Saturday, July 9, 2022

Saturday and Church Camp

I slept fairly well last night but was awake a good deal of the night. I finished packing this morning.

The cats were out there for their breakfast and I took it out to them. They ate quickly and left and I brought it back in as far as the kitchen. If they come back I will take it back out

I watered the flowers in the front and will need to water those in the back next.

I am waiting for the weather forecast now. It's 6:45AM now.

I caught he weather forecast finally. Today will be 91 degrees and partly cloudy, Sunday will be 86 degrees and sunny, Monday is forecast for 100 degrees and sunny, Tuesday's forecast is 94 degrees and partly cloudy,  Wednesday 96 degrees and sunny, Thursday 99 degrees and sunny, and Friday 103 degrees and sunny. It's to be another very hot week. That's July for you though.

More Later....It's 6:55AM now. 

It's 7:13AM now and I just finished watering the flowerbed in the back yard. Not that it will do a lot of good since after Wednesday I will be at camp the rest of the week. I will leave this afternoon after Josh mows and come back Tuesday afternoon to be here Wednesday morning at 8:00AM for my color and cut at Toni's at the beauty shop in Coffeyville. As soon as she is finished, I will get gas at Woodshed and go back over to the campgrounds for the rest of the week.

I had an e-mail from Dean, my classmate, this morning. He and his son, Rod, are planning a trip to Lawrence to visit relatives there. Rod and he live in Topeka so that's not a long trip. I hear from Dean two or three times a year. He is a very nice guy.

More Even Later.... 

I texted my mower,Josh earlier and told him the earlier he could mow the cooler it would be. I was hoping he would come do it at 9:00AM  but that didn't happen. Th earlier he can get it done the earlier I can leave for camp. I was hoping to get away by 2:00PM. I have put my bags in the car already. It's 9:15AM now and no sign of him though.  I started trimming to get my part of the job done but I played out quickly. It is warming up out there. It's 9:17AM and already it's up in the eighties. I am afraid the trimmer may need recharging before I get it done. I need to get back out there and get that finished.

The trimmer is still on the charger. Josh never came this morning. I just put away the mower and grass bag. I need someone to mow for me that I can depend on. I texted him twice with no answer and then I tried calling him. It rang a dozen times and then went to voice mail. I left him a message. That's when I put away the mower and grass bag. Teenagers!!!

It's after 11:24AM now. I am to leave at 2:00PM for the campgrounds.  

I thought Leslie called me but all I could hear was scrambled sounds. And it sounded like John was on the line too but I couldn't understand him either. I don't have a clue what that was all about. I finally just hung up. 

I got a hold of Leslie and asked if she called me. She said her phone was in her pocket and it must have called me. She said she would turn it off.

I called Karan to ask if she wanted to ride with me and she said she thought of that too but decided with her atrial fibulation she never knows what might happen and she might have to go to the hospital and would be dependent on me or I would be dependent on her for transportation. So we decided we may as well take our own cars.

We did decide however to leave here about 1:00 or 1:30PM and meet at the Olive Garden in Joplin.for lunch. Karan will text or call me when she is ready to leave and I will leave then too.

I haven't been to the Olive Garden since Bob Avery died.


Friday, July 8, 2022

Friday and Dusting

I slept much better last night and only woke up once at 1:30AM but then I was able to get back to sleep and slept until almost 6:00AM. 

I got up then and made my bed and dressed and got myself ready for the day. Since I was so much later I looked out front and Scruff was out there waiting for her breakfast. I didn't see anything of Blondie. He may have given up on me. I took her food out and she dug right in. Then I fixed my own breakfast and am here in the den eating it. All I have to do today is dust the apartment and water the flowers.

In little bit I will go check on the weather. Right now I am eating my breakfast.

More Later... 

I missed the weather forecast the past two 8's. I was up too late to check the usual times.  I am hoping they will show it at 7:18AM so I can take a photo of it with my phone and put it here on the blog. It's still two more minutes until 7:18AM.

I finally caught the local weather forecast for the next week. Today is to be 99 degrees and partly cloudy,  Saturday is to be 91 degrees and partly cloudy, Sunday is forecast for 95 degrees and sunny, Monday is to be 101 degrees and sunny, Tuesday is to be 96 degrees and partly cloudy, Wednesday 95 degrees and mostly sunny, and Thursday 99 degrees and sunny. That's it for the week. 

