Saturday, November 2, 2019

Saturday and Another Cold day

The neat thing about cold weather (if there is anything neat about it) is that I seem to sleep a lot better. I cover my legs with additional afghans  I slept through the night last night and got up at my usual 5:00AM. I have dressed and got myself ready for the day and had my oatmeal and coffee and even fed the cats. Poor things...I wonder where they will spend the winter for shelter.

I was reading the New York Times headlines this morning and found this bit of news.

"President Trump offered a vivid account of the ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi “crying and screaming” in the final minutes before his death. The only problem: No one else knows what he’s talking about." 

Why am I not surprised.  Another figment of his fantasy over- active imagination.

I don't have a plan for today.  I may do my usual "Thursday"  cleaning. It's Friday, I know, but I never got around to cleaning yesterday. I will at least do my bare floors and if the spirit moves me, I may vacuum too.

I do need to go to the library when it opens and take that audio book back to them. Hopefully, they will be open today on their regular schedule. For some strange reason, they were closed yesterday...all day.

Tuesday is election day in Kansas.  I must remember to go vote for the Kansas people.  I believe we vote at the Cornerstone Church. I was by there yesterday and there must have been a hundred cars there and fire trucks and police cars. I had to detour down the road a piece down by Spears to get to the Dollar General store.  Later when I was out again, there was a huge funeral procession coming north down the highway to the cemetery . It must have been a huge funeral.

More later......I went to the library after it opened. I wanted to go to the post office but they had closed at 10:00AM in Caney. So I went to Joyce's store and had a hot fudge sundae.  It was delicious.  

Then I called Nancy to see if she wanted to run down to Bartlesville with me. She was sick again.  I had gone to Mildred's Market for her Christmas open house and bought another Montana West purse.  It had been plainly marked $49.00 and had been marked down to $17.00.  It was brand new and still had the original tags on it. So then I went on down to TJ Maxx in Bartlesville and bought another billfold that matched the purse. It was also a fraction of it's original price.

I got home and checked my e-mail and I had a notice from Cox that my last payment had not gone through. They wanted me to send them my banking information and I knew that it had gone through because it had showed up on my bank statement. But it was a address that it came from so I called Cox and checked it out.  They agreed that I had paid the bill. The e-mail had said they billed my Discover card. I don't have a Discover card.  

So even though it came from, it was a phishing scam. I told the woman I talked to at Cox that I was forwarding that e-mail on to their address so they could check it out before some of their other customers could be scammed. I sent it on to their scam checking address because if the scam had come to me with their real e-mail address on it, some other old person may have bit and given out their billing/bank information and could be fleeced.

Anyhow, I knew I had paid my last bill on October 10th and that is what their records said too.  My next bill will be paid on November 13th. 

Now I am going to warm up some leftover soup I had yesterday and eat the rest of that for my late lunch. It is 4:30PM now.

More later.... 

I ate the soup and watched "Bull" on CBS TV at 7:00PM. Evidently because of the football game they moved it up to 7:00PM instead of 9:00PM tonight.  After that, I took my bath and watched an episode of "Murder She Wrote" before I went to bed at 9:00PM. 

Friday, November 1, 2019

Friday and Rent Day

I slept like a log last night. It was probably because the room was cool plus the fact that I did not watch TV or work on the computer. I read all evening..I slept until after 5:00AM this morning.

I dressed and had my oatmeal and coffee this morning. Then I fed the cats. Two of them were waiting for me to open the door and feed them. I will need to buy cat food today...again.. 

The desktop computer locks up a lot. Sometimes I can reboot it and it will work for awhile. But soon it locks up again. Luckily I have Scott's old laptop too and it works fine. It runs Windows 7 and is no problem at all. As a back up, I also have the notebook Keith bought me last year. But the desktop is the one connected to the printer.  Next month when I am ready to do the class newsletter, I will need to get Cox to get the laptop connected to that.printer.

I imagine Suzanne will be by today to pick up the rent check since it's the 1st of November..

More later.....

I went by the store today and bought some more cat food and some oatmeal and cakes mixes. That's all I needed today.  I had some tomato bisque soup for lunch  with crackers and cheese. It was very good. Now I want to get some peach tea. I am still using up the last gallon of peach tea I bought this summer. I was going to get some coffee cake mix but they were out.

Suzanne called this morning and said she would be by to get the rent check this afternoon. She may have already been by.

No, she hasn't. Well, I have done all the going I am going to do this afternoon unless I take the audio book back to the Caney library after she leaves. I have another book to read on my Kindle so if I can't see anything else I want to read there, I will read that.

More even later...

I took the audio book back after Suzanne left. They are going to Branson for a few days.

