Saturday, December 18, 2021

Sarurday and a Waldorf Salad

I slept well again last night and was up at 5:00AM as usual. I am having my breakfast while I blog. I haven't had the weather on yet and I don't know whether it rained or not last night. I slept too hard to hear it.

Soon I will go watch "the weather on the 8's" and see what today's forecast is. Then I will check on the cats and after that, I will start on making my salad for tomorrow's dinner at church.

Yesterday was exhausting and I haven't even begun on the books and the things out of the curio cabinets. That can wait until next Tuesday. The carpet people are not coming until next Thursday. I believe we have game day at the senior center next Wednesday.

Now I will go check the weather.

The weather is to be in the 50's and 60's next week with no rain.

Both cats came for breakfast this morning.I figured they would since they didn't  come for supper last night. I will go back to watching the CBS morning news now.

It's nearly 7:00AM and the cats have eaten and gone and I brought in their food to the garage.

I should start that salad and get it over with. It's a lot of chopping etc, and I will put it in the frig overnight.

So more later .... 

It's 8:00AM now and I have just finished Bob's Waldorf salad and have it in Tupperware and in the frig. It should be fine for 24 hours tight in Tupperware.

I tasted it and it is the same as ever with Gala apples, some lemon juice, two kinds of seedless grapes, raisins, celery and. pecans stirred with mayonnaise. I think that is everything in there. I even have washed the dishes and put them away.

That's everything I hoped to get done today. Maybe I will dust this morning.. I didn't do that on Thursday. Maybe I can get those books out of the bookcase and stacked in the den.

More later... 

It took me awhile but I got all those books out of that bookcase in the living room. It's 9:00AM now and I am exhausted again.  

May be an image of book and indoor 

Here are some of those books . What a mess.And after they are gone, I will have to put all those books back in the bookcase in the living room. I hope the new carpet is worth it!

For lunch, I went down to Copan and had their small chef salad and iced tea. As usual, it was very good. Then I came back home and downloaded another book and have been reading it for a couple of hours. It's 5:12PM now and soon I will watch the CBS evening weekend news.

It's almost 7:00PM now and I have just had my bath. I have been reading since 5:30PM after I found there was no evening news tonight....only football and professional football at that I will go back to my book now. I feel better after the bath. 

I plan to go to bed sometime  between 9:00PM and 10:00PM


Friday, December 17, 2021

Friday and E-Mail At Last

I didn't sleep quite as well last night but not terrible. I was up a couple of times in the night...once to go to the bathroom and once to turn down the thermostat since I got too warm.

But I am so happy to have my e-mail back I can't complain. 

I am eating my breakfast now and it is 6:42AM. As soon as I finish my oatmeal, I will go turn on "the weather on the 8's" and check out today's forecast.I think it's supposed to rain unless they have changed the forecast. Then I will check out the cat situation.

I spent last evening taking everything out of the closet floors in preparation for the carpet layers on the 23rd.

Michael and his wife dropped by last week and said the carpet layers want me to take the books out of the bookcase in the living room. Also they want me to take the curios out of the curio cases, I will stack the books in the den. I will put the curios in the kitchen and dining room. I will leave my car in the street and blow the leaves out of the garage so they can put some furniture in there too. It will be a big job and I can't leave it all to the last minute. I was exhausted after moving everything out of the closets last night. I also wrapped the last of  my Christmas gifts and put them in the den room too.

The den is 1/3 full now. And the rain is still in the forecast for today...this afternoon.

Both cats came to eat this morning but they are gone now and I took the food back in the garage.

More later....

I made my peanut clusters this morning. I will wait until the are dry and hard and then pack them into Christmas tins and give them to my friends and my landlord and his wife. I will take a tin to Nancy on Tuesday. Maybe I will take one to Mary Williams too. I will try my best to stay out of them myself. I am trying to watch my weight.  Tomorrow I will make my Bob's Waldorf salad for the church Christmas dinner on Sunday. It is always best when it has sat overnight in the frig.