Most of that week I will be at camp. Josh will be mowing in the morning tomorrow and I will be leaving for camp after 2:30PM.I will need to come home Tuesday afternoon late and stay overnight for my 8:00AM appointment. After that is over, I will go back over to the campgrounds for the rest of the week until Saturday the 16th when camp breaks up.

I got the flowers all watered  and Scruffy fed. Blondie did come by too late. I had taken the food in and put it in the garage and it's a good thing I did. A big black dog came by to check if there was any cat food out there and luckily, I had taken it in.

I have been watching Good Morning America this morning. I don't really enjoy CBS This Morning. I don't care for the way Gale King behaves. She appears to think she is the star of the show. She tends to take it over. So I watch the CBS evening news and the weekend CBS news.

It's 9:34AM and I have all the dusting finished. The place is clean for another week.  

More Even Later....

It's 10:56AM right now and I have been reading for quite awhile. I need a change now. Everything I planned to do today is done and not even half the day is done. I need to figure out what I need to do next. It's too early to pack. At least I think it is. I guess I could start packing what I won't need today. I could cross those things off my list that way. 

O.K. I got nearly everything packed.  I still have some last minute stuff to pack. I have my list and am marking it off as I get things in my suitcase and little Carry On. Hopefully, I won't forget anything important.

I went up to the Caney Market and bought a TV dinner for my lunch. I couldn't handle another peanut butter and jelly sandwich and I can't afford to buy another meal this close to when my social security comes in. That Smart Meal will be fine this time.

Once More Even Later.... 

I took my bath about 6:15PM and put on my pajamas and robe afterward. I plan to go to bed about 9:00PM and hope I can sleep well tonight.

Thursday, July 7, 2022

Thursday and Apartment Cleaning

I slept fairly well last night...certainly better then the past few days. I was up shortly before 5:00AM, made my bed and dressed and got myself ready for the day. In a little bit, I will fix my breakfast and coffee and Chai and eat it all here in the den while I blog.

I have my breakfast  and am eating it now. Soon I will go check on the cats and see if they are ready for theirs. I also want to check the weather again too. It's very changeable here in fact, pretty much everywhere anymore. 

Both cats were out there...very hungry. I took their food out to them and Scruff is the only one still eating.  Blondie must have eaten at home earlier. He just ate a little and left. Scruff is just sitting out there now looking around.

The weather just came on. Today is forecast to be 103 degrees and partly cloudy... a real scorcher!. Tomorrow is to be 99 degrees and partly cloudy, Saturday's forecast is for  93 degrees and mostly sunny, Sunday is forecast to be 98 degrees and mostly sunny, Monday is going to be really hot....102 and sunny, Tuesday is to be 97 degrees and partly cloudy, and Wednesday is to be 95 degrees and partly cloudy.  Thursday (today) and  Monday are to be the hottest days...up in the 100's. 

I see Scruff and Blondie had come back and eaten some more. I will leave the cat food out there awhile longer.

It's only 6:00AM and I will wait awhile before beginning my mopping.

More later ....

It's  almost 9:00AM now and I have the mopping all finished and the throw rugs in the dryer on the "fresh air" setting and the bedroom and hall vacuumed and will rest awhile before doing the den. Then I will rest awhile again before doing the living room and dining room. I don't know why it seems like such a big job anymore.

More Even Later....I need to get back to it! It is 9:07AM now.

It's almost10:00AM now and I have finished the vacuuming and emptied the sweeper and put it away. 

I am pretty tired now. I will have to get the throw rugs out of the "fresh air"  in the dryer and put them where they belong. 

I will read for awhile, I guess. I'm not all that interested in this latest book but it was free from Amazon so I guess I shouldn't complain.

I was going to read but the battery is too low on the Kindle so I will have to wait for it to charge now.

I guess I will fix myself another peanut butter and jelly sandwich for my lunch. I can't think of anything else I want. 

I guess I will go see if the Kindle is charged enough  to read. 

More Even Later

It's 3:45PM and I have been reading but I finished the book. I am tired of reading but also bored. I missed going to Bunco yesterday afternoon but David cancelled it for some reason. He didn't say why.

