Saturday, June 7, 2008

Hillary's Crossroads

The Hillary campaign has come to an end but the problems have just begun. The men covering this campaign are determined to continue to put her down. They are obviously sexist. Hillary has run a very clean campaign...not inventing anything that isn't true about her Obama competition but every step of the way, the men covering her campaign have put her down. There has been minimal respect shown for her as a candidate. The pundits have been especially mean spirited. Some have even said he should not choose her as his running mate, even though that would be a dream ticket.
They say the public expects Obama to be weak because he is a liberal. They say if he chooses Hillary as his running mate, that will be a sign of weakness.

Baloney! Hillary could insure his win.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Obama is the Presumptive Democrat Nominee for President

I can't say I'm not disappointed about the nominating process. I would like to think the voting public would have more to say about who the nominee is to be and not elitist super delegates . I personally do not think Obama has the necessary experience to be president at this time. He has only been in the Senate less then three years. Hillary Clinton would have been the stronger candidate. But nevertheless, as a lifetime Republican, I will vote for Obama. I do not want John McCain to be our next president.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Some Bad News

We heard from the store that ordered our flooring yesterday and it seems it has been back ordered. They "think" we will get it the end of the week....but are not sure.

Of course, we are all torn up here. The dining room is not the worst room. The den is. It is piled high with books of every sort just waiting to be put back into the three piece wall unit. We are waiting for the floor to be re-laid before we can put everything back. What a mess. I told Bob yesterday that I would try to keep the living room, hall, bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchen neat even though the den and dining room are a huge mess. And, wow, I am obsessive/compulsive about my house so this is really hard on me.

Oh well, hopefully in another week it will all be over. The two pictures at the top are the den and the two at the bottom are the dining room mess.

To top everything off, my left leg got infected and I had to get some antibiotics to treat it. That was a quick $48. expenditure.

When it's all completed and beautiful again, I'll post some pictures of the finished and neat rooms.

Nothing seem to be simple anymore. I am hoping for an end of the week delivery of this material. I hope that is the case. This could turn into even more of a nightmare if the material is back ordered for a long time.