Saturday, August 21, 2021

Saturday and Rain

I woke up at 4:00AM to a huge clap of thunder as the rain started. I got up and checked out the back door and sure enough, it was raining...finally. But it's 6:20AM now and I think the rain is gone. It's too dark out there to tell at this stage but I don't hear it anymore. When it gets light out there I will go take a look. I am glad I brought the solar kitty in last night. When I checked the outside at 4:00AM this morning, the solar cardinal was glowing brightly in the back flowerbed....rain and all.

I have dressed and had my breakfast and am working on my Chai now. Soon I will go turn on the TV to the "weather on the 8's" and see what the local forecast is now. It changes nearly daily. But why am I surprised? This is Kansas. 

This has been a strange week. First a major water main broke and we had no water for awhile and then yesterday, the electricity had been off and I had to reset all the electric clocks and the microwave when I got home from Coffeyville. I also had to reboot both computers. But again, why am I surprised? This is Caney. This week I got a letter from the city of Caney, explaining they had violated some state law about the purity of their water. At least they sent a letter to all their water customers, admitting it. They think they have it fixed now but I don't drink Caney water. I filter all that I drink or make coffee with and also buy bottled water.

I hope the flowers enjoyed the rain water. At least I won't have to water them today.

I will go see if the TV works and I can see "the weather on the 8's". I will get back to this later.

The CBS news is on. I will check it out first. Sure enough, the rain has stopped.

I went out back and once again picked up the three or four dozen leaves that had blown in my back yard from the tree in my south neighbor's back yard. I do that three or four times a day.

After the news, I read awhile. Then I went out to Dollar General and bought the few things I couldn't get at the market.

It's 11:15AM and I don't believe the mailman has been by yet. I'm not sure what to have for my lunch today.

More later...

I had a frozen mini pizza for my lunch with some sugar free punch. Then I spent the next 45 minutes raking leaves in my front yard and bagging them up in a large black yard bag. I wore plastic gloves to do that. I am hot and sweaty  but have the air on higher to cool the apartment off.

  • Over 339,000,000 vaccines given in the US alone and your chance of actually dying or having an adverse effect is less than .0019% this is less than any over the counter drug you take (majority aren't FDA approved btw), food you ingest, or new medication that your doctor prescribed that you take. There will always be rare adverse effects to anything you take and don't bat an eye over. You have a 1.7 chance of dying from COVID. You are 894 times more likely to die from COVID than to have an adverse effect or die from the vaccine. no, mRNA doesn't alter DNA, that's not how that works. People get sick, that doesn't change with COVID being around so just because someone got a vaccine months back and "claims" that the vaccine causes them to have (a,b,c..etc) doesn't mean the vaccine equals causation even though the occasional person wants to look for a reason. That's like me saying "I got the vaccine 10 months ago and now I have chrone's disease". No that doesn't make sense guys, I have a hereditary gene for that. Except the general population doesn't understand their own genetic markers, let alone, virology, epidemiology, statistics, and microbiology. Also for those going "I've heard some healthcare professionals haven't gotten it and are against it". I ask you this, if 96% of the HC Professionals are siding with it, why on earth would you go with the 4%?? You wouldn't do that if only 4% of engineers said it was safe to fly Delta (no pun intended) and 96% said otherwise, you wouldn't fly Delta. I hate that people have brought politics into this. Science and fact doesn't care about politics and niether do I when it comes to this. Stop looking for information to feed your stance. Btw if you get a lot of stories that are against the vaccine, it's because of the way algorithms are set up to show you things it knows you're interested in (hence your ads, news, etc). When you think of mortality, you need to think of morbidity when it comes to COVID. Just because just under 2% dies doesn't mean they didnt fight for their lives for weeks to months before being deemed okay for discharge. Also, there are long lasting effects that people are suffering from. We as healthcare professionals are tired of this, and with the growing numbers in our hospitals it becomes unsafe. Especially due to the amount of HCP's leaving the industry from burnout due to the first wave that they had to endure. 
    My granddaughter, Ashley, an RN, wrote this. She is working this pandemic.
    I just had a text from Dale, Nancy's cousin. She is back home now. I may try to raise her and go see her.
    I called her from in front of her house and she was there and answered her doorbell.I visited for awhile and Keith called and didn't stay on the line while I was visiting with Nancy. Nancy and I took a drive around Caney and then actually went down to Dewey. She needed to get out of the house. We visited for quite awhile and then at 5:00PM, I came on back home in case Keith calls me back.
    David is not doing well at all. Nancy is not sure he will make a full recovery. 
    I will watch the CBS news and then at 7:00PM, I will take my bath and plan to go to bed at 9:00PM.

