Saturday, August 31, 2013

A Better Saturday

I slept much better last night and after I got up this morning I called Bob. We went to breakfast a little early. Eggbert's new restaurant opened yesterday and I knew it would be packed. Sure enough it was except by going early, we beat most of the crowd.

I don't think we're going to do anything special today because it's the Saturday before Labor Day and the roads will be full of traffic.

I had my coverlet washed and dried and picked it up yesterday in Independence and put it back on my bed. I ordered a new one in Mink color...whatever that is. I hope it's a form of brown because that's what my dust ruffle is. It's tan. It's been shipped so I should know in the next week.

I bought a Coffeyville Journal this morning and the Coffeyville State Bank is merging with the Condon Bank. That will be interesting. I might be interested in changing banks since the Coffeyville State Bank is just a block away.

I walked down to visit with Maureen after we returned from breakfast. She is a sweet little woman. I was going to pay my rent a little while ago but my landlord is not home. I will catch him later.

More later...

Bob and I went to Independence to the Great China restaurant there for lunch. Then we went to Wal Mart and bought some stuff for the dinner we are providing for Marilyn and her family for tomorrow. Bob bought some garlic bread and I got the pasta I needed for my casserole. I fixed the casserole when I got home and took it over to Marilyn's. They will have it tomorrow for dinner after their family arrives. I will go up to the hospital and sit with Jack from 6:00 to about 7:30 tonight so Marilyn and her sister, Annie, can go out to eat dinner. They hate to leave Jack alone. On top of everything else, he has some dementia.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday Once Again and Bad Problems

It's Friday again! How the weeks fly by!

I took my coverlet to Independence yesterday to have it laundered. I will pick it up today when I go to get my hair done.

Yesterday's lunch with Myra was a joy. We talked and shared for two hours. She is such a nice person. We have become so much closer since her Bob died right after mine died. I believe he died in August after my Bob died in May. I went down to Vinita for the services. We were very close to them when we lived in Bartlesville.

We went to Garfield's in the mall. We both had walnut cranberry salad and half a sandwich. It was very good. I got back home about 2:00 and took a nap. Then Bob came over for awhile and visited. It was a nice day.

I went to bed about 9:00 and slept pretty well.

We have our exercise class this morning at 9:00.

Today I will fix swiss steak and boiled potatoes for lunch. Bob will bring salad and we still have some of the bag of frozen veggies he brought Tuesday so we will have some more of them. I still have cupcakes for dessert.

More later....

Lunch was very good. Now I am trying to get some rest. I have no plans for the afternoon.

Updated news...

Well, the worst has happened to my friends Marilyn and Jack, her husband. Jack, who has a serious rare lung disease, fell yesterday and was taken by EMTs for the hospital. He has cracked some vertebra and Marilyn, who has Parkinsons Disease. cannot take care of him. She weighs less then 100 pounds. She cannot even get him out of a chair. He is not lucid and with his lung problem cannot have surgery. He will be in the hospital for two weeks and then they will move him into Windsor Place, the nursing home my sister lived in for two years before she died. Jack is 82 and Marilyn is 79. Marilyn's sister is there for her for awhile but she has a job and will have to get to work eventually. Our Living the Questions group will need to help by having Marilyn for dinner when her sister is gone. Few of us can cook for one.

What a tragedy.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Better Night Wednesday Night

I woke up again at 1:30 last night but after I went to the bathroom I went back to bed and stayed there determined to get some sleep. I finally did go back to sleep and slept until 5:30. That's good for me.

I will leave early this morning and go first to Independence to take my coverlet to be laundered at Wash and Fluff in Independence. From there I will go to Bartlesville to meet Myra for lunch. She will probably be there early anyhow. She will have lots of news to share with me. She has been very busy with her daughter Michelle lately.

I watched all the festivities on PBS last night celebrating the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington. It was all interesting.

