Saturday, October 31, 2020

Saturday and No Particular Plan

 I slept pretty well last night. But I was up at 5:00AM as usual. I am dressed and ready for the day. I don't really have a plan for today. Everything is pretty much done. I could mow the front yard like I did the back yesterday and get the leaves picked up that way but it might be futile. 

It is 6:05AM now and 43 degrees out this morning. I think it is supposed to be a warmer day today but I haven't seen the "Weather on the 8s yet. I am in the den doing this and checking the e-mail. I haven't had the TV on yet.  But more later...I want to check the weather. 

I checked the weather and it appears to be nice today.

Now I am in the living room watching the news. 

I am watching the CBS Saturday news and have fed the five cats that showed up for their breakfast. Only the young yellow cat and his black sibling are still lying by my front door. They do that a lot. I think they hope I will let them in. They are wrong if that's what they think.

I will go back to my latest Kindle book by Dan Rather, "What Unites Us".  I am ready for something positive. I am tired of murder mysteries.

More later.. 

I had my of my chicken pot pies... and an ice cream bar for dessert and some punch. 

Then I went out to Dollar General and  bought the prizes for the Bunco game next Wednesday. While I was at it, I bought the few groceries I needed too.

I have been watching a podcast of John Hamer, pastor of the Toronto Canada congregation, being interviewed by a Mormon seeker.

It was very interesting. It's now 1:20PM. and I will get back to my book.

I read until 3:30PM and then my eyes were tired so I went outside and swept off my small porch and the driveway and swept up the leaves there. It is 4:00PM now and all there is on TV at this point is football. There's isn't anything but the local Tulsa news even later and I am not interested in their news. I was hoping to find CBS or NBC or even ABC sometime this evening but I don't see any of that even scheduled.

I guess I will go check out the computer and see if there is anything there,    

I played a few games of FreeCell and then at 900PM, I set the clocks back and went to bed.


Friday, October 30, 2020

Friday and Dusting

I slept well last night and didn't wake up in the night at all. I got up at shortly after 5:00AM and got myself ready for the day. I have yet to have my breakfast,

Today I will do my dusting. That's shouldn't take long. I need to find some more of those dusting cloths with the furniture polish on them. They always make the furniture glow! I will fix my coffee and my oatmeal now and get back to this later.

I have had my breakfast and am working on my coffee now.  I guess I will go watch the weather until the "weather on the 8's" comes on.Then I turn to channel 6 and usually about that time I also feed the cats. 

So more even later...

All of the cats were out there just waiting for their breakfast too. So far they are getting along fine sharing the food. 

I am having my Chai now. I am also watching the cats/kittens eat their breakfast.

I am also watching the CBS news.

I got my blower and went out and blew the leaves over the yard into the sunshine so they would have a better chance of drying. I am still thinking of mowing the front yard to get the leaves cleaned up and also get rid of some of them. None of the leaves from my trees have begun to fall into my yard yet  but the tree across the street has lost nearly all of it's leaves and those are the leaves in my yard.

I fed the kittens and cats and after awhile at 11:30AM, I watched  couple of episodes of Forensic Files and had a sandwich  from that ham and some punch. Then I had a Schwans ice cream bar for dessert.

The sun is shining again today. I will check outside and see if the leaves are dry enough to rake in the back yard...from the trees of my neighbor to the south. It's a little after 1:00PM now.

It's1:25PM now and  I have several piles of leaves I have raked up in the back yard...about half of it. I am pretty tired so I may not get them picked up and bagged for awhile. I'll wait until 2:00PM and see if I recuperate. If I do I will work on them some more. It is good exercise for me.

So, more even later... 

I got the back yard done. I started at 2:00PM raking and then ran the mower over it and cleaned it up. Very good exercise...but at 84, I don't want to over do it. :) I would like to get the front done too but maybe not today. The west side is just too much for me but it doesn't look as bad as the front and the back either. It 2:40PM now and I think I will rest awhile and then do my dusting.

