Saturday, September 12, 2020

Saturday and Vacuuming the Dining Room

 I slept well last night and was up at 5:00AM as usual. I have made my bed and got myself ready for the day. I have not had breakfast yet but will as soon as I get this blog begun. It is nearly 6:00AM now and I want to get my coffee and breakfast before I check to see if the cats and kittens are out there wanting their breakfast.

So more later....

All five cats/kittens were out there waiting for their breakfast so I put the five bowls out there and they cleaned up most of it. I had put fresh water out there yesterday afternoon and they went for that too. They were nearly out of water. 

I am watching the CBS news now. I want to vacuum the dining room today during the commercials. That's all I lack to have everything done for the week. If the yard dries out, I will have the little girls mow it this weekend. As cool as it is nowadays I wish I could mow it myself but my stamina is not what it used to be last year. Sitting around reading all year has not been good for me. I need to start walking again.

More later...

I got the dining room vacuumed and the sweeper put away. Now I am caught  up for the week....except for the mowing.

My neighbor, next door came over to ask me to watch for a package being delivered today. They gave me their garage door opener and asked me to let the delivery person put their package in the garage.  She will be gone all day with her mother for a"girls day out" and Pablo is at work today.

I intend to be home all day so that should not be a problem.

More even later...


Latest records...

I found out what the problem with my Zoom was. I had had Leslie downloaded it ion my laptop computer and it looked fine. But when I opened it later, the window was tiny. The Cox Complete Care  agent said when someone actually zoomed me, and I opened the window, it would be large and just fine..and he was right. 

I got hold of Krystal and one of her girls will mow for me tomorrow afternoon. It should be dry enough then. I got the hedge trimmed this evening.  

I fed three cats this evening. I used the kitten food that Suzanne brought me. She had her groceries put in her truck and when she got home to unload them, she found they had put kitten food  in there too. She has no cats so she gave it to me.

It is time for the news and I will watch that since it is 5:30PM.

More later....

I watched the news until 7:00PM and then took my bath. After that I read in my latest Kindle book until 9:00PM when I went to bed.

Friday, September 11, 2020

Friday and Sleeplessness

This  has not been a good night. I woke up at 2:30AM and just tossed and turned until 4:00AM when I gave up and got up. I have made my bed and dressed and got myself ready for the day and will soon get some coffee and oatmeal. It's now 5:00AM. I guess I have too many things on my mind.

I will have to bake my cake this weekend for the First Christian Church in Independence and since Bob is staying with Joanne and  helping her now that she has a broken arm, I will have to drive over to Coffeyville to pick up their cakes and then up to Independence to deliver them. I only hope he will go ahead and bake his cake or I will have to bake two cakes. I will need to pick up Karan's and Phyllis' cakes too while I am over to Coffeyville. That's not a big problem if Bob goes ahead and bakes his cake. We have done these cakes for almost eight years and I don't want to give it up if everyone can continue to help. While I am up there, I will pick up my thyroid med at Walgreens.

I'd better get some more later.

I have had my oatmeal and coffee and even a breakfast bar. I will get my Chai next.

I am watching the channel 6 news now.

Today is the 19th anniversary of the 9/11 attack. My Bob left for New York with Red Cross the next day and was gone for three weeks the first time. He was a chaplain and so they sent him back in January for four weeks. I have a video that the Pittsburg Kansas TV station sent Scott and me two years ago. They had interviewed Bob and the other two after they returned. That couple from Independence Kansas were sent too the first time. We made copies of the interview for them. And I have a copy of it on the desktop of my desktop computer.  

The hijackers in the September 11 attacks were 19 men affiliated with al-Qaeda. Fifteen of the 19 were citizens of Saudi Arabia, (one of our allies) and two were from the United Arab Emirates , one from Lebanon, and one from Egypt.  

None were from Afghanistan or Iraq. And there were no weapons of mass destruction either. Bush was advised of that before he sent our young men off to the war. Bush's administration just wanted to go to war. Chaney was the driving force behind that. Strange..because none of them ever served in the military. Bush had been in the reserves after college but he flew an obsolete plane that was never to be sent overseas. And his father was running a political campaign and Bush left without leave and was gone 13 months helping his father with his political campaign. Pitiful!

