Saturday, August 1, 2020

Saturday and Another Boring Day

I woke up about 3:30AM this morning and from then on it was back and forth. Finally about half past 4:00AM, I just gave up and got up. I have dressed, made my bed and had my breakfast. I haven't looked out yet to see if I have cats/kittens waiting for their breakfast. I am still working on my coffee. Maybe I had better do that. The poor things are so thin. I am sure they need their breakfast if they are out there.

More later....

Sure enough, there were four hungry cats/kittens out there waiting for their breakfast. I took out the double bowl and the two blue bowls. The little black kitten is still out there eating from the double bowl. The others must have finished and gone back to their lair. I don't see them out there.

I see the two kittens are back and still eating. The adolescent yellow cat is back too.

I was hoping to have the yard mowed tomorrow afternoon/evening but I see we are forecast for scattered storms tonight. That may postpone the mowing. I hope not. With the rain we had earlier this week, it has really grown.

More even later.

Sure enough, Scruffie and her little yellow kitten are still out there just lying on the walk.

I don't know what I will do today. The apartment is clean and the laundry is done and I have no idea what I will do today. If I could mow, I would go ahead and mow the yard. But it's just too much for me this year. Blast it! I could really use the exercise.

I put gas in the mower and blew out the garage and blew off the mower. I have watered my plants and put new hummingbird feed in the feeder. I don't know whether hummingbirds are still around or not. But I am prepared if they are. The grass is still  too wet to even try to mow. It's 9:40AM now. Maybe it will dry later.

More is still very early.

I have been playing FreeCell  for awhile and it is 10:45AM now In another hour and a half, I will have lunch. Maybe I will see if Nancy wants to go to Independence with me and then have lunch. I may just drive by her house to be sure Dale and his wife are not there. When they are there, they answer the phone instead of letting Nancy answer it. That would be so aggravating to me.

More later...

Sure enough, I called Nancy and Gina picked up the phone. She said Nancy is having trouble with her stomach again. Gina thinks it is nerves. Who knows. She has had stomach problems off and on ever since I moved to town. If it rains, it is her arthritis that bothers her. Sometimes it is diarrhea instead of her stomach.

More later..It is 11:00AM now and I will watch for the mail. About 11:30AM, I will eat my frozen lunch.

So, more later.

The mail came and I got some political ads and my Coffeyville Journal. I also got the refund from Sherry Epp from my cancelled tour of the New Theater in Overland Park that we had to cancel this spring.

I decided to try to mow my yard  myself. We are forecast for a chance of rain tonight and I was afraid it would look terrible if I didn't get it done today. I got around the yard three times before my neighbor from the south came over and told me he was going to mow his tonight with his riding mower and he would just come over and do my front and west side afterward. He didn't think I should be out there at 1:30PM mowing and he said it would be no problem to do mine. He said I could do the back later on this evening when it is cooler.

I thought that was very good of him and I could tell it was hotter then I thought. It is 82 degrees out there and I didn't think that would be too bad.  Unfortunately after sitting around all spring and most of the summer, I have lost my stamina. I think I could do it and I had water out there with me but I probably should just let him do it.

I had already contacted Krystal and she had the girls lined up for it but I will save my $25.00 if I can let the neighbor do the front and side and I can finish the back this time myself.

Keith and Esther called and told me they would have to cut back on their deposit for me. I have been wondering if they shouldn't do that, Keith is not working overseas where he made the big money and they need to make a change. I think that is fine. I have enjoyed the money but I have been trying to decide how to approach them about their deposit in my account. I was afraid it would embarrass them if I brought it up. I was glad they finally did it.

More later...

I got the back yard mowed and it wasn't bad at all. I was winded when I finished but I drank some water and sat down and that made all the difference. It was 86 degrees according to my phone. If I went back to mowing it myself on a regular basis,, I would have to do it in area at a time. I may do that. Paying the girls is $100.00 a month and I need to watch my money closer. It's almost 4:00PM now and I will go watch the news and get back to this later.

Ryan Rose, my neighbor to the south, came over late this afternoon and mowed my front and west side with his riding mower. I went out and mowed the back with mine. That worked out fine.

