Saturday, March 16, 2013

Lots of Problems

The closing has been moved again to the last week in April. It will take nine days (perhaps longer) to get the buyers student loan redone so it won't go up in a few months. She has been paying $100 on one and $89 on the other every month. They are prepared to raise one of them to $500 a month and the other one to $360 per month. She certainly can't afford that and a house payment and everything that goes with that too. So she is having it changed so that it will stay the same. I forget the term they used to designate the type of student loan that periodically raises.

Anyhow, she wants to start moving in today regardless. Leslie and I got the garage and shed cleaned out this morning. The house is clean. She will lease the property from me until her loan goes through. She will also change the utilities to her name on Monday. Carla, my realtor, drew up a lease. In the event this company refuses to finance her, she also is eligible and can apply for an FHA loan. So we have a lease agreement with a security deposit. The realtor's management company will manage the lease deal at no cost to me. We'll see how that goes.

What a deal! This has been one huge headache.

Bob is coming over this evening to watch a DVD that Karan loaned to me. "I Walk the Line" is the story of the life of Johnny Cash.

I did go out to Wal Mart this afternoon and buy a Brita pitcher to filter my water. I also went to the market for groceries for the first time in a couple of weeks.

All kinds of Complications

The closing was changed from last Wednesday to next Friday because the buyer's bank needed all kinds of more documentation. Then last night, before I went to bed, I learned that now they are wanting to know information about her student loans. She is a teacher. So the closing is moved once again into April. She has offered to pay my house payment for April and I told the realtor she would also have to put the utilities in her name. I am not going to give her "rent free" and also "utility free". She has spring break next week and wants to move in at that time...starting Monday.

This is why as I told the realtor we don't move until after the closing. She kept insisting that all would be fine and that I needed to get out of the house before the closing. I had never heard of such a thing. I have moved seventeen times over the years but never before before the closing.

Missy woke me up at 2:30 for some strange reason and now because of all this I cannot get back to sleep and she continues to scratch on the bed skirt of my bed wanting me to get up. So it's going on 4:00 now and I had five hours sleep last night. What a night!

I looked all over Coffeyville and Independence this week for a white cabinet with shelves and doors to put above the stool in the bathroom for additional storage space and none was to be found. So yesterday afternoon I went to Bartlesville to Lowe's to see if I could find one there. I found one all right and bought it. It is pretty tall and has three baskets under the cabinet itself. Now I am concerned that it may be too tall and overpower the small bathroom. I may return it and get the smaller one. The problem is that I didn't see one of the smaller ones in a box. They may be out of them. If I return the larger one and they don't have the smaller one, I am back to square one. This has been the most difficult move of all seventeen. That, in itself, is scarey.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday At Last!

I intend to go over to the house and clean after I get out of the dental office this morning. But first I will run by Carla's office and sign yet another paper. Because we didn't close on Wednesday as we intended, now we have to set another closing date. That date will be next Friday. We will see. I've learned not to count on too much where real estate is concerned. I just hope the deal doesn't fall through since I am already moved.

I slept really well last night. I didn't go to bed until 10:00. That helps, I imagine, plus the fact that I was exhausted. :)

I am so glad it is mostly done. I still haven't run onto my bath mat and for that matter the papers with all my many passwords written down. I hope I can remember them.

Missy seems to have settled down. She used the litter box again yesterday and she is eating heartily again now. She certainly didn't lose any weight over the move.

Well, more later...afternoon sometime, I think.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Huge Thursday

This was a huge day! Leslie came at fact before 8:00. I had run to the bank to get some more money. I was broke again. Moving costs a lot of money. We started with attaching my new mailbox to the inside carport wall. It looks nice! Then we started hanging mirrors and pictures. That took until noon and then we called Bob and he met us at Hong Kong Delight for lunch. Afterward Leslie and I went back to hanging pictures, emptying boxes and taking them over across the street to Bob's storage shed. His realtor called this evening. He had his house listed on Monday it it sold today.His buyer is not even going to have to deal with financing. It's a cash deal. He's going to see if Denise, his daughter, will help him pack. He could move right away.

