Saturday, July 7, 2012

Saturday at Camp

Well, I will meet my brother in law in about 45 minutes for breakfast and then I will think about taking off for camp. It's about two hours over there. I will probably get there about 10:00. I am looking forward to it yet in some respects dreading it. Nearly a week away from home. I've never been much on being away from home and yet I know I need this break. I'll be back Monday to do the graveside services for my sister. My daughter is going to help me. Then after that, I will go back to camp.

I am taking my laptop and if I can connect using their router at the campground manager's cabin, I will have the internet. I can check my e-mail through web mail. I can keep up with my blog and post on the church's website too.

My brother in law is supposed to water my plants and feed Missy, my cat....and Inky too if he comes around. Missy will be furious that I am gone. She doesn't like anyone else and she doesn't like me much. But she does prefer me. She hates Inky.

I am all packed. I searched the house for a hair dryer. I have two somewhere. I even searched the garage in the rummage boxed up there. I cannot find either of them. I will need one at camp so I may go into Joplin to Wal Mart and buy one. It's so disgusting that I can't find either one of mine.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday Again

Well, it's Friday again. I went to get my hair done first thing this morning and then realized I had not left my time sheet (with its 12 hours in the pay period) with the office staff. I took it up there and left it after I got back from South Coffeyville where I buy my gas.

I am running the dishwasher now so I will leave my dishes clean when I leave for camp tomorrow.

After 9:00 AM I will go up to the Medicine Shoppe and pick up my blood pressure med. I reordered it for the next month. I would have run out next week. This evening I will do my little bit of laundry and pack my car. Tomorrow after breakfast, I will leave for camp. They will just be taking reservations in the morning and I need to pay the rest of my registration. I just sent in a deposit earlier.

Bob's older daughter will be coming here and staying the week I am gone. I am so happy both daughters will be around. His older son will be at the graveside service on Monday. I don't know whether he will stay overnight or not. He has three days off for a family funeral. He could use my house. Of course, Missy, my cat, might run him off. She doesn't like anyone but me and she's not crazy about me either.

We have a meeting this afternoon at 2:00 with the funeral director. (We did decide on an 11:00 AM service at the cemetery on Monday) . After that meeting I will make stew and take it by Bob's house for them to eat on this weekend.

More later....

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Back to Work

My sister must have made it through the night. I didn't hear from my brother-in-law.

I will work today. I hope there's something to do. I worked about an hour out of three on Tuesday. I work eight hours today. I hope there's something to do.

I will pack my car on Friday evening and leave Saturday morning after breakfast with Bob. That is...if Phyllis is still alive.

After Bob checked on Phyllis again yesterday afternoon and found they had put her on oxygen, we went on out to John and Leslie's house. We got there between five and five thirty. We were to have eaten at 5:30 but Jeromy's guests didn't arrive until after 6:00 and we didn't actually eat until 7:00 - 7:30. By then everyone was really hungry.

I did the few dishes and pans we had before the fireworks. Cheyenne, who is 5 months old, got really cranky and dominated Jeromy and Marlene's evening. Babies can be so difficult. They can't tell you what's wrong so they scream.

We stayed awhile for the fireworks but Bob was as tired as I was so we left early. We got back to the city at 10:00. He dropped me off and I took my bath and went to bed.

More later....

At 9:00 this morning my brother-in-law called to say Windsor had called him to say if he wanted to say his goodbyes to my sister, his wife, he should come immediately. He called me and we both met out there. She lived until 12:40 and we were both there with her when she finally breathed her last. The graveside services are to be Monday at 10:00 or 11:00 AM. I will come home from camp to do them with the help of my daughter. Then I will go back to camp.

We went out to the Spring Hill cemetery to see the grave site after we notified his daughter and his youngest son. We will call the other two after we get things firmed up for sure.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Independence Day

This morning I will finish cleaning my house. First priority, I need to clean the bathrooms. I also want to run the sweeper.

Then I will make my potato salad and baked beans for tonight's dinner at my son in law and daughter's home. John will grill hamburgers and Leslie will make homemade ice cream. Bob and I will go although since I learned there were going to be eighteen people there,(grandson Jeromy's friends)some of my interest has waned. Especially since there will also be fireworks. Initially it was to have been just the four of us. Jeromy and Marlene had declined the invitation and were going to have their own event at their home. Then Jeromy must have remembered that his parent's home was on a hill and changed the plan. So now there will be eighteen of us and the menu has changed to hamburgers from barbequed ribs. Oh well, I'm happy to have been invited. I seldom am anymore. John and Leslie have such busy lives of their own.

Everything changes.