I also watched the discussion about the proposal to bomb Syria. I don't approve. We need to pursue peace..not another war. There's always collateral damage. That means civilians.

We constantly interfere in other country's civil wars. The United States never seems to learn anything from past experience. We are preparing to once again interfere in the domestic concerns of a foreign country that is in the midst of a civil war. It’s another Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. It’s another foreign country’s domestic problem that we can’t fix but insist on making some sort of moral statement. Peace gets further and further away when we resort to trying to solve the world’s problems with our own kind of violence instead of using diplomacy.

Over forty thousand people have been killed in this Syrian civil war by conventional weapons and another thousand with the terrible poison gas attack. Now we are preparing to make our own statement about what’s allowed and what’s not allowed in war by doing our own kind of violence.

To make matters even worse, every time we have given some sort of “punishment” in the Muslim world, we have had to suffer the consequences…because our actions are invariably turned against us with another revengeful strike from the radical Muslim element.

Grumble, grumble, grumble. More later.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Poor Sleep Last Night

I awoke at 2:30 last night after going to bed at 10:00. I could not get back to sleep. I tried to relax but just couldn't. I took a melatonin tablet at 3:30 but that didn't do it either. I hope I can get a nap this afternoon. I cleaned house and scrubbed floors all yesterday afternoon. I wanted the house as spotless as possible after the pin worm problem. It turned out to be pin worms after all....not round worms. I haven't seen a sign of them today even after Missy used the litter box. I cleaned that right up. I threw out the old litter and washed the box thoroughly and bought new litter to put in it. I stripped my bed and washed everything in hot water. The Advantage Multi must be working.

I will cook today. I have put chicken tenders down in the frig from the freezer. We will have those and mashed potatoes and gravy and the other roasting ear. I will cut it in two. Bob will bring his salad. I have cupcakes for dessert.

Tomorrow I will meet Myra for lunch in Bartlesville. We will decide where we will eat after we meet.

I have exercise class today. That is from 9:00 AM until 10:00 AM. Sometimes we go get coffee afterward. I never drink coffee after noon but I wonder if my two to three cups in the early morning and that cup after 10:00 AM might be disturbing my sleep. I will skip that today and see if that makes a difference.

I watched the PBS show last night about the march on Washington. That was in 1963. I don't even remember much about it since I was busy, busy, busy rearing kids at that time. I had a three year old, a six year old and an eight year old at that time. I felt swamped. Bob was working full time and going to school too. I seldom saw him. Those years were like a nightmare to me. I was overwhelmed. I was never very good with children and my own were no exception. I did the best I could with the energy I had. We never missed a Walt Disney movie and we bought a swimming pool family ticket every summer. Bob and the kids and I always went to camp every summer. We went camping every other weekend. We first bought a station wagon tent that attached to our station wagon and later bought a pop up camper. We did a lot of neat things like hiking. We only had one car and Bob usually had it with his schedule. It was a long time ago. My kids are 52, 56 and 58 now and I love all of them dearly. They are neat caring kids. time flies!!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Strange Monday Night

Last night was really strange. For one thing, I was really tired and went to bed at 8:45. I slept well until 2:00 and then woke up to go to the bathroom. Then I could not get back to sleep. About 3:00 or 3:30 I Must have finally drifted off but then I had strange dreams all the rest of the night and didn't wake up until nearly 6:00. I always am up by 5:00 and I seldom dream anything I can remember dreaming at all.

Today I will take the cakes to Independence. Phyllis is out of town so I will be one short there. Karan forgot again. I refuse to call to remind them any more. They are at church and hear the announcement and it's printed on the bulletin. I even put it on the newsletter I send out but Karan does not even look at her e-mail. They are grown people. If they want to stop providing the cakes, they should just say so and stop. I will continue but I will no longer remind folks of their responsibility.

I will get my hair done while I am in Independence and Bob will be going with me for his haircut too. Then we will eat lunch at Big Cheese. I don't have a plan for the rest of the day.