At 2:30, we went to get something to drink and I said to Leslie..."Let's not go empty that shed and garage this afternoon. I'm exhausted and I'm sure you are. We have time. We can do it later". After she left I kept unpacking boxes and stopped about 5:00 and called her to tell her that I would be coming out for Maia's third birthday party. I also went to Wal Mart in Independence. I wanted to find a white "over the stool" cabinet with one shelf for the bathroom. No one in either Coffeyville or Independence had one. Tuesday I have a doctor's appointment in Bartlesville and I will go to Lowe's and look. If I don't find one there, I will have one of the hardware stores in Independence order one for me.

Anyhow, as soon as that roll up bamboo shade for the living room double window comes, I will be finished here. Leslie took my valence for that window home to press it.

I hope to take some photos of the apartment and post them here...if I can find my camera. Ah Ha! I found it!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Very Busy Wednesday

Today was very busy. Leslie came at 8:00 and we started right in hanging pictures and after I left for Independence Cyndi came over and she re-arranged the furniture in the living room and I have a lot more room now. I will hang the pictures in there tomorrow. We hung the mirror over the curio console today. I bought a newer and larger mailbox today and some heavy duty picture hangers.

I emptied all the boxes in the dining room closet and re-arranged everything in there this afternoon. It looks pretty good now. I wish I had the living room bamboo shade so I could get that hung. Josh from the cable company came this afternoon and got my TV on. I ordered the internet through them and I will pay for that. Josh left me a lot more channels.

Leslie will come back tomorrow and we will clean out the garage over at the house and also the shed. I will then clean the house and also blow out the garage. I want to leave it clean.

Leslie and I worked on the bamboo shade in the den and it will do now. I am not going to be lifting it up and down anyhow.

Missy finally settled down and used the litter box in the bathroom. She will not go outside. She is intimidated by the new surroundings. She slept on the end of the bed last night near my feet and did fine.

I have all the boxes cleaned out in the dining room and most all of them in the den. Some are stuff I am storing... like wrapping paper.

I will take a bath in a little while and get ready for bed. I hope to be able to stay up until 9:00 or 10:00.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tuesday At Last!

I moved today. The two men who moved me did a marvelous job. They didn't scratch or break a thing. Then that genius of a daughter of mine got me back online immediately. It would have taken me a day to figure it out.

She stayed until 5:30 and helped me with the stuff she could handle. I hung a few decorative accessories. Missy was absolutely traumatized. I thought we would never get her in the kitty carrier. Then she cried for a couple of hours. Finally I guess she figured out that this furniture was "her" furniture and settled down. I still have tonight to see if she will sleep. She hasn't eaten anything yet except her treats. I have her litter box in the bathroom and I don't know whether she will use it or not. Time will tell.

I have more furniture then I can use. I can see that right now. The dining room is fine and the bedroom is fine but this den is smaller and I have a lovely little table I will have to get rid of. The living room is longer but narrower. My end tables will have to be between my chairs instead of at the end of the sofa. I will have to put the file cabinet in the den closet when the boxes are out of the closet. I guess I should start there in that closet.

More later...if I don't play out.

Monday, March 11, 2013

What A Day!

What a day this has been. I did a lot of work but to little avail. I tried to put up the bamboo blind I bought at Lowes. It is a cheap thing and looks cheap. Furthermore, it is broken. When I unwrapped it, it was all wound up in the cord. I patiently sat down and unwrapped the cord. I got it hung and then noticed that one of the cords was broken and I could never figure out how the cord went to roll up the blind. I am going to take it down and return it. It looks like something from a dime store anyhow.

I will reorder one from Penney's.

I moved a lot of stuff and got a lot done. I put away the pots and pans, the spices (above the microwave), and called the Reporter to change the address for my paper. I took the flat hose over there and swept off the carport with my broom. I also took the rake over and put it in Bob's shed. I need to take the air compressor and the power washer over there too but want him to get a padlock first. I took the Bose music system over and put in on the cabinet until they get the wall unit into the dining room. I took the Christmas cactus over there and the plant stand too.

I got another key to the house made for the back door. Actually I got two made but the one for the doorknob never worked. I tried three times. I finally gave up and got a refund. I made a deposit with Cyndi's money and scheduled another house payment. I took the daybed quilts, cover and sheets off and boxed them up. I moved the rest of my clothing to the closet in the apartment.

I still have to take the computer apart, the modem and the router and also the TV and the TV 's VCR and DVD player. I will need to return the box tom Cox in the next five days.