I sent out the news about my restored e-mail to my online classmates. Hopefully they will respond with their news in the next week. I would like to wrap this newsletter up this week....or at the latest, the following one. The loss of my e-mail this past week really set me back.

I got all of the peanut clusters packed into tins...three small round ones and one larger square one that I will take to church on Sunday for the dinner dessert and treat.

That's my project for the day. Now I will read after I go to the market and get a couple of things. I want to blow the leaves out of my garage too today. I will probably have to do it again before the carpet people come on Thursday next week. This leaf situation is a mess.

 More even later...

I went to the market and got what I needed and came back home.  I will wait until the man next door putting a new floor down in the kitchen,bathroom and dining room and foyer. I think that's what he is doing at least. 

I asked Leslie to check with the woman there at 4 County  that printed off my classmates newsletters the past two years to see if she would print them off this year too. They should be ready by next week. I can print one off and she could just use their mimeograph and copy them off if she would like. I sure hope she can do it again.

Leslie reminded me that  I had her e-mail address and I sent Hillary an e-mail asking her if she would be able to duplicate this year's class newsletter. I haven't heard back from her yet.

I hope she can. At this point it's only 6 pages instead of the usual eight.

It's 11:38AM right now and I will go find something to eat for lunch.

More later...

I had a frozen dinner...meat loaf and mashed potatoes.

May be an image of 4 people and indoor 

My niece Diana sent me this today. What a nice gift. Perfect except for the elderly lady on the right. 

Now I will go read More later....

For the first time in a couple of weeks, my desktop computer lost the internet signal. I ran the troubleshooter and it is fixed...for now.

It's 6:38PM now and I have finished another book. At 7:00 I will take my bath and hope I recorded the CBS evening news. I am not sure.

I looked outside but didn't see any cats. They could have been out there when I was reading but now they will have to wait until morning to eat. 

Tomorrow I will fix Bob's Waldorf salad for the dinner after church on Sunday. I don't have another book to read on Kindle and I am charging the Kindle again this evening .

After I see if I can watch the recorded CBS evening news, I will probably go to bed. Moving all that stuff out of the three closets was exhausting. I should probably go to bed earlier this evening.

Thursday, December 16, 2021

Thursday and House Cleaning

I slept  well last night and was up at my usual 5:00am. I had stayed up reading until almost 11:00PM. I still had no e-mail. I dressed and got myself ready for the day and am eating my breakfast now. I may clean the apartment today although last week I cleaned on Friday.

I will go check on "the weather on the 8's" in a  little while and also check on the cats. They didn't come for dinner last night. It was raining. They came this morning though and I fed them and when they finished, I took their food back in and got a broom and swept off the front door area.

I managed to get the apartment cleaned this morning while the commercials were on TV.

I called a couple of Cox Complete Care agents this morning and neither of them were able to fix But the agent that changed my e-mail password a couple of days ago had done something he wasn't supposed to do and it messed up my e-mail. According to one of those this morning, Cox had it fixed yesterday. 

Finally I went up to Independence and finished my Christmas shopping. I still have to wrap the gifts.

I had stopped at the Dairy Queen while I was up there and had a blizzard. That was my lunch.

Then I came home and read awhile again.

Finally I called Cox again and I finally got a genius who knew exactly what to do. He and a woman he contacted managed to get a new password that would work and then had me put one in that I wanted instead and  that one worked too.

So I am back in the e-mail business and  I had news from three classmates to add to the newsletter. I got that done too.

The only problem I had was that in all that... I managed to lose the blog I had started  this morning. So I had to start over. This is a slightly different blog from what I had this morning. 

It's after 6:00PM and if I remembered to record the evening CBS news, I will watch it before I go to take my bath,

I had recorded the CBS evening news so I watched that and then began emptying  everything out of the bedroom closets floors. The carpet people will be coming to lay the new carpet on December 23rd. It's 8:04PM now and I am exhausted. I will take my bath, put my p.j.s on and read until bedtime. 

