Saturday, February 19, 2011

Phyllis' Birthday

This is my sister's 78th birthday. Her younger daughter, Denise, Phyllis' husband, Bob, and I are going to throw her a party at 1:00. She probably won't know what's going on but we will. Denise has cupcakes for everyone, I have bought some ice cream cups and Bob has several cards for her. I bought her a new sweatshirt yesterday at Joplin. I gift wrapped it and taped my card to the outside. Who knows how many more birthdays she will have so we are celebrating this one.

I did a load of laundry this morning while watching the weather channel on TV. The weather has been really nice. Yesterday morning before I went to clean the church, I cleaned up one of my flower beds. The bulbs are up two inches in that one. I cut the peonies to the ground too. I also cut back the clematis. If it is halfway nice this morning after the sun comes up, I will prune back my miniature rose bush. Unfortunately, it's supposed to get down in the 20's at night next week.

When that happens, Slinky will have to come back in the kitchen at night. Drat! I really want to wax that floor or put some sort of sealer on it. Slinky makes a real mess on it. He drools and he tracks in mud. Last year the floor started looking kind of worn so I waxed it. But now the natural finish on it is gone and it has to be waxed to look like anything. If I can put some sort of sealer on it, that will restore the shine.

More later...

I did some raking before I went to Windsor. I also pruned the crepe myrtle. Then I took the ice cream cups over to Windsor so they could be put in their freezer.

At about 1:00 I went over there. they brought Phyllis into her room where Bob and Denise and I met with her and shared her birthday cards and gifts. Then Denise fed her some ice cream. I taped her birthday cards on the wall behind her bed. Then I labeled her new shirt and the throw that Denise made for her. She cried a lot. I think it was just too much for her that we were all there at the same time. After about an hour, Denise and I left and left Bob there to visit with her. After he left they were going to let her take a nap in her bed.

I came back home and was sitting in the recliner working with the sounds on my cell phone and Missy, my cat, was lying on my lap. Suddenly she reached up and bit me on the wrist. It brought blood. I would say she did not like the sounds on my cell phone. I put peroxide on it and a band aid.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Low Stress Day

I called my brother-in-law and asked him to go to breakfast with me this morning and he did. I always enjoy having someone to eat with when I eat out.

Today I don't have a lot going. I still have not heard from Amie about the job but I need to go out to church today and clean and run the bulletins.

I want to go to Bartlesville today too. I could not find a cute sweatshirt for my sister's birthday tomorrow here in Coffeyville so maybe I can find one in Bartlesville. I want to wrap it up so she can unwrap it and have something new. We are going to take cupcakes for the entire group of 21 out there. I would like to take ice cream cups too if I can find them.

Slinky slept outside last night. It was 70 degrees. He started barking at 5:00AM because he is used to eating his breakfast then. I stayed in bed awhile longer and after he learned barking wasn't going to get his breakfast, he hushed. After I got my makeup on and dressed I went in and got his food, put his Benadril pill in it and put it out on the patio. I didn't fix oatmeal for him since I didn't fix it for me. Poor dog..he's probably having a rude awakening. I'll have to have him back in the kitchen next week. It's supposed to get down in the 20's at night. I scrubbed the kitchen floor yesterday. He makes such a mess of it. He tracks in mud and slobbers all over it.

More later....

I called my brother-in-law back after I finished cleaning the church and asked him if he wanted to go to Joplin with me to shop for my sister's birthday gift. He did. So we took off about 11:30 and walked the mall over there. It's an hour and a half drive. I found a pretty sweatshirt for her. She's always cold. I have to find a box to wrap it in now. We ate lunch mid afternoon at Olive Garden. We got back here about 4:30. It was a lovely day with lots of sunshine.

Tomorrow we will meet with Denise, her younger daughter, at noon and have a party with Phyllis. I doubt she will know the difference. But we will.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Job Interview

My job interview is this afternoon at 2:00 and I have a dental appointment to have my teeth cleaned at 11:00 this morning. That's all I have planned today.

