Saturday, November 21, 2020

Saturday and Possible Rain

 I slept well but seemed to get my sleep out before 5:00AM. I got up and dressed and checked my e-mail and watched Brooks and Shields  on my laptop computer.  They discussed Trump's response (or lack of it) to the election.This... even before breakfast. 

Now, I guess I will fix my breakfast and get back to this later. 

I had my breakfast and opened the front door to four cats, Scruffy was there and the light yellow cat and Inky and Blondie. Scruffie looked at the food and ended up just drinking some water.  The others are eating from the bowls. They are not picky eaters like Scruffie. "

"The weather on the 8s" is on now and we are forecast for rain today and Tuesday. It's a good thing I mowed the front yesterday. I had intended to re-mow the back today but I noticed the mist was starting out there.

I texted Bob and he says it is raining lightly in Coffeyville, Here it is just a mist. I do need to go out and bring some of the bowls in before too much of the cat food gets damp.

I did bring in one of the bowls and moved the other two closer to the door out of the mist. We'll see how that works. Inky and Blondie are still out there but the others are gone. 

The two sibling cats  are still siting next to my front door. I have had my breakfast and breakfast bar and even an ice cream bar. I can't seem to get filled up.

It is still raining lightly here. It is more then a mist now but just light rain.  It is chilly in the apartment and I may have to turn up the furnace. It is a damp cold...from the rain.

I ended up putting on a vest and hopefully that will be enough. I hate to turn up the furnace too much.

I have been watching some of the reruns of "Lucky Dog" on CBS.  I had seen most all of them. I watch that program every Saturday morning.  It is 10:30AM now and I am getting hungry. I usually wait until at least 11:30AM to eat. Otherwise I am hungry too much of the afternoon. I will have a little bowl of strawberries to tide me over until lunch.

I bought some of those Schwan's pizzas and that's what I plan to have for lunch. I still have about 45 minutes until my lunch time though. 

More later... 

The pizza was very good and I used the afternoon to read.  I finished the latest book before I went to bed. Now I will need to download another.

I watched the Ohio State/ Indiana football game this afternoon. It was a nail biter. Ohio State won by only one touchdown.  

Four cats came for supper but only three stayed and ate and then Inky and Blondie laid around until the rain got heavier and then I brought in the food bowls and they went on across the street to bed.

I took my bath at 7:00PM and went on to bed myself at  9:00PM

Friday, November 20, 2020

Friday and Another Boring Day

 I am not sure what I will do today. I slept pretty well last night and was up at 5:00AM as usual. I have dressed and had my breakfast and  am ready for anything the day brings. I have yet to turn on the TV for the weather and news. I downloaded another free book to read this morning  after I finished the last one last night before bed. But I am terribly bored with all this "stay at home" stuff. This next week is Thanksgiving and I will be going out to the kids' for that. Wednesday I will fix my salad and run over to Tyro to pick up the pecan pie.

Now I will go turn on the "Weather on the 8s" and see what to expect this next week. 

More later... I will also check on the cats.

There were four cats out there waiting to be fed. I took their food out through the garage as usual. They crowd the front door. They have all eaten and all but Inky and his/her sibling, Blondie, are still there. They like to look in the front door. They are as cute as can be.

I have been watching the local Tulsa news. At 8:00 the CBS news will be on. 

I see Georgia has certified the Biden won there.  They have finished their recount.

Now Trump is targeting Michigan. He just won't give in and admit defeat.

More later... 

I have been watching CBS news. The tragic response of the Republicans to the election results may make many of us change our registration.

I understand their hesitation in challenging the president. There are millions of voters who still believe the lies of the president and are his supporters and that may influence the next election results for those Republicans in congress who admit the president is wrong in refusing to concede the election. 

But they are wrong in doing that anyhow.

I took a look at my front yard and decided to mow those leaves again...for the third time this fall. Still some leaves on that tree so I imagine I will do it again in a week or so.


I need the exercise if I just don't overdo it. I get so tired of just sitting around either watching TV or reading. As soon as that vaccine is approved and I have a chance to take it, I will do so!

It's 11:30AM now and I guess I will fix some lunch.

More later...

About 2:00PM I went by Nancy's and saw that Gena was still there so I went over to Myrtle's Market to browse. I didn't see anything I couldn't live without but I did kill some time while I waited for Gena to leave. After a while I went by again and she was gone. So I stopped and visited.

 After awhile Sandy showed up and after an hour or so, I came back home.

I had a banana for supper and may have a breakfast bar too. 

I am watching the 5:30PM CBS news. So I will get back to this later.

