Saturday, September 24, 2022

Saturday and Dusting

I was awake off and on all night after 1:00AM. I just don't sleep well anymore. I don't know what the problem is and I hate to take anything for it except for Melatonin and I haven't taken that for some time. I may have to start taking it again to get good sleep.

I just got up at 5:00AM and got myself ready for the day. In a little bit I will make my breakfast. 

So more later....

It's 5:52AM now and I have my breakfast in here in the den. It's way too early to check on the cats. They're usually not out there until 6:30AM.

I do want to check the weather forecast though. So soon I will take the laptop computer in the living room turn on the TV and check on "the weather on the 8's",  At 7:00AM, when it is light out, I will take my walk.

I got the weather forecast right away. Today will be 95 degrees and partly cloudy, Tomorrow is to be 85 degrees and sunny, Monday is to be 82 degrees and sunny, Tuesday is to be 84 degrees and sunny, Wednesday  is to be 79 degrees and mostly sunny, Thursday is to be 79 degrees and sunny, Friday is to be 80 degrees and sunny. No rain next week either.

More later..the cats may be out there now. I will check. 

No, not yet. It's only 6:24AM so there's plenty of time yet. When they come to the door the security light usually comes on.

Both Blondie and Scruff both came for breakfast at 7:00AM...time for my walk. I will wait until they eat and leave before I go for my walk.

I see Blondie has eaten fast and taken off. Scruff is still out there. They both have left so I will take my walk after I take in the cat food.

I took my walk and saw a woman who lived on Spring street and had a fox terrier puppy.When I was a child we always had a fox terrier puppy and always named them "Spot" . My stepdad, Russell, had two one time...Pat and Mike. He taught them tricks.He put a stepladder in the back yard and put a bucket of water on top of it and dropped their ball into the water. They would climb the ladder and put their heads down into the water to retrieve their ball. We all thought that was phenomenal!

The woman that lived there on Spring visited with me awhile. Her name was Debbie. We had a nice visit while I admired her puppy. Then I continued my walk. It was much easier today. I must be getting stronger as I walk every day. It may be time for me to add another block to my walk. That would give me ten blocks. I will mull that over.

I noticed there were puddles of water along the curb. When I got home I went out back and noticed the grass was very wet and the birdbath was full. It must have rained here!!

I went up to the Dairy Queen in Independence and bought myself a blizzard. I asked Leslie if she wanted to go with me but they were draining their pool and were too busy to stop.

Then I came home and read all afternoon and finished another book. It's 4:03PM now.

I looked out back and once more there were dozens of leaves in my back yard. I got another plastic bag and went out and picked them up. When it cools down and the leaves stop falling in front, I will rake the front yard and scoop them into a yard bag.

More even later...


Friday, September 23, 2022

Friday and Apartment Cleaning

I was up fairly early as usual but generally I slept well. I have made my bed and got myself ready for the day. I will clean the apartment this morning since I mowed yesterday and didn't get it done yesterday. 

At 6:00AM or so, I will turn on the TV and try to catch the weather forecast. They were certainly wrong yesterday. It only sprinkled and didn't really rain at all but I did get the yard mowed. There was no rain in the forecast for the rest of the week unless it changes today. We are desperate here for rain and are rationing it in Caney. No kind of watering at all...not even flowerbeds...definitely no watering of lawns.

I will get my breakfast going now...and my coffee. 

It's 6:03AM now.  The cats may be out front at 6:30AM and I plan to take my walk at 7:00AM as soon as it gets light out.

I caught "the weather on the 8's" right away. Today is to be 88 degrees and partly cloudy, Saturday is to be 95 degrees and mostly sunny, Sunday 86 degrees and sunny, Monday is to be 82 degrees and sunny, Tuesday 84 degrees and sunny, Wednesday 80 degrees and mostly sunny and Thursday 78 degrees and mostly sunny. That's it for the week. Less heat but no rain in the forecast.

More Later ...  No cats yet. It's still dark out there though. 

