Saturday, November 4, 2017

Saturday and Breakfast Out

I slept very well last night. I picked up Bob for breakfast at Eggberts at 6:50 and we had omelets. They were very good. I went out to Woodshed and bought gas and then at 9:15, I picked him up and we went to Bartlesville. We wanted to see how the new shopping center was coming along.

While I was at TJ Maxx, I called Betty about the antenna Keith wanted to install. She said she had the best antenna money could buy on her house and the lake house as well and she would have her nephew put one of those on the apartments if one other of the tenants wanted it too. Marilyn R. was interested. So I texted Betty to tell her Marilyn would like that too.  I guess we will get it. I e-mailed Keith that I would let her handle the antenna and he and Esther could visit with me and the family instead of him crawling around on the apartment complex roof.  I will keep my Cox internet though. Keith did not think the mifi would be strong enough for my three computers.

We walked around the shopping center and also the mall as Bob was looking for a winter coat.  He found one he liked but it was more expensive then he wanted to pay and so he will continue looking.

I took him home after that. He was too tired to shop anymore. I came on back home and went over to the Russells to tell them about Betty's offer. I don't know whether they will accept or not. They have plenty of money and are not struggling like Marilyn and I are.

I have read the paper and are now working to catch the blog up.

So...more later...

I talked to Rick this evening. He too is interested in the antenna Betty proposes. That's three of us for sure. 

Bob didn't come over this evening. He is not feeling well. He took some Pepto Bismo.  He thinks he's better now.

I took my bath and watched TV with Missy. About 9:00 we will go to bed. First, I will set my clocks back an hour.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Friday and Work Day at Camp

I slept fairly well last night. I got up shortly after 4:30 after I realized I wasn't going to be able to sleep any longer. I switched sides of the bed last night after I saw that my side had worn pretty flat. I really need a new mattress and box springs but I just can't afford one.

I will wear my older jeans today to work over at the campgrounds. They are getting the camp ready for winter and Leslie and Kelly and I are volunteering to go help. Leslie will pick me up at 8:00 AM.

I am still trying to decide if I want to cancel Cox as my internet provider. I could get a Mifi like Bob's at US Cellular for $25 a month and I am paying $34.95 a month for Cox's internet. Keith does not think the Mifi will be fast enough for my desktop computer. He is also considering installing an antenna on the roof of the apartment that will reach out 150 miles. I will have to run that by Betty first though. Even though the house across the street she owns has Dish on it, she may object to an antenna on the roof.

We will see. I will run it by her after she has a chance to wake up today.

More later...

We had quite a day at the reunion grounds. I was a gofer for Leslie a lot of the time but I spent a couple of hours after lunch cleaning up all the dishes and pans. Leslie put bleach water on the mold in the foyer ceiling and later painted it with Kilz and blue paint. Then they decided to clean off the popcorn ceiling in the kitchen preparation room and apply Kilz and a coat of white paint. Ron and Leslie scraped and Kelly wet down the ceiling. They got it all scraped off and then I got the shop vacuum and cleaned up the mess after Kevin took the drop cloths out to shake all that debris off. They put fans on the ceiling to dry it so tomorrow's crew could put the Kilz and white paint on it.

We worked until 3:30 or 4:00 and then started back home I got home about 5:00. Leslie took Kelly home and then went home herself. We had a good time together.Leslie and I regaled Kelly with stories about out life.

Bob came over to watch the news and left about 6:15 or so. I took my bath and put my PJs on after that and lay down with Missy to watch TV. I fell asleep there on the sofa and finally we went on to bed.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Thursday and Ministerial Alliance Meeting

I didn't sleep all that well last night but when I finally did get back to sleep I slept to almost 7:00. That's a first!

I cleaned the apartment and ran a load of laundry this morning. Everything looks very nice now.

My brother-in-law, Bob A came over and I wrote his rent checks for him.He has a basic tremor and does not write well at all. He signs his name alright. While I was at it, I wrote my rent check. The boy's donation to my budget came in and I have the money for mine now. I will take it by when I go to my meeting soon.

Bob will come over after while and do some small laundry loads. He can't do small loads in those front loaders at Sycamore Landing.

Back  to this later..

Bob didn't get his laundry done after all. Instead, he took a long nap. His cough has cleared least temporarily... and he was able to sleep so the nap was important.  He has decided it must be allergies.

I went to the CMA meeting. I wasn't impressed with the speaker for the program. He was too full of himself. But it was a good lunch. Bob went to Long John Silvers. He had a coupon.

