Saturday, December 14, 2013

Saturday and Breakfast

Every Saturday morning, Bob and I go to Eggberts to eat breakfast "out". Ordinarily he eats toast and I have a biscuit...sometimes with a banana. Neither of us eats much breakfast....just enough to take our meds. I take a thyroid pill and a blood pressure pill. He takes more then that. But Saturday mornings we eat out and I usually have an omelet with fruit and a biscuit.

I'm not sure what I will do today. I could address the envelopes for my class newsletter. I am in the process of writing it. The news from my classmates just trickles in.

On the other hand, I am about out of my moisture emulsion cream that goes under my makeup. I could run up to Independence and buy that. I would also get new mascara. I am pretty much out of that too. I put a drop or to of water in it last week to stretch it out.

It's cold out there but I don't think there's any snow or ice in the forecast. Time will tell.

The school violence continues. Yesterday there was another shooting with one being critically wounded. The shooter evidently killed himself after that. I wonder how many more children have to be killed before we stop portraying violence in movies, TV and video games to desensitize our youth and the impressionable. I wonder how many more will have to be killed before people really read the 2nd amendment in context. We no longer have militias. That's what the 2nd amendment really says.

"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

From Wikipedia:

Gun politics have only become a notable issue in Australia since the 1980s. Low levels of violent crime through much of the 20th century kept levels of public concern about firearms low. In the last two decades of the century, following several high profile multiple murders and a media campaign, the Australian government co-ordinated more restrictive firearms legislation with all state governments.

A common misconception is that firearms are illegal in Australia and that no person may possess them. This belief originates due the general perception that only members of law enforcement, the armed forces, or those in armed security protection are authorized to have them. While it's true that Australia has reasonably strict firearms laws, rifles and shotguns (including semi-automatic), as well as handguns are all legal providing the owner holds a valid firearms license.

As of 2007 about 5.2% of Australian adults (765,000 people)own and use firearms for purposes such as hunting, controlling feral animals, collecting, and target shooting.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Friday Again

It's Friday again. Bob and I did go to Bartlesville yesterday afternoon and eat at McCalister's. However I forgot to get the make up I actually went for. I did buy grandson Jeromy's Christmas gift though. I have almost all of them now. I lack one.

I went up to Independence in mist this morning. It was very dark and I have problems driving in mist when it's very dark as well. But I made it by 7:00.

I will go to the bank when it opens this morning. I need to get a money order or cashier's check for Scott. I hope it reaches him quickly.

We also have exercise class this morning.

More later....

We will have dinner later today. We ate a lot of finger food at the senior center. Afterward the exercise class and the finger food party, I went to the bank and got Scott's cashier's check and got it in the mail. I hope he gets it pretty soon. Christmastime is a bad time to send anything in the mail. It may take forever.

I will make hamburgers and french fries this afternoon. I still have cup cakes too.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Thursday Out Of Town

Today Bob and I are going out of town. We will go to Bartlesville where I can get my makeup. I am out of Moisture Emulsion and mascara. The store in Independence that carried my products is for sale and I will have to travel to Bartlesville to get whatever I need now. It's always something going out of business when living in small communities.

Bob left awhile ago to go to his Lion's Club meeting. Now he is back but in a little while he will deliver his "meals on wheels". He is substituting for Barbara, who has gone to Lawrence to visit her children. After that, we will leave for Bartlesville. We will eat lunch down there today.

I nearly have my Christmas shopping finished. I have yet to mail the photos to my children and buy one more gift for my grandson. I am waiting for my son-in-law's gift to arrive from Amazon. I got most of my Christmas letters in the mail in Christmas cards yesterday. I worked nearly all day on that project. I even worked some on my class Christmas newsletter. I send out 154 each year. When I get it finished, I will take it to the printer and he will duplicate, staple and fold it for me. Then I will address the envelopes and stuff the letters and stamp them. My next big project is to address all those envelopes. I do that with the computer and printer. Most of the time that works.

I slept well again last night. For some reason most of my arm pain is gone now.

I will need to pick up some padded envelopes today for the photos I am sending to my boys.

The snow is nearly gone now but tomorrow we are to get freezing rain. That will be fun. I will stay home and out of that mess.

More later....

We went to Bartlesville and I got the gift I wanted for my grandson. I got all my packages of fin the mail except one and I will wait a little closer to Christmas to send it off.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Wednesday Exercises Again

I guess I'll go to the exercise class this morning. My nosebleed has evidently cleared up. It didn't do it this morning. I feel kind of blah though. Maybe the exercises will help. I found some non drowsy Clariten and took one of those. It's supposed to dry up my runny nose and stop the sneezing. We'll see.

I baked biscuits this morning and had one with butter and jelly for my breakfast. I also made a pot of coffee and drank that. Maybe the caffeine will pick me up.

If we don't go to Bartlesville today or tomorrow we won't have another opportunity. I'm nearly out of moisture emulsion cream and mascara. On Friday we're supposed to get freezing rain. If that happens, I will be shampooing my hair in the shower again. I am not driving in freezing rain. Winter! Bah Humbug!