John texted me this evening that Octavia, their older Blue Heeler, is pregnant again and in 60 days she will have a litter of Cowboy Corgies.

That will be neat.  

I took my bath at 7:00PM and then read the rest of the evening until 9:00PM, when I went to bed.


Thursday, November 19, 2020

Thursday and Cleaning Day

This is the day I clean my apartment every week. That will keep me busy all morning. I was up at 5:00AM, dressed and got myself ready for the day. I have had my oatmeal and coffee and a small piece of coffeecake.

I just got my Chai fixed and washed the dishes in the sink. I haven't had the TV on yet or fed the cats.  I always like to watch the "Weather on the 8s" before I turn on the news. I will do that now and drink my Chai.

I will also check out the cats.

There were four cats out there waiting not so patiently for their breakfast. I filled all four bowls and took them out through the garage as usual. Scruffie didn't stay this morning. Inky and his/her sibling, Blondie, were there and the lighter yellow cat. When they finished, I brought in the bowls.

I have yet to see the "Weather on the 8's". It should be on shortly.

I see we are under a wind advisory again today. And it looks like a rainy weekend coming up.

I see Inky and his/her sibling are the only ones still out there eating. The other yellow cat has eaten it's fill and has left now. 

I watched CBS this morning and in between  commercials I mopped and vacuumed the apartment. Now all I have to do is dust.  I will do that after I rest awhile....maybe even this afternoon.

I had my lunch and the Schwan's man came with my order. I gave him all the eight sacks I had saved. He was out of them.

It's 2:00PM now and maybe Nancy is home. I will give her a ring and see if she will answer the phone this time. I called her twice but could not get her..I imagine she went back to bed after lunch. eight

I went over to Nancy's but could not raise her. While I was there Sandy came too and she couldn't raise her either. Sandy gave me the strawberries she had got for Nancy at the Food Pantry and I fixed them. 

I have some whipped cream in the frig door and I will eat some of them with later on this evening. I had a chicken pot pie from Schwan's at noon today.

I gave Sandy the coffee cake I had brought to Nancy since we could not raise Nancy. 

More later... 

I got my dusting and polishing finished this afternoon. 

Everything is nice and clean now for another week. 

It is 3:40PM and the wind is still blowing so I didn't get any yard work done today. I will read for awhile and then watch the news again.

I will have a banana in awhile and perhaps some strawberries. That would make a nice healthy supper.

And that's what I did. I turned off the TV after the CBS news, read until I finished the new and latest free book from Amazon. 

I took my bath at 7:00PM or so and went on to bed at 9:00PM.

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Wednesday and Game Day

I slept on and off last night. I was very tired so I had gone to bed at 8:30PM. That was a mistake. I woke up at 10:00PM and woke up off and on all night. I finally got up at 5:00AM. I have had some oatmeal (to keep my plumbing going) and coffee but I am meeting Bob for breakfast. We missed last week because I was waiting for the results of my test.  

I am feeding the cats now but before I leave for Coffeyville, I will need to bring in the dishes or they (the dishes) will likely be gone when I get home this afternoon. Blondie and Inky are still eating but I think Scruffie is gone. She is losing weight because she seldom eats much of the new food, She is a picky eater. Hopefully someone else is feeding her too.

I see the light blond cat is out there too. It's nearly time for me to leave for Coffeyville so they had better eat quickly.

I had an e-mail from my friend, Dean, this morning. He had a scary experience. He had gone to Texas to visit relatives and was going to come by Caney and take me to supper but instead he found himself anxious to get home. He got home and  fixed Rod some supper and then had chest pains. They called 911 and the EMTs took him to the hospital and they put in two stints. He was home the next day. Scary experience. Thank goodness he didn't stop here to take me to supper.

More later, I need to get those dishes in and get over to Coffeyville. More later this afternoon. I am going to game day today too. 

I got over to Coffeyville in record time and took Bob to breakfast where we caught up on the news of our lives.

Then I went out to Woodshed and bought gas for my car and then went to Walmart to get a few things. Then I went to wash my car at the Cline Road car wash and vacuumed it out and even dried it at the car wash on Eighth street where they have a dryer. I washed it out on north Cline and vacuumed it there too. 

Then I went to my hair appointment. 

After that, I went to Sonic  and had a cherry limeade slush. I went to the senior center and read in my latest book. I had downloaded another of the free books I get to download every month with my Amazon Prime.