 Image may contain: grass, outdoor and nature 

How about that!

More later...

I drank some water and sat down for awhile and then got my dusting done.  It's 3:25PM now and I am finished for awhile.

I downloaded another Amazon book to my Kindle  It is the best selling book by Dan Rather called "What Unites Us". So far it is very interesting.  It is his philosophy and experience on the subject. 

I read until the CBS news came on at 5:30PM and then after that continued reading. I read until after 9:00PM and then went on to bed.

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Thursday and Cleaning Day

 I did not sleep well last night. Most of the night I had leg cramps. I got up in the middle of the night and took a med for that. I guess eventually that worked but it was a very restless night. I got up at 5:00AM as usual.

I went to the den and read the Chronicle and had my breakfast there. I finally came in and checked on the cats/kittens and they were all there and waiting for me to check on them. It had been raining so I had to put their bowls closer together then they like. They will have to learn to tolerate one another if they want to be fed all winter.

I am watching the weather channel right now but I was busy when the "Weather on the 8s" came on so I will stay with it until they run that again before turning to Channel six. 

Sunday we turn our clocks back to regular time. I hope I remember.

Next Wednesday the First Methodist Church here will serve a delivered chicken and noodle dinner for $6.00. I may order one. It's an evening meal. So I would be back from Bunco at the senior center.  

I have to get together the Bunco game prizes for this next week. I will need a "Most Buncos", a "Most Losses" and a "Most Wins" bags of prizes. I will work on that this week.

More later....

During the commercials this morning, I mopped my new floors and then vacuumed the carpets. All I have left to do is dust. I may do that tomorrow. I am very tired now.

I took the vacuum sweeper apart and washed the filters and cleaned out the dust and dirt.  The filters need to dry overnight. Then I will put them back in the vacuum sweeper.

If the rain stops I may go out and pull the flowers that the ice killed yesterday and put them in a trash bag for next Tuesday's trash pick up. I probably should dump out the hanging baskets too. They are pretty bad looking. I may just wait until Spring to plant anything else. I didn't have any tree damage that I can see. Of course, I haven't been around to the west side of my apartment. That tree may have been damaged. The one in the front looks fine.

I need to get some bandaids at Dollar General. Maybe I will get the other prizes there too.

More later...

I emptied the flowers..or what was left of them... into the black yard trash bag and managed to lift it into the trash container. All I need to do now is pull up the flowers in the flowerbed in the back yard but it's too wet out there to do that now. I will wait until the ground is dry. It's 12:45PM now and the sun is out.

I had a ham and cheese sandwich for lunch with some sugar free punch.  Then I had one of my ice cream bars as dessert.

The only mail I got were a couple of political brochures. That's a waste of their money since I voted a couple of weeks ago.  It's 1:20PM now.

More even later...

I went over to Nancy's and she and I took a drive to enjoy the sunshine. I drove down to Bartlesville for a change.. We didn't stop anywhere we just drove around the east side like Pennington Hills and checked out the old neighborhoods. It was a beautiful day for a change. She also wanted to see my new flooring. So when we got back to Caney I brought her here to see it. The cats/kittens were waiting for their supper too so I fed them. She was impressed with my new flooring.

Then after a short visit here, I took her home. She really appreciated the drive.

Suzanne showed up later with bananas. I took two bunches. That's what I usually have for supper.

After she left I had a banana and read all evening until I finished that latest Kindle book. It left a bad taste in my mouth. I took my bath at 7:00PM.

I went to bed about 9:30PM

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Wednesday and Game Day

 I plan to go over to Coffeyville this morning if it isn't icy. I have my hair appointment and it is game day at the senior center. Also, if at all possible, I will pick Bob up for breakfast at their Eggbert's in Coffeyville. I can't tell yet what the weather is like this morning so I had better turn on the weather to check it out.