The Caney library was closed...unexpectedly. Now I will have to make another trip up there again tomorrow afternoon sometime..They have irregular hours and are only open half days most days. I have a record of what days they are open and what hours each day but suddenly they close without any reason. Ho Hum!

It's nice this afternoon and I was going to wash my car but the car wash here would not accept my bank card no matter which way I inserted it so it will just have to remain dirty. I decided not to try to insert the $4.00 in cash for fear it would take my money and still not begin the car wash. It's strange.

More later... . .

I watched an episode of "Murder She Wrote" and then took my bath and got ready for bed. It's almost 8:00PM now but really too early for bed.  If I can get this computer to work, I will play some solitaire to kill some time. Then at 9:00PM, I will go on to bed.


Thursday, October 31, 2019

Thursday and Rent Day Tomorrow

The rent is due tomorrow and since I don't get my social security until the 13th of November, I transferred some money from my savings so I could pay it on time.

I got up pretty early. I woke up the first time at 2:00AM and finally got back to sleep until 3:30AM when I just got up. I had several things on my mind. I need to get the church brief in to the Journal and also get Leann's birthday card ready to be sent off today. Her birthday is the 3rd of November. I also wrote the rent check and got it ready to put out for Suzanne.

I rebooted this desktop gets slower and slower and sometimes rebooting it helps. Funny, the laptop is running Windows 7 and it is just fine.The problem with this one is that it is running Windows 10 and it doesn't have the capacity to handle it. But Microsoft didn't ask me if I wanted Windows 10, it just downloaded it one night. The computer has been struggling ever since.  Cox tells me it has been nothing but trouble for them.

More later...I had better check out the cat food.

I fed the cats and later started the chili.

I got hold of Atmos Energy about my bill.  I never got one this month. They said I had $23.57 that was past due. I just paid one for over $43.00 on the 30th of October. I don't think they know what they're doing.  They have just merged with another company. They had my e-mail address wrong for one thing. I scheduled the $23.57 for tomorrow. Hopefully I am paid up now.

Nancy called to be sure she was to come at noon. I assured her she was. I made up the chili and later at noon, Nancy showed up. She really seemed to enjoy the chili and I sent some home with her.  I have freetos to put into it and also some sharp cheddar cheese.I kept enough for another bowl myself. We had a nice visit and the about 2:00PM, she left.  She was concerned about her friend Judy who fell. Judy is in the Bartlesville hospital for surgery. She broke some bones in her fall.

I got another package returned through the mail.They didn't forward it to Richard Kerns and he is still in South Coffeyville. That's strange. They just returned it to me. It's almost 3:00PM now and cooking lunch is all I got done today.

Daylight Savings Time ends on Sunday. It's always the first Sunday in November. I am speaking at church on that Sunday too.

Nancy and I really enjoyed the chili and the company too. I sent some of the leftover chili home with her. I kept enough for another lunch tomorrow.

After she left I worked on the desktop for awhile and then picked up my book. I read all afternoon and before I went to bed, I finished it. I actually couldn't  put it down.

I took my bath and went on to bed at 9:00PM. Very good book about the innocence project. Grisham believes there are thousands of innocent people in America's prisons. I am not surprised...

Wednesday and Another Good Night's Sleep

I woke up fairly early and it was 26 degrees out and I decoded not to go to Coffeyville until it got light. It was misting besides. I texted Bob I would be coming over after it got light and he was o.k. about that. He probably didn't want to get out at 7:00AM in the mist anyhow.

I got myself ready for the day and had my oatmeal for breakfast and fed the cats.

Then about 8:00AM, I started for Coffeyville. I needed to get my hair done, get some gas and go to the library. Coffeyville's library had notified me that  they had the new John Grisham book now and I was next in line to check it out. Instead of listening to it on audio, I really wanted to read it for myself so after I had my hair done, I got my gas and dropped by the library and checked it out. I went to Walmart and bought my few needed groceries. Then I went on back home. By them it was 10:30AM. I called Nancy and asked her is she still wanted to eat lunch at Copan and she did!  So I told her I would pick her up at noon and we would go.

That's what we did. While we were there, we saw Karen Rankin and a friend of hers and visited awhile. Karen had had her auction a couple of weekend ago and we wanted to ask her how that went. It was a financial disappointment but she got rid of about a third of the stuff she had accumulated and made a couple of thousand dollars on a sailboat she sold, so she was happy enough. I went on to the restroom and left Nancy there to pay our bill (she insisted). When I returned, we were ready to leave. She wanted to come by my place for awhile. She was tired of her own company.

Soon Karen came by and came in. Nancy had forgotten to pay the bill and the waitress wanted Karen to tell her to pay it next time she was in. Nancy wanted to go right back and take care of it and so we returned to the restaurant and she paid it.She had simply been busy visiting and forgotten about it. We were so glad Karen told us. When we got back to town, I took Nancy home.  I invited her over tomorrow for chili. It was supposed to be cold again. She will come over tomorrow at noon for the chili. I may have to remind her.