Friday, August 20, 2021

Friday and Lunch in Coffeyville

I slept fairly well last night...was up twice but got right back to bed and right back to sleep I am having my breakfast now..and my coffee. It didn't rain again last night so I will need to water everything again this morning. According to yesterday's "weather on the 8's" there was a 90% chance of rain. That shows how accurate they are trying to forecast it. It sprinkled briefly yesterday afternoon...very briefly..

I plan to go back over to Coffeyville again this noon and have lunch at the senior center.It's been a couple of months since I've done that. Asbury Village (a nice nursing home just outside of Coffeyville) is fixing goulash and I imagine french toast or garlic toast to go with it with salad and iced tea. I enjoy the food and also the fellowship.

Since Nancy has been gone I have had very little fellowship....just the senior center's  games. I usually visit her once or twice a week. I am tempted to call her cousin, Dale, and find out how David is doing and also how Nancy is handling David's illness. He is taking radiation treatments for lung cancer.

I need to go check out the "weather on the 8's" and see what the forecast is. I had a notice of a heat advisory from the police department at Coffeyville this morning. We have been having a little cooler weather this week and I was hoping fall was on it's way.

More later... 

It looks like we will have three days of 100 degree weather and one of 101 degrees. I am not looking forward to that. It's 10:25AM now and I need to be in Coffeyville by 11:15AM at the latest. It only takes me 25minutes or less to get there so I plan to leave here by 11:00AM so I still have some time. I have picked up leaves in the back yard once already and in the front yard twice. It is good exercise  to stoop over and do that.  I will do the back yard again before I leave.

So, more later...

I cleaned up the backyard before I left. Then I left in time to vacuum out the car. It was a good dinner and I sat with some folks I didn't know and visited.

I bought a cheery limeade slush at Sonic before I went to lunch.

Then after the lunch I came on home. My electric had been off all morning and so I had to reset the clocks on the stove, the microwave and the Bose system. That's always a mess. I also forgot to pick up another puzzle.

I was very full. That was quite a lot of food though for $3.00, I could hardly complain. 

It rained on me on the way home. I'm not sure if Caney got that rain though. I would have to go check the grass to see.

I went out back and picked up the leaves that  were scattered over the back yard. It's an impossible job and very hot out there.

More later..I am going to watch the CBS news.. I watched the CBS news and then got back to me book.

I have been reading for a couple of hours. It is 5:22PM now.

It's 6:30PM now and in about 30 minutes, I will take my bath. I will read until 9:00PM and then go on to bed.

Thursday, August 19, 2021

Thursday and Apartment Cleaning

I was up shortly before 5:00AM this morning and slept pretty well. I am having my breakfast now and my coffee. After I see the weather and the CBS news, I will get into my cleaning. I mop during the commercials and later vacuum during them too. It's not daylight yet so I don't know whether we got that rain that was forecast or not. The weather people have an awfully hard time predicting our weather here in southeast Kansas. Much of the time, they miss it.

I have another puzzle now so after I get the apartment cleaned, I will start laying it out. That will give me something to do besides read. Tomorrow I will go back to Coffeyville for lunch. The third Friday of each month Asbury Village fixes lunch for the seniors and they charge just $3.00. It's usually pretty good. They are having goulash tomorrow..and I assume with french or garlic bread and salad and iced tea. I always enjoy the fellowship too.

I'm going to go watch "the weather on the 8's" now and check on the cats..

No cats this morning but the weather is different. Storm warnings today and tonight and the rest of the week and into next week. We will see if that develops.

I have one more room to vacuum before I clean up the sweeper. Then tomorrow morning I will dust before I leave for Coffeyville if I don't get to it today.

I got the vacuuming finished and the sweeper cleaned up. It's not raining yet so I had better go water the plants a little.

I got the plants and baskets watered a little.  I didn't want to over water them since it may rain later today or tonight. There's a 40% chance.

It's nearly 9:00AM and finally Scruff came to eat breakfast. She's the only one who did though except for a black and white cat that was wearing a red collar. That one definitely belongs to someone so I did not feed it .

