Saturday, June 20, 2020

Saturday and Another Boring Day

I slept well again last night and got up about 5:00AM. I have made my bed and dressed and eaten my breakfast.

Two yellow cats showed up for their breakfast. They have finished now and one is gone. The other is watching across the street to see if any of the cats over there are going to come to eat the rest of the food.  So far no more are coming but I imagine it is just a matter of time.

No rain yet today. I am going to put the plants back out if it is going to be clear. I already put the one on the patio out there and watered it. When the cats are gone, I will put the geranium plant back out front. They need some sunshine after being in all day yesterday.

Sure enough, I went back outside to take the trash out and also refill the bowls and the yellow cats left and Scruffie came running over to eat. Her yellow kitty is sitting over across the street and I imagine it will be just a matter of time and it will come over to eat. I see the gray one ran into the hole where the garage door is hanging. The man that lives there came out from around his truck and that scared the kittens back into the garage. Now Scruffie left to join her kittens. The gray one and the yellow one are back under the truck trying to work up the courage to come eat the cat food.

It's supposed to rain again this afternoon and the rest of the week.

More later...

I played frecell until 110:30AM and then came in and watched "Lucky Dog" of my favorite programs. After that was over I ate my lunch ...a frozen meal from Walmart "sweet and sour chicken" . It was o.k. Afterward I had one of my ice cream bars from Schwans. They are very good..... 250 calories though. I really have to limit myself on those.

I got back to my book after that. Epidemics and Society".  It is quite involved. and covers most of the various worldwide epidemics.  I am on page 295 now and the book is 505 I have awhile yet to go.

It's noon now and I am waiting for the mail. It is later on Saturdays when Charles doesn't bring it. The mail woman brings it later.

More later...

Al I got in the mail was a  survey from the Trump organization. He will love the way I filled it out. I would vote for him or give him a dime for his campaign if he was the only person on the ballet.

I got way too many groceries from Suzanne yesterday and they needed to be refrigerated and I had no room in my frig for them so I took what I could use and then ran the rest over to Sycamore Landing's free table. They will be able to use them. I don't want them to go to waste.

It never did rain this afternoon even though it was forecast.

More even later...

When I got back home I read in my book again until the president arrived in Tulsa. I watched Pence's remarks but just couldn't bear to watch Trump's speech.

Instead I took my bath at 7:00PM and played some FreeCell on the computer. I had downloaded Cox Complete Care earlier. Outlook refused to work on the notebook. It took the tech awhile but he got it fixed. I hope it stays fixed. It's almost 8:00PM now and I think I will go back to my book until 9:00PM. when I will go on to bed.

Friday, June 19, 2020

Friday and No Lunch Out

I slept very well last night. I got up shortly before 5:00AM and made the bed, dressed and got myself ready for the day. I have had my breakfast and when I opened the door Scruffie was there waiting for her breakfast. No other cats have braved the rain.  I went out and swept off the doorway area and doormat. I thought she might want to lay there out of the rain but she evidently wanted to get back to her kittens after her breakfast.

I talked to Nancy last evening and she is feeling good again. She wants to eat lunch out today and I thought that was a good idea. I will pick her up at 11:30AM.

Dale, Nancy's cousin, called me last night to say he thought taking Nancy out for lunch was a good idea. He thinks the med they have been giving her for her memory is what is making her sick to her stomach so much of the time so they have cut it back to one a day instead of two a day. She was feeling good yesterday and wanted to go to Copan for lunch today so I agreed to take her. She is not comfortable driving out of town. I told him I always drove. He says she is sleeping much of the time and when she does that, she doesn't eat.

Personally I don't think Nancy has Alzheimers at all and she may have some trouble with her memory but she is almost 86 years old and that is not uncommon. My sister, Phyllis, had Alzheimers and in fact, died of it. Nancy told me almost ten years ago that she had been diagnosed with Alzheimers but she is perfectly lucid even today...years later. She shows none of the usual confusion or hostility. There are several kinds of dementia but this looks nothing like Alzheimers.