If you have money and power you can pretty much do anything you want and get away with it.

I went out to Dollar General and bought three things I needed to get Sage's birthday gift in the mail. It came in today's mail. I looked everywhere for a box to fit and just about gave up before I found one in my own closet. 

I did buy a birthday card for her there though.

When I got home I wrapped her gift and took it to the post office to get it in the mail. Her birthday is the Thursday. She will be 17. I had already put one gift in the mail for Jerod's daughter,,,one of my my other great granddaughters. She will be one year old. I sent her a gift of a book called Wonky Donkey. I saw it advertised on TV and ordered it from Amazon. Her birthday is next week.

Keith contacted me this afternoon wanting a copy of that CD of Bob's interview on the Pittsburg channel 7. I had given it to Leslie. But I had a copy of it on the desktop of the desktop computer. I copied it on a USB and was going to mail it to him but he suggested I upload it to a new site he had put up that shares videos. I managed to get it uploaded there for him.

I have three cats out front eating their supper. One is Big Yellow Tom and the other two are Scruffie's kittens.

I had a half sandwich for my supper and another breakfast bar and will eat my last banana after the local news channel 6 is over. At 5:30PM the CBS news comes on that channel.  I want to watch that.

I never did get the dining room vacuumed but I will do it tomorrow. I have nothing else planned for the evening except perhaps to watch some more Amazon Prime.

More later...

I watched the CBS news and then turned over to ABC to watch the 9/11 remembrance program. It was terrific and  I recorded most of it. I contacted the kids about it but I think Scott was the only one who watched it and he said he watched it with tears running down his face. He recorded the entire program. I got most of it. Many of the survivors of the south tower spoke and the mother of the young man who made several trips back up the south tower to rescue folks and lead them out was there. Her son was killed and never found but when the news came out of what he did and that he wore a red bandana around his face, his mother knew he always carried a red bandana and that that was her son.When the survivors saw his picture, they agreed that was him. That was just one emotional moment among many, It was a wonderful show. Obama and many others spoke. 

I took my bath after that and went to bed about 9:00PM

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Thursday and Laundry

I much preferred the old blogger and  I am not happy with this new blogger at all. I have started this new blog today three times and have been interrupted all three times with Google.

I slept well last night and got up about 5:00AM and got myself ready for the day and had my breakfast. 

(Every time I attempt to add to my blog, google interrupts me with their instructions.) I can see this new blogger is going to be a pain in the neck. I may just go to Keith's blog at this address and forget about this one. I would only hope my blogging friends would follow me. I have been on this previous blog since 2008. I have a lot of history saved on it and I fear I will lose all that history.

I am doing laundry this morning and will also do my housework...or at least start it. I have that doctor's appointment at 3:00PM.  The laundry has finished washing now and I will get it in the dryer.

There...I got that done.

The weather will be from 60 degrees to the low 80's this week. How changeable it is to be!

I have had my oatmeal, juice, breakfast bar and meds this morning and have the laundry in the dryer.  I have even fed three cats/kittens their breakfast. Scruffie is still out there eating. The others have all finished and are gone.

More later...

Basically I have changed my viewing habits. I am watching Good Morning America on channel 8 the past two days rather then Channel 6.

So more even later...

As usual, I vacuumed during the commercials and got everything except the dining room done. I will do it later. I really enjoy not having to deal with the commercials.

So more later...

I will shop for John's birthday while I am over at Coffeyville today and the card I want too.  His birthday is Monday but they are leaving Sunday for Roaring River so I will get this gift to him on Friday or Saturday before they leave.

More even later...

I left a little early for Coffeyville so I could shop before my appointment. When I got to the doctor's office I had to wait 45 minutes to see him. They must still think I have a UTI because they want me to continue taking the rest of the antibiotic. I also had to have my bloodwork done for my thyroid. 

After I finished that I went up to Independence and to Dairy Queen and bought an ice cream cake for his birthday. I had checked at Baum's for a regular cake but they had none so went out to Dairy Queen and bought an ice cream cake. I had also bought a Red Lobster gift card and a birthday card.

Then I took the cake and cards to John's. I wanted him to have them before they left for the Roaring River trip. While I was there I went out to see the puppies. They are so cute!

I got home around 6:00PM and my Schwan's order had come and was in a freezer bag at the front door. I assume they charged my account..