No cats yet and it's 7:05AM.and time for my walk. So, more later...   

When I got back from my walk at 7:35AM the cats were waiting for me to come feed them. They have eaten their fill now and have left. Scruff may be waiting under the hedge for me to come to take the food back in the garage to come to eat more. She does that lot of the time.

I trimmed the hedge and cleaned that up when I got back from my walk.

It's 7:45AM now

I got the mopping done and will now start the vacuuming. 

I got both the mopping and the vacuuming done. All I have to do now is dust. I will wait awhile and rest up before I do that.

So more even later...

I just had a TV dinner for my lunch so I thought I would go down the Mr. G's and blow myself to a small butter pecan flurry. Mrs. G came to the window and said she knew exactly what I wanted..."a small butter pecan flurry". She was right. She knew exactly what I always order. She brought it to me and said "This ones on me!"  And sure enough...she just gave it to me.Talk about nice! I thanked her warmly and brought it home and ate it.

I finished my latest book and watched the evening CBS news. It's almost 7:00PM now and I will take my bath and get ready for bed. I will start another book and read until 9:00PM when I will go to bed.

Thursday, September 22, 2022

Thursday and Mowing

I slept well last night and only woke up one time. I took my meds and went back to sleep. I got up about 5:00AM, made my bed and got myself dressed for the day. I am having my breakfast here in the den now.

In a little while I will go turn on the TV and watch "the weather on the 8's" and see if anything has changed.Then after it gets light, I will check to see if the cats are out there for their breakfasts.

At 7:00AM when it gets light, I will take my eight block walk. When I get back from that I will start my mopping of the floors and get ready to vacuum the apartment.

I believe today is the first day of fall. I will sure welcome fall...although I imagine it will be a while before it cools down..fall or no fall.

More Later.. 

I read the "My Story"on my computer. It is a story of our family's life that I wrote years ago.I wanted to find the name of my great great grandmother who was a full blood Cherokee Indian. I wanted to find her first name. It was "Mary" Fly. I found her in the Cherokee register book I found at Woolaroc. I had her last name but didn't know her first name. There was only one Fly in the register and that was a Mary that was her. 

Both cats came for their breakfast. First it was Blondie and then when I took the food out, Scruff came too. They have eaten and left now. 

I will take my walk as soon as the weather comes on. It is 7:06AM now but I haven't seen the weather yet. I went out to take in the cat food but Scruff came back for more first. So I left it out for awhile.

More later... 

I finally saw the weather:

Today rain is forecast!! Friday 88 degrees and partly cloudy, Saturday is to be 95 degrees and mostly sunny, Sunday 86 degrees and sunny, Monday is to be 84 degrees and sunny, Tuesday's forecast is 86 degrees and  sunny, Wednesday is to be 83 degrees and sunny.

Looks like a cooler week and even rain today. I will take my umbrella on my walk...just in case.

I took my eight block walk today. It was chilly so I wore my sweater. Amazing!

I  would like to mow the front yard while it's cool! I will check and see if I have enough gas to do that.

It's 8:47AM now and I just mowed the front and west side of my yard. I liked to never got the yard bag in the dumpster. I finally turned the dumpster on it's side and pushed the bag in and then lifted the dumpster back on it's wheels. It must have weighed a ton...but I got it done. If I have enough gas, I will do the back this evening. It's amazing what an old person can do with enough determination. :) (and cooler weather)

I will rest up a bit before I start my mopping.

We are expecting rain today but it hasn't happened yet. I think I will check the gas situation and get the back yard mowed right away. I can clean tomorrow if I get too tired today. 

More even later....

I got the back yard mowed and it began to sprinkle as I was finishing it up. At least it's all done now.  If it really begins to rain now, I will have had it all done. Thank goodness! It's been two weeks since it was done. If it really rains that will be good for it and the flowers too.

I looked out front after I swept my small patio and Blondie was there next to the front door  wanting to eat again. I got his food out of the garage and put it next to the front door out of the rain. He is eating again now. 