After I watered the plants, I started working on this puzzle.

 May be an image of indoor 

Took me half day to do this one! It's 2:00PM now.  Now I will go back to my book.

I had to recharge my Kindle again so I have just been reading the Reader's Digest and the papers Suzanne put in my mailbox by the front door.. It's only 6:42PM and I don't want to take my bath yet. I will wait until 7:00PM. In the meantime, I will play a game on this laptop. 

No cats came for supper.They are pretty erratic with the feeding. Some days they don't come at all.

More later... 

It's 7:00PM now. I will go take my bath now. Be back to this later. There's nothing on TV I am interested in. If it weren't for the weather and the news, I wouldn't even need a TV. TV has deteriorated to nothing but nonsense and commercials.  Amazon Prime does offer me some better options.

I have had my bath and and plan to go to bed at 9:00PM I have been up since a little before 5:00AM.

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Wednesday and Bunco

I slept pretty well last night until about 3:00AM when I heard a loud noise like a slamming door. I woke me up from a sound sleep. It probably came from next door but I got up with my flashlight and checked out the apartment and then went back to bed. I slept well after that and was up shortly before 5:00AM.

I will have a busy day today. First, at 9:00AM I have my hair appointment and then at 1:00PM we have Bunco at the senior center. I am in charge of the the prizes and like David, I will just give money for prizes. I have a few things I need from Walmart and Dollar General so I will do my little bit of shopping in between. I also want to pick up another puzzle at the senior center and check out when I can get my booster shot for covid.  

I am having my breakfast now and it is a little past 6:30AM. I will watch "the weather on the 8's" and then check to see if there are any cats waiting to be fed. 

I will leave for Coffeyville  about 8:15AM. I will need to stop at the bank and then go to my hair appointment.

If there's no rain in today's forecast, I will need to water my flowers and plants before I leave.

The rain is for tonight so I should water this morning. There is also rain forecast  for tomorrow, and Friday and Sunday. We'll see how that works out. It was forecast for last night too but we didn't get any.

Two cats came but only Scruff ate. I think Blondie's family is feeding him because he is ignoring my food.

It's only 7:30AM now so I have a little time to water. 

 So more later... 

I got the flowers watered and may not have to water again today if the forecast is right on. This is Kansas though so the weather changes constantly. It's hard to forecast, I know. It's 8:15AM right now and I need to leave if I am going to stop at the bank.

I got to the bank in plenty of time and then after I got my money, I went to get my hair done. After that, I stopped at Sonic and bought a cherry limeade slush. 

Then I went to Walmart and bought the few things I couldn't get at Caney.

Then I stopped by the Montgomery County Health department to see if I could get my booster shot. They wanted me to wait until my age group  was allowed to get the booster. Right now the are doing nursing homes and people with immune problems.

I went to wash my car and vacuum it out.After that, I stopped by the Antique Mall and looked around. While I was there Scott called me to tell me about their great trip with their neighbors to California. They love these neighbors and that's great because the neighbors they had when they lived in Florida were a nightmare.

We had a nice conversation.

I played Bunco from 1:00PM until 3:00PM and got home after I went by Marilyn's and left her some chocolate chip muffins. I did bring home another puzzle from the senior center and may start it tomorrow after I clean the apartment.

I watched some of the news until after 6:00PM and will take my bath at 7:00PM and plan to go to bed at 9:00PM.

Thursday is apartment cleaning day and I hope to have plenty of energy for that. I also want to clean up the leaves on my front yard...again while it's cooler.

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Tuesday and Laundry

I got up shortly before 5:00AM and changed my bed and am washing the sheets and my towels this morning. I had a fairly good night's sleep last night. It's almost 6:00AM now and I am having my coffee and have already had my breakfast. 

I heard from Dean this morning and his bladder infection responded immediately to the antibiotic and it has cleared up. I knew it would after the doctor finally gave him an antibiotic. He will reschedule his trip to Texas and here afterward to see me. He asked me to  give him a rain check. It will be good to see him again.

Tomorrow is Bunco at the senior center and I am to give the prizes. I am going to do it like David does and give $10 for the most Buncos, and $5.00 for the most winnings and $5.00 for the most losings.  I always spent $20.00 for prizes anyhow and I have run out of things to buy for prizes. I have a box in my closet with all the prizes I have won in the past. The money means those who win it can spend it however they wish.