I am starting to send out my Christmas cards and newsletters. I got one finished yesterday to Ron and Joyce. Maybe I will do some more today.

I warmed up our goulash for lunch today. Again, we had green beans and cottage cheese with applesauce. I also fixed breadsticks and we had cupcakes for dessert.

I worked on Christmas cards until 2:00 this afternoon. I will do more later.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Very Cold Tuesday

I'm in a dilemma. It's 5 degrees out there and I have cakes to take to Independence to the Christian Church up there for their dinner tonight. I also have my hair appointment today at 10:30. We got a lot of snow last night. I don't know whether to chance it or not. Last Friday, when we had our first snow, I just washed my own hair. The hair is not the main thing though. It's the cakes. I am not sure what to do. I guess I'll wait until it gets light to decide. It's only 6:20 AM now. I really can't see well enough to see how much snow we got last night. It looks like about three inches though.

I puttered around here by myself last evening. It was too cold and messy for Bob to walk over so he stayed home too. I watched reruns of The Big Bang Theory and part of "Home Alone Lost in New York City". I had never seen that. It was a lot of nonsense but at least it wasn't full of sex and violence. (Actually it was full of violence but the kind that is entirely irrational and impossible).

I'm having nosebleeds again. I sprayed my nostrils with saline solution last night and this morning in hopes of averting that but it did not work. I don't know what else to do. The nosebleeds led to the erysipelas last winter. I sure don't want that staph infection again this winter. It could be very dangerous.

More later...

I'm going up to Independence a little earlier this morning so I can go out to their Wal Mart store and buy a room humidifier. That may be the only answer to my morning nosebleeds. I called, Terry, the pastor at the Christian Church and he says the roads are passable if one is careful. It looks like a couple of inches of snow out there. It's "up" to 9 degrees now too.

My trip to Independence went just fine. After I got my hair done, I met my daughter for lunch. Then after that I went out to their Wal Mart and bought a vaporizer to help get some moisture in my bedroom so my nose wouldn't bleed every morning. I hooked it up and waited thirty minutes or so to see if the steam would help keep me from having a bleeding nose every morning. It didn't appear to be working so I thought I would add a pinch of salt as the instructions suggested. I pulled the plug and took it apart....and what do you know, it wasn't even warm. The motor was as cold as though it had not been plugged in at all. Needless to say, I ran it out to our Wal Mart for a refund. Disgusting! Now I'm back to square one.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Cold, Cold Monday

It's 18 degrees this morning and it's supposed to snow this afternoon. We are to get at least an inch. There is still some on the ground now...but not much. I have exercise class this morning. I wonder if I want to get out in it. I did drive since my car did not have snow on it and we picked up Phyllis and drove to the restaurant yesterday noon. It wasn't bad then. I worry more about the driving of the other person then my own. I'm a pretty conservative driver.

Bob is going to meet one of his friends for coffee after the exercise class so I am taking my own car this morning.

I slept pretty well last night. I went to bed shortly before 10:00. That seems to help. Bob came over for our wine and cookies last night. He stayed until 9:00 or so and we watched Big Bang Theory. After he left I took my bath and put my p.j.'s on.

We will have goulash today for lunch. I have some steak bread in the freezer....not much...but enough. Maybe I can get him to bring some coleslaw. We will have green beans and hot tea with the goulash. While I'm out and around, I need to get some milk and then I can make some pudding for dessert. I have cookies.

Maybe I can get a photo later in the day after the snow falls and post it here.

O.K. This is before this afternoon's snow.

I will take another after the next snow and publish it here.

O.K. I looked out after working on my class newsletter and this is what I saw.

More later...

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Quiet Sunday Until Noon

Leslie, my daughter, just called to say it is slipperier out there then we might think. Melissa slipped turning into a driveway so they decided us "old folks" had no business getting out there today. There is a winter weather advisory here until noon for the local roads. It's supposed to be over by noon. That's good. Although we are not having church today because of the winter weather advisory. we are supposed to take a bus trip to Joplin to the college there to see a Living Christmas Tree program. I have not heard that they have cancelled it yet so I guess we're still going. I hope the bus driver is careful. It's doing nothing here in Coffeyville right now. It is north of us at this time.

I am just reading my Consumer's Report magazine right now. I am all ready to go so I won't have to get ready later, I guess.

I slept well again last night but when I got up and went into the bathroom to brush my teeth and make up my face and blew my nose, it bled. I hope that dry tissue doesn't turn into the erysipelas again. In February it began with a cold and a bloody nose every time I sneezed or blew my nose. It was a staph infection and it took months to get rid of it and it was very dangerous. The doctor told me if it got into my brain, I would get meningitis and if it got into my blood stream, it would cause sepsis and could kill me. I took my Keflex religiously. It killed all the bacteria, good and bad, in my gut and I have to eat lots of yogurt and acidophiles milk to get it balanced again.

More later...

Well the bus trip was cancelled too. We will get our bus ticket refunded but will lose the $7.00 for the concert. Blast! They say the snow is worse over at Joplin. I guess that's the better part of valor just to cancel. Those of us who planned to go will instead have lunch at Sirloin Stockade here in Coffeyville.