I laid down with Missy for awhile this afternoon and didn't get a nap but did get some rest. After Bob left this evening, I took my bath and got myself ready for bed. I laid down again this evening with Missy until time to come in here and work on finishing this blog for today. It's a little past 8:30. I will plan to go to bed at 9:00. I hope to be able to sleep tonight.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Wednesday and Exercises and Bunco

I slept poorly again last night. I awoke about 2:00 AM and worried about the late social security deposit next month in December. I couldn't get it off my mind. The social security doesn't come in until December 13th in December so any other bills will have to wait until after then to be paid. The electric bill is due on the 13th. I will be back from Florida on the 10th so that should be sufficient. I wish I could stop stewing about my budget. It keeps me awake in the very early hours of the morning.

It will be January 10th before the January social security comes in and February and March's will be the 14th. That is a long time to wait to pay my bills. Blue Cross Blue Shield, my supplement, goes up another $9.00 this next year. That will make it $291.10 a month. Cox raised their rate for TV too so I cut mine back to Basic Starter. Still it's $91.45 now including my $34.95 internet access. Oh well....nothing can be done about those things. My other weekly expense is just groceries and my hair.

I will go to exercise class this morning and then come home and bake cookies. Bob and Joanne are going to Sedan for lunch today and I will go to Bunco at the senior center at 1:00 until 3:00. I may have a sandwich for my lunch. I don't think I have a thing on hand to fix. I have needed to go to the market for days.

Tomorrow is Ministerial Alliance at Windsor Place. Bob will be on his own for his lunch. I believe he still has vegetable soup. I will clean the apartment first before going to the alliance meeting.

Friday we will eat the last of the chili I made this week.

More's 4:25 AM.

Remember that funeral I attended on Saturday?

Here's a photo of the family.

My friend, Elnora, Brandon's mom, is in front with the number 12 on her shirt. This photo includes cousins and uncles and aunts. Many of the family wore LA Raiders shirts. Brandon was a huge Raiders fan!

More news of the day later...

I just got my cookies baked for the Bunco game this afternoon and it's just now 7:35.  I have some time before Bob comes by to pick me up for exercise class. There are advantages to getting up early...but not many!

I went to exercise class and Bob brought me home afterward. He will pick up Joanne at about ten till 11:00 and they will eat at Buck's Bar B Q in Sedan.  I will get a sandwich. I will go to game day (Bunco) at the senior center at 1:00. Later, after 3:00, I will come home and take a nap with Missy.  I lost some sleep last night.

Nature and Nova wil be on PBS this evening. Missy loves to watch Nature. She is always glued to the set.  :)

We watched TV until 9:00...  when we finally went to bed.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Tuesday and Hair and Pizza Day

I didn't sleep as well last night but I did get some sleep.

I got up about 5:30 and got myself and Missy ready for the day. I fed both of my oatmeal and Missy her Iams for Seniors.  Then we watched TV for awhile. She wanted to go out but it was just too chilly for our old bones.

I left about 8:20 to pick up Bob and we went to Independence. I took him over to Betty's and I went up to Kathy's and got my hair done. After that, I took Juanita's "Finishing Touch Flawless" shaver over to her. I showed her how to use it and told her if she wasn't comfortable emptying it because she couldn't see to get the cap back on, to just wait until any Tuesday and I would come by and clean it up for her. She was delighted. She gave me my $21.00 for it.

I went out to Walmart and got cups and forks for the church. Then I picked up Bob and we went up to Big Cheese and waited for them to open. We had our usual. A small pizza, with original crust, all three cheeses and Italian sausage.  As usual, it was very good. Great China is closed for awhile...probably for the Neewollah week and maybe an extra too.

Bob did not shut off his Mifi last evening and it will have to be recharged this afternoon if he wants to get back online. He should just leave it plugged in. The computer will find it and he won't have to be constantly turning it on and off. He also needs some help with his e-mail program. He has forgotten how it works too. I will go over there later this afternoon and try to show him after he gets the Mifi re-charged.

Missy is up on the daybed. She must have hopped up there on the chair and then onto the bed. I wasn't sure she could do that. I knew she got herself down off the daybed using the chair but didn't know she could get herself up there.

Bob will take Joanne over to Sedan tomorrow to eat at Buck's Bar B. Q.  I will eat something here...probably at Arby's. I like Arby's and they have roast beef sandwiches. Afterward, at 1:00, I will go to Bunco at the senior center. I will need to get a treat for that. I intended to make cookies this afternoon but never got to it.