Last Day in My Home

This will be the last day I live in this house after ten years. I still have a lot to do. I have to call the Reporter this morning with my address change, hang my bamboo blind, move the rest of my clothing, fold the daybed cover, sheets and quilts and put them in the trunk of my car, take the DVD player and the VCR player out of my TV case, take the Bose unit over to the apartment, and make a deposit.

Tomorrow, when the mover comes, I will have some more things to move. I will move the silk shades and the globes of my lamps in the back seat of my car. The desktop computer will go in the front seat and the laptop computer in the floor of the front seat. I will have to move the food from both the frig and the freezer too. There's not an awful lot in the frig since I have not been cooking for a week.

Last night the Mission Center president e-mailed me with some more to take care of about the church camp I am in charge of in July. I told her I was moving tomorrow and I would deal with it in a couple of weeks. I am also still fighting the cellulitis. If it doesn't clear up by next Tuesday I will see a dermatologist in Bartlesville about it. I am trying colloidal silver from the health food store now. I will give that a fair trial.

I fixed myself a piece of toast in the skillet and some warmed over coffee this morning to get started. I burned the toast right off and had to start over with it. I had just enough oleo to fix one more piece and finally got that eaten. Pretty soon I need to get going with this list of stuff. First I will have to vacuum the day bed cover. It has one spot that is full of cat hair...thanks to Missy. She will be traumatized when we move tomorrow. She may spend the next week under the bedspread on my bed. That's where she goes when she gets scared or confused. Poor kitty!

I am doing my last load of laundry in this washer. The apartment has a top loader in it. I am used to a front loader now. That's what I've used since 2000 when we moved to Independence. Oh well...that's a small adjustment.

More later...if I have time.

Carla, my realtor, just called to say the lender required yet another paper. We will not be closing on Wednesday. It will probably be Monday since she has four closings on Friday. She had four yesterday and only two actually closed. The other two needed "more paperwork".

That's not a problem to me. It just gives me more time to get settled in. I will have to make another house payment but thanks to Cyndi and the sale of the mower, I can do that. I am still moving tomorrow and will need Leslie's if only to help me put the computer or the TV back together.

Carla apologized all over the place but I told her it was not her fault and not to worry about it.

She was very relieved that I was not angry.


Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunday Again and a Sermon

Today is Sunday. I got all I wanted to get done yesterday and then some. I have made up my boxes for the last remaining stuff and will pack those early Tuesday morning before the mover gets here. I want to take my silk lamp shades and the globes for those lamps in my car in the back seat. I don't want to have to replace those silk lamp shades again. I will also take my desktop computer in the front seat of my car. I will take it down Monday evening and put it in the car. Maybe Leslie can help me get it all together again. If not, maybe I can get Bill to come down again. Or there is always the possibility that I can get it set up myself again.

I had forgotten to set my clock up last night when I went to bed. But evidently my internal clack realized that and I awoke at 4:02...which is now 5:02 so I was up and around anyhow and set the clock up this morning.

When I get to church I will run the bulletins. I put it together for Bob yesterday morning before I left for Bartlesville. I also had a chance to run through my sermon yesterday. I hope it works out alright.

We will eat out as usual after church and then go over to the apartment and John will get that microwave oven up over the range. Jeff and Cyndi will bring the glass top range. Then they will all come over here and John will start cleaning out that garage and shed. I will put my old jeans on again and help as much as possible.

Then Monday (tomorrow) will just be the last minute stuff. I want to get that bamboo blind up if at all possible. As soon as the mover gets the furniture in, I will start unpacking boxes.

Bob is having his house listed tomorrow. Carla is going to list it. I will take my empty boxes over across the street as I empty them and leave them stacked at his house and he can use them to start packing his stuff. I have a key to his house.

I do need to notify the Reporter of my address change or I won't get a newspaper. I have put together the boxes for the last minute packing and put them in the rooms where they will be packed.

More later...if I have time.

John got my microwave in and Jeff and Cyndi brought over the new range. Everything is lovely! I can hardly wait to get moved. Then I can get everything unpacked and in place. It will take me awhile since I'm doing it by myself. Cyndi and Jeff bought a lot of stuff and Cyndi paid me for it right off.

Then they came over and loaded up everything in the garage and shed and took it home to put in the cargo trailer. In May I will have a yard sale or we will have a congregational yard sale at church. Whichever...will work. I just know I have to get rid of a lot more stuff. -