I baked my coffeecake for them. I put it in the oven at 350 degrees just like always but the oven didn't heat. It just barely did and I had it set on 350 as usual. So I turned  it up to 450 and the element got hot. After it got real hot in there, I turned it back to 350 again. It must have baked well over an hour. I just knew it would be ruined. I took one piece out and tried it and that piece was fine. I hope the middle was fine. I iced it and took it over there.  She seemed very happy to have it. I was glad I baked it. I just hope it was done all the way through.

It is 8:00PM now and I have had my bath. In about 45 minutes, I will go on to bed. I didn't sleep worth a darn last night.

Friday, July 31, 2020

Friday and Finish Vacuuming

I slept very well last night and was up sometime after 5:00AM. After I had my oatmeal, I fed four cats/kittens. Scruffie had a stand off with one of the yellow cats but she backed down so there was no fight.

I have had my coffee now. I will watch the Channel 6 news and then the CBS news before I start my vacuuming.

I have figured out what do do during the six minutes of 14 mini commercials. I vacuum during the commercials. During the last group  I vacuumed the den. During the next group, I will do the dining room. That way I don't have to sit through terrible commercials while I watch the news.  We get about ten minutes of news and then six minutes of mini commercials. That is disgusting. The commercials are also an insult to our intelligence.

Now is the next group so I will do the dining room now,

I got the dining room done too and then during the next group of commercials  I dusted the living room, dining room and den. That is working out well. Next group I will dust the bedroom.

More even later....

I got all that finished and the apartment is sparkling clean.  I think I will go over to Nancy's and see how she is doing. I have a health newsletter to give her. It's on dementia. She thinks she has dementia. I am sure she is forgetful but it can't be Alzheimer's Disease. She has had it for ten years and never moved on to another stage. That's unlike Alzheimer's Disease.

Back later...

I did go over to Nancy's  and we visited for a couple of hours and then I came home, fed several cats their supper and had some popcorn for myself. I watched some TV and then took my bath and have been  playing FreeCell on the laptop for awhile. 

The apartment is nice and clean and even dusted. The laundry is done too. I watered both plants and then texted Krystal about having one of the girls mow for me on Sunday. With all this rain the yard has really grown. Tomorrow I will check the mower and fill it with gas and wipe it down to get it ready for the mowing. If it's a nice day tomorrow and not too hot, I will blow out the garage too. I did that one day last week but it can use it again now. The tires drag in grass. I would love to paint the inside of the garage..the walls ...but Suzanne doesn't want me to.

I took my bath about 7:00PM and it's 8:25PM now. I guess I will go on to bed about 9:00PM. 

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Thursday and Cleaning

I started this blog earlier today on Keith's blog and saved it to “draft” but now I have no idea how to access the draft. So I guess I will just start over.

I got up at 5:00AM as usual and had my breakfast after I dressed and got myself ready for the day. Then I fed the four cats that were waiting for their breakfast. It was Scruffie and her kittens and one of the adolescent yellow cats.

Then I watched the news and also later watched some episodes of “Dr. G” until lunch time. I had one of my frozen lunches and some peach tea and an ice cream bar for dessert. By then it was time to get ready to go to the dentist. I am started with Dr. Randall, a woman dentist local here in Caney.

I had my teeth cleaned and bite wing x rays and an exam..all for $250. It’s a good thing I only go to the dentist twice a year. I have had an awful lot of extra expense this month with the car insurance, the contents of the apartment insurance, car registration and tag and now this dentist bill.

It is after 3:00PM now and I have vacuumed the bedroom, halls and living room but will have to finish the den tomorrow and also dust tomorrow.

I plan to watch the news at 4:00PM and then after that the CBS news.

From now on I will probably just wait until evening to do this blog since I don’t know how to access “draft” to continue it. Maybe the way is to just publish it and then later edit it.

I plan to take my bath at 7:00PM and then go on to bed at 9:00PM.

We will see how that goes.

Google says this blog will only be available until August 12th

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Wednesday and Breakfast Out

I slept very well last night and just woke up one time in the night. I got right back to sleep.

I got up at 5:00AM as usual. I texted Bob about breakfast so I will go over to Coffeyville and get him at 7:00AM.

