Saturday, September 5, 2015

Saturday and Breakfast Again

I woke up at 2:30 this morning and could not get back to sleep. Finally at 3:30 I took a Benadryl and then slept until 6:30 and only had thirty minutes to get ready to take Missy outside and then at 7:20 pick up Bob for breakfast. We went to Sirloin Stockade again. I stopped by a yard sale after I took him home but did not find anything I couldn't live without. After all, I just took a lot of useless (to me) stuff to church yesterday to go into the 100 miles rummage sale there next weekend.

Gay will be here sometime this morning close to noon. I will try to remember to take some photos of her to put up on this blog. Scott, my younger son, thinks I need more photos on here. I carry a camera in my purse but seldom remember to take photos.

I stopped by the bank this morning and got some cash for lunch. I had spent what I had at breakfast.

I still want to vacuum the apartment before she comes and I have plenty of time to do that. So I'll get to it now and get back to this later....

 Here she was the last time I took her photo.  I'll take another today and see if shes changed any recently.

I'm sorry but we got busy trying to find a chair that Gay could be comfortable sitting in and I forgot the photos completely.  We went to Haymaker's Furniture and they did not have anything she liked and so we went on the Independence to Messengers Furniture and there she found one.  Then we went to lunch at Jack's. It was very good but expensive. Tony and Gay bought my lunch. That was sweet of them. Then we went back to Messengers Furniture and the salesman loaded the chair and tied it in. Then they brought me back to Coffeyville where they left me at my apartment before leaving for Chanute.

Now I need to go over to Maritt's and pick up some things from Karan for tomorrow's worship service. Karan was to preside but she got sick in Wichita visiting Bobby's daughter's family and he brought her home this morning.

So more later ....

Friday, September 4, 2015

Friday at Last!

Thank goodness it's Friday. I am so looking forward to this holiday. After my two hours of work today, I will come home and try to install my mini box for the new digital television. I'm not overly concerned about getting the box installed but it's getting the Bose unit remote programmed to receive the signal from it that concerns me. I will have to call Bose again and ask them to walk me through how to get their remote to pick up that signal.

I love working just two hours on Fridays. After usually being on my feet for four hours in the afternoon, I am usually exhausted when I get home.  I'll be so glad when I get this car paid off. Then I can just relax and enjoy my retirement.

This morning I will vacuum the apartment. I got the kitchen and bathroom cleaned yesterday. I will also do some dusting. I gave the neighbors my old chairs that sat on the patio. They were out in the hot sun and I never used them. When I moved here, I bought some washable chairs from the Dollar General store down the block and I set them on the carport and sit there in the morning when I let Missy out. I was going to take them to the church's rummage sale next weekend but I had told the woman across the street she could have them weeks ago and she never took them. Day before yesterday her husband came by and asked if the offer was still good so I let them have them. I swept off the patio then. It looks so much better. I really need to take the hose and wash it down.

We will have the leftover roast beef for lunch. I intend to cut it up finely and make a gravy from the juices and serve it over mashed potatoes with a veggy. Bob will bring another salad. I want to make cookies this morning and some pudding for dessert.

More later...Missy is being very patient about her treats..

I took Missy out for awhile this morning and also baked peanut butter cookies.  Bob came over before he left for his exercise class.

Instead of vacuuming this morning, I went through my dining room closet and took out anything I'm never going to use again and donated it to the church's rummage sale. I took a full load out to the church this morning and put it in the storage room. I will vacuum tomorrow morning while I wait for Gay to arrive.  I hope to get my mini box installed and working this afternoon after I get off work. It's time to leave now so I will get back to this later.

