Friday, October 1, 2010

Busy Friday

I have been busy today getting ready for the women's retreat. I took Slinky for his walk and went to the bank and changed my house payment from "automatic" to self pay. I have had a problem with it being taken out before I receive my social security. Now I will have to remember to pay it before the 14 day grace period.

Afterward I went to the antique mall to pay my rent on the booth but they said they would take it out of our check when they settle up.

Then I went to see Phyllis at Windsor. Afterward I also visited my next door neighbor, Margie, who is also there because she fell the day of the last rain and broke her hip and her arm. I will go see both her and Phyllis on Monday.

In about an hour, Karan will come to pick me up for the retreat. I am hungry but don't know what to eat. I had oatmeal for breakfast and peanut butter on a piece of toast for lunch. I didn't sleep worth a darn last night so I am rather dead headed today.

The photo is of Slinky enjoying the cooler weather.

I probably will not be posting over the weekend.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Lunch on Thursday

I will get my hair done this morning and then pick up my daughter for lunch. After that, I'll just come home. I need to locate a smaller suitcase for this weekend's women's retreat. The one I kept belonged to Bob and it is huge. He bought it for trips to disasters that lasted a month. I thought there were some smaller ones inside it but there was only a carry on. I gave the others to Scott. He had no luggage since Taresa took theirs in the divorce.

I will call my brother-in-law and ask to borrow one of theirs. I also need to ask him to feed my animals Saturday morning and evening and Sunday morning.

More later...

I got home and my brother-in-law came over with the luggage an ran through the way to get into my house. Then Karan and I went out to see Carletta and visited with her awhile before we anointed her and prayed over her. She is very tired. She has stopped her chemotherapy.

Then I came home and ate out at Sirloin Stockade. I was too tired to try to come up with anything to eat on such short notice.

Tonight after I packed, I just watched some TV.

Late breaking news.

There was an explosion this evening at our refinery. I haven't been able to get any details. They did call my grandson in. He is their environmental specialist. The explosion was at the nitrogen plant. I guess I will know more after the morning news.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Nothing Wednesday

Another day with no particular plan. After awhile I will take Slinky for his walk. I may contact Juanita and take her to Joplin. I don't know what I'll do today.

More later....

I went over and looked around at the antique mall. I didn't buy anything but did see that we had some space there for some more things.

Then I went to Sonic and got a Blast for lunch.

After that, I came home and read and posted on the PC. Not much going on that's for sure.

I will watch Ken Burns' documentary "Baseball". This is the second half of the program and it's excellent.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

No Plan Tuesday

I really don't have a plan for today. I had sort of expected to go to Independence and go to lunch with Leslie but I need to be back by 2:00 for that photo op at the hospital. I washed my hair in the shower this morning. It was pretty yukky. I do not like my photos anymore. Really, I never did but even less as I approach 75. I look like my mother or grandmother. :) I would let my hair grow out natural now that Bob is gone but then I really would look like my mother or my grandmother. :) I guess I'll keep it colored.

I cleaned out another cabinet in the wall unit yesterday and threw away Bob's Red Cross stuff. I kept the newspaper that told about his experience as a chaplain with the SAIR program at 9/11. Keith might like to have that. It has now been a little over 4 months since I lost Bob.

David, the man that bought Bob's table saw last week, came to pick up the owners manual yesterday and he might be interested in the pickup when I get it back in November. It would be wonderful if I could sell it. Keith hasn't had a bite on Graig's List. I am now asking $4000. That's what the Blue Book says it's worth from an individual. Keith won't be bringing it back until nearly two months though.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Laid Back Monday

I slept real well last night. It was cool enough to need to throw an afghan over the bed.

I got the animals fed early this morning and Slinky walked but am now just watching TV and dealing with the computer.

I will clean today. I have been cleaning "at" the house the past couple of weeks. Now it needs a good cleaning.

I got the newsletters finished last night and they are out on the mailbox.

I also need to go to the bank and cash a check.

More later...

Well, I got the house nice and clean and the laundry done. Then I went to see my sister. She was in a better mood today and didn't give me a lot of trouble over wanting to go home...just once and I told her (once again) that we were all waiting for her to be able to walk before the doctor would release her. None of us want to remove all hope from her but with Alzheimer's Disease, she will not be going home.

I finished my cleaning and then read the rest of the afternoon.

I had a meat loaf sandwich for dinner and then went to Brahms and had a small chocolate chip milk shake.

I heard from Jerry this evening. We are to meet at the hospital tomorrow at 2:00 to have our photos made as chaplains. They are going to put those photos in the newsletter at the hospital. I will try to get there.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

What a Busy Sunday

I got up early this morning after my first good night's sleep in a week. I fed the animals and got ready for church and left about 8:30.

We had a nice little crowd today...better then usual. Bill told about his month long trip to Alaska to work on cabins for his wife's church. Actually I think it was a Samaritan's Purse group. Anyhow, he worked hard. His wife cooked. Then he had a short sermon on the theme.

Then we had our lunch today afterward. We only had four who went to lunch.

After that I came home and did my newsletters and got them out on the mailbox.

Then this evening after reading my book for awhile, I left for Bobby and Karan's for Living the Questions group. I just got home and it's 9:30.

Tomorrow I will clean house and try to get my house in order. I am still thinking about taking the wallpaper off the kitchen and bathrooms. I would like to paint in there.

I'm tired now and will take my bath and go to bed.