While I am at the senior center tomorrow, I want to pick up another puzzle to work. That gives me an alternative to reading in my spare time.  (Actually, I have nothing but spare time)...especially since Nancy has gone to see her son, David. I have no idea how long she will be gone. She thought two weeks but Thursday will be two weeks and I haven't heard a word out of her or Dale about when she will come back. I may call Dale and ask today.

I will go check the "weather on the 8's" and see what is forecast for this week. The last time I checked yesterday rain was forecast for Thursday, Friday and Saturday. It changes almost daily.

So more later... 

50% chance of rain today and Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. 

I have been watching Good Morning America and CBS News. It's 8:39AM now.

I got all the laundry folded and put away. That's my project for the day. After the news, I will read or trim my hedge...depending on the weather. I plan to go out to Eggbert's and have my chicken salad lunch today. But it's only 8:45AM now.

The trash people haven't come yet so I went out and picked up leaves from the front yard. Fall is coming and it will get worse. I will rake then and bag them up.

The trash people came by finally and I took my cart up to the house again. As I was watering the flowers a woman in a car came by and said she went by my place every day and always admired my flowers. I thought that was so nice of her to take the time to do that. I told her my son-in-law had built it for me.

I brought a wet rag out to the trash container when I put it away and washed it off. It had gotten very dirty over the years. It looks a lot better now. That trash machine is really hard on it. It scruffs it badly. It's almost 10:00AM now and I still haven't trimmed the hedge. It is getting hotter out there.

I got the hedge trimmed after all. I think I have everything done I intended to do. 

I do want to check my checking account though. 

One of Caney's biggest water main broke this morning  and there was no water all morning but I wasn't aware of it until I went to flush the toilet and it wouldn't flush since there was very little water pressure. I filled my plastic wastebasket with water and that took awhile and flushed it by pouring the water in the stool. Then I called the city to find out what had happened and she told me. She said it would take awhile to get the pressure back up. 

I went out to Eggbert's to have my weekly chicken salad, fruit and muffin lunch and that woman and her mother with the two very noisy children came in and sat right across from me. The children shrieked at the top of their lungs the entire time and I had the waitress put my drink in a paper cup and I came home to drink it.  

We used to eat out every Sunday when our kids were that small and we taught them to respect other people sitting around us and to use "inside" voices. We taught them there were "inside" voices and "outside" voices and "outside" voices belonged outside. Some people just don't care though. They have no respect for others or the rights of others. I guess they just think they have their "rights" and one of them is to not to have to teach their children the rights of others.

I guess I will get back to my book now that I have all my chores done. With Nancy gone, I am really looking forward to going to Bunco tomorrow. I miss the fellowship. 

My youngest son, who spent several tours in Afghanistan, had this to say about the current situation:

"No one needs to blame the current president nor the one prior for this mess! This was a Bush/Chaney disaster! you cannot make little Americans out of those people and their country.. they are tribes and families, nepotism is their creed which is rooted in their religious myths. 
These people, like their Iraq cousins, had 20 years to prepare for the inevitable ( Afghanistan Taliban), but they loved the American dollar and pay checks and did not take American military training serious! 
Like all countries (we’ve tried to convince our way is the best) just rode the American gravy train and lived in the present instead of preparing for their future challenges!
America needs to stay the hell out of the nation building business! to quote another mythical book.."get the beam out of our eye, before getting the mote out of others" Keep our troops and money in our own yard! quit force feeding other countries our democracy philosophy! “one size doesn’t fit all!"
I have to agree. In fact our democracy (actually Republic) is failing us and has been for some time. White supremacists are taking it over. I so admire the mayor of Tulsa for finally exposing the terrible massacre that Tulsa's black community went through in 1918 when the white people there massacred almost 300 black people and burned their businesses and churches just because they had built a thriving community of their own. 
There is a new museum in Washington DC that I would like to tour if I were to ever go to our nation's capitol. It details the experience of our black community's past. I saw something about it on 60 Minutes a few months ago. The white supremacists used to hunt down black pastors and hang them. If they couldn't find the black pastor because he was trying to get away, they would hang his wife and children.
We white people have no idea what the black community had to deal with and continues to go through...and here in America. Actually, with our American history, we have nothing much to brag about. One percent of the population has most of the wealth of the nation..and pays no income tax... like Amazon...while a good part of the population works for the minimum wage and struggles to make ends meet. Much of the answer to that is... education...but that segment of the population doesn't have the means for education.