So more later

It's 5:40AM and the cats were all out there in force beginning with Scruffie. I couldn't get out the front door because they were all so eager to eat.  So I took all their food out through the garage. They act like they haven't eaten in days. They all ate last evening at suppertime.

It is not raining yet so I plan to go on over to Coffeyville at 6:30AM and will pick up Bob 7:00AM  for breakfast. My hair appointment is at 9:00AM and I will need gas and I will also stop at Country Mart and get a treat for Game Day at the senior center.

Rain is forecast for today and tomorrow but not freezing rain. In fact it is supposed to warm up a bit the rest of the week.

More later...I need to get some coffee. 

I met Bob for breakfast and just had a mini Sonic blast for lunch. I bought some cookies at Country Mart to take to the game day. We had four counting Janet, the manager. But we had fun. I won once and Marilyn won once.  I got home at 4:00PM and read my mail and put a belated birthday card in the mail for Ginger, my daughter-in-law. I missed her birthday. I hate that. She is so good to me! And she is so good to Scott, my son.

I got her card in the mail this afternoon. 

Before I left this morning I fed the cats/kittens.  When I got home at 4:00PM, they were all waiting for their supper. It was raining a little by then so I tried to find a dry place to put their food.  It was damp when I got back from the post office....but just barely. They were gone to some shelter and I put the cat food in the colander and drained it well and wiped their dishes out with a paper towel and then put the drained cat food on a clean paper towel in their dry double dish. I hope that works out.

I want to catch the CBS news this afternoon. I missed it this morning. It is 4:50PM now.  I believe the CBS news comes on at 5:30PM.

So more later... 

I watched the CBS news and  actually most of it was the same old things. I will be so glad when this election is over.

It's 6:45PM now and I have had my bath and will play some Freecell  for awhile. There's really nothing on TV I want to watch. 

I went on to bed at 9:15PM

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Tuesday and Icy Roads

 I slept very well last night and got up at my usual 5:00AM. I dressed and got myself ready for the day. I have had my breakfast and coffee and even my Chai.

I opened the front door to four cats. The only one not there is Scruffie. All the others have pretty much eaten their fill and only the kittens are still there looking in the front door at me. The large yellow cat is still limping on three feet. It's left front foot is being held up as he/she walks. I have no idea what happened to him/her.

I plan to wait until mid morning to start for Independence and even then after I have checked in with Barbara. I want to be sure they are going to have their meal today. With the icy streets they may cancel and I am not going to drive up there if they are not planning to be doing their drive up meals today. Barbara doesn't open the office until 8:00AM.

It was 30 degrees last time I checked.

More later... 

It appears to be dry out there so I will plan on leaving here at 8:30AM to take those cakes up to Independence. I left a message for Barbara to call me if they are not planning on the meals. Otherwise I will leave here at 8:30AM. 

It  rained lightly all the way to Independence but did not appear to be slick. Of course, I drove 45 miles per hour all the way up there and there wasn't much traffic.

Barbara helped me unload the cakes. She was very happy to see me and that I made it without any complications.

I intend to have the rest of my chili  (that Suzanne brought me) and crackers and cheese for  my lunch. It's only 9:35AM so I will have to wait awhile to eat...probably 11:30AM. Unfortunately, I am already hungry.

I see the trash people haven't made it yet.  They are usually here by 9:30AM. It appears to be raining harder now. I guess I will have a banana to tide me over until more later...

The trash people did finally come and I put away my container and my next door neighbor's too. I did have the rest of the chili and cheese and crackers and even  one of my Schwan's "Gold and Nugit" ice cream bars for dessert. They are so good. I took out what I thought was a ice cream bar and the package was empty. The package was sealed and everything but there was no bar in it. I called Schwan's and reported it. They called me back today and are going to issue me some credit points for the loss. Those things are expensive so I took the points.

The mail finally came and all I got was political  posters. It is 2:25PM now. 

