Saturday, August 4, 2012

Saturday at Last

Bob will pick me up this morning for breakfast and then afterward I will go to Joplin with Leslie. We will shop this morning and have lunch and go out to the church's camp grounds for her board meeting. I have taken my kindle and will read while her meeting is going on. I am determined to get through this latest Marcus Borg book. It has taken me forever. I have just not been able to concentrate on reading lately.

Tuesday is the primary election and I will vote. It's so hard to know who to vote for since there are so many "tea party" candidates. The Koch brothers from Wichita finance that group and I don't want to support their agenda so will vote for anyone who intends to use their own intellect to make decisions. It's scarey how much power the rich already have in the this country. We are the new Rome...a domination system of government. Money is power and that leaves little power for the poor and middle class. That's why I am so determined to vote each time.

I also need to take cakes to Independence on Tuesday morning and have my hair appointment then too. It will be a busy time. I will bake my two cakes on Monday morning and wait until that evening to ice them.

More later....

Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday at Last

It's Friday at last. I always enjoy Friday, probably even more then most because I don't work on Friday so that gives me a three day weekend. Today I will have my hair done in Independence then come home and put my roast on for dinner this noon. I have enjoyed eating my larger meal at noontime. Then in the evening, I just have a fruit smoothie or yogurt.

I didn't sleep as well last night. I did fine until 3:30 when I woke up for a bathroom stop. I took my meds and went back to bed but just couldn't get back to sleep after that. Then I heard Missy crying out on the patio so I got up and let her in the house and fed her. By then it was 4:30. So I just got up. It's 5:30 now. My hair appointment is at 7:00. Afterward I will come on back home and get my roast, potatoes and carrots in the slow cooker for dinner.

I don't know what I will do with the rest of the day. It's too hot to get out. If I don't have house to clean, I have been doing a lot of reading and watching TV when I am home. I also do a lot of watering. I can't water anymore though because yesterday the city passed a watering ban. There's a $100 fine if anyone is caught watering.

This month Leslie and I will attend the Health and Spirituality Workshop. In September, I am planning to attend the John Whitmer Historical Association. In October Leslie and I will attend the Peace Colloquy. In October we also have my class mini reunion. I will have a busy fall. By then Bob and I will want to go back to Branson too. Jut as soon as it cools off a little, I am ready.

Today is my older son's 57th birthday. He's a teddy bear. I have sent him his birthday card and later today I will e-mail him another greeting.

More later..

Our lunch was good. It was a roast Leslie had given me and potatoes and carrots. I cooked it in the slow cooker and it was very tender. I sent it home with Bob because I will be eating in Joplin tomorrow with Leslie. He brought a salad and I sent most of that back with him too. He will pick me up for breakfast tomorrow morning and Leslie will pick me up there at Eggberts.

I had my doctor's appointment this afternoon and my health is perfect. My blood pressure was right where he wanted it to be as was my thyroid and cholesterol. He bemoans the fact that I wouldn't have a mammography but I told him I was not going to have one...nor a colonoscopy either. The JAMA said after 75 it was no longer necessary and I took him a copy of the article for my file the last time I was in there.

Tonight I may fix myself a fruit smoothy.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

No Relief in Sight Thursday

Another very hot day. It's only 7:40 and it's 87 degrees already. It's supposed to be 107 today. The air just runs and runs even though I have it set on 70. I just wonder what my electric bill will be since we've had weeks and weeks of 100+ weather. I have watered all the plants again this morning and also blown the leaves off my patio again. The trees are nearly bare and it isn't even fall yet. We still have August to go and that's usually the hottest month.

I fed the animals this morning too. Inky came back for more food. He is so thin, I fed him more. He is really suffering with the heat out there. I keep a lot of water for him in both the front and the back.

Leslie called this morning to find out what Bob's tests showed. I told her he doesn't know yet but I would let her know when he did know something.

I registered last night for a Health Ministry and Spirituality Workshop at Church Headquarters in Independence Missouri this month. Leslie is going too. In fact, she invited me. It's just a weekend on August 24 and 25th.

This morning Bob and I are going out to Windsor to donate some of Phyllis' cds to the unit. Then afterward we will go visit Gerry. I haven't been back out there since Phyllis died. I have my chicken for lunch down from the freezer thawing and when we get home I will start dinner. We are having a chicken, rice and veggie casserole this noon. Afterward, I will go on to work.

More later.....

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Another Hot Wednesday

Still no rain and none in the forecast either. I broke down and watered my tree last night. It may not make it if we don't get some rain soon.

I got up this morning and mixed up my meatloaf and put it in the frig. If we get back from Bartlesville soon enough, I will put it in the microwave and cook it for dinner. Everything else is simply a warmup. That meatloaf takes thirty minutes in the microwave. Then I will go to work after dinner.

I still haven't watered my plants this morning and had better get that done pretty soon. They are struggling to stay alive. I haven't fed Inky yet either. He may be out front waiting to be picked up and carried through the house to the patio. That is his way of getting picked up. I wish Missy were that affectionate.

More later....

