Saturday, August 13, 2016

Saturday and Breakfast Out

Bob and I will eat our breakfast out this morning as usual. In a little while, I will feed Missy, who has been very patient about it thus far.  I have made my bed and dressed. If I go into the living room, she will start wanting to go outside and it's still dark. So until it gets light, I may just stay in the den and use this desktop computer.

I will try to get the dusting done today and perhaps even make up the goulash for tomorrow's church basket dinner. I can always warm it up again at church. I will bake my coffee cake in the morning too for the church school class.  I am presiding for our guest minister, who is from Pittsburg, Kansas.

I was really exhausted yesterday evening. In fact, while trying to walk the mall there in Joplin, I was exhausted then too. I didn't attend exercise class yesterday because the rotator cuff in my shoulder was aching. I washed my hair in the shower before bedtime. It looked pitiful.  Ah, the joys of old age!

More later...

We did go to Eggberts for breakfast and it was a good one. Afterward I went to Walmart and bought some groceries and then to Woodshed to buy a tank of gas. Gas was up ten cents a gallon...why I don't know.  Gasoline is another racket like prescription drugs. It's not the pharmacy, it's the pharmaceutical companies. The raise the prices of meds far above the average persons ability to pay for them. And we have a refinery right here in Coffeyville and yet the prices are higher then in the rest of Kansas. I drive over the state line, one mile away, and buy it for ten cents a gallon less in Oklahoma.

When I got my gas I noticed that I had a low tire. I checked out which one it was and then drove over to Casey's to air it up.

When I got home, I got my mail and started making the goulash for tomorrow's dinner at church. Then I made brown sugar glazed carrots too. Finally I baked a batch of cookies. I am really tired now but all I have to do tomorrow is bake my coffeecake. I even went out to church and ran off the bulletins. I did a small load of laundry too. I have it out now and put away.

Bob came over and had a warm cookie. He just left and since there's absolutely nothing worth watching on TV on Saturday night, he wont be back this evening even for the news.  I'll pick him up in the morning for church. 

Friday, August 12, 2016

Friday and Maybe a Trip to Joplin

Bob and I discussed going to Joplin today but then the weather forecast has changed. This is Kansas after all. Now  we have a 60% chance of rain. I texted him earlier and he wants to think about it before making a decision about going. I understand. The last time we went to Joplin, it poured down rain.

I slept fairly well last night. I awoke a little before 4:00 and never really got back to sleep.  I got up shortly before 5:00.

Missy has been a pill this morning. She is determined to roam. I may have to take her into the apartment. I have had to get up twice to chase her down and make her come back. Once, I had to carry her back over here.

It is hot and muggy this morning without a trace of a breeze.

Leslie just called to confirm the dates for our trip to Florida in September. They have also reserved a room in a motel so we can stay overnight at Birmingham, Alabama, halfway there.

More later....

About 8:00 Missy was ready to come back in the apartment. It's just too muggy out there for both of us.

More even later...

Bob and I went to Joplin and ate at Olive Garden today. On our way back to Coffeyville, it poured down rain. When we got with 10 miles of Coffeyville, there was no rain at all. And we really needed it.

Bob came back over at 5:30 and watched the news until 7:00. We watched PBS to catch Brooks and one other man from the Washington Post comment on the progress of the election.

At 9:00, Missy and I went to bed. I was exhausted. 

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Thursday and Housecleaning Day

This is one day I have nothing else going and so I will clean the apartment. Missy is patiently waiting right now for her breakfast and I will need to eat mine too before taking her out on the carport.  I will work on this after I get out there and after I water my flowers.

More later ...

I've had my breakfast and fed Missy as well. I've watered my flowers and chased Missy down once already.  She is lying here at my feet on her little mat now. ...behaving herself for I don't know how long.

I had a text from my friend, Myra, this morning. Yesterday her computer was hacked and I recognized it at once because the e-mail I got from her was signed "Bob". Her Bob died right after my Bob died in 2010. I called her and referred her to to her ISP. Now she has found that her e-mail is frozen too and she has no other way to communicate except her smart phone.  I asked her by text if her ISP was able to do anything and she has not answered me. What a mess! She doesn't really need that kind of grief.

In a little while I will put the roast on to cook in my slow cooker. We eat at 11:30 and that and the veggies should be done by then. Bob will bring a salad or coleslaw.  We have the rest of the pie for dessert.

More's 7:30 now. We just got out here a half hour ago. I slept so late....

Bob came over here awhile ago and visited about the Interstate Fair and Rodeo. Then he left to go home and shave.