It is raining lightly today and in fact is forecast for the rest of the weekend until Tuesday.  I brought the plants in and watered them in the house last night.  I didn't want wind or even excessive rain to spoil them. The geranium is beginning to bloom again.

I may vacuum the bedroom, halls and living room today. All I did yesterday was wash the bare floors  and wipe down the countertops. I can vacuum the dining room and den later.

More later....

I got the bedroom and halls and living room vacuumed and was getting ready to go pick up Nancy when her cousin's wife called to tell me she was sick to her stomach again. So I will fix myself some lunch here. Poor Nancy...I hope they can figure out what is wrong with her stomach. They are taking her to Bartlesville to the doctor on Monday. They will do some more tests and blood work then.

More later....

I have had a frozen lunch and an ice cream bar for dessert.  Then after I got my mail I took it to the mail box outside the post office and got it in the mail.

I was going to go out to Dollar General and get some more cran grape juice but it's raining too hard to get out of the car and go in. I have enough for today and possibly tomorrow anyhow.

Scruffie came for lunch and ate some of the food I set out for her but she soon left. None of the other cats have come today. It has rained all day so far.

More later...

Scruffie came back for supper and after some hesitation, three of her four kittens came too and Big Yellow Tom cat came and ate first.  It was after he left that Scruffie and the kittens came. They are so cute. One is yellow and one is like Scruffie...kind of mottled gray.. and one is black. I don't know what happened to the fourth was another gray kitten. I see the garage door of the neighbor across the street has caved in even more at the bottom and the cats can now get in their garage. That is probably a better place for the family to live then under that shed.

I am doing my towel and underwear laundry now.

At 7:00PM, I took my bath and will read awhile until 9:00PM when I usually go to bed.

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Thursday and a Surprise

I woke up pretty early this morning and I was dreading having to restart my Tivo and go through that experience again. What do you know! Everything worked fine and I didn't have to do a thing!

I had my oatmeal and coffee and will soon be working on my chai latte.

Scruffy was here for breakfast this morning and I fed her and she left and then one of the yellow cats came and ate too. It is gone now too. I will keep an eye on the food out there and if no birds or slugs come to eat the food that is left, I will leave it out there for awhile for some of the other cats. In fact, Scruffy seems to be coming back across the street now. She eats a little and then leaves and comes back again later for more.  Usually I have to take it in and then back out again when she shows up again.

More later...

I asked Bob to go to breakfast with me this morning and he was willing so I went back over to Coffeyville and picked him up at 7:00AM and we went to breakfast at Eggberts there. After that I came back home and washed the bare floors. I enjoyed hearing about their birthday trip. Joanne also had her house painted and after I dropped Bob off, I went by her house and looked at her new paint Job. It looked very nice.  He had bought her a couple of Boston ferns and hung them on ether side of her garage. They also looked nice.

I read part of the afternoon. watered my plants and was here when the Schwans man came with my order. I had ordered chicken pot pies and ice cream bars. After I had my lunch I had one of those ice cream bars.

Scruffie came for supper and I put her food out for her. She had pretty much finished eating when  Suzanne came and brought me some produce. Then Scruffy ran off. I don't know whether she will be back later or not. Suzanne  saw the new hose and the hose holder and was happy that they looked so good. John did a neat job of installing it.
In a little while I will eat my usual banana for supper. It is 5:15PM now and I have the evening to either read or watch Amazon Prime.

I will take my bath at 7:00PM and plan to go to bed at 9:00PM as usual.

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Wednesday and a Hair Day

I will drive over to Coffeyville later today. Bob and Joanne are going to Pawhuska to see the Pioneer Woman display and have lunch there to celebrate Joanne's birthday today. So Bob and I will not have breakfast today. My hair appointment is at 9:30AM this morning . I will stop by the bank to get the week's cash before I get my hair done. I want to go by their Walmart store and see if I can find a rack for my new hose in the back yard. I don't want to just leave it laying on the ground. I also have three or four other things on my list. I will probably fill my car up with gas too before coming back home.