I was hacked this afternoon on the laptop computer. The man with a thick accent pretended to be Cox Complete Care. He told me they had a server problem and had it fixed now but they were were going to refund me two months cable fees and an additional hundred dollars as compensation. He wanted my bank information so they could deposit that money in my account. I knew right then he was a hacker. I told him I knew that from a previous experience and it wasn't going to work with me. He took over the laptop computer and wiped out everything on it and immobilized it and was not going to give it back to me until I agreed.  He also said they would come to my home tomorrow and kill me. I hung up on him and called Cox Complete Care. They downloaded an IT on it and in an hour or so, he got it wiped clean and restored everything the hacker said I had lost. Cox suggested I call the police and report it but I knew it wouldn't be anything Caney could take care of so I did not do that.

I had Cox Complete Care then come and go over my laptop computer this afternoon and get everything cleaned up. He also downloaded McAfee for security. He told me it comes free of charge with Cox Complete Care. I didn't know that was even a service available from Cox Complete Care. It's included in my $9.95 a month fee for their ITs.

This evening I did report it to the police as Cox wanted me to. The officer came over to my house and interviewed me about it. I told her the whole story.

I took my bath at 7:00PM after I watched the recorded CBS evening news. It is 7:43PM now. I will read until 9:00PM or so. Then I intend to go to bed.

Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Wednesday and a Hair Appointment

I had another terrible night's sleep. I was awake at 2:00AM and even though I took more Melatonin, I could not get back to sleep. I just tossed and turned all night from then on. Finally, at 5:00AM I just got up and dressed and got ready for the day. I don't think I am up to the camping experience either. If something doesn't change in the next few days, I will just stay home. I have to get up in the night too often anyhow. I might just go over for a day and then come back home.  That's what Bob Avery did after Phyllis died.

More Later.... It's 6:17AM now. I have just finished my breakfast.

Both cats came for their breakfast too. I fed them and then put the food away.

I watched "the weather on the 8's" and it's going to be very hot this week. Today has been forecast at 104 degrees and sunny, Thursday too...104 degrees and mostly sunny,  Friday will be 96 degrees and partly cloudy, Saturday 83 degrees and mostly sunny, Sunday will be 98 degrees and sunny, Monday will be 104 and mostly sunny, Tuesday will be 96 degrees and isolated thunderstorms. That's it for the next week. Not pleasant...that's for sure.

It's 7:00AM more later...I left for Coffeyville at 7:45AM and Toni got me in a little earlier then usual. Her 8:30AM appointment had not come yet so I got in thirty minutes earlier then usual. If I am still here next Wednesday she will take me at 8:00AM for my color and cut. I still haven't decided for sure if I will go to reunion for the week.

I did stop by the board of health and got my second booster shot.

I also stopped by Shelter Insurance and gave her a check for my car insurance and rental insurance premium. I told her not to deposit the check until next Wednesday when my social security comes in. She made a note of that. It's not due until the 17th and the social security comes in on the 13th. 

I also dropped by the bank and ordered some more checks. I am down to the last one. I didn't realize that until I wrote that one for the insurance. I had the bank make me up five counter checks to tide me over.

I usually use my debit card instead of writing checks. 

I think I will just have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for my lunch. It's almost noon now.

You can hardly beat a peanut and jelly sandwich when you can't think of anything else to eat..lots of protein. ..especially with a glass of milk.

I went up to Independence about 4:00PM to get a blizzard at Dairy Queen and dropped by John and Leslie's to see if she wanted to go get one too but it looked like the place was deserted. I figured she might be over to the campgrounds painting cabins. I guess I should have stopped and checked.

It's almost 4:30PM now and I have decided to play it by ear whether  to go to the campgrounds Saturday afternoon. It depends on how well I can sleep the next two days. I will clean the apartment tomorrow. If I can get some decent sleep the next two days I will go. I will pack as soon as Josh finishes the mowing Saturday morning. If I am as dead tired as I have been the last two days, I may just go for a couple of days and nights. I want to come back Tuesday afternoon anyhow and go to my hair appointment on Wednesday morning at 8:00AM. It's time for my color and cut and she has moved my appointment to 8:00AM. After that, I would come back over to the reunion grounds if all goes well and stay until that Saturday it breaks up..

 More even later....

It's 7:32PM now and I have had my bath and am in my pajamas and robe. I will read for an hour and then go on to bed and hope I can get better sleep then last night. The right arm where they gave me my second booster shot is a little sore. I may have to take some Aleve to sleep. I plan to go to bed at 9:00PM.

Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Tuesday and No Particular Plan

I slept poorly most of the night last night. Between all the noise from the firecrackers and just plain insomnia it was just a poor night's sleep. I took Melatonin when I went to bed and then again in the middle of the night and finally got to sleep. I don't know how I will manage at camp next week. I will certainly have to take my Melatonin....especially away from home.

Both cats were out there for breakfast this morning but they ate quickly and left. I brought the food back in the kitchen. They may come back for more. I also put out some fresh water.

I will go check the weather forecast now and get back to this later. I have finished my breakfast and put the bowl and juice glass in the sink.

More later....

I did manage to catch the weather forecast for the next week.Today will be 101 degrees and sunny, Wednesday will be 102 degrees and sunny, Thursday will be 104 degrees and mostly sunny, Friday is forecast for 99 degrees and partly cloudy, Saturday will be 95 degrees and sunny, Sunday will be 98 degrees and sunny and Monday will be 102 degrees and partly cloudy....pretty hot..that's for sure.

I think we register at camp on Saturday. I will need to check with Leslie about the time the camp opens.

I heard from Leslie that the camp opens at 3:00PM. I won't have to rush around to get there early.

I have watered my flowers this morning. They will probably die next week while I am gone. It's supposed to be very hot and dry. The cats will be dependent on birds for food next week too. No one else feeds them except possibly Blondie's owners might feed him.

I hope I have the stamina to make it through the week.  I need to make a list of things I need to take.

I got my "take to camp" list made and then went out and trimmed the hedge in front. The yard will not get mowed next week since I will be gone all week. It will really need it before I get back home on the 15th. 

I heard from Josh and he agreed to my mowing plan. So he will mow the morning of Saturday the 9th and the afternoon/evening of the 17th.

It's 10:53AM now and I think I will go down to Copan Restaurant for lunch. Their small chef salad sounds good.

More later...

I put a sympathy card in the mail for Billie Jo Campbell from the congregation after I heard from her that her sister had died yesterday. That's so sad. 

Then I went down to Copan Restaurant and had their small chef salad. It's always very tasty and has a lot of "stuff" in it. I had it with ice tea.

The price of stamps went up over the weekend. I knew that was coming I just didn't know when. 

It's 2:16PM now. I will go back to my book for awhile.

It's almost 4:00PM now and I have been reading since a little after 2:20PM.

More Later....

It's 7:00PM now and I just had my bath and put my pajamas and robe on. I will read for a couple of hours and plan to go to bed at 9:00PM. Hopefully I will sleep better tonight when there is no fireworks to keep me awake. I will still take a couple of Melatonin tablets.

Monday, July 4, 2022

Monday and a Trip to See Nancy

I slept  well last night even though it was late before I was able to get to sleep because of the noise of the fireworks.

I was up at 5:00AM this morning and stripped my bed and am doing laundry. It's mostly underwear towels and the sheets from my bed.

I see the police are out front and appear to be investigation a wreck.There are two patrol cars out there. I took my trash out and saw them. Only Blondie was out there for breakfast and I had taken his food out there too. I didn't see anything of Scruff.

I did manage to get "the weather on the 8's" just as I came in the living room and turned on the TV.

More later...  

I went back out to take the cat food in after Blondie finished eating  and both police cars were gone and so was the white SUV that appeared to be involved in the wreck.

I put the laundry in the dryer and am just getting ready to fix my breakfast now.

First the weather forecast though.

Today is to be 99 degrees and sunny, Tuesday 100 degrees and sunny, Wednesday 102 and sunny,Thursday 103 and sunny, Friday 104 and mostly sunny, Saturday 99 degrees and mostly sunny and Sunday 102 and sunny. Very hot and very dry for the week..

I am having my breakfast here in the den as usual. I will take the laptop in the living room soon to watch the CBS news. 

I have had my breakfast and even watered the flowers. I will need to trim before it gets too hot. I may as well get to that now.

I got the yard trimmed and the walks swept off. It's very hot now..or it could just be my trimming and sweeping. I will check my phone for the temperature.

It's only 81 degrees. It must be my trimming and sweeping that heated me up so much.

It's only 8:27AM now and I am glad to get so much done. I got my laundry done, my bed remade and the yard trimmed and swept.Whew! I feel like I have done a day's work. 

