Saturday, July 17, 2010


Unfortunately, it rained yesterday and I missed the ice cream social. I also did not get my lawn mowed. I was leery of doing it when it was thundering and lightening for fear I would get struck.

I am going to attend a political meeting this afternoon at 2:00. Sometime before that, I will stop in to see my sister at the hospital.

And before that, as soon as I fed the animals, I took Slinky for a walk.

More later...

I went to look for garage sales but there was nothing much going on. When I got home, my brother-in-law came and visited for awhile. He is depressed over having to put my sister in the hospital and then in an Alzheimer's Unit on Monday. Poor guy. I suggested to him that we visit her once a day and then only for an hour or an hour and a half so she will cooperate with them better. She fought them yesterday over everything. She wants to go home. But my brother-in-law cannot handle her anymore. She can no longer walk.

I went to see her at 9:30 and stayed until 11:00. Then I came home. I will go to the political meeting at 2:00. Howard, the husband of the woman in charge is in the hospital for tests.

Phyllis' adjustment will take longer and she will continue to be unhappy as long as we are always there. She has to get used to the change and those kind of patients do not like change.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Alzheimers Unit

My brother-in-law called last night to say he had to have my sister taken to the emergency room again last night. My sister could no longer get up. Our doctor put her in the hospital. Perhaps they will transfer her to the Alzheimer's Unit of the nursing home from there. Also, they may be able to get her bladder infection under control there.

I will go up there mid morning to see her. Perhaps my brother-in-law can get some rest now that he won't be getting up a dozen of times in the night with her.

Tonight, if it doesn't rain, I may go to the Brown Mansion's ice cream social. The city band is playing too.

More later...

Well, I went to see my sister and she is even more confused if that is possible. My niece was there with her too. My brother-in-law had gone back to talk to Windsor Place to pay bills and get a haircut.

She really wanted to go home. We told her she needed to stay because of the bladder infection. I guess I will go back this evening.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Busy Thursday

I went to go with Bob, my brother-in-law to talk to Windsor Place Alzheimer's Unit about my sister. She has become impossible for him to handle. She weighs nearly as much as he does so he can not get her up when she can't do it for herself.

It appears she will be going into that unit in a couple of days. That will free my brother-in-law up to take his chemotherapy for his lymphoma. What a mess!

My niece is great about coming over and staying with her while he gets this business taken care of.

When it rains, it pours. I told my brother-in-law to come over here after he takes his therapy so he won't be alone if he gets sick.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Haircut Today

I will get my shaggy messy hair cut early today. I will be there at 7:15. Afterward, I will come back home. This is the day Leslie sits with her grandchild at noon while her daughter-in-law gets a break from her three month old baby.

I will clean my house this morning after I get home. I have nothing else on the agenda.

More later....

I got my haircut and it looks much better.

My niece just dropped by to tell me her mom (my sister) is in the hospital. I need to go to the hospital now.


My brother-in-law took her to the emergency room. They had a terrible night. She got up in the night a dozen times to go to the bathroom. They learned by a urinalysis in the emergency room that she has a bladder infection. They x-rayed her but could fine no broken bones. She does have an old deteriorating disk but it is well above the painful area and should not be causing her any distress. They do want her to see a specialist on Monday though. They have her a prescription for a stronger pain medication and an antibiotic for the bladder infection. She should be better within a week. Perhaps then my brother-in-law can get some rest too.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Busy Tuesday

I went to my sister's this morning as usual. Her Alzheimers seems to be much worse following her fall. My brother-in-law really needs a break. He needs to get a haircut and if he can get in tomorrow after 9:00, I can sit with Phyllis.

I will go to Independence this morning for my board meeting at 10:30. The meeting is at 11:00. Scott's friend is taking a nap now and he is watching TV. I will be back at 1:00. I don't know what their plan is for the day. They may go to Bartlesville.

More later...

Well, Scott went home. His friend went home too. I don't know what happened after I left this morning but they're both gone.

I had some soup for supper after I got my minutes done.

I'll stay home this evening and watch TV.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Cleaning Day

This is the day I go clean for Leslie. Scott will go with me. Afterward we may meet Leslie for lunch. We will see if she is free.

If the ground dries up enough, I will mow after lunch. Again, it's either that or bale it.

We have taken Slinky for his walk already this morning. I have watered the hanging plants under the eaves and taken the trash out to the curb. This will be a busy week. Tomorrow I will go sit with Phyllis so her Bob can go to breakfast with his friends and then go back to Independence for my 11:00 clinic board meeting at the Presbyterian Church.

We may ask Leslie to lunch again after that.

Wednesday I get my hair cut...thank goodness. It's about to drive me crazy. It's all out of shape.

We will probably just watch TV tonight.

Thursday, I have an CMA meeting for the officers at Lanning's Restaurant at 11:30.
Friday I am free.

More later...

Scott's friend, Leisha, came to spend a couple of days with us. She will stay in the den. Her children are both college age. She seems quite nice. She followed our directions very well to get her this afternoon. She had never been to Kansas.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Unusual Sunday

Scott and I went over to the campgrounds this morning. We left at 6:30 and arrived there at 8:00 just in time for breakfast. We intended to stay until afternoon but my brother-in-law called to say he and my sister would not be at church because she had fallen day before yesterday and although she did not break anything, she is badly bruised and in pain. We decided to come on home. When he takes a nap, I will go over to see her.

We have watched a movie and had a light lunch and now are watching another movie. I hope he goes to sleep because then I will go see my sister.

Tonight we will stay home and watch 60 Minutes and anything else that is on tonight.