I plan to eat at Sonic here at noon.  On Wednesdays they have their Wacky Pack special for $1.99 plus tax. That's two large chicken strips and either tater tots or fries and a small drink.

Tonight Cox will work on their network and I will probably have to try to get my Amazon Prime going again. If you recall, the last time their network failed in our neighborhood, it took Keith and me several hours to get it up and going again. Cox knows nothing about the installation of a Tivo.  Keith contacted Tivo direct and got their instructions and I printed them off. We will see how that works out tomorrow.

I have had my breakfast and even fed two adult cats (a yellow one and Scruffy) and all of her four kittens.

If the weather is decent this afternoon I may trim the yard. I may be very busy tomorrow with the Tivo re-installation.

More later....

I left for Coffeyville at 8:30AM and when I got there I went to the bank and got my week's funds. Then I went out to Woodshed and bought my gas and then on to Walmart and bought my groceries. By then it was time for my hair appointment. She really cut it short this time. I always wear it short but I believe this is the shortest I have ever had it.

I came on home and put away my groceries. I had bought six frozen meals and put them in my freezer bag. Suzanne got me to decide to buy one. When I got home, I put them in the freezer. I bought some more breakfast bars and cat food.

I did buy a rack to screw onto the wall next to my water faucet but I may have to have John or Leslie screw it onto the wall out there. After it cools down some this afternoon I will see if I can do it myself. If not, I will ask one of them to do it for me. I will have to use a screwdriver and they would have an electric one which would make it easier to do. We will see.

When I got home I checked the mail and then went out to Sonic and bought their Wednesday special. It is that Wacky Pack with two large chicken strips and fries and a small  coke. For $2.18. you really can't beat that.

It's 88 degrees out there now but feels a lot hotter then that. It's only 1:19PM so it may get even hotter before the day is over.

More later... .

Sure was frustrating to try to install that hose rack myself when I don't have the proper tools to do it. I tried to drive a nail into the cement board and pull it out and screw it in with my hand screwdriver.  That didn't go in far enough. I hate to ask the kids to help but I don't have any other options. Leslie is working today and John worked cows this morning but he is coming in 30 to 45 minutes to do it for me. Bless his heart!

I read on my new book until he came. It is the one called  "Epidemics and Society" by Frank Snowden.

John brought the  puppy, KiKi, with him and she went out to the back yard on a leash with us. She looks just like Hoover, her grandfather.  She is only fourteen weeks old now so eventually they will mate her with a male Corgi that belongs to an employee at the pet shop in Independence.

John had come right away and within five minutes had those screws completely in. I put the hose on it and later,,,after it cools down a bit, I will water the flowerbed again. It's 90 degrees out there right now.

I had a banana for supper and a breakfast bar. That should hold me for awhile.

I am watching the 5:00PM news now. Later at 5:30PM I will watch the CBS news.  At 7:00PM I will take my bath and later at 9:00PM I will go on to bed.

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Tuesday and Mowing Day

I slept well last night and got up  around 5:00AM. I have had my breakfast and coffee and even my chai latte.

I have fed three cats this morning. Scruffy and Big Yellow Tom were waiting for me to open the door and put their dishes out front. The other one was one of Big Yellow Tom's adolescent cats.  They all three ate and stayed awhile but finally went back across the street so I brought in the bowls.

I washed the front door storm door glass this morning.

Scott called this morning and visited for awhile.  Ginger called him after awhile and he had to hang up for me and answer her. We pretty much had our visit out.

This afternoon Krystal and her daughter will come to mow. Now it needs it...for sure.

I am half watching the Channel 6 news while I post this. I really am not that interested in Tulsa's news but we don't have much choice.. They are expecting Trump this next weekend and Oklahoma is so red that thousands of them are trying to get tickets to hear his tirade. I personally could care less. He is not "my" president. He is so crude and ignorant he has no business even being president and if Russia had not interfered in our election, he would not be. Obviously Hillary had the popular vote sewed up. The electoral college elected him.

I am waiting for the CBS news at 8:00AM.

More later...