Keith called while I was in the house putting the roast on in the slow cooker. I called him back since I missed his call and we talked for several minutes.

Finally Missy was ready to go in and I got my house work and laundry finished. Bob brought Denise over to see the PDF file of Tony and Diana's house. Bob did his laundry while we went through the photos. Bob came back at 11:30 and we had lunch. It was good. We had roast beef, potatoes and carrots and his salad. Then we ate the last two pieces of Karan's blueberry pie. Bob picked up his laundry and went home.

More later...

I vacuumed the apartment  and now all I need to do is dust. Maybe I will get that done tomorrow. I read the rest of the afternoon. Bob came back over shortly after 5:00 for the news and went home at 6:00 since there was nothing on TV we either one were interested in.

I was working on the bulletin for Sunday again and Billie Jo called to tell me her sister, Jody, had died today. I worked with Jody in the FAST program in Independence when I was administering it. She was the receptionist there. She was 4 months older than I am. I really liked her and was sad to hear of her passing.

I went to bed at 10:30...later then usual.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Wednesday and Exercises and Bingo

I slept well last night but of course I took a melatonin tablet just to make sure.  I had so little sleep the night before.

Today I will pick up Bob for exercise class. Afterward we will have hamburgers and french fries for lunch. I bought hamburgers at Peck's in Dewey yesterday afternoon. Bob will bring a sliced tomato. He has already brought Coke.  This is one of our "unhealthy" meals. We seldom have one.  But every once in awhile, I crave a hamburger and french fries and even a Coke.

Missy and I have been out on the carport since about 6:15.  I have watered the flowers and the tomato plant on the patio already. Missy is being good...just lying here on her little mat behaving herself.  I have swept off the carport already too.

I notice the two black men who live across the street where Bob used to live were out awhile ago and went over to the apartments at the next door east. Maureen told me they often pick up cigarette butts to smoke out on the parking lot there. At least one of them works at the refinery. Betty checked on him before she rented to him. She checks on everyone she rents to as all landlords need to do. She has had some pretty harrowing experiences in the past. They have been gone awhile now so they may be having coffee with someone over there who also works at the refinery. I just think it's very strange that anyone would pick up old cigarette butts to smoke.

My social security came in last night. Now I will make a car payment as well as stop over to Stan's and make a payment on the hearing aid.

More later....

I did go to exercises and afterward stopped at Stan's and paid him the $100. payment for the hearing aid and also scheduled the car payment at the bank. 

We had hamburgers and french fries for lunch. Bob's daughter, Denise, was visiting him and he called to be sure we had enough for her. So she came too. It was good to see her again.

I went to Bingo at 1:00 and won two games and the blackout. Then I read all the rest of the afternoon and finished my magazine. Bob came over at 4:00 to see some photos his older daughter had sent me of the home she and Tony have bought in Wisconsin. When he went home to change to work at the Interstate Fair and Rodeo, I went to Country Mart and bought a roast for today's lunch. It's been awhile since we've had a roast. I bought some carrots to put in it and I will peel some potatoes to add too.  I cut it in two and froze past of it.

After that, I took my bath and at 8:30 Missy and I went to bed.  

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Tuesday and My Hairdo also Cakes Again

I will leave a little early this morning to take the cakes up to Independence to the First Christian Church. I will stop by and pick up Bob's and then stop at the church and pick up Sue's and Phyllis'. They left theirs in the freezer at church a couple of weeks ago. I'll drop off the cakes before going to my hair appointment.  Bob has a 10:30 appointment with Toyota. When he had his oil changed, they noted it was down a bit. They wanted him to drive 200 or 300 miles and then they want to check it again to see if it is burning oil.

I will pick him up at Quality Toyota.  Then we will go shopping at the Walmart store up there for basic school supplies for him. I spent $60 on filling my two backpacks yesterday and I don't think he can afford to do that. I can't either but what's done is done. Until I checked out, I had no idea I had spent that much. And I didn't get everything on the list either.  Between 9:20, when my hair is finished and 10:00, when I pick him up at Toyota, I will look around at the hardware store.

Missy and I have been out on the carport since 6:15 and it's 7:15 now. I think she wants to get a bit of food and a drink of water. She is pestering me about it. Back soon!

O.K. that was it all right. She's back out now.

I didn't sleep worth a darn last night. I woke up at 1:15 and never did get back to sleep except in little patches.  I got up at 4:45 this morning.

I may run down to Bartlesville this morning after lunch.  I need hamburger patties.