I put the order away and had an ice cream bar for my supper.

It is 6:50PM now and I will take my bath after this Forensic File program is over. Then I will plan to go to bed at 9:00PM 

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Wednesday and Dizzy Again

I woke up close to 5:00AM as usual and when I began to get out of bed, I realized I was dizzy again. I carefully and slowly walked to the bathroom and sat down. After I had been up awhile and got dressed, I began to get over the dizziness. I am going over to Coffeyville this morning to get my hair done and I may drop in at the Urgent Care again. I should think after a week of taking this antibiotic it should be doing something about the dizziness and the UTI.

I don't know whether Bob will have breakfast with me this morning or not since he is staying with Joanne since she broke her arm. First he said "no" but then asked me if he could change his mind about breakfast. I said "sure" so he may go after all. After 6:00AM I will check again with him.

I checked the bank this morning and my social security had come in.

More later....I want to get some coffee.

I almost couldn't get my TV on this morning. The battery is going out on my remote and I can't get it open to change it, Finally after several times trying, it came on and then I had a hard time getting the channels to change. It finally came on but now I imagine I will have to keep it on now or have no TV. I don't know how I can get the battery changed when I can't get the battery area on the remote open.  Always something!

Sometime after 6:00AM I will try to text Bob and see if he is going to be up for breakfast. 

I will get my hair done at 9:00AM and afterward go to Woodshed and buy gas and then go out to Walmart and get the only things I need there. Then I will come back home. I may go up to Independence and see if Schables TV can get this remote open so I can change the battery. He saved me once before several years ago when I was trying to get a connection on the TV out and accidentally pulled the wiring off. He soldered some new wiring on it for me.

Then I will go back home to actually change the battery. I believe you just have a short time before you lose the programming and I don't recall how to re-program it. This remote came with the Tivo. I need it to get into my Amazon Prime.

I have four cats/kittens out there for breakfast and they are quarreling over it.  I have plenty of bowls full out there but some are greedy.

Bob says he had better not go to breakfast while Joanne needs him. That's more important so I told him "maybe later".

More later...

I left for Coffeyville at 8:30AM and went to the bank first to get cash for my hair appointment then it was time for it. Afterward, I went to Woodshed and bought gas. 

I called Urgent Care and told them I still had the dizziness the first thing in the morning and no other symptoms of a UTI burning at urination or anything else and then they wanted me to see the doctor about the dizziness. I made an appointment for tomorrow afternoon at Dr. Christensen's office at 3:00PM. I will take in a urine sample for them to examine. It has been a week now and I still have those morning dizzy spells and half the antibiotic is gone. I have never had any other symptoms but the dizziness so I have a hard time believing it is a urinary tract infection. I always remember that Bob's doctor told us it wasn't cancer clear up to a week or ten days before he died...of cancer. If his dermatologist hadn't insisted on getting us an appointment with Dr. Rayburn, the radiologist, we would not have known what is was at all.  Dr. Rayburn scanned Bob's chest and after looking at his computer screen said "Well, this is cancer but we won't know what kind until we do a needle biopsy". After that we called in hospice and eight days later...Bob was dead.

I have to admit I don't have a lot of confidence in most doctors. We have had several bad experiences with them . That was just the worse one. Dr. Peaster, a urinary specialist in Bartlesville, botched my bladder surgery. That surgery lasted five months. I had to have an alternate surgery at KU Med Center after that. Dr. Smith, an orthopedic surgeon, botched my left foot bunion surgery. You can see my surgeries have not been very successful. Only the two Dr. Smithson did were successful. They were my hysterectomy and my umbilical hernia surgery.

I don't believe I have cancer but I do believe if they can't find anything else to blame symptoms on, they just guess. They aren't God. They just think they are.

More later...

As I was on my way home, I tried to call Schables in Independence about the remote for my Tivo.   They were not open. As I was passing Tyro, I texted John to see if he was home. I was going to run out there and see if he could get it open. But he was delivering feed and was over by Havana but he asked what I needed and I told him .  I told him I was nearly home now and he said he would drop by and see what he could do. I thought I was close enough to home to get the Chronicle paid so I wrote a check for the Chronicle and dropped it by the Caney office.