I didn't make the Ministerial Association meeting yesterday. I made the chicken casserole for Gene, Carletta's, husband, and went to see her at 3:30. Carletta is in real bad shape. I don't know whether she can make it until spring or not. She is very thin and has no appetite at all. She is living on sweets. She says food is repugnant to her. She has a metallic taste in her mouth all the time. It's pitiful.

I got home right in time to go to PINCH meeting at St. James United Methodist church. Afterward Jack and Marilyn and Howard and Judy invited me to go to dinner with them at El Publeito. The meeting was good and so was the food and fellowship.

I had left Slinky outside because it was 60 degrees. He wanted to come in though so I broke down and let him in. He slept until 4:00, when he needed to go out to pee. Then he wanted back in even though it is nice outside. I think it's the company he likes. He is lying here right now at my feet on his bed....napping. He's going to have a rude awakening if I get this job today.

More later....

Well, if I didn't have bad luck, I wouldn't have any luck at all. The hygienist discovered my bridge was loose. I suspected it. It had been feeling like it was rocking. The dentist is in Costa Rica and won't be back until the 7th of March.

She took an x-ray of the bridge area and there is some kind of activity around the neck of the tooth. It looks like infection on the x-ray. I may lose the tooth and of course, if I lose the tooth that means I lose the three unit bridge too. I have $2,000 invested in that one tooth already. About ten years ago, the dentist I was going to then wanted to redo the bridge. It was on there with onlays and he did not like that. It had come off a couple of times and needed to have crowns holding that bridge.

Well, in tweeking the prep, he got into the nerve and had to do a root canal ($900 at that time). That root canal blew up a few months later and I had to get a Tulsa endadontist to redo it...another $1,000. Then the new bridge at that time was $900 a unit....three units. You figure it. That's a very expensive bridge. Now if I lose the tooth a new bridge would be a lot more expensive and I am going to work a part time job because I need the money to save for taxes and insurances on my house and car.

So, if I didn't have bad luck, I'd have no luck at all.

Now that I've done my thing by feeling sorry for myself, I need to eat some lunch and get ready for my job interview. :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ministerial Association

Today the Independence church's Ministerial Association is meeting. If possible I should go if only to say "goodbye". If I go to work, I will probably work 8:00 until noon. The Association meets at 11:30 and I could not make it...especially since it's a 20 - 30 minute drive to Independence. I have attended the association for many years. In fact, I was president some years back. Many of the ministers there have changed over the years as they have been transferred to other churches or retired. I am not as attached to the newer group.

On the other hand, the Coffeyville Ministerial Alliance is nearer. It is here. I might be able to work out getting there. I am secretary/treasurer there and have been for years. I could leave an hour early and make it up another day. I will also have to give up my chaplain work. It is all day for a week and we are on call nights too.

I saw Phyllis yesterday afternoon and also went to see Gerry. Phyllis was in fairly good spirits. Denise was there feeding her her lunch. I stayed about 40 minutes. Then I went to see Gerry. She is having some more problems with her heart. She will be 90 in April so anything is possible. But she was in real good spirits.

Today, I should go to see Carletta. I started to do that yesterday when I stayed in Independence and had lunch with Leslie. Carletta is dying of a rare blood cancer. She was diagnosed five years ago and she has tried nearly every treatment, even experimental ones. They had given her about five years to live. Nothing has worked. Her organs are enlarged and she gets weaker and weaker every week. She is trying to make it until spring. She has lived the past six or eight months on blood transfusions but they are doing less to help her. I called at 1:00 yesterday and her husband said her sister had come to visit and they had gone downtown. He said she would be exhausted when she returned and suggested today instead.

So, about noon, I'll call again and see what kind of day she is having. She says she is completely wiped out in the mornings. I am fixing a chicken and rice casserole to take out there.

More later...

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

No Call Yet...Oh Yes!

Amie had told me yesterday that Senior Services wanted an interview with me but I did not hear from them yesterday. I want to try to get a hair appointment today after the beauty shop opens so I hope they will not call while I am there.