After I got back home, I dug into the book and read until time for the CBS evening news.  After that, I took my bath re-dressed my toe and watched an episode of "Murder She Wrote" and went on to bed at 9:00PM. I was pretty tired.

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Tuesday and a Great Night's Sleep

I slept very well last night. I only woke up once and then I got right back to sleep until 5:30AM. Slept like a rock!  Great for a change!

I have got myself ready for the day and fed myself and the one little gray kitten that is usually waiting for me to come add the cat food to the bowls. Then she/he digs right in.

I need to get my trash container out to the curb before too long. That's about all I have to do today. It's supposed to be rain changing to snow October...what next? Weird weather for October!

I don't know whether I will go to Coffeyville tomorrow or not. I do have my hair appointment and I need to pick up a book at the Coffeyville library too. They notified me yesterday that it was in.

Mama cat is out there eating now. It is very cold out there so they are slow coming over. It's 37 degrees out there. Poor little cats! 

More later...It's only 6:32AM.

I watched the CBS news until 10:00AM and then read awhile. At 11:30, I cooked some Chicken and Cheese Taquitoes  for my lunch.. That, and some hot tea seemed to be enough for awhile. I did have an ice cream bar for dessert though.

Michael Estes, my mailman, just went by on State. He will be back shortly with any mail I get. It will probably just be my Reporter newspaper. Michael went to school with Keith...if I recall correctly. Here he is now. I will go check the mail. It's 12:00 noon. Be back soon.

I got the Reporter and some junk mail besides a dun from AARP for my membership.I sent them a check.

Tomorrow my Atmos gas bill is due. It is not much yet this month. Just $45.80. Next month will be a different story though.

More later....

I went over to the Caney Library this afternoon. I wondered if they had the new book by John Grisham called "The Guardians". They didn't, but they had some CDs  of it on audio that they had just received. I checked those out. I just like to read a book myself instead of listening to it being read to me.  I will be going over to Coffeyville tomorrow to get my hair done and perhaps go to breakfast with Bob. I will check if the library there saved the book for me. They contacted me yesterday to say I was next in line for it. They have three copies. One is back and I was next on the list. I told them I would be over on Wednesday.

It's very chilly today. I have the furnace turned up to 74 today and I am still chilly.

I went over to our garage here during the lunch hour and asked the man there to check my tires. The icon on the dash said I had low tires. That always happens in winter. I usually check them myself and stop at a Casey's and fill them up myself but I just wasn't up to it today. I guess it was too chilly for me to want to do that. They seemed glad to do it for me though. I was glad to let them. They seemed quite nice.

I listened to the book through the first CD. There are a lot of them in the holder.

It is 4:17PM now and I am going to put a sweater on. I talked to Nancy awhile ago and she wants to go to lunch on Thursday. I thought we might go down to Copan to the truck stop. I told her I would call her Thursday before noon and ask her how she felt. You never know about Nancy, because half the time she is sick to her stomach or has diarrhea. And she won't go to a doctor.

Right now I need to get a sweater on. More later...

I watched an episode of "Murder She Wrote" but it's only 8:00PM now and if I go to bed that early, I won't sleep well at all. So I am playing some solitaire for awhile. There's really nothing I am interested in on TV on Tuesday evenings. Tomorrow it is supposed to rain and later that evening, it is supposed to snow. I need to get my hair done tomorrow morning and go to the market and also the library in Coffeyville. I may have to get gas too. I have at least a half a tank..perhaps even more.  It will depend on the weather. 

Monday, October 28, 2019

Monday and a Pretty Good Night's Sleep

I slept pretty well last night. I woke up once or twice but managed to get right back to sleep. I was so tired from the lack of sleep the night before.

I see Blue Cross/Blue Shield came out of my bank account last night. In January that $289.00 will become $312.70 as the premium goes up again. After age 80, it was never to have raised again. That's how much you can trust Blue Cross/ Blue Shield's word.

And my social security doesn't come in until the 13th in November. So to pay the rent, I will need to transfer some money out of my savings until then because the rent is due on the 1st, which is Friday.

I will do laundry today. I need to strip my bed again and do the towels and underwear.

Right now I need to get dressed and have my oatmeal and coffee for breakfast.

So more later...

I stripped my bed and have the wash, the bedding and the other things in the basket done.  They are all in the dryer now. I have dressed and had my breakfast too. I have also fed the various cats and kittens. I will have to go to Dollar General and get some more cat food today. When you are feeding two ferrel adult cats and four kittens, it takes a lot of cat food. I also need to get some bread. I generally don't eat bread but Suzanne gave me some meatloaf yesterday before she left. She thought it would make some good sandwiches. I also will need some bread for the communion on next Sunday. Then I will send the remainder of the loaf home with Bob.