When I got home John was already there. Luckily, I was nearly home and caught him.I was trying to open the wrong port and he noticed that. He was able to open the other end and we saw the batteries. They were AAs and I had plenty of those. So he left and I was able to get two new batteries in the remote. John is really good about trying to help me with things I can no longer handle.

It's just after 3:30PM and soon the news will be on at 4:00Pm so I will watch some Amazon Prime until then.,,,now that I have the TV back,

So more later...

I watched some Amazon Prime and about 5:00PM Keith called. I was delighted to hear from him. Esther was out doing some shopping. Wednesday is her day off. They will go out somewhere for dinner. 

It is 6:00PM now and I just  watched the CBS news.  I am going to record the interview of Sunday's 60 Minutes. This Sunday they are airing a group of recorded interviews by Bob Woodward with Trump for Woodward's book "Fear". 

Keith thinks we will all meet on Thanksgiving at Scott and Ginger's new home. He says we will all drive there rather then fly. It's too dangerous to fly just now with the coronavirus. I haven't heard anything about that from John and Leslie yet. Maybe they don't have their plans solidified yet. 

Four cats/kittens came for supper. The yellow adolescent cat, both of Scruffie's kittens and Scruffie were all there for supper. Luckily, I had put out all four bowls. That eliminated fighting.

It's after  6:00PM now and I will take my bath at 7:00PM and plan to go to bed at 9:00PM as usual.

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Tuesday and a Dizzy Morning

 I woke up at my usual time this morning and got myself ready for the day. I may have to go back over to the doctor's office since I am still dizzy..or the dizziness came back this morning. I had to be very careful getting around the apartment. I supposedly  have this urinary track infection that I am taking antibiotics for since last Wednesday and I am not sure anything has helped. I can't tell any permanent difference in the dizziness. Unless it clears up now that I have had breakfast I hesitate to drive over to Coffeyville. I have to go over there tomorrow anyhow so I may just wait until then to go back to the Urgent Care.

I am supposed to give blood on Thursday and unless this clears up before then, I should not give blood. Always something!

I will probably work on that bottom drawer of the file cabinet today. I would like to get this project finished this week.

I have four cats/kittens out there eating this morning. I see Scruffie and both her kittens and the big yellow Tom. I put the double bowl and both blue ones out there with food for each of them..

I do not like the new blogger at all. I prefer the old one that I am using now, When I sat down here to blog this morning, they had automatically switched me to the new blog. The posts were huge! I will lose my history when they move everyone to the new blog this year. I had to scroll down to the left side of the page to find this original blog and switch back this morning.  

I have seemed to have got through the  dizziness after an hour or so. I am no longer dizzy now.

More later...

I spent the last three hours reading one of my "free for reading" books from Amazon. It was called "The Last Monument".  I finished it. It was pretty interesting.  It must have been. I couldn't put it down. It's 3:05PM now and I have been home all day except for a trip to the post office for stamps. 

More later...

I went through that bottom drawer and realized That was the drawer I had gone through in February. So I just closed it up and left it alone.

It is 4:35PM now and I have been watching Amazon Prime and went out to rake some leaves. It began raining in the sunshine.  That is weird.

Now I am watching the channel 6 news.

Here are the latest figures for Montgomery County. They just continue growing. 

At 7:00PM, I will take my bath and plan to go to bed at 9:00PM or so.

Monday, September 7, 2020

Monday and Labor Day

I am up and slept well. I slept until 5:00AM. I have had my breakfast and fed five cats/kittens. I have the Channel 6 news on but am having to use the desktop computer so I am in the den. I forgot to plug in the notebook that I usually use from the recliner in the living room because I forgot to plug it in last night before I went to bed. It's recharging now.

I don't have anything planned for today. I did a load of laundry last evening while I was watching the worship service. After the service I folded it and put it away. I went to the market yesterday. But I never did get the dusting done so I guess I can do that today.

More later...  

Right now I am watching Good Morning America and will watch the CBS news at 8:00AM which is just ten minutes away.

About the only things I watch on Cox cable is "Lucky Dog" on Saturday mornings and the pet vet show on Sunday mornings and 60 Minutes on Sunday evenings. I did watch "Bull" on Monday evenings before the reruns began.  I don't like the current programming...way too violent.  I just watch the news and then I use the cable to get me to Amazon Prime with my Tivo. That gift from Keith and Esther has been a life saver for my TV watching.