I read most of the day and had lunch at 11:00AM.  Soon after that, the mail came and although I did not get much of anything but junk mail. I did get that.

At 2:30 or soon after, Krystal and her daughter came and the daughter mowed. If it cools down on Thursday, I will trim again. I wish the mower were a little closer to the ground. It barely gets the clover. Before the next mowing, I will need to buy gas for that mower. All this summer, I have used only one can of gas.

Tomorrow I plan to go to Coffeyville. I hope to have breakfast with Bob and then get my hair done afterward. I want to go out to Walmart and see if I can find a hose rack ...something to hang my new hose on. I also need to get some more frozen meals. I used the last one I had this afternoon. I have an insulated zipper bag so I can put the frozen meals in that.

Tomorrow I will have a big afternoon. Tonight, all night Cox is going to work on our network in this neighborhood. I will probably lose my Amazon Prime until I can get the apps on it and can log onto Amazon Prime. Keith got the directios from Tivo and I printed them off so I hope to be able to reconnect without a huge problem like the last time they meddled with the network. 

After Krystal and her daughter left I went out and watered my flowerbed.  Then I came in to watch the 400PM news. At 7:00PM, I will take my bath and hope to go to bed at 9:00PM.

Monday, June 15, 2020

Monday and Laundry and Window Washing

I woke up about 4:00AM this morning but stayed in bed off and on for another hour. Then I stripped the bed and began the laundry.

I have dressed, had my breakfast and am working on my coffee now.

I have two cats here for breakfast. It is Scruffie and Big Yellow Tom  None of the kittens have come this least not yet. Another of the adolescent yellow cats is here to eat now though.

I will dry and fold and put away the laundry after a while, Right now it is still in the washer.

It is 69 degrees right now but is forecast to be 92 later in the day. There is no rain in the forecast until Sunday.

Krystal's daughter will mow for me tomorrow. I thought about having her mow yesterday but it wasn't quite tall enough to need it that early.

After the laundry is finished, I may get back to my book today.

Right now I am watching the channel 6 news. So more later....

After the channel 6 news, I got out my sprayer and the solution that cleans the windows through the screens and rinses them. It is called Renz E-Z. So far, so good. I won't be able to do the west living room window because the screen on that window has lots of holes in it and I have patched it outdoors and indoors too. I got the south windows both done and they look pretty least a lot cleaner. I still will have the living room windows and the dining room windows to do. After the  CBS news is finished at 10:00AM, I will move the hose to the front of the apartment and get them done. I hope they do as well. It saves me from having to climb on a ladder and wash them by hand. As long as the windows don't leak into the apartment, this is the way I have always washed my windows everywhere I have lived.

I was watching the CBS news while the dryer was drying the laundry so I brought it in the living room to fold it and put it away on the commercial break.. It is 8:35AM right now.

It's 10:25 AM now and all the windows are washed except the one on the west side of the apartment. They look pretty good except I am exhausted.  I had a hard time disconnecting the hose and got a huge bruise on my left hand from trying. Then I had to carry the hose to the front of the apartment and connect it to the faucet.. The connection to the hose that attaches to the faucet is broken now so after I washed the windows, I stuck the ruined hose into a large black yard plastic bag and put it in the trash. I also hauled the thing that wound up the hose to the curb because it had been leaking around the connection ever since I moved here and I will need to buy a new one when I buy the new hose. I am not sure how I will connect the new hose holder that I will buy to the side of  the house near the faucet so I can water my flowerbed. I will have to figure that out when I am not so exhausted. At 84, everything is harder. Anyhow, the windows look a lot cleaner and better..

More later....

It's 10:55AM now and I am recovering pretty well from my exhaustion. I have filled the hummingbird feeder again too. I am not sure whether the hummingbirds are still around or not but the feeder was empty. Of course, it could have evaporated I guess.  Anyhow, it is full again now. I will need to go out to Dollar General and see if they have any 25 or 50 foot hoses and some kind of hook to wind it on. I will need to attach the holder to the cement board under or near my large den window since the rest of the back wall is brick.

Back even later...