If the weather permits it I will go over to Coffeyville again and Bob and I can have breakfast. I will get my hair done regardless and stay over for Game Day at the senior center there. That's my big day. I will also get gasoline and if I have time afterwards, I may get some more frozen meals at WalMart. 

Its almost 4:00PM now and I will probably read awhile  until the CBS news comes on. I am not interested in the Tulsa news.

More later...

Well, I got the 5:00PM after all. CBS news comes on at 5:30PM so I will just suffer though the Channel 6 news first.  

At 7:00PM after I took my bath I watched a little TV but then came into the den and logged onto Toronto, Canada and watched one of John's philosophy lectures about the History of Free Will. It was pretty interesting.

Then about 8:20PM, I began to think about bedtime. Maybe closer to 9:00PM, I will finally get there.

Monday, October 26, 2020

Monday and Laundry

I slept pretty well last night and woke up a couple of times. I had a little trouble getting to sleep and took two melatonin tablets. I had watched that 60 Minutes program and was stressed about Trump's treatment of Leslie Stahl. He walked out after a short time because she wanted to ask him the hard questions and he was not interested. He wanted to dominate the program and talk about his "accomplishments" while in office. When she challenged his conclusions, he got up and left. She waited awhile for Trump to come back but when it was apparent he was not going to, she interviewed Pence. He was polite. The second half of the program Nora O'Donnell interviewed Joe Biden. He politely answered all her questions...even the difficult ones. That all left me uptight. I took my bath and played some Freecell to try to wind down. It didn't work.

I haven't checked with the cats/kittens yet. Bob tells me there is a cold rain out there. They may not be there since I have very little shelter outside my front door.

Maybe I had better check anyhow. It will be cold out there.

There were at least four of them out there waiting. They were crowding the door so I went out through the garage. It was barely misting a cold mist. I tried to put the food as close to the door as I could.  Then I came back in through the garage. I will check on them soon. I am afraid to let them into the garage. They may climb into the motor area and be a problem when I start the motor...if I start the motor. Luckily I went to Dollar General yesterday afternoon and got my Tide laundry detergent.

More later...I want to see how they are doing.

The two kittens are still huddling around the front door. The others have gone elsewhere to find warmer shelter. 

I am still emptying the dryer and putting away the dry sheets and pillow cases. The PJs are still damp and so are the towels and washcloths. I put them back in to finish drying.

More later...

I got the laundry finished and put away. I am still watching the CBS news. It is 9:15AM and everything is caught up. It is still misting a cold mist here. Bob says it is pouring over at Coffeyville.

More even later... The CBS news is still rather boring this morning...same old, same old. Maybe that's a  good thing.   Yesterday was enough.

I went out to bring in the bowls of cat food. There wasn't much left and what was left was damp. I put it into a colander and then into a dry double bowl to dry.  They will need to eat it with their supper. I put it on a paper towel in their double bowl so it should be fine by then.

It's only 10:00AM now but at noon I plan to have some of Suzanne's chili with crackers and cheese. That should be good.

The chili and crackers and cheese were very good. Afterward I had an ice cream bar. That was good too. Yum!

I watched some Amazon Prime TV afterward.  It is almost 2:00PM now. I downloaded another free Amazon Prime book. I may start it.

I heard from Bob that he had all their three cakes over there at his parking lot now.  I had mine frozen since Saturday and decided since it was not raining here, I would go ahead and pick theirs up and take them up and mine up to Independence today. Bob told me the weather is forecast to be worse tomorrow.

It was still raining a little in Coffeyville when I  got over there and he helped me put them in my trunk. Then I started for Independence and on my way out to Woodland, I called their church. Wouldn't you know, the office there was closed at 2:00PM Monday through Thursday. So I left them a message that I would be up as usual tomorrow. At least I have the cakes now. They will be fine in the trunk of my car overnight. It is 3:30PM now.

I guess I will start reading my new book.