I plan to finally get to my dusting today. I have put it off for three days.

The notebook has recharged and I am using it now.

More later...It's time for the CBS news.

CBS News is over now and I have dusted the entire apartment and it fairly shines. I don't know why dusting seems like such a chore. It's only five rooms. Laziness, I guess.

I don't know what I will do with the rest of the day. It's only 10:25AM and everything is done. 

I should go through that file cabinet again and look for my passport. It disappeared after our cruise two years ago. I went through it once but maybe not too thoroughly.

I will do that now. I don't know that I will ever need the thing again but it's just the principle of the thing.

So, more later...

Well, that was easy! The first folder I picked up was the folder for our cruise. I went through that folder and shredded anything duplicate. Then when I went to put the folder back, I saw several things under the place where the folder was to be put...just loose in the file cabinet. I picked them up and looked at them and what do you know! It was the passport!

Now, once again, I have nothing to do. I could take the time to go through the rest of the folders in that cabinet and shred anything not essential but I thought I did that in February. Well, I will start and see how far I get.

More even later.. I have an hour before noon when I will eat my lunch. I will at least start.

I got though the Cs before time for lunch. It's going to be at least an all day job. That's just the top drawer too. Lord only knows what all is in that bottom drawer. It's probably my entire life. :)

I will get back to this after lunch.

I had a phone call from one of my classmates wanting to catch up on the classmate news and talked to her for thirty minutes.  That interrupted my cleaning out the file cabinet. It's almost 3:30PM now and I'm going to take a break.

More Later...

 I have downloaded  another "free to read" book from Amazon. It is "The Last Monument" and so far it's very interesting. It's almost 8:30PM now and I have had my bath. I want to stay up until 9:00PM or so. I will sleep better that way. At least now I have something to read tomorrow.  I have everything done now except the lower drawer of that file cabinet. I may work on that tomorrow too.

I only had one cat show up for supper tonight. Ir was that yellow Tom.

I need to go to the post office tomorrow and buy stamps. I have a birthday card for Gene Denny to get in the mail.

Wednesday is my hair appointment. I don't imagine Bob will be going to breakfast with me on Wednesday, He is staying with his girlfriend, Joanne. She fell last weekend and broke her right arm. She is right handed so that means she is at a definite disadvantage. Bob can't vacuum with his spinal stenosis so when it is time to vacuum I will need to do it for her. If he doesn't go to breakfast, I will leave later.... around 8:30AM instead of leaving at 6:30AM to pick him up.

Anyhow, I hope to get to bed sometime around 9:00PM or so.

Sunday, September 6, 2020

Sunday and Online Church

I slept well last night and got up early again this morning and got myself ready for the day. I ate my breakfast and fed the cats/kittens after I had mine.

I have checked my e-mail and noticed that so far at least the desktop computer is holding the signal. Evidently moving the router in front of the TV screen was the answer.

At 11:00AM I will watch the Toronto Canada online service. It is a sacrament service so I will need to prepare my bread and juice.  Every first Sunday of the month we have our communion service...even when it's online.

More later...

I went up to Independence  to buy groceries and stopped by John and Leslie's to give them a Chinese dinner that I bought from Schwans that was too large for one.

Then I went on to Independence and bought my groceries and then came back home.

I watched the news and will watch  60 Minutes now.


Image may contain: cat 

 John, my son in law cropped this photo for me.  It looks a lot better now!

Notice the yellow cat guarding his/her cat food. Usually when they finish  eating I take the food in the house but this feral cat is guarding the food now.

Back to 60 Minutes....When 60 Minutes is over I will watch the evening service from Springfield Missouri.

I did watch the evening service on Zoom and my daughter was in charge. She did a great job presiding. It was a good service. I had to watch it on te desktop computer though. I would have had a much better photo if I could have use dthe laptop but it was a tint screen and the maximize buttem was greyed out and I couldn't get a large enough screen to use it.

Oh well, no big deal. I still had the one on the desktop. With the window behind me though, the picture was faded.

After that was over, I watched some Amazon Prime and then went to bed at 9:30PM. I had had my bath earlier just before 6:00PM.