It's disgusting but Missy, my cat, has roundworms. She's primarily an "in the house" cat so I had not been treating her with Advantage Multi. Now I find that even though she's seldom outside, she has roundworms. I called the vet and he said it would take 48 hours for her to get rid of them. She has had her first dose now. I put it between her shoulder blades on her back. I will need to clean well and vacuum everything carefully.

More later...

Monday, August 26, 2013

A Fairly Busy Monday

Today will be fairly busy. There will be exercises at 9:00 until 9:45 and then home again to plan lunch. We will finish our tuna casserole and I will need to fix some veggies. Bob will bring a salad of some sort. I have some mixed fruit for dessert. Then this afternoon I will bake my two cakes and ice them when they're cool.

Other then that, there's not too much going on.

I slept pretty well last night. I took two Aleve with a glass of milk before I went to bed. That worked until slightly after 4:00 when I awoke with my right arm aching. The mystery continues.

Barbara told us last night at Living the Questions that she is moving to Missouri to be near her daughters. She has developed some health problems and needs to be nearer them. They insisted. She hates to leave her friends and in some ways I think that is a problem but perhaps she can make new friends there. Jack and Marilyn did not come last night. Jack can no longer manipulate those steps at Bobby and Karan's house. My place does not have steps. I hope they can come in two weeks when I have the group here. If not, I may have it at their house. I would take my dessert and also paper products so Marilyn would not have "clean up". Getting old is not for sissies that's for sure.

I am looking forward to my Thursday lunch with Myra. We always have a lot to share.

We had a pretty nice warmed up lunch. We had the rest of the tuna casserole and some corn on the cob I got out at John and Leslie's Saturday afternoon. It was delicious. I also had Bob's salad and some mixed fruit for dessert. I am baking my two cake snow and will ice then this evening after they cool this afternoon. I also made a dozen cupcakes from the amount that would have been too full in those shallow cake pans.

Bob is probably over there at his house baking his too.

More later...

Sunday, August 25, 2013

A Hot Sunday Again

It going to be another hot Sunday again...typically August and we're almost through August. It's hard to believe it's the 25th already. I will have church this morning and I have the sermon. The theme is "Be Compassionate". I have worked on it off and on for a couple of weeks.

I have been working on charging this new battery for the laptop for a couple of days and have followed the directions carefully. It still is only charging to two and a half hours. I was hoping to get four hours out of it. No such luck.

After church, I assume we will eat out somewhere. We didn't last week because of the potato bar. The week before John and Leslie did something different. I believe they went to Bartlesville on an errand and probably ate there by themselves.

I heard from Myra yesterday. She and I will eat out in Bartlesville on Thursday. I haven't seen her for a couple of months. She has had her daughter Michelle there and took her home to Wyoming after the visit and then stayed a week with her. It will be good to see her again.

More later...

After church, a group of us went to El Publeto for lunch. John and Leslie and the girls did not come. They went to Braums and had lunch by themselves. I kind of hate that because Sunday is the only time I even get to see Leslie and she usually is busy with the visual or sound systems and doesn't always even sit in the church school class. John doesn't either. He usually reads the paper. The girls keep them jumping just staying up with them. I guess that's all a part of growing older. Your children have their own interests and we older folks are not always a part of their interests. That's why I try to develop my own interests. I have the exercise classes Monday, Wednesday and Friday and PINCH and the Living the Questions group. I also have my neighbors that I sometimes visit with on their patio. My boys are very far away.

I told the group that probably John and Leslie and the girls would not be eating with us again. Leslie says they don't get a visit with any of us because the girls take so much of their attention.

Tonight, near 7:00, Bob and I will go to Bobby and Karan's for the Living the Questions group. That will last until 9:00. Tomorrow afternoon I will bake my two cakes and ice them for the Christian Church in Independence on Tuesday. They serve nearly 200 people for dinner on Tuesday evenings.