Thursday, I have Ministerial Alliance and Bob will eat his soup from last week. Friday, then, we will finish off the chili.

More later....

I went over to Bob's apartment in the afternoon and tried to get his new Mifi connected. Nothing I did helped. Finally, we took the computer and the Mifi over to US Cellular and had Joshua try to get it connected. It turned out that one of the parts to the password was a zero instead of an O. After he put that in, it worked fine.  I advised Bob to leave the Mifi plugged in and charging so he would always be connected just like you are with a router. 

Then I came home and laid down on the sofa with Missy. I also read the Reporter. Bob came over at 5:00 to watch the news and left at 6:00 following the CBS news.  Neither of us are interested in the Tulsa news.

I watched the PBS station about Finding Your Roots. Afterward I got ready to go to bed as soon as I finish this blog. I am very tired. Missy will soon join me, I am sure.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Monday and Exercise Class

I slept like a log last night. I don't know whether it was the popcorn I made for Bob and myself or the tea I drank last evening. But something helped me sleep well.

I heard from Keith on my blog this morning that they have not yet received the laptop and he doesn't have any idea who sent that text from his phone to my phone.   He says they have not even received the laptop yet. I hope he kept the tracking information I sent him. Unless it's in the car, I must have tossed it after I sent it to him. I will check after it gets light out.

Aha! I found it! If he needs the tracking number I can send it to him again. I see on my blog that I sent it to him on the 24th of October. He should have had it by now.

I plan to go on to exercise class today. I have missed twice last week. I plan to drive today.

I fixed chili this morning since it cold out. We will have that for lunch, I have it on 2 in the slow cooker to keep it warm. 

I picked Bob up and we went on to exercise class. 

Afterward  we had our chili and he left to go home.

Later I checked into a hot spot over at US Cellular that he might get to be able to get online in his apartment. He uses mine now but that limits how much he can use his computer. It took me thirty minutes to get it hooked up and going but he is delighted to have his computer in his own apartment.

Now he can check the news and even play Freecell.

We will have to refresh his memory about how to use the e-mail though. He has used it so seldom, he is lost on how to use it. I will have to show him again.

I stayed home this evening and laid down with Missy. Later, at 7:00, I took my bath and laid back down with her. The Kansas University Medical Center called this evening to confirm my appointment next Monday the 6th of November at 1:00. There were no special instructions. 

I will go in now and watch Antiques Roadshow. At 9:00 Missy and I will go to bed. I had another cup of tea. We will see if that's what helped me to sleep so well last night.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Sunday and Church

I slept fine last night until 12:00. Then I could not get back to sleep. Finally I got up at 2:30 and took an allergy pill. Then I slept well for the rest of the night.  I hate to take allergy pills to sleep though. I do have a lot of drainage when I am lying down.

I have myself up and around and had breakfast and my coffee and fed and watered Missy. She is lying here behind me on the daybed as I type this. She slept well too. I had to clean out the litter box twice already this morning. She drinks a lot of water. I filled her bowl last night and it was empty this morning.

I watched the Ohio State football game last night. Football was all that was on and Ohio State is Ginger's team so I watched that. It was a thriller! I know she was thrilled!

I have read the paper and done the crossword puzzle already this morning.  It is 7:45 and Bob will be by to pick me up and then Phyllis at 9:00. He is driving this week. He has his pumpkin bread done and that is how we decide who drives. Phyllis takes a turn driving but doesn't bring a treat for the church school class. Bob and I  decided to do that some time ago.

I think we will probably go to "Just Us" for lunch again after church. I have invited Rick and Carmen again...hopefully they will come. Rick works about 90 hours a week and has very little time off. Carmen goes with him to his office and files for him and cleans the gratis. At least that way, she gets to spend some time with him. They are sweet kids....younger than my kids by about ten years.

I heard from Keith last evening. He has sent my laptop back to me by UPS. I don't know what caused it to die but he evidently was able to fix it. It wouldn't boot up. It's wonderful to have an IT in the family.

More later.... 

We did go to "Just Us" for lunch and when I got back to the apartment, I did my newsletters.  After that, I laid down with Missy and watched TV and took a nap. That evening Bob came over and we watched 60 Minutes. After he left, I took my bath and got ready for bed. Missy and I went to bed at 9:00.