It's 5:15PM now and I have read for an hour or so. The book is depressing so I may not finish it.

The weather forecast for tomorrow is dire. Freezing rain and ice is the forecast. I will need to drive 19 miles up to Independence and back in the morning.  I will play that by ear.

My son-in-law, John, must have read my blog. He texted me awhile ago and advised me to wait  until the county gets the roads salted before I go to Independence tomorrow. That's good advice. I will also call Barbara in the morning after 8:00AM and make sure they will be serving lunch tomorrow.  They have a drive through lunch. They aren't having folks come into the building yet. Crowds are too dangerous with the pandemic.

It is 7:15PM now and I just finished having my bath. I will try to stay up until 9:00PM if I can.

More later...

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Sunday and Online Church Again

I slept pretty well last night except I woke up in the middle of the night with a terribly stiff and sore neck I must have slept crooked or something. Finally about 4:00AM I got up and took an Aleve then after awhile I was able to get back to sleep. I got up at 5:00AM as usual, dressed and got my makeup on and fixed myself some breakfast of oatmeal, coffee and a breakfast bar.

I came in here to the den with it and checked my e-mail....nothing significant there. I will be so glad when this election is over. The country and I are worn out with it. Between the election and the coronavirus, we are all exhausted. I will be so glad to be able to go down the Bartlesville Oklahoma again. That place is rampant with the virus and I have avoided it for weeks...actually months. Just last night they had another 1800 cases. I miss walking around the mall, I understand it is almost empty nowadays. Many of it's businesses are closed. Oh well, I don't spend as much money this way. Mainly it is on my hair and groceries.

I haven't checked on the cats/kittens yet. So I guess I will do that and turn on the news on TV. 

More later...

All the cats and kittens were waiting for me to check on them and bring them out some breakfast so I took out the double dish, two bowls and the square one.  They dug in as though they hadn't eaten in days and it was just last evening.

I am watching "Face the Nation" now. I will turn off the TV after that. I am exhausted with the election...especially with all the lies the president spreads. 

For example, he knows Joe Biden only plans to raise taxes on anyone making more then $400,000 and corporations yet Trump constantly says Biden would raise the taxes on all citizens....even  low income people. People who are not educated will believe anything he says.

People need to pay attention to the science but when the ignorant president doesn't, some of his followers tend to believe him regardless. 

I had my lunch and discovered that when I opened the package of my ice cream bars for dessert, the one I took out was an unopened package but empty. I contacted Schwan's about it and they are looking into it. They needed the ID number off the package. I had saved the unopened package in hopes that they could make it good. Those ice cream bars are expensive.

After I had my lunch, I watched the church service from our church in Toronto Canada.  As usual, it was very good. Then I went back to playing Free Cell. I also fed the cats/kittens their lunch. 

I left a note on both the kids' vehicles (next door) under their windshield wipers. Suzanne had given me their deposit to give them and they found the notes and came and rang the doorbell to pick it up. They will be moving into a larger place this next week. She is going to have a baby in February and they needed more space. They may have needed cheaper rent too. Anyhow. I was glad to get their money back to them.

It is 2:00PM now and I have nothing really to do. It's too cold to try to mow the leaves and I probably couldn't do it anyhow. I would like to get the front done since it looks like a mess but until all the leaves fall, it wouldn't do any good.

More later...I want to see if I have any unread books on my Kindle.

I watched the Chiefs football game and afterward 60 Minutes as usual. Trump was impossible. Leslie asked him some tough questions as she always does when she interviews the candidates before the election and he told more of his lies  and tried to deny what he had said at his election rallys but of course they had the rallys on tape and it was obvious.

After a short time, he got up and suddenly left the interview. No character at all.

I took my bath after the show was over and will go to bed at 9:00PM as usual. Nora O'Donnell interviewed Joe Biden and it was altogether different. He was his usual pleasant self and answered all the tough questions she asked him candidly. I recorded the show as I usually do.