Good night!

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Wednesday and Still No e-Mail

I slept well last night again and was up at 5:00AM as usual. I've dressed and got myself ready for the day. Cox still doesn't have their e-mail fixed.  So, here I am in the middle of getting the class newsletter out and no e-mail. I will call Cox later. There is always a chance that after the Cox tech changed my password to the e-mail that might have messed it up. It has been well over 24 hours and it should have been fixed by now. It went down at 12:30AM yesterday morning.

I have my 9:00AM hair appointment this morning and then at 3:15PM I have the appointment with the audiologist in Bartlesville. That's another $75.00 office call. The audiologist isn't covered by Medicare. I will miss Bunco but that doesn't end until 3:00PM so I just have to miss it this time.

I am having my breakfast now and it is almost 6:00AM..  I will go check "the weather on the 8's" and the cats a little later. The weather still says rain today and wind and rain on Friday. I haven't checked on the cats yet. It's7:39AM now and I still haven't checked on the cats. I'll do that now.

More later...

No cats out there this morning and it's 68 degrees. Pretty warm for the 15th of December.

They finally came and I fed them.I think Scruff is pregnant. Either that or she's getting fat. 

I got my hair done at 9:00AM as usual and  afterward I bought a cherry limeade slush.

About 10:30 the audiologist office called me and changed my appointment. They said the audiologist had called in sick.Why they waited so late to call me really aggravated me. Surely she called in at 8:00AM when she didn't come to work. They changed my appointment to 3:00PM on the 28th of December.

I get my new crown inserted on December 30th..if the lab gets it done by then.

I am getting my new carpet on the 23rd of December and that is next Thursday a week from tomorrow. My landlord and landlady came this evening and asked me to take all the books out of the living room bookcase and put them in the den. They also showed me the new carpet and it is fine.

I took my bath at 7:00 and the read until 11:00 when I went on to bed.


Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Tuesday and a Visit With Nancy

I slept very well last night and only woke up once for my nightly trip to the bathroom. Of course, I read to almost 10:00PM so that may be the reason I slept so well. I have made my bed and got myself ready for the trip to visit Nancy this morning.

I will try to be there at 10:00AM and stay a couple of hours. I am taking boxed Christmas cards to her and to her friend, Mary Williams. I am giving Mary stamps too but I will just give Nancy the box of Christmas cards and tell her to get her cards ready and when I come back next Tuesday to see her, I will take them and mail them for her. I am not sure she has a list of people and their addresses to send out cards to. If she does, I will mail them off next Tuesday. If they are not ready, I will have just given her the boxed cards. You never know about Nancy. When I got there at 10:00AM last Tuesday, she was still in bed. I woke her up and told her to get dressed and she did. But she didn't brush her hair until it was time for her to go to lunch. Mary came while I was there visiting Nancy last week and stayed the entire time and visited too.

While I am in Bartlesville I will get gas. It's cheaper there then it is even in South Coffeyville.

Right now it is 6:27AM and I want to check out "the weather on the 8's" and also see if the cats are out there for their breakfast. I will get back to this later. 

We are to have rain on Wednesday and Friday and also winds..some very hard.

I won't be gone to Bunco  this week on Wednesday. I have a 3:15PM appointment with the audiologist in Bartlesville tomorrow. She will test my hearing again and give me my hearing aide that has been repaired. That cost me $350. She wants me to have another hearing aide for my left ear  but that isn't going to happen, They now cost $3,000 to $5,000 each. I bought mine from Stan Wilson and I am pretty sure he gave me his price because I think I paid about $1,600 for it...undoubtedly his cost. I paid it out at $100 a month (at no interest) for a year and since I paid off my car in less then a year, my last payment to Stan was $300. (the hearing aide payment and the two payments left from paying off the car early).  Stan has retired now and so that option is gone.