At his point it's just barely raining so I am so glad I got all the yard mowed before it started. 

Leslie, my daughter, sent those of us who preach, (and she is one of our pastors), the October schedule. I have been working on the October 16th service this afternoon.

My grandson, Jerod, has put together a group text and several of us have been texting later this afternoon. Scott, Ruby, Jerod, Ashley, and Taresa have been in touch. Ginger is in the hospital having surgery today. She is through it now. It was successful!

It  is 6:42PM and I am going to take my bath and put my pajamas on and read until bedtime. 

I finished the book I took out at the library on Wednesday.I will return it next time I am in Coffeyville.

It's after 9:00PM now so I plan to go to bed. I will clean the apartment tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Wednesday and Bunco

I slept pretty well last night. I only got up once in the night. I went to bed pretty early so I am surprised I slept as well as I did. I made my bed and got myself ready for the day. My hair appointment is at 9:00AM this morning and Bunco is not until 1:00PM so I will take a book to read at the library or at the senior center after my hair appointment. I may even take my Kindle.

In a bit, I will go check "the weather on the 8'" and see if anything has changed in the forecast.

At 6:30AM, I will check on the cats and see if they are out there for their breakfast. At 7:00AM, I will take my eight block walk. That's awhile yet though. It's not even 6:00AM yet.

More Later... 

It's 5:54AM and I didn't have to wait long for the weather report. Today is to be 101degrees and mostly sunny, Thursday is forecast for 68 degrees and mostly sunny, Friday is to be 91 degrees and partly cloudy, Saturday is to be 94 degrees and partly cloudy, Sunday is to be 87 degrees and sunny, Monday 83 degrees and sunny, and Tuesday 83 degrees and mostly sunny...again, no rain in the forecast this week. There is a 20% chance of rain tomorrow but that's a slim chance.

I will open the front door to see if the cats are out there. It's pretty early for them at 5:59AM. 

Scruff showed up at 6:38AM for her breakfast. I don't see Blondie yet. As soon as it is 7:00AM, I will get my eight block walk started. It should be light out by then.

I had just taken the cat food back in the garage and when I got back in the living room, Blondie showed up to eat so I took it back out and Scruff showed up again too. So they are both out there eating again now. It's almost 7:00AM...time for my walk. I will leave the cat food out there for them while I take my walk unless they finish before then. Before I left,I noticed they were both gone so I took the cat food back in the garage and covered it.

More later...

I got back from my walk at 7:21AM. As I came by 403 South State street  I noticed that house where all the police and ambulances were last evening had yellow "crime scene" tape all around the property. I believe right after I moved to Caney they had a murder in that house. It may have been early 2020. I believe I moved here in November of 2019. I will have to look it up on this blog.

More even later...

I left for my hair appointment about 8:30AM and stopped at the bank first and got some money for my hair. Bunco was over at 3:00PM. We had a large class.

Karan's son, Ronnie, and his son were there with her. We had four tables for Bunco.

I got home from Bunco at about 6:00PM. I had stopped at Marilyn's and visited with her after Bunco. Then I came on back home. I had eaten a lot of treats and so I didn't get my usual Wacky Pack from Sonic. It's 6:45PM now. I am very tired. It's been a big day.

I also went out back and picked up leaves again and filled the birdbath for the birds.

More Later...

I took my bath at 7:00PM and read my library book until 8:58PM and then got ready to go to bed. 

I will clean the apartment tomorrow and stay home for a change.

Right now I will go to bed.

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Tuesday and Cookies to Independence

I slept well last night and feel  rested this morning. I have made my bed and got myself ready for the day. I will leave about 8:30AM to go over to the church and pick up the cookies to take to the First Christian Church in Independence. I also want to pick up the leftover bulletins to put in the letters I will mail to those that were not at church on Sunday so they will have the announcements and the prayer list.