I went to Independence yesterday afternoon after I learned that the MC3 board meeting was at 4:00 yesterday instead of next Monday. They had changed it from the regular Monday during the snow days so I was confused about which Monday at 4:00 to which they had changed it.

Then last night I just relaxed and watched TV. Of course, I fell asleep on and off during that. :) I just had such a wild day.

Otherwise, I have no activities today. I stripped the bed this morning and am washing the bedding. I will do the towels next. I really need to do some cleaning too. The kitchen floor really needs a good cleaning. Slinky drools all over it constantly. Shar Peis are so messy. And then when I let him out to go poo, he digs in the dirt and eats dirt. When he comes back in, he tracks that dirt all over the kitchen floor. What a mess!

More later....

Yes!! I was on my way to have lunch with Leslie and they did call. I have an interview on Thursday at 2:00 PM. Luckily, I had my hair done this morning.

I have a Thursday morning appointment with the dental get my teeth cleaned.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Appointment for Job Interview

I am meeting with Amie this morning at 9:00 AM at the library to interview for the SER SCEP program. I hope the governor doesn't cut funding out of Kansas' budget for this program. It finds work and pays minimum wage to seniors who must work because of low income. He is cutting every social program in Kansas in an attempt to get the Kansas budget back in balance. He is, of course, a Republican.

This noon Cyndi and I will attend the dinner with the doctor at CRMC. The program is on heart problems and Cyndi has some kind of heart problem. Cyndi, unfortunately, has a lot of health problems, 90% of which are in her head. It's hard to take Cyndi seriously because of this. It's going to be like the little boy who cried "wolf" someday. One or more of her health problems may be legitimate but no one will know for sure since she has so many. She's always been this way according to my daughter, who is her best friend.

Slinky slept through the night last night and so did I. I slipped another Benadril into his food last evening. He has terrible allergies and I had been giving him Benadril in the morning all winter. Juanita gives it to her dog for allergies.

The rest of the day, I'm free.

Yesterday afternoon my brother-in-law called to remind me of the Alzheimer support group meeting at 2:30 so I rushed through doing my letters and drove over to the nursing home to attend with him. I always learn something new there.

We ate at Bushwhackers after church. There were seven of us this time. They have not had their grand opening yet. The place was packed and they were grossly understaffed. We waited 45 minutes for our food. They finally locked the door. They must have turned away a dozen people..maybe more. But the food was good.

More later....

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Another Beautiful Day

It's another beautiful day and if this weather continues this week as it's is forecast to do, the snow will melt away. Thank goodness!

I will go to church as usual this morning, probably eat out with some of the congregation, do my newsletters this afternoon and watch TV this evening. It's a rather calm day but I'm not complaining.

Every once in awhile, we need a calm day.

I'm having a discussion on another board about the nature of the gospel as found in the Bible. My daughter has been invited to participate in a workshop our church is sponsoring. She wrote this to me yesterday:

"I have been invited to attend the Congregational Formation and Leadership Development put on by the World Church through the Mission Center. There are some materials that I have to read and thought that you might have one of these books;

·Wrestling with the Questions – As introduction to Contemporary Theologies by Gregory C. Higgins.

·Theological Crossfire by Clark H. Pinnock and Delwin Brown (old book)

·A New Kind of Christianity—Ten Questions That Are Transforming the Faith by Brian D. McLaren

I thought you might have one or two of these books."

Of course, I do. I have the McLaren book. I recommend it to anyone interested in the development of the theology of the Christian church. I also recommend one I am presently reading called: "Jesus Wars: How Four Patriarchs, Three Queens, and Two Emperors Decided What Christians Would Believe for the Next 1,500 years". It's a fascinating book about how the doctrines of the church developed.

I will loan her the McLaren book if I can figure out how to do that from my Kindle. That's where I have the book downloaded.

Maybe I can get back to the "Jesus Wars" book this evening before 60 Minutes.

More later....