Then we played cards until 3:00PM. We all had our temperature taken and wore our face masks. I gave each person there some of the coffee cake I had made last evening and when we finished we left. I saved some for Nancy but I couldn't raise her at all. I called her six times but she never answered. I don't know what she does except stay in bed all day and sleep.

More later.

I called Dale, her cousin, and he said she may have laid down and taken a nap. She wasn't feeling real good at noon although she did eat lunch.When she sleeps, even a nap, she is dead to the world but I wasn't sure so I wanted to have Dale check on her. They were taking her groceries pretty soon and will make sure she is alright. She is 85 and will be 86 in November.  

I fed the cats their supper awhile ago and only Scruffie didn't eat much. She's just a fussy eater. She likes that Meow Mix with the tender centers. Too bad. She will have to develop a taste for the new food.

I watched the CBS news and then tried to call Keith. He must not have had his phone. I ended up leaving him  a message.

About 7:00PM I will take my bath and read in my Kindle until 9:00PM when I plan to go to bed. It's been another big day. ...but a fun day.

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Tuesday and Laundry

 I slept pretty well last night although I did get up shortly before five. I got myself dressed and ready for the day and fixed my breakfast. Today sometime I will go out to Dollar General and look for a multivitamin with 18 mm of iron and begin taking that to get my iron back to where it should be. I have never been much for taking vitamins, That was my Bob's thing.  But no more then I eat anymore maybe it's time I started using them too. 

My meals are mostly frozen meals from Schwans or Walmart. I really don't cook anymore. In the winter I will occasionally make chili. I have begun ordering the meals from the Methodist Church here. They fix them every second and fourth Wednesdays and deliver them to the apartment.  So far they have been very good and I just give them $5.00. They don't charge anything but you can give them something for the purchase of the food.

I haven't been in the living room yet so I haven't had the "Weather on the 8s" on TV yet or opened the door to see how many cats are waiting for their breakfasts. Maybe I should do that now. It's a little early for their breakfast so I will wait until after the weather comes on to feed them.

I may as well get the laundry going too. So more later...

There were four cats waiting for their breakfast....led by Scruffie.

I got them fed and also got the laundry dried and put away.

Then I watched the CBS news.

I finally went out to Dollar General and got my iron. I was supposed to take one 18 MG of iron per day but all they had was the 28MG capsule so I guess I will take one every other day and that should help.

I fixed myself one of my frozen meals and some sugarless punch for lunch. Then I watched the three episodes of my favorite TV program, "Bull", that I had recorded. I like doing that because I can speed past the commercials that way.

Tomorrow Bob and I are going to have breakfast. I missed last week because I was waiting for the results of my test to come back. 

I will get my hair done at 9:30AM and then fill up my gas tank and finally go to game day at the senior center. That gives me some fellowship...even if we have to wear face masks. I will need to get some kind of treat or perhaps make my coffeecake to take.  

It's 1:40PM now. It looks like a pretty day out there. If the wind is not blowing I may try to mow the leaves in the front yard.  I will go check.

More later...

Image may contain: tree, grass, sky, outdoor and nature 

Well, I got the front mowed again and it looks better..... temporarily. Notice there are still leaves on that tree in my front yard. I don't kid myself that I won't have to mow it again.  And when  the leaves are all off the tree, I will have one of the girls come mow the west side and get them bagged up. I simply cannot do the west side. I can do the front and the back but not the west side. It's now 2:50PM... I am worn out for now. After I recuperate, I will sweep the leaves out from under the hedge and scoop them up and put them in the garbage bag too.

So more even later...


Monday, November 16, 2020

Monday and the Bloodmobile

I slept poorly last night. I have too many things going today and that kept me restless. I didn't hear any more from the cricket though. That was a blessing. I got up shortly before 5:00AM and had my coffee, oatmeal and even a breakfast bar.

At 8:00AM or thereafter, I will call Karan's beauty shop  and tell them she is still in the hospital in Bartlesville. They won't release her until they get to the bottom of her latest ailment. They discovered something wrong with her liver...something about her liver enzymes being off. Maybe I will know more later in the day. 

Anyhow I am to give blood in Coffeyville at 11:45AM. I am also to work at the bloodmobile as an escort from 12:00Noon until 3:00PM. Obviously that is too much in such as short time. I will try to get in earlier or try to reschedule my appointment to give blood until tomorrow. They are working strictly by appointments and not too many at a time. We are to wear face masks and keep social distancing. The country is in bad need of blood..especially O positive, like mine. It can be used for anyone. 

