Thursday, July 4, 2013

Independence Day

It's finally Independence Day and we will be going out to John and Leslie's for supper this evening. My potato salad has been in the frig for 24 hours now. It should be good! I hope!

I did go back up to the senior center yesterday afternoon and played Bingo. It was fun and good fellowship too. I won three times. I will take my prizes to camp to use for Bingo prizes there too. After the Bingo, I went to Caney to Dr. Burch's to pick up my left contacts. Now I have new sets for both eyes. When I got home I went over to Bob's and sat out on his porch and enjoyed the beautiful day.

Missy seems to be well now. She does some sneezing but other then that, she is no longer choking. Maybe the new cat food is working. It's the Iams that is to prevent hairballs.

I am out of several things in my cupboard and I need to go out to Wal Mart to restock. That is one thing I will do today. Tomorrow I will vacuum the house so I can leave it clean and come back to a clean house. I will also change my bed and do some laundry. Otherwise, I have no other plans for today.

More later...

We went to John and Leslie's this evening and had steak, potato salad, baked beans chips, dip, tea and pop. Then we had cake and homemade toffee ice cream. Everything was wonderful! Jeff and Cyndi were there and Bobby and Karan, Terry, Denise and Dee, and Jeromy and Marlene and the great grandchildren. We had a great time and Bob and I left about 8:00. We were exhausted but John did a wonderful job with the steaks and Leslie's ice cream was delicious but we were the oldest ones there and we were tired. So we came home and left the fireworks to the younger generation.

Folks are still setting off fireworks and it's 10:00 now. Missy is under the sofa and won't come out. Poor kitty!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Busy Wednesday

I am going to be pretty busy today. I will go to exercise class at 9:00 and then home to warm up the hamburger pie for lunch. I did get my potato salad fixed early this morning. It is in the frig and will sit overnight until time for the cookout at John and Leslie's tomorrow evening. It should be good by then.

I got another good night's sleep last night. I think the arm pain is on the mend, At least I hope so. Missy also seems better. She is no longer choking. I will be leaving her on Saturday to go to camp. Luckily Bob will be here just across the street to feed her and take care of her.

More later...I need to water my flowers before I leave.

I returned from exercise class and boxed up the family documents my son wanted. My next project is to box up the photos I promised me niece. I will get them off to her soon. I will need to get her mailing address first.

I'm not sure it is on my Christmas card list but I will check.

I think I will go play Bingo this afternoon at the senior center. That might be something fun to do.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Another Good Night

My arm seems to be getting better all the time. I am almost sure it was the blood pressure medicine. Or maybe I just wore it out. Anyway, it is getting better.

Bob came over last evening and we watched "Hitchcock" on DVD. It was very good. I bought it off Amazon.

We decided to go to Bartlesville this morning after my hair appointment. We will walk the mall and then eat somewhere. We are both tired of staying home. I have a coupon from Christopher and Banks. I may use it today if I can find something there that I like.

I will be gone to camp all next week beginning with this Friday. Bob will come over and take care of Missy and feed her and empty her litter box. He will also water my flowers each morning.

More later....

We did go to Bartlesville and I did find a new top that I liked and bought. Bob bought some socks. Then we went to Dink's and had lunch. It was very good but way too much food. We both brought half of it home.

I walked over to Braum's and bought milk. I will need it for my potatoes tomorrow. I also made up some peach tea. I wanted something wet besides water to drink.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Another Better Night

I had another pretty good night. I awoke early but not in pain. My arms appear to be much better. Maybe the change in blood pressure medicine helped. Only time will tell.

Today I will go to exercise class and afterward fix lunch. We are having hamburger pie..Judy's recipe. I like hers much better then mine.

It is my daughter's birthday. They are going to eat out in Bartlesville and then take in a movie. She invited me. That was sweet but she needs some quality time with her husband. I told her she didn't need her mother to tag along. I will be going out there for the 4th of July celebration on Thursday. I am fixing my potato salad. They are have four or five couples out for the evening's festivities. She is making homemade ice cream too. I love her homemade ice cream. John will cook outside. It's supposed to be nice so we may eat outside too. He will fix hot dogs, hamburgers and steak. Cyndi and Jeff will bring baked beans. They will probably have tea and pop too.

I need to go to the market today. I will need potatoes and pickles for my potato salad.

Melissa threw me a curve yesterday. She mentioned that the first Sunday of camp is Sacrament Sunday and wants us to serve the sacrament. I stewed about that all day. Finally at bedtime, I e-mailed the woman in charge of getting the presiders for the evening services and the Sunday morning service that such a decision would impact and asked for a list of her presiders for each service. I didn't want to alarm her by mentioning Melissa's suggestion. She seemed to have a difficult time finding people to preside and was kind of panically the last time she contacted me.

Then I e-mailed Kevin, the caretaker, to see if there were communion trays at the campgrounds. If there are not, I do not think we ought to try to do the communion. For one thing, there may be several hundred people there for the Sunday morning service and for another thing, we would not have enough of the small plastic communion cups for the service.

I had just stopped being concerned about the staffing when she brought that up. I would think that would be the responsibility of the person presiding since it would take several deacons to serve, not to mention the logistics of getting it set up and all together. I am not a micro-manager. When I ask someone to take a responsibility, I want them to do the planning for their own service. On top of all this...why would she wait until the last minute to bring it up? The camp begins on Saturday.

Oh well....we'll see how this works out.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Much Better Night

Last night I slept really well and with no arm pain! I hope I have seen the last of that. I wonder if it's the new blood pressure pill that finally kicked in. Time will tell.

I had another turn down for the primary class teacher yesterday but I heard from Melissa that she is preparing to teach it and has the material together for it. I still have one more inquiry out for it but at least it's covered in case that one falls through too.

Missy, my cat, also seems to be doing a little better. Maybe we will both whip our problems at the same time. That would be good after all this time.

I am waiting for Bob to be ready for church. It will be another thirty minutes before we leave. I need to run off the bulletins after we get there.

Leslie called yesterday and invited me to a cookout at their place on the 4th. I am to fix my potato salad. I will get potatoes at the market this week and make it on Wednesday so I can leave it overnight in the frig. It's always better when it has a chance for the flavors to mix.

Scott called yesterday too. He told me about his daughter Ashley's new car. He is paying for it. He is also paying for her health insurance. He is doing his part to get her through college and through graduate school. She is holding down two jobs herself. She wants to be a surgeon.

More later...

I went to lunch with Leslie, John, the great granddaughters, Cyndi, Jeff, Karan, and Bobby. Afterward I came home and did my letters and then took a nap. Bob called later to see if I wanted to go with Tony and Diana and him to supper. I told him I had had a big lunch and had better not. I did walk down to the Dollar General store and buy some shampoo and some bubble bath. Tony and Diana will be leaving for Wisconsin in the morning.