I jumped through several hoops  trying to get the mini box installed with the phone line being dropped three different times. Finally the third time I got through to a woman who told me, after I had explained to three different people how my cable was connected to the DVR before some wise woman at Cox informed me that I did not need a mini box because the Cox DVR is a digital receiver. So now they are going to send me a box to send the mini box back... postage free. What a mess! To be a "communications" company, they do a very poor job of communicating. I had had a notice from them that I was going to need a mini box or beginning in November, I was going to start losing stations. By January 12th, I would have no TV. So, I ordered the mini box. Then today I learned that the DVR they left me last spring WAS a digital receiver.

Besides that, they didn't have a clue on how to go through my Bose sound system to install it.
This is my Living the Questions group. We will meet again next week on Sunday evening at Joyce's at 7:00. That's me down in front.  I will try to include more photos in the future. Joyce is the one directly behind me with the SOSS tee shirt..

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Thursday Thank Goodness

I slept pretty well last night. I spent the morning until time to meet the girls for breakfast, by cleaning the bathroom and the kitchen. In the morning I will vacuum.

But right now I have a rough place on a crown in my mouth and it's made my tongue sore. I took a rough emery board and tried to smooth it off some but it's still kind of rough. I guess I'll call the dentist in the morning. Another unusual expense I really can't afford.

I met the girls, at least two of them, for breakfast at 9:00 and didn't get back home until 10:30. Karan couldn't come.   I warmed up the goulash and toasted some garlic bread and Bob brought a salad.  I didn't have anything for dessert. I didn't take the time to make pudding.

When I went to work there weren't many DVDs to put away...just one basket. Then I put away the fiction books and cleaned a few DVDs before going to shelf read. I was glad to see 5:00 come.

I got home to my yogurt and Chia Latte. Later Bob came over and watched some reruns of Big Bang Theory.

Tomorrow afternoon  I will try to install my mini cable box. That will be a challenge since my Bose system remote operates my TV and the Bose system. I will have to call Bose to see if they can walk me through getting their remote to pick up the signal for the Cox mini cable box. This box is supposed to give me the new digital lineup.

I only work two hours in the morning.

Not much news. 

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Wednesday and Hump Day

I got up at 4:15 after a fitful night's sleep.  I don't know what the deal is...why I'm not sleeping well again. It's been off and on for awhile.

Today for lunch we will have a roast beef with potatoes and carrots and onions. Bob will bring a salad. I have some more fruit for dessert and this time I have whipped cream to add to it.  Some time ago, I had the butcher cut a larger roast in two and wrap them separately. This is the second half. I have the table set already. I try to do that right away and it cuts down on the amount of preparation I have to deal with.

Tomorrow we will have the leftover goulash from Monday.

I dug out some more things to put in the church's rummage sale September 11th and 12th.  I need to get some price stickers this morning to price everything I have taken out there. Saturday afternoon after Gay leaves, or maybe Friday after I get off work, I will go out there and get my stuff priced. I went out awhile ago to put that stuff in my car trunk and that stray cat that hurt Missy ran out from under my car. I'm so glad I didn't let her out.

My old friend, Gay, and I will meet at noon Saturday to have lunch at the sandwich shop in Dearing. She is looking for a new recliner so we will stop at Haymaker Furniture Store there and let her look.

More later...

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Tuesday and A Better Day

Today was better. First of all, I had my hair cut and done. Then Bob and I went to Great China for lunch. That was really good! After that I took him home and went to work.

Today was an easier day at work too. I only had two boxes, double  stacked. I figure each level is 29 boxes so double stacked would be 58 in each basket plus any along the sides.

I put away the new fiction and magazines too. And then the part timer, Raye,  had me fill some of the TV program boxes so she could put them into larger boxes that will take up less room.

I left about ten minutes early.   But then I went in fifteen minutes early.

More later....

My Keurig coffee came today..and just in time too. I was out. I had found some on sale at the market and bought a small box to tide me over. Bob came over and picked his up and paid me for his order. He went home shortly after 7:00 and I took my bath and the regular routine.