Rant over... 

My daughter's new hairdo!

May be an image of one or more people and indoor 

Another view of it!

May be an image of one or more people 

Cute,isn't it! 

I watched the CBS Evening news and now I will take my bath and read awhile until bedtime.

Monday, August 16, 2021

Monday and a Bad Night's Sleep

I slept badly last night. I woke up at 10:00PM with cramps in my left foot and finally got up and took some Hyland's Restless Legs and put two tablets under my tongue. That took care of that. Then at 2:00AM, I woke up having a nightmare. I don't even remember what it was now. Then at 3:30AM, after finally getting back to sleep, I woke up again...restless. Finally at almost 5:00AM, I just got up. I was going to change my bed and do laundry today but after that bad night's sleep I decided to wait one more day. 

I am having my breakfast now and it's 7:04AM. I just opened my blinds and looked out and it looks like it may have rained a little last night.  That will be good for my plants.

I guess I will go turn on "the weather on the 8's" and see what the latest forecast is.

A couple of days of rain toward the end of the week.

I have been watering plants and forgot the time.

I changed the plant from the back yard to the front. It looked better then the one in the front. I think I may have over watered it. The CBS news is off now and I have to confess, I missed part of it.  It is now 10:35AM.

 I read again until lunchtime and then had the last of my chicken pot pies for lunch at nearly 1:00PM. Then I read again until 3:30PM. I finished one book and began another one.  

Now I need a break from reading. I will check the moisture on the plants.

They were all dry so I watered them.

I finished the last of three books and downloaded three more. It's 5:00PM now and I will watch the news for a change of pace. 

I watched the news until it was over and then took my bath. It's 7:20PM now and I will read until 9:00PM when I plan to go to bed.

Sunday, August 15, 2021

Sunday and Church Online Again

I slept fairly well last night but dreamed more then usual. Strange dreams..must have been something I ate. :)

Anyhow, I was up shortly before 5:00AM, dressed and am having my breakfast and coffee now. I don't have a plan for today except to watch the church service from Toronto, Canada, called "Beyond the Walls" at11:00AM. I will probably read this morning. I downloaded four more books from Amazon last evening.

My niece, Carol, is supposed to be sending me some more puzzles to do when she gets around to it. I like to keep one going for something to alternate with reading.

It's a couple of minutes past 6:00AM now.  I will go turn on the TV to watch the "weather on the 8's" right now. I also wonder if I will have any cats to feed today. None showed up yesterday.

It took a little while but both Blondie and Scruff showed up for breakfast this morning. I took their food out through the garage door. 

I finally saw the weather says rain Thursday Friday and Saturday next week. We will see. This is Kansas and about anything can happen with our weather. They have a terrible time forecasting it. 

The hummingbirds are back too this morning.It's cool out and they are fighting over the sugar water in the feeder. 

 More later... 

I have been watching Face the Nation and they are talking like the 9/11 terrorist were from Afghanistan.

The hijackers in the September 11 attacks were 19 men affiliated with the militant Islamist group al-Qaeda. They hailed from four countries; fifteen of them were citizens of Saudi Arabia, two were from the United Arab Emirates, one was from Lebanon, and one from Egypt.
Neither Afghanistan or  Iraq were involved.
At 11:00AM, I began watching "Beyond the Walls". It was, as usual a fine service. It is noon now and I will soon go fix my lunch...a frozen TV dinner.

I may read this afternoon. The sun is shining now. It is 12:12PM
It's now 1:45PM and I have been watching the weather channel watching the storms come in on Florida
I hear my neighbor next door is mowing. He usually waits until it is just ratty looking. We are supposed to mow every week but he mows when his grass gets between 6 and 10 inches high. We have a contract that says our yards have to be mowed weekly but he doesn't worry about that. He is also not suppose to have an animal but he has his son's dog over there half the time. I don't think he cares about contracts. His contract expires December 1st and she has asked him to move before then.

More later...

I drove down to Bartlesville to try to find another hanging plant but they were all in pitiful condition. I stopped at the Dewey Sonic on my way home and bought a cherry limeade slush.It only cost $1.55 there. Then I came on home.

I read the rest of the afternoon and finally took my bath about 6:45PM and went on to bed at 8:30PM. I was very tired.