Saturday, July 15, 2023

Saturday and Back Home

 I slept very well last night and was up at my usual time..perhaps later almost 6:30AM, in fact...I dressed and got myself ready for the day. I have had my breakfast and am drinking my Chai Latte now. In a little bit I will take my walk. 

Blondie came for his breakfast this morning, ate his fill and went on his way. He was very glad to see me...rubbed up against my legs..When he finished, I took his food back in the garage and covered it.

I caught the weather for the week too.  Today is to be 93 degrees and sunny, tomorrow is to be 96 degrees and mostly sunny, Monday is to be 95 degrees and mostly sunny, Tuesday is to be 103 degrees and partly cloudy and windy, Wednesday is to be 101 degrees and partly cloudy, Thursday is to be 97 degrees and partly cloudy, and Friday is to be 89 degrees and AM thunderstorms.That's the week...very hot weather and only one day of rain.

More Later... 

My friend that drove me to camp, had a bad experience. A tree fell on her house while she was at camp. When we got back to Coffeyville, where she lives, the next day, we saw that the damage was not as bad as we thought. There was a four foot square hole in the ceiling of her bedroom and a small square hole in her bathroom but generally it was fixable. Her stepson who is a contractor, sent his men to put a tarp over the hole in the roof and clean up what mess there was.

However, in the night last night, the wind blew the tarp off  her roof  and water from last night's storm poured into her house and the water poured in onto the bedroom carpeting and in the bathroom through a smaller hole in that ceiling to the living room carpet and came through the light over the TV soaking the table under it as well as the dresser in the bedroom. Her stepson sent his crew back but the damage was already done by then. Her neighbor loaned her a big water vac to suck up the water from the carpeting and she used that and put the ceiling fan on so she says there's not much to be done until the appraisers get there and they can start repairs. It's tragic! She's a wonderful person and this is a tragedy. She's a widow so it's all on her. I offered to come help her but she says there not much more that can be done until the appraisers get there and they can start repairs.

More Later... 

My son, Scott and his wife had two hurricanes hit their brand new home in Florida and they got hold of Servpro there and got everything done back to normal. There is a Servpro in Bartlesville, and they could come deal with her damage and get her home back to it's original condition.

I went up to Gabbie's for lunch and had a cheeseburger and chips and a Coke for my lunch. Everything was very good.

Then I went to the library and checked out two books and read most of the afternoon.

I took my bath at 7:00PM and put my pajamas on and will read until my 9:00PM bedtime.

Tomorrow is church but Monday I will change my bed and change the sheets and get ready for Dean's visit on Thursday, Friday and Saturday this next week. If Rod doesn't have any more problems, Dean plans on still  coming to visit. Of course he is Rod's primary caretaker so if Rod has another episode, Dean will need to cancel his trip. I understand that for sure. I give Dean my bed and I sleep on the daybed trundle in the den when he visits. Any visitors I have get my bed and I sleep on the daybed trundle in the den. I sleep fine there. Only five year olds have slept on that trundle...and me.

Tuesday, I must remember to take the cookies up to Independence Kansas at the First Christian Church for their Tuesday evening dinner.

I will go read now until my bedtime.


Friday, July 14, 2023

Friday and Home From Camp

I have been gone a week to church camp. It's a family camp. I have gone yearly since 1961 when My youngest boy was 1 year old. In those days we stayed in a tent that we had camped in on weekends a couple of times a month..

I got home about 12:00PM or so today. I really didn't pay a lot of attention to the time. I stopped at Karan's to see what kind of damage this week's storm caused to her home. A tree fell on the front of her home. She had a large hole in the ceiling of her bedroom and a couple of smaller holes in the living room ceiling and bathroom ceiling but it could have been a lot worse then it was, Her stepson, a building contractor, went by yesterday and put plastic on her roof to keep last night's storm from causing any more damage. He cleaned up the tree limbs and leaves in the worst room..her bedroom.

Tomorrow I will probably have lunch at Gabby's in downtown Caney. I will see what will be on the menu before I make that decision.

More Later..