Then I need to tell them Karan will not be working as an escort tomorrow either unless they release her from the hospital today. To get her heart converted Saturday, they changed her heart medicine. They should put her on the same med that Bob takes for his atrial fibrillation. He hasn't had a spell of it since they did that two years ago.

More later...I'd better go see if the cats are starving.

Scruffie was there and I took food out for four cats as usual. The other three came over for that and Scruffie left without eating. She is still not too happy with the new food. The black cat and his/her sibling are still eating there. The other light yellow cat ate and left so those two are all there are still out there. They usually usually hang around and play or look in the door at me.

More later... 

I left for Coffeyville as soon as the CBS news was over. When I got over to Coffeyville I went out to their Walmart and got the four things I needed. Then I went to Sonic and had their three piece chicken dinner and after I finished that, it was time to go to the Red Cross bloodmobile. 

I signed in and then when I was finally interviewed I learned I had low hemoglobin. The nurse stuck the right hand index finger first and that was around 11 something. Then she stuck the left hand in hopes of finding that finger's blood high enough. It needs to be 12.2 in order for them to take your blood. It was just 12 so she deferred me. I need to eat raisins and take a multi vitamin get it up before January when the next blood drive is scheduled. I did stay and try to work as an escort for the people who give blood and walk them to the table where the snacks and water are found. I found most people wanted distancing between one another...including me. I did the best I could without touching anyone. And I thanked each one for coming to give blood.

I left at 3:00PM and came home. It is almost 4:00PM now and I will turn on the channel 6 news.

More later... 

When I opened the front door Scruffie was waiting for her supper. I fixed the bowls and took them out and all four of them were there ready to eat. The pale yellow cat, Scruffie and also the cats/kittens.. the one that I call Blondie and the one I call Inky are all out there eating. 

Scruffie has lost some weight. It may be her loss of appetite because I changed her food. She is more picky then the other cats.  If she gets hungry enough, she will eat whatever  is before her.

More even later...  

All I have to do tomorrow is laundry. Wednesday has been changed to game day since the ordinary game day would have been the day before Thanksgiving. I imagine they will do the same in December with Christmas since the regular game day in December would have been the day before Christmas. That's Christmas Eve.

I watched the news and then took my bath and got myself ready for bed. I will read until 9:00PM or so and then go on to bed.

Sunday, November 15, 2020

Sunday and a Cricket

I went to bed about 9:00PM last night and slept well until about 2:00AM when a cricket began chirping in the bedroom. Finally I got up and turned on the light and began looking for it. About every 10 seconds it would chirp again. I got my flashlight and looked under the bed, in all three closets and I simply could not find the little critter. It sounded like it might be coming from the storage closet in my bedroom  but if it did, it was behind the many boxes I have in there and I could not sleep with the noise. Finally, I took my quilt and afghan and went in to sleep on the sofa. It took awhile but I finally got back to sleep there and woke up about 5:00AM. What a night! When I went in to make up the bed, the little critter chirped once again ...just to let me know he was still there, I guess. I will be very tired today.

I have dressed and got myself ready for the day, had my oatmeal and a breakfast bar and am working on my coffee now. I haven't even turned on the TV with today's weather. I haven't checked on the cats either. It's just now 6:00AM.

(On the side: I tried to access Kay's blog to read her remarks about a solar fan, "Is our solar fan really helpful?" but could not get access to it this time for the first time ever. I sure don't like the new google administrator of this blog. It's always something anymore.) 

I will get my Chai and go watch the weather channel and the news later. 

I see the weather should be fair for the next week. That's good. Maybe I can get some more leaves cleared up.

Jean Page  contacted me about working as an escort at the Red Cross bloodmobile on Monday from 12:00 until 3:00. I had already arranged to give blood again on Monday at 11:30AM. I have O negative blood which can be used for anyone. I will wear my face mask and keep my distance. They have the appointments spaced so there is no one waiting in the chairs together.

More later..I am watching CBS news now. It's 8:45AM

I finished the news and brought it the cat's bowls.  Then I fixed myself a lunch of a frozen meal and some sugarless punch. Then the service came on and after three different tries with two other browsers,  I used Google Chrome and managed to watch the service at 11:00AM.

Those others browsers must have slowed down the signal. It's noon now.

More later... 

I went over to Nancy's about 3:00PM and she dressed and we went for  drive in the country.Then when I took her home she wanted  me to come in for awhile.I did that and around 5:45PM, I came on back home to watch 60 Minutes.

Unfortunately 60 Minutes was postponed because of a football game. It was nearly 6:46PM before the program actually started. I watched it and then took my bath and read until 9:00PM when I went to bed.

It had been a good day all in all.