More even later...

I left to go see Nancy about 9:30AM. I got there about 10:15AM and visited with her while she got dressed and ready to go to lunch. We went to Eggbert's and had their fried chicken meal. Then we visited the rest of the afternoon. I took her back to her assisted living apartment about 3:00PM. I went by the car wash but it was closed for the holiday. So I came back home and read. I checked my phone and discovered a voice message from Denise at the Merle Norman Store in Chanute and wrote her a check that will go out tomorrow in the mail. 

I read the rest of the afternoon until bath time at 7:00PM or so. It's almost 9:00PM now and I will soon go to bed. I have a nice clean bed since I changed  it this morning after I washed the sheets. 

They are still setting off  very loud firecrackers and so I know I will have a hard time getting to sleep with all the loud noise.

Sunday, July 3, 2022

Sunday and Church and A Cookout Afterward

I slept fitfully last happens. I finally got up shortly before 5:00AM and made my bed and dressed and got myself ready for church. I am having my breakfast here in the den now.

After church we will have a cookout at John and Leslie's home. I don't know whether I will put my swim suit on and get into their pool or not. I did find the swim suit and tried it on and it still fits although I can't say I look particularly good in it at my age.:) But that's not all that important anymore.

John does very good at cooking out on the grill and everything he cooks is always great! He really has a gift for it. 

I don't know who is up to speak at church. It wasn't on the schedule the last week or the week before...maybe Leslie.

It's almost 6:00AM now so I will go turn on the TV for the weather and check out the cats too.

So, more later...

Both cats came for their breakfast but Scruff ate more then Blondie. Blondie probably ate his breakfast at home. I left the food out there for awhile. Scruff keeps coming back for more. She must be very hungry this morning.

I finally caught "the weather on the 8's" too.

Today's forecast calls for 93 degrees and partly cloudy with a 10% chance for rain. Tomorrow is to be 99 degrees and sunny, Tuesday 101 degrees and sunny, Wednesday 102 degrees and sunny, Thursday 103 degrees and sunny, Friday 104 degrees and sunny and Saturday 100 degrees and mostly sunny. Friday will be the hottest day this week at 104 degrees. Wow!

More later... 

It is 7:50AM now and I have been watching the news on TV. I won't leave for church until 9:45AM.I want to get there in time to do a little cleaning.There are usually a few bugs that manage to climb under the door and die in the foyer. I usually get a wet paper towel and clean them up. And sweep off the front walk too..

So more later....

I went on to church at 9:15AM and it's probably a good thing I did. I just got the sweeping done and cleaned up the bathrooms when a guest came. He was a man from China who had been in the USA for two years. He wanted to come to the services and I told him we were just having the 11:00 AM worship services because of the pandemic. He wanted to use the bathroom too and I told him that was fine. His name was Gang Chen.When he came out he mentioned we had showers in the bathroom and I told him about the use of them during the 2007 flood in Coffeyville when all the folks staying at the Assembly of God church used them. He offered to pay me to use the shower and I told him that would not be necessary. I asked him if he had towels,etc and he told me he did. He showered and then stayed for the worship service. I invited him to come to John and Leslie's for the cookout and he accepted. He and Phyllis followed me out there by way of the airport and we had a nice visit. John showed him his paintings and then John cooked our lunch. Jeromy and the girls came for dinner too. It was a nice lunch. And, as always, the homemade ice cream was scrumptious!

Josh came to mow and I encouraged his girlfriend to come in where it is cool but so far she hasn't done it. He is doing the back yard now.

He finished the back yard and it looks nice. He emptied the mower bag. After it cools down a bit this evening I will trim it. 

He is working on the west side yard now. I took him out some cold water. He was glad to have it. He was plenty hot!

More later...

Josh is doing the front yard now. He is really fast....youth, it is marvelous! 

I was going to trim after it cooled down a bit but it really didn't do that until 9:00PM or so and by then I had taken my bath, put my pajamas on and my robe and read awhile. Now I am going to go on to bed. It's 9:25PM. The kids are still shooting off their fireworks and tomorrow will be the same. 

I will be so glad when the 4th is over. This community has no guidelines for fireworks.They are allowed to shoot them off for a solid week as late as they want to...regardless of anyone's need to sleep. I checked with the city a couple of days ago and that's what they told me. What nonsense!!!