I contacted Leslie about the plan for Christmas. She is on call for Christmas and won't be able to handle Christmas dinner. I suggested we go over to Just Us in Cherryvale. Kay and Jim usually have a Christmas dinner that is by reservations only.  Leslie has to wait until Jeromy talks to Marlene to tell us whether they will be going to Topeka to Marlene's folks this year or if they would be going with us to Just Us.

I went to see Nancy about 9:45AM ad she was happy to see me. I waited until noon to leave. We had a good visit and I gave her the box of cards in hopes she has her Christmas Card list. I didn't give her stamps..I want to see if she finds the addresses of those she has always sent Christmas cards to. If she does, I told her to save the cards for me to take and mail for her next Tuesday.

I also gave Mary Williams her cards and also her stamps. Her son lives in Bartlesville and he will mail hers for her. She wrote me a check for the cards and the stamps. 

I see the e-mail is still down at Cox and they are working on it and have been all day. They took my telephone number and told me they would get back with me the first agent they have free. I get such lousy service from Cox. It's always something. Usually it's the TV with a tearing picture but this time it's the internet mail service. And this couldn't be a worse time for the e-mail to go down. 

I sent out reminders of the newsletter to those classmates that are on line but with the e-mail problem I doubt any of them received my notice.

I ate at home when I got home. I had a small frozen pizza and I put that in the microwave and cooked it and ate it.

I later called Cox Complete Care about my e-mail problem and got a woman who said the problem was my Outlook problem and they didn't work on applications. I told her I had talked to another person there earlier who told me their e-mail had been down since 12:30AM  last night. I asked her which of them...her or him, had told me the truth. 

Then I got off the phone with her and called again and got a man who told me that same thing the first man had told me. I told him the e-mail program came up with the Cox address and the user name but the password was about 20 characters long and I would never have come up with something with that many characters. So he offered to change the password to something shorter but one I could write down and therefore know what it was when asked. He did that and I printed it off with the desktop computer printer.

More later..

It's 7:25PM and they still don't have the e-mail fixed yet. It must be a major problem.

I called Kay at Just Us and made reservations for 6 for a Christmas meal. Marlene won't be coming but Jeromy (my grandson) and the girls, Cheyenne and Maia (my great grandchildren) will and of course, John, Leslie and me.

At 7:00PM I took my bath and I had finished my latest murder mystery. I will download another book on the Kindle after it is charged again and just play a game on the computer until 9:00PM or 10:00PM when I will go to bed.

Monday, December 13, 2021

Monday and Laundry

I slept well again last night. I had read until almost 10:00PM and that always helps. I was up once in the night to go to the bathroom and other then that, I slept through the night. I was up at my usual 5:00AM and am doing some laundry this morning.  I am eating my breakfast now.

Leslie contacted me last night to see if I had any plans for today and the only thing I needed to do was some laundry and that's going now. I was out of underwear and my towels needed washing too. She is going to Lowe's in Bartlesville and wanted to know if I wanted to go with her.. She has a hair appointment today in Coffeyville and will drop by and pick me up afterward. It will be good to spend some time with her. She is my only child close by and she is so busy I seldom see her except at church.

It is after 6:20AM now and I want to go check out "the weather on the 8's" and also the cats. 

I will get back to this  after I do that.

Only scruff came for breakfast. I fed her and brought in the food after she ate all she wanted. It's 8:02AM now. 

More later...

I watched the CBS news and all they talked about was that series of tornadoes on Friday and so I then turned to the weather station. They were also so busy talking about that same.series of tornadoes on Friday that they never got around to the local weather. I finally just turned it off. and folded out my laundry and put it away. We have heard those same stories every day since the tornadoes  happened. Not an update, mind you.....just the very same people and the very exact same news. 

The news people run everything into the ground. We would all feel a lot  more empathy if there was something update... that wasn't the very same news stories..

I have been playing a  game while waiting for Leslie to text me that she is on her way from Coffeyville.  I don't know when her appointment is. She didn't say.