When the sheets are dry, I will remake the bed and by then, Dollar General should be open.

More even later...

I remade the bed and put away the laundry. Now I am watching the CBS news. It's a little after 9:00AM now. After that is over, I will go to Dollar General.

More later...

I called Nancy to see how she was feeling today and she was perky and fine and she wanted to go to breakfast. I had had breakfast but it was almost noon so I decided to have brunch instead. So I picked her up and we went to Eggberts. She insisted on picking up the tab. So I let her. We really take turns picking up the tab. She wanted to drop by the museum and see what was going on there, so we did that first. Afterward, I dropped by the apartment to pick up my list and we went to Dollar General. She bought some Halloween candy and some soup and I got bread and cat food. Ordinarily, I don't buy bread but I have to do the communion next Sunday so I thought I would use it there. Suzanne left me that meatloaf for meatloaf sandwiches yesterday so I will also make some meatloaf sandwiches. Then I will give the rest of the bread to Bob on Wednesday.

After that I took Nancy home and came home myself. It is chilly today and I have the furnace up to 73 degrees. It is still chilly.

More later...

I worked on my talk for Sunday this afternoon. I went over it. It will be  a small congregation next Sunday. Two or three of the congregation told me they would be out of town next Sunday.

About 7:00PM, I took my bath and bandaged my toe again and put my PJs on. I am trying to stay up until 9:00PM when "Bull" comes on. It's one of two TV shows I watch. "Lucky Dog" on Saturday morning on CBS is the other show I watch. The rest is trash in my opinion. Television has gone either stupid or horrifying.  I don't need to be horrified at my age or watch stupidity either. There's enough wrong with our world anymore. It doesn't need any more inspiration for violence or stupidity.

After "Bull" is over, I will go on to bed at 10:00PM.

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Sunday and Another Poor Night's Sleep

I slept poorly last night. I first woke up at 12:30PM and then it was off and on the rest of the night. I finally got up a little after 4:00AM.

I dressed and got ready for the day. In a little while I will start my coffee cake. I have had my oatmeal and coffee and chai and fed the cats too. The little gray one was waiting for me to open the door and fill the dishes when I opened the door at 5:00AM. Soon the large yellow Tom cat showed up too but this time he behaved himself. I guess he wasn't interested in having an old woman manning a broom after him. I guess I'd better get that coffee cake going. It's 6:00AM now. I have my cake for the Christian Church in my freezer and I will take it to church too and put it in the freezer there for Bob to pick up on Tuesday.

More later...

O.K. The coffeecake is in the oven baking and I have started the glaze I put on it for an icing.

I have added cat food to their bowls again. They had pretty much eaten all of the original food I had put in there. As soon as I moved away from the door, the little gray kitten came back to eat more.I don't know whether the Tom cat will be back or not.  No, the gray kitten is gone now and the small yellow kitten is eating now. The Tom is gone too. This is the kitten he was fighting yesterday when I took out after them with the broom. One went one direction the the other went in the opposite direction.

More later..

I left at 8:30AM to get to church. I got there at 9:00AM and cut the coffee cake and swept up the bugs and emptied the trash in the bathrooms.  I put the cake in the freezer.

Nancy called me and was quite disturbed. She said she felt terrible and was very sick and asked me to take her to the hospital. I told her I was at church miles away in Coffeyville and suggested she call Sara who lives on her block.

After church Phyllis and Bob and I went to "Just Us" for lunch. The Simmons' met us there and ate lunch with us.

Afterward, I came on back home and worked on the newsletters and got three of them in the mail box with the flag up..

About 3:30PM or so Suzanne came to change out three light bulbs for me. One was in the foyer, one was in the den. (That one still didn't work after a new bulb was put in.) Suzanne is going to have the electrician take a look at it.  The third one was the garage door light that comes on when the garage door goes up.  She sprayed WD-40 on the track to make it move smoother. It is 4:45PM now and I sure have not got much done today.

 I tried to call Nancy this evening. No one answered. I called Sara and she had not heard from Nancy and suggested I call Dale, her cousin. I did that and he went by to see her. She had not been taking her meds and had run out of them. He gave her a pill for nausea. He thought she was better after that.

Sara told me David and his wife are coming Thanksgiving. Nancy was mixed up.

It's a little after 5:30PM now and I guess I'll go wait for 60 Minutes to come on TV. 60 Minutes was 30 minutes late thanks to a football game. After I watched it, I took my bath and dressed my toe again. I am trying to kill about 45 minutes before I go to bed. I hope I sleep better tonight.