Well, the doctor's visit became a lot more complicated then we thought. When we got there right on time, they took thirty minutes to tell us that they had changed their procedure and he would need to go to the cancer center and get a blood test before they would do the CT scan. So he drove to the cancer center and was told there that unless he had a port, they couldn't do the blood work and he would have to go to the hospital lab to get it done. So we moved the car again and went to the emergency room entrance and found the lab. They hadn't yet received the order for his blood work and it was ten minutes or so before they did. Then he had to wait another twenty minutes to get the blood work done because there appeared to be only one technician.

After that it was back to the diagnostic center for another fifteen minute wait. About 11:00 or so, he got in for his 9:00 appointment. It didn't take long and we were on our way back to Coffeyville by 11:15 After we got back to my house, I put the meatloaf in the microwave and warmed up the rest of the meal and we had a pretty nice dinner. Then he went home and I went to work.

When I got home and got the mail and the papers and fed the cats, I turned on the sprinkler again and came in here to read the blogs. I was very busy all afternoon.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Another Very Hot Tuesday

I don't have a lot planned today except my trip to Independence to get my hair done at 11:00. Bob A. is going with me and we will eat at Big Cheese afterward. Then I will take him back home and go to work.

Tomorrow I will cook dinner again. I am going to make a meatloaf and have the ground beef thawing in the frig now. I looked up my microwave meatloaf recipe last night. We will also have the leftover potatoes as potato cakes and the coleslaw and green beans we also had yesterday. That will give us an opportunity to use up the leftovers. I like meatloaf sandwiches so we will take what's left home for sandwiches.

Missy just came in. She will probably stay in all day since it's supposed to be 108 degrees today. Inky came over for dinner last night and was panting hard. I just can't let him in the house. He's a male and besides Missy hates him. Every time he comes around to be fed, she hisses and growls at him. He will just have to deal with the heat. He was outside all last winter. I put out plenty of water for him.

I just started watering my willow tree. I hope it helps. It surely can't hurt. I will water it for 45 minutes. Maybe I can keep it alive.

I worked this afternoon and started scanning documents. I think I have it down now. I scanned a dozen this afternoon and a lot of traffic tickets too.

Tomorrow Bob and I will go to Bartlesville for his CT scan. His doctor's office called him this morning to remind him. If we get back in time (and we should) I will make my meatloaf. The rest of the meal is warm ups. If not, it will be Thursday's dinner and we will eat out. He went to my hair appointment this morning and then we had a mini pizza at Big Cheese. We then went to Wal Mart and he bought some bankers boxes. He wants to pack some things away. I brought him home and then went on to work.

I ma back to watering the tree again tonight. I hope it helps.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Another Terribly Hot Monday

It's 6:30 in the morning and it's already 88 degrees. It's going to be another scorcher. I have to go get some blood work done this morning at the doctor's lab and then go pay my taxes and registration on my car and get my new tag (or year sticker). Then I will come home and start dinner.

I slept somewhat better last night. I still awoke at 2:30 and it was after 3:30 before I got back to sleep. I work this afternoon so that will give me something productive to do while the 108 degree weather is going on outside. When will it ever end?

I am inundated with ants the past two days. They are drawn to Missy's food and water. I have slathered the area with vinegar trying to discourage them and have put Missy's food and water up on a cart but so far that hasn't discouraged them. I have Missy so I can't use poison.

More later....

Well I got my blood work done, my car registration done for another year, and gassed up the car while I was out this morning. In about an hour, I'll start dinner.

Dinner went well. We both ate all we wanted and we have some leftovers for Wednesday. I will make potato cakes from the leftover potatoes. We also have that real good coleslaw and a little bit of gravy and some green beans.

Now it's time for me to leave for work.

I had plenty of work today so I am tired now and ready for a bath soon. It's very hot...last I heard 112. There's no rain in sight either.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Another Hot Sunday

It's Sunday again. Scott called early this morning and we had a nice visit. Then I got my makeup on and dressed and came into the kitchen to make coffee and let the cat in. Her food dish was swarming with ants. Darn! I washed the floor around the dish with vinegar. They seem to be repelled by vinegar. Then I dumped her food and washed her dish. Now she has clean food and water. Inky came by this morning and I fed him too.They are so different. Inky is very affectionate. Missy, on the other hand is so independent that the only time she cares anything about me is when I give her treats and when I sit down to watch TV. Then she wants on my lap...but it has to be her idea.

I will go to church this morning and then out to eat afterward. Tomorrow I start cooking again. Bob will come over about 11:00 or 11:30 and we will plan to eat dinner at 11:30, giving me plenty of time to clean up before leaving for work. I am worried that the way we have been eating is unhealthy. We will give home cooked meals a chance and see if that makes a difference. I bought five pounds of potatoes and meat Friday. I also bought some vegetables. He will provide salads and also some meat of his choice when we run out of what I have here. I have pork cutlets (my personal favorite), chicken fried steaks, a roast and some ground beef and that John and Leslie gave me, tuna and some chicken breasts. That's a good start.

I have to go into the doctor's office lab tomorrow morning at 8:30 and have some blood work done for my Friday appointment. I think it's nonsense but doctors seem to think they have to see their older patients every three months. I think it's just a way for them to milk Medicare myself.

After that I will come home and start dinner at 11:00 and after we eat I will go to work.

Saturday I will go to Joplin with Leslie. It's the first time in a long time she has asked me to do anything with her. In the afternoon she has a campground board meeting. I will ding around then to kill time. I will take my kindle and read.