger son, called this morning and visited with me for awhile. I enjoyed hearing from him. Also, Leslie called too and I had a nice visit with her. Now, if I hear from Keith.. my week will be complete. :)

Our lunch was very good. I took the rest of the beans and cornbread over to Marilyn.  She can have it for dinner.

My afternoon was mostly the same as the usual.  I put away DVDs and the fiction books and also did some shelf reading.  The afternoon drug. But it finally ended.

Bob called this evening and said he would just stay home this evening. In a few minutes I will take my bath and put my PJs on and sit with Missy on my lap. That's my usual after 7:00 routine. 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Wednesday Storm

Last night really stormed. We were even under a flood warning. So far I don't see any flooding but then I don't live in a flood area either.

I slept well last night and only woke up once or twice but got right back to sleep. I did dream some though...which is unusual for me.

It's 7:00 and barely light here after the storm. There's still a bit of rain and lots of water on the ground.  Missy was very cautious about coming outside this morning. The storm really frightened her.  I brought her mat out and that may make her more comfortable.  I haven't seen another cat around for several days. The storm may have frightened him off for awhile too.

We are to have more rain today too.

We will have our ham and potato casserole again today for lunch with a veggie and a salad.  I also still have another serving of pudding and cookies for dessert.  Tomorrow we will have beans and cornbread again. I need to get another cornbread mix before then. I also want to be sure I have crushed pineapple and cherry pie mix for my cherry pie cake for dessert on Sunday evening for the Living the Questions group.  I will be gone Saturday with my daughter to Springfield for Mission Center Conference.

More later...

Our lunch worked out well and I got on to work on time (in fact ten minutes early) where I put away DVDs, New Fiction  and hunted books and DVDs for Adrian.  Then I rearranged the DVDs because we ran out of space. I stayed busy all afternoon.

In a little while Bob will be over to watch TV for awhile. He usually goes home about 7:00.  Then I take my bath and put my PJs on. About 9:00 I go to bed.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A Refreshing Tuesday Rain

We are finally getting some rain this morning and we do need it. It's been terribly dry lately.  The trash people are here now picking up our trash and Missy is very skittish about it. They make a lot of noise.  She is not into noise. We came out about 7:00 to enjoy the morning. About thirty minutes ago it began to rain. We have been in and out ever since. She's not too sure about the rain but I love it. I set my chair here on the carport and enjoy the refreshing rain.  She is lying on the doormat right now even though I have brought her little white bath mat out here for her to use.  Now she has come over to look the situation over.

I did not sleep well last night. I awoke about 2:30 and went to the bathroom then could not get back to sleep. I finally did but then I dreamed strange dreams. Finally just before 5:00, I just got up and had my breakfast and coffee. It was late getting light because of the clouds so it was 7:00 before I got around to bringing Missy out here.

This is the day I get my hair done so I will need to watch my time.

I still haven't heard from the college. Maybe this week. They had a special board meeting Saturday at the library and Sarah filled a complaint/protest about the firing of Joy. Adrian would have but he didn't follow the proper procedures so they would not allow it. Marilyn told me Sarah cried afterward.   Many people are upset over Joy's firing. She has been there since 1986. I  have stayed out of it since I don't actually work for the library. I work for SER. the library. I am still hoping to get moved to the college.  I don't like the atmosphere at the library now.

It's time for me to pick up Bob for our trip to Independence so I will continue this later this evening....

Following my hair appointment, we had a good lunch after killing some time walking around Wal Mart and Sayers Ace Hardware. We had our mini Big Cheese pizzas and managed to avoid getting wet in the rain. After lunch I took Bob home and then came home briefly to check on Missy and then go on to work. I had several basketfuls of DVDs to put  away and also the new fiction.  Then Adrian gave me a list of 35 books to search out for inter-library loan. I found about half of them. When I finished that, I had just enough time left to put away another batch of DVDs. Then I came home and ate my yogurt and drank my Chi Latte. Bob came in at 6:00 to watch TV with me until 7:00 PM.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Another Monday!

Well, I heard nothing from the college last week and may just have to resign myself to working at the library until November. That will be my full year there on the 12th.  I had hoped to get out of there but I guess the worst is over. We are not going to continue the inventory for awhile. So much of the genealogy is not in the system. So I will just be shelf reading and putting away DVDs. Today there will be several hundred. I usually start about 12:45 and work at getting them put away until around 2:30. Then the rest of the afternoon I just continue to sort them and put them away until they stop coming in.

Today we will have beans and cornbread for lunch with peach tea. Bob may bring a salad. I will have to wait and see. I still have the pudding I made last week and the cookies I made on Saturday. The beans are on cooking in the slow cooker and I have added ham and onion to the mix. I will let them cook slowly all morning until 11:30 when we have lunch.

I slept fitfully last night but did finally get back to sleep. I then slept until 6:00..which is unusual. I took Missy out about 7:00 and we stayed out until 8:00.  She was very good and lay on her mat next to me most of the time. I will either put the mat in the trunk of my car or bring it back into the house. I don't want that stray cat lying on it.

Bob will be going to exercise class this morning and may not come over. It was nice and cool out there this morning. I notice the woman that had been evicted from the house at 1806, was back there again. This time she brought both boys with her.  I don't know where the teenaged daughter was...perhaps in school since school has started.

Marilyn came over last evening after Bob left. We talked about the neighborhood "circus".  These people know Betty lives in the rural area and Martha is in Independence so there's no one to enforce the eviction.  So they went to a lot of trouble for nothing.

The noisy neighbors finally are beginning packing to move...I hope. At least there are boxes on their porch now. We can only hope.

More later...

Our beans and cornbread were good. We also had that pudding I had made last weekend. Everything was good.

Now, I'm getting ready to go to work.  I'll be back to this at evening time....

I spent the entire afternoon putting away DVDs.  What a mess. I thought with school starting on Friday that the mass of DVDs would be less. But no such luck. I put away three baskets double decked and then took the green labels off a cart full of books that have been on the "new fiction" shelves. 

Bob will probably be over this evening to watch TV until 7:00. He was supposed to have come over this afternoon and do his laundry.

We will go to Independence tomorrow morning for my hair appointment and will stay to eat lunch at Big Cheese.  Then I will go to work when we get home and I drop him off at his apartment.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sunday and a Cookout/Basket Dinner

Today we will have our Mission Center youth minister as a guest minister and afterward we will have  a cookout/basket dinner either outside or inside. I prefer inside. Flies both me and the heat might also be a problem. After all, this is August in Kansas.  I have made baked beans and am taking my coffeecake for the greats...and anyone else who wants some.  They always ask, "Did Gigi bring coffeecake for us?" So I take one every other Sunday.On the alternate Sundays Bob take banana nut bread. My beans are out of the oven and  the coffeecake is in there now.

I slept really well last night.  I got up shortly before 5:00. I knew I had quite a bit to do this morning...besides taking Missy out on the carport.  I had this baking to do too.

Bob walked over a bit ago to read the paper. I will drive to church in my car. The price of gasoline has gone up a bit and I need to do my part. My car gets better gas mileage. It's smaller.

I worked on my sermon for the 30th a bit this morning but it's not going too well.  I will have to spend some time on it this next week.

The SER program has cut our hours by two hours a week or four each pay period so I will take off at 3:00 each Friday until those hours are restored.

More later....

We had a good sized congregation at church today and most of them stayed for the dinner afterward.  Bob and Phyllis and I stayed until the very last and left the kitchen clean. I brought home some dirty towels.  Now I will do my congregational newsletter.

Later Bob will probably come over for 60 Minutes.

More even later...