It was 11:58AM when Leslie texted me she was leaving Coffeyville.Thirty minutes later she pulled into my drive. We drove down to the Copan Truck Stop and had a lunch of the small chef salad. She seemed pretty happy with it.

Then we went on down to Lowe's in Bartlesville where she bought some broken down boxes that can be assembled for packing a lot of books and other stuff.  She is going to one of our churches this is for sale down in Oklahoma. I believe she said Webb City. That may be Missouri..not Oklahoma.   

Then we went to the pet store where she bought some dog food. The dogs did not like the food they had given them and refused to eat it..It sat in the bowls for four days uneaten.

She stopped at a Philip's station and bought gas. We got back to Kansas a couple of hours later. 

Blondie was here soon after I got home. He was hungry again. He did come for breakfast but he made it for lunch/

I read most of the afternoon until the news came on TV. 

More later... I want to watch the CBS evening news now. It's nearly 5:30PM

I watched the CBS evening news and once again it was basically full of news about the tornadoes and the deaths.

Then it was 7:00PM and I took my bath. I will read until bedtime, I guess.

I tried to get into Keith's blog and over and over I was refused.  Finally I texted him about it and after awhile he got it fixed so I could use it again.

I copy the information from my blog onto his.

Sunday, December 12, 2021

Sunday and Church

I slept well last night. I was up as usual at 5:00AM and made my bed and got myself ready for the day. I have had my breakfast and am working on my coffee now. 

It is 6:15AM right now and I will soon go turn on "the weather on the 8's" to see what to expect today. I will also check to see if there are either of the cats out there waiting for their breakfast.

We will have church today in our building. It has been a couple of weeks since we have been able to do that because of the pandemic and new growth in number of cases in Montgomery County.

Leslie will be our speaker today. She is our most active pastor of the two. Of course Melissa is a doctor and is working the pandemic.

I see by the notice on the desktop computer that it is 32 degrees out there this morning.

I see by my phone that the Fitnus is down to a 15% charge after it charged to 22% last evening.

I see the Fitnus is down to a 6% charge now, I have plugged it back into the USB port on the desktop computer hoping it will charge again. 

The Fitnus was on the USB charger for an hour or so and it only went up to 7%.  I don't know what it's going to take to charge it. I put it back on that USB port on the Desktop Computer. I will wear the watch Leslie gave me and leave the Fitnus plugged into a USB port to charge. 

That USB port on the Desktop computer may not charge when the computer goes to sleep. I don't know. So I plugged it into another one that I use to charge my phone. Maybe that will work better.

So more later... . It's 10:23AM now and I had better leave for church!

I kept the Fitnus watch plugged in all the time I was gone until I came back home at 2:00PM. It did not charge at all. And now it is completely dead. I have it plugged in again in the USB port on the Desktop Computer and it doesn't appear to be charging at all. I followed the directions completely.

It wasn't charging at all. I had plugged in the wrong end of the adapter. No wonder it wasn't charging. It came completely charged and it took all this time to run down, When Keith pulled the wrist band off so I could plug it in, it was on the wrong side. Consequently when I tried to charge it, I pulled the same side off and plugged in the wrong end too.  Of course, it didn't charge, I went online and checked out how to charge it and saw the metal charging ends were at the other side, I plugged it in the right way and in five minutes on the PC it was charged 22%. 

I plugged it in again to see if it would get up to 100% eventually. 

It is up to 37% now after just 15 minutes. I plugged it back in again. I want to try for 100%

It's 4:16PM now and the Fitnus is up to 52%. Later this evening I will plug it in again.

More later..

I had it plugged in in the kitchen and I just put it back together and it's up to 79% now.

I had a terrible time trying to get on Zoom this evening to get the worship service and finally was able to get on the desktop computer. The laptop locked me out for trying to get on multiple times.

It's almost 7:00PM and that's time for my bath and p.j's  I will read for awhile and then go on to bed later at 9:00PM or so..