I am having my breakfast in the den. In a little while I will check to see the "weather on the 8's" and also see if the cats are out by my front door looking for their breakfast. Scruff never did show up yesterday but Blondie did. It is just 5:43AM now though and too early for them. They are usually there at 6:30AM..if they are coming at all.

I will take my walk at 7:00AM...after it gets light.

I caught the weather forecast for the week. Today is to be 101 degrees and sunny, tomorrow is to be 101 degrees too and mostly sunny, Thursday 69 degrees and mostly cloudy, Friday 89 degrees and mostly sunny, Saturday 93 degrees and partly cloudy, Sunday 87 degrees and partly cloudy, Monday 82 degrees and sunny...again, no rain.

What do you know! Both cats showed up for their breakfast this morning. I guess Scruff decided to try to find breakfast here again. That's good! I was afraid she was having to eat birds to survive. Blondie is gone now. He probably ate at home first and was not as hungry as Scruff. They have both eaten and left now. I will leave the food out there for awhile just in case Scruff is not really finished....just taking a break. She sometimes does that. She will lie under the hedge and when I move out to take the food back to the garage, she comes back to eat some more. She is eating there again now.

It's almost 7:00AM and I will take my walk now. It is getting light out.

I got my walk done and it's 7:24AM now.  I still plan to leave for the church at 8:30AM this morning so I have awhile yet.

I left at 8:30AM for the church and then Independence to deliver the cookies. We were a little short so I stopped at the market there in Independence and bought three more packages. I got a 5% discount on mine because I am a senior citizen. 5% is 5% after all! On Tuesdays they offer that discount for seniors. I may remember that if I am short again.

I got back home at 10:10AM. I put the letters in the mail there in Independence so they will go out today sometime. I see it's 86 degrees here now.

I will get back to the book on my Kindle.

I went out to Dollar General and bought some white out and also got some cash. It costs me a $1.00 to get cash there. It's worth it when I am out of cash until tomorrow when I can stop at the bank in Coffeyville. I get my hair done tomorrow and also go to play Bunco at the senior center there.

It's 4:09PM and I have been reading until the Kindle needed to be charged again. I am not impressed with this book. It's science fiction and I have never liked science fiction. But it's free on the Kindle.

I went out back and picked up a mess of leaves again from my neighbor's tree to the south.

It's 5:01PM now and soon the evening news will be on again. I hope we have heard the last of Queen Elizabeth's funeral.  

More even later... It's 6:27PM and there are half a dozen ambulances and other vehicles with flashing lights over here on State street at the home next door to the house across the street. I don't know what that is all about. A couple of neighbors from down the street east came and stood in my front yard watching all of that.

It's 6:33PM now and I guess I will take my bath and put my pajamas on and my duster. There's really nothing on TV that I am interested in tonight. I did watch the evening news earlier.

Monday, September 19, 2022

Monday and a Trip to See Nancy Again

I slept fairly well last night but was up earlier then I wanted to be by one hour. I just can't seem to get that last hour or two of sleep. I hate to have to take something to help...outside of  Melatonin ....that's made naturally by your body anyhow. 

I am doing a load of laundry and it's in the dryer now. I have had my breakfast and it's 6:15AM now.

I will go turn on "the weather on the 8's" and see what to expect for today. I will also check on the cats. They may have given up on me after three days with no one feeding them from here.

I got the clothes out of the dryer and folded them and they are ready to be put away. I will do that later...

I opened the front door but don't see any cats yet. They may have given up on me but I left the front door open and they may see my light and come later. It's 6:33AM now and they usually would see my light and come for their breakfast.  We will see.

I finally caught "the weather on the 8's". Today is to be 100 degrees and  mostly sunny, Tuesday is to be 100 degrees too and sunny, Wednesday is also to be 100 degrees and mostly sunny, Thursday is to be 79 degrees and partly cloudy, Friday is forecast to be 91 degrees and sunny, and Saturday is to 92 degrees and partly cloudy, Sunday is to be 86 degrees and AM showers. I hope we get that rain!!