I went out to Dollar General and bought a hose. They had no racks to wind it on or even sprayers so I just bought the 50 foot hose. I took the new hose and another mixture of the cleaner to the front and washed those four windows again. When I went to turn off the wouldn't turn off at all. Water was running from the new hose into the street so I called the city. They came out but they couldn't get the faucet to turn off either so they turned off the water at the meter. I contacted Suzanne and she is sending a plumber out here after lunch. The city employee thought it might be a worn out washer. It worked fine this morning when I washed the windows the first time. I was just going over them again to be sure they were as clean as I could get them. Then the water wouldn't turn off when I finished. What a mess! Always something! I just eventually disconnected the hose and rolled it up and put it in the garage.

It's 1:00PM now and I haven't had lunch yet. I will microwave a turkey and dressing TV dinner .

More later...

The plumber came and looked over the faucet. He discovered it was the faucet handle itself. He went back to his office to look for a used one since that one was very old.

 He was unable to find one so he told me he would be back later in the week   after he went to a plumbing shop to find one of those handles. He did turn the water back on so I did my dishes. 

I had a banana for supper. I am still hungry but have nothing else to eat. I had popcorn last night so I shouldn't eat it again tonight. I will just tough it out.

I am watching the CBS news now but it is about to go off now.  So I will get back to this later.

Sunday, June 14, 2020

Sunday and Online Church

I slept well last night but went to bed way too early. I woke up at 4:00AM wide awake. I lay there for 40 minutes and finally just got up and dressed and got myself ready for the day. The only church this morning will be online out of Ontario, Canada. They do a good job but I miss my own congregation..

My life is very boring. I try to stay busy with my housework, laundry and reading but that doesn't take much time living here in a five room apartment. Nancy is constantly sick and there is no one else to visit with anymore. I look forward each week to my trip to Coffeyville to eat breakfast with Bob and my hair appointment and occasionally for a game day at the senior center. I will be so glad when this virus finally plays out...if it ever does. They are predicting a second round of it because so many people do not stay home or even wear face masks in public to protect others.

It is 5:33AM now so I guess I will make my coffee, juice  and oatmeal. Back later....

I had my breakfast and logged on to the notebook just in time for it to tell me there was an error and it would need to reboot. When it rebooted I no longer had access to the router. So, after trying several things I just rebooted again  That worked. I think it's their network. The same thing happened yesterday morning. It took several reboots to get connected then.

I had Scruffie and three of her four kittens here for their breakfast There was a gray one, a yellow one and the black one. The second gray one was the only one missing.

The news is on. I will be back to this later...

About 9:00AM, I went to Independence. I went to the Walmart there to get a new battery for my watch. Then I bought what groceries I needed  and later went to wash my car. After that I went to Walgreens and got my prescription filled. Then I cam home in time to watch the worship service online from the Ontario Canada Community of Christ. The sermon was excellent. In fact the entire worship service was excellent. I watched several episodes of Forensics Files after I finished all that.

I got home in time to cook my lunch, put away my groceries and watch that worship service. While at Walmart I also bought stamps. I wanted to send out the six letters to those of our congregation that are not online to remind them of our return to the 11:00AM service on June 28th. Now if Montgomery County has no new cases of the virus before then, we will resume our 11:00AM service on that morning..Leslie will be in charge and have the sermon that morning

I think it's important to stay in touch with the congregation during this time we are unable to meet together..

More later...

I hope you all have watched 60 Minutes tonight and saw the program about the Tulsa race massacre of 1921. I first learned about that two years ago when I took a bus tour of Tulsa and the Tulsa tour guide told all about it. I was born and raised 70 miles north of Tulsa and had never heard of it before. As they brought out in the program,Tulsa is full of racial problems.,,segregation long after it was against the law to segregate schools. .

I watched some TV this evening and finally turned it off and took my bath and fed the cats and will finish this up and go on to bed. I was up shortly after 4:30AM this morning and am tired. It has been a busy day anyhow. Tomorrow, I will strip my bed, put clean sheets on it and laundry the ones I take off.

So good night this evening..