I heard from Aime today that there is a snag in the hiring process at the college and they are trying to work it out. If they do, I will interview for their position and move from the library if they can use me.
I can only stay at the library until November anyhow. We can only stay at each site for one year and I started at the library in November last year.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Monday and Back to Work

Well, it's back to work this afternoon. It will be a huge day with the DVDs. It's unbelievable what the library has become...primarily a free DVD lending institution. Yes, there are many books checked out too but nothing like the volume of  DVDs......many, many of them for children. There will be several hundred to be put away this afternoon and it will take me most of the afternoon to do it. Standing on my feet for four hours straight is beginning to take it's toll on my body and my legs and feet.  But I only have another year and a month.

I slept well last night...primarily because I took a Benedril tablet when I went to bed.  I was so wound up with having messed with the computers so long I knew it would be hard to put my mind to rest.

Today we will have goulash for lunch. Bob has some garlic bread that he will drop by before he goes to work. We will have a salad and a veggie too. And I have some more fruit for dessert.

Leslie is going to drop by before lunch to check over the brochure I printed off yesterday afternoon and see if it meets with her approval. I changed the wording a bit. If it's o.k., I will print off a dozen or so for us to leave on the foyer table at church. The brochure simply gives our history as a congregation and our mission as a congregation.

More later....

Leslie showed me how to find the brochure and send it by email to her. Darn kids! Smarter then I am by far! It took her ten minutes to find that brochure.

The goulash was good and we took some of it to Marilyn R. my neighbor. She appreciated it.

My afternoon was a catastrophe. I had five baskets full of DVDs to put away.....doubled stacked. It took me from 12:40 until 3:30 to just get them all in the baskets and the DVDs into the machines. Then the next hour and a half I filed them in the bookcases.Then I filed  and put away the new fiction before I left. I came home and sat in my chair and drank my Chai Latte and ate my yogurt. I am exhausted!

Bob just texted me he wasn't coming over. He must be tired too.

In the morning I will pick him up at  8:30 and we will go to Independence to get my hair done and he will visit his sister, Betty, and pick me up when I am finished at the shop. Then we will eat either at Great China.... if they are opened again.... or at Big Cheese. Great China closes for a month so they can go back to China for a month each year. It's a family tradition.

I will get my bath early and put on my Pjs and sit in the recliner with Missy in my lap. I hope I can stay awake this evening.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sunday and the Sermon

Today I have the sermon at church. I got up really early this morning after not sleeping very well. I am concerned about the desktop computer's e-mail program.  I worked to resolve the problem for another hour but with no luck. It receives e-mail but will not send. Luckily I have this laptop and the old 2007 laptop with working e-mail programs.

I can't figure it out. The error message says "Cannot send the message. Verify the e-mail address in your account properties. The server responded 550.5.1.0 Authentication required." I looked at the properties but didn't see a place to verify the e-mail address in the account properties. I am relatively ignorant when it comes to computer problems.  Thank goodness my older son is an IT. When he gets a moment he may get it fixed.

I baked my coffeecake first thing this morning. It is on a rack cooling now. I will put a powered sugar fronting on it after it cools.  John, my son-in-law and the great grandchildren really look forward to it and I bake it every other Sunday for that reason. Bob bakes his pumpkin bread on the alternate Sunday mornings.

I'd better go over my sermon before it gets light or Missy will be wanting to go out on the carport.

When I get home after lunch I will do the newsletters on this computer so I can send it to multiple people from the congregation. Also, I have two or three that I send a hard copy.

More later...

Well the sermon went well and now I have the newsletters finished and ready to go out.  My older son, (the genius) contacted me and in five minutes, he had the desktop computer fixed. That's the one I spent three hours trying to fix yesterday and early this morning. I am so grateful! I should have just waited for him...that all.

They were having supper at Olive Garden yesterday evening...using the card I sent him for his birthday this month. They seemed to enjoy it so that was a good gift choice. 

Now it's three thirty and the work of the day is finished so I can read. Bob will be coming at 6:00 to watch 60 minutes. That's all for today.