It's light out now. Maybe the cats will see that I am here and come for their breakfast. 

I got my eight block walk done at 7:00AM.When I got home Blondie was waiting for me for his breakfast.I didn't see anything of Scruff though. Maybe she will come later...

I see Blondie has had his fill and is gone. I imagine he ate at his home first. I will leave the food out there for a little bit and see if Scruff comes later.

As I was finishing my walk, I saw Stephen as he was leaving for work and waved. He pulled over and welcomed me back home. 

It's 7:25AM now.  I will go check on the back yard and the west side.

More even later... 

They still don't need mowing. There's not been enough rain for them to grow. I did pick up a sack of leaves in my yard from the tree in the yard of the neighbor to the south. His leaves blow into my back yard just like the leaves from the tree in the south side of the neighbor on the corner north blow into my front yard. When they are all gone, I will rake and bag them. But that will be awhile.

It's 8:38AM now. Too early to go to Nancy's.I will leave about 10:00AM.

I did go to the Caney Market and buy over $40.00 worth of groceries. 

In another thirty minutes I will go to the post office and send off that book to Dean that the Coffeyville Journal wrote. My niece sent me one just like one I already had and since Dean likes any book concerning Coffeyville, I will send him mine.

I went to the Caney post office and sent Dean the book I had and also bought more stamps. Then I went down to visit Nancy. I took her to lunch at Copan Restaurant.We had hamburgers and french fries. We split an order of french fries. She had coffee and I had iced tea. And we had a good visit.

Tomorrow I will go over to the church and pick up the bulletins and the cookies.I will mail off the letters when I go to Independence to deliver the cookies to the First Christian church for their Tuesday evening dinner and then come on back home. 

Then I balanced my checkbook. 

Suzanne brought me a couple of sacks of newspapers to read and then give to Karan to take to the Coffeyville dog shelter. I read them this afternoon and then put them in the car. When I go to Coffeyville for my hair appointment on Wednesday, I will take them by her house and leave them.

Tomorrow I have to remember to drop by our church and pick up those cookies and then take them to the First Christian Church in Independence for a light dessert for their Tuesday evening dinner. I think they serve them with ice cream. I need to pick up the bulletins for last Sunday's service and put them in the letters to those who weren't able to attend on Sunday so they will have the prayer list and the announcements.

It's 5:05PM now and I haven't seen a thing of Scruff all day.  

More later....The CBS evening news should be on at 5:30PM.

I watched the news and and then I read in my Kindle until 7:08PM. I will take my bath now and put my pajamas on and my duster and read some more until my 9:00PM bedtime. 

I found no grass that was tall enough to mow.. It hasn't been growing because there has been no rain. 

After I have my bath, I will put this blog on Keith's site and then read some more until bedtime.

Sunday, September 18, 2022

Sunday and A Wonderful Time

I am home now. Leslie dropped me off about 30-45 minutes ago. We are both very tired..different bed..great hotel but not the same as home but lots of meetings too. But we met a lot of old friends I hadn't seen since about 2017 or so. The program was wonderful and the most of the presentations were very good. We had a hymn fest this morning before everything broke up and we started home. We stopped at an Applebees and had lunch at Ottawa. We had fish and chips with peach tea. I hadn't had that in a long time. 

I am planning to go to go see Nancy tomorrow as usual in Bartlesville. I will try to be there at 10:30AM. I want to do some laundry here in the morning before I leave. 

I see we have a severe water conservation now and we aren't supposed to even water flowerbeds. That means my flowers will die if they are not watered. Oh well...

I did go out and pick up the leaves that fell from my neighbor to the south's tree.l Have to do that at least once a week.

More later ...

I am recording 60 Minutes again this evening so I can watch the Mission Center's evening worship service on Zoom. Unfortunately my new mike was not working and I don't know why.It has been working but isn't now. 

It's 6:43PM now I guess I will take my bath and later go watch my recording of 60 Minutes.Then I will put my pajamas on and get ready to go to bed at 9:00PM.