More later....

I did get the hamburger patties and got back fairly early.  About 5:00 Bob came over for popcorn and to watch the news.  He left at 6:30 and I took my bath and watched TV for about an hour or two . I went to bed ay 8:45. I was exhausted.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Monday and Exercises

Today I will go to exercise class, as usual. Afterward Marilyn R. and Karan will be over for lunch with Bob and me.  I won't do this often but it's good to have company for lunch now and then.

Right now I have to go get breakfast for Missy and myself. She is being very patient this morning (so far). We are forecast for flooding and I didn't even know it was raining. I haven't looked yet.

But right now...breakfast. I will add to this later.

Missy and I have both had our breakfasts and I my coffee and chia. I have mixed up the meatloaf and it is in the frig..covered.   I have the sauce mixed up and in the blender. The table is set too. I have watered all my plants outside here just in case it doesn't rain. I still have to water the two inside. I have done a small load of laundry and have it in the dryer now. I have also combed Missy. She loves that! She needed it too.  It's been a busy morning and it's only 7:45.

Missy has been real good but since I've brought the laptop out, she may decide to roam..or try. Sure enough..she tried. I rounded her up and she is lying down here again...for awhile.

I will drive this morning since Bob drove yesterday. We stil have almost an hour until we leave though.

More later....

Exercises went well and afterward, I got my meatloaf baked and the potatoes boiled.  Marilyn R brought her baked beans and they were great. Karan brought a blueberry pie that was also very good.

Karan is going to have us over to her place for lunch on the 22nd. We will each bring a part of the meal.

I went to get gas as soon as everyone left and then paid my personal property taxes and car registration. I got my new tag too.

Then I went to Walmart and spent $60.00 for school supplies for my two back packs. I'm not going to be able to do that again.  I used some of my funeral money to pack those two back packs.

I baked my cake too and after it cooled I iced it. I will need to pick up Bob's in the morning at 8:15.  I will need to stop at the church and pick up Sue's and Phyllis' cakes in the freezer there. Karan brought hers this afternoon.

Bob came over at 5:00 and stayed until 6:30. Then I looked and looked for something to watch on TV and finally just gave up and Missy and I are going to bed in fifteen minutes at 9:00. I am very tired.

As you can see, My daughter-in-law and son's pool is coming right along.  This is his latest photo of it.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Sunday and Church

I slept pretty well last night. My right shoulder rotater cuff has been hurting where I lay on my right shoulder.  And my back is still a little stiff from pulling the muscles yesterday. My mileage is beginning to show.  I really suppose I need a new mattress but the budget won't allow it. I still need to get my personal property taxes and car registration paid before the end of the month.

Scott texted me last night. He was curious about my income and my budget. I don't know what that was all about but it was good to hear from him.

Today Bob will be baking his pumpkin bread for the Church School class.  Melissa will preside and Sue will be the speaker. After church, some of us will drive over to Cherryvale to have lunch at "Just Us". That's a very good buffet.

I will need to go to the kitchen and get Missy's treats and her bowl filled again. I also need to eat a small bowl of cereal and drink my cranberry juice. Maybe by then, it will be daylight and Missy and I can go out on the carport.

So, more later....

Missy and I have both had our breakfasts and she waited, although not patiently, for it to get light outside.  I took a couple of Aleve for the aches and pains. 

We've been out on the carport since shortly after 6:00 and it's almost 7:30 now.Missy has tried to wander off once and I went and picked her up and brought her back home. Sher hates to be picked up and hisses and spits at me when I do that. But she also knows if that happens again, we will go in the apartment.  So now she's lying at my feet on her little white mat.

I hung a hummingbird feeder here in the front so I could watch them. I have one over my kitchen window and one on the patio but I seldom sit out there.  I hope they will find this one. I like to watch them feed.

More even later....

Church went well. Afterward the three of us went over to "Just Us" In Cherryvale.  Phyllis had gone to Kansas City to see her daughter and grandchildren. Becky wasn't at church. Bob drove this week.

Tomorrow I am having Karan and Marilyn R. over for lunch with Bob and me. We will have meatloaf, boiled potatoes, Bob will bring salad and Marilyn is bringing baked beans. Karan is bringing dessert.   It's a cooperative event.

This afternoon I read and finished the book Gay sent home with me.

This evening, Bob came over about 5:00 to watch the news and we ate the rest of that watermelon Karan gave us last week. Bob left at 7:00 and I took my bath and Missy and I went to bed about 7:00.