Leslie used to invite me to go with her to Joplin or Bartlesville but she no longer does that. She has her own life. And I am now her "elderly" mother.

Luckily I have friends who include me. I have nothing to complain about. I'm just kind of "down" today for some reason.

Bob and I have breakfast out on Saturday mornings. We often eat lunch out once a week too. I go out a couple of days a week to check on my sister Phyllis who is in terrible condition. That in itself is depressing but I can only hope she is not aware of her condition. Alzheimer's Disease is such a terrible condition.

Bob came by a little while go. Phyllis has developed jaundice and they figure her liver is affected now. She is also in a deep sleep and breathing very shallowly. After I got my potato salad and baked beans finished, I went out and sat with them for an hour or so. I wonder if she will make it through the day... Windsor will call us if anything changes this afternoon.

3:15 Bob just called. He had been back out to see how Phyllis is doing and she is now on oxygen but doing about the same. I guess we will still plan to go out to John and Leslie's at 4:30 unless something does change before then.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Half Day Tuesday

I'm only working a half day today just in case Carol has a cancellation and I can get my hair done this morning. It is a mess after mowing last night.

I will do some cleaning while I'm home this morning. Then after 9:00, I want to go out to Windsor to see Phyllis. I would love to get the energy up to go out and mulch my flowerbeds. It just isn't there though.

I am sorry I registered for camp. I am so afraid something will change with Phyllis while I am gone.

A woman called the church a few days ago and asked us to prepare a dinner for her family following the funeral services for her son. She is a member but lives 68 miles away and attends a different church there. We agreed to do it and made a monumental effort to get together a dinner for 20 - 25 family members. Four of our members helped serve it.

The dinner was yesterday at 3:00. Four people showed up. The mother of the young man who died apologized for the few who came but we still have a lot of food to dispose of somehow. I will eat on my chicken casserole until I leave on Saturday for camp. I will take the dessert I have left to the office today. I know we did the right thing but what a disappointment! All that food and effort.

I went to see Phyllis and she was asleep. She didn't have her mouth guard in. I looked up the nurse and Debby and they told me they had had to get it out of her mouth because she had chewed it into pieces. They were afraid she would choke on it. They are watching her closely so she won't chew up her lip again. It looks pitiful now.

More later....

I was in the office for four hours today but I can't say I worked much. It was a very slow day...worse then usual. Yesterday was the same way.

I wrote some traffic tickets and entered them into the computer and then filed them. I copied some documents for Lynn. I filed about a half dozen documents. That was about all. We left the office at 4:00 after we were given permission. It will be good to be off tomorrow for the holiday.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Another Monday

It's Monday again and it's 5:50 in the morning. I put my chicken casserole in the oven earlier and when it is finished I will put my dessert in. Bob, my brother in law, will come over this afternoon about 2:00 and get both of them and take them out to church for the family funeral dinner at 3:00. The casserole will have to be warmed up before it can be served. I hope this all goes well. I will be working because it's Monday but five members of the congregation who do not have jobs, will serve this dinner. We're supposed to serve 20 - 25 family members. I am betting that a dozen might show up. We will see.

I will take tomorrow morning off just in case my hairdresser can work me into her schedule. I will mow this evening if I can work it out. If not, I will wait until Thursday evening. The grass hasn't grown much in this heat and without any rain. I will be leaving Saturday for camp (if Phyllis is still living).

I tried to read last night but kept falling asleep. I finally went to bed at 9:30. I slept well until about 4:15 when I awoke to take my meds and go to the bathroom. Finally I just got up and got myself ready for work.

More later. I need to put together my dessert. That chicken dish will come out of the oven in fifteen minutes.....

O.K. The casserole is out cooling and the dessert is in the oven. More later...

This evening I noticed it was 80 degrees at 8:00 so I got out there on the mower and got the yard mowed and trimmed. I finished just as it got dark. Now I'm going to take my bath and go to bed.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sunday Church

It's Sunday again and I will have Church School and church this morning and then, as usual, we will eat out somewhere...probably Hong Kong Delight. I'm not wild about Chinese but every once in awhile, we go there as a group.

Then I will come home and do my letters and go to Country Mart a little later and get my chicken for tomorrow. I will fix a chicken breast, rice and veggie casserole for tomorrow's memorial service and a dessert. I will be working but five of our number can be there to help serve and clean up.

I will work all day Monday and half a day on Tuesday before the holiday on Wednesday. On Saturday, I leave for camp. Phyllis is still holding on. I called Bob last night to ask him how she was yesterday. I had meant to go out to see her myself but got caught up in helping Karan and Bobby get their computers going again.

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