I had four cats/kittens come for breakfast and took their food out through the garage because Scruffy always tries to come in when I open the front door to check how many are there. There is only one left out there. The others are finished and have left now. One of the yellow adolescent cats is still there. I will need to get the bowls in before I leave for Coffeyville. Otherwise the ants will get into them.

More later after noon. I had better leave for Coffeyville.

I picked up Bob at 7:00AM and we went to breakfast. After I took him back home,  I went out to Woodshed and bought gas.  Then I went to my hair appointment.

After that, I stopped at the Dollar General store there in Coffeyville and   bought cat food. That took care of all the groceries I needed. There is no game day today since it is the extra Wednesday of July. We have Bunco on the first Wednesday of the month and game day on the third Wednesday of the month. So, I came on back home to Caney.

More even later...

It's 10:20AM now and it's pouring down rain. It was forecast so that's not a surprise.

More even later...

I watched some episodes of "Dr. G" on Amazon Prime and then called Nancy to see if she wanted to go out to Sonic and have the Wacky Pack child's diner for $1.00 + tax. She said she was still in her robe and couldn't go but she asked me to pick up a lunch for her too and to come over to her house to eat them. So I did that. Sandy was there and she stayed all the time I was there and I left about 3:00PM.

I got home about 3:00PM. I want to try once again to try to get Amazon to get me back on their site. So, once again I will call them.

More later....

I talked to two more people and this time I may have actually got something done. I am not supposed to try to log on to Amazon for 48 hours and that will give them time to get the otp code removed from my account. They had me change my password so I will have to make a note of that. I talked to them for two more hours.

I see on CBS evening news that we are now at an unheard of number of new cases of the virus. 150,000 have died. 440,000 have had it. What a mess!! 216 today just in Florida. 30% more in just one week.

More later...

I watched a few episodes of "Dr G" and then took my bath and got ready for bed. At 9:00PM, I went to bed....exhausted.

And it appears the blog I have used all these years has been appropriated by Google and now I cannot post on the old blog. I have no idea where I will go from here. I don't know how to use their blog. I tried to put Thursday in here and was prevented. I may just have to use Keith's blog at 

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Tuesday and Grocery Shopping

I got up shortly after 4:00AM this morning. I simply couldn't sleep any later and I had stayed up until 10:00PM so that is a mystery.

I have dressed, made my bed and had my breakfast. I just opened the front door to four cats/kittens wanting their breakfast. Scruffie and one of the larger yellow cats and both kittens are out there eating and the adolescent yellow cat is waiting for her opportunity to eat. I have the double bowl and both blue bowls out there with food.

I have accumulated a pretty good list of grocery needs and will probably go to the Walmart store there when I go to Coffeyville tomorrow. I will ask Bob if he wants to go to breakfast and afterward I will go to the bank for cash, have my hair done and probably get gas and then go on to Walmart. I believe Janet said we would have Bunco on this Wednesday but this Wednesday is not the first Wednesday of the month of August. It is the last Wednesday of July. Later this morning I will text Marilyn  and check that out.

I am going to watch the8:00AM  CBS news now so I will get back to this later.....

I spent 2 hours on the phone with Amazon trying to get into my Amazon account. They will not recognize my password.  I have been dealing with them for almost two weeks now. Still no one has been able to help me.

 I watched a few episodes of "Dr. G" before I finally decided to go on to Independence to Walmart to buy my groceries. I got back at 4:40PM.

I wil see if they will have CBS news this evening, It isn't scheduled. If there is no network news I will change to one of the other channels.

At 7:00PM I will take my bath and try to get to bed by 9:00PM

Monday, July 27, 2020

Monday and Laundry

I got up shortly before 6:00AM this morning and have had my breakfast after I changed my bed. I have the sheets in the washer but have not started it yet.

I has four cats waiting for their breakfast this morning. Scruffy and her two kittens and one of the yellow cats were very hungry this morning. They have stopped eating now but are sitting  out front looking across the street. As long as they are still here, I will leave the dishes out there.

The yard looks very nice and soon I will go out to trim. We have an 85% chance of rain today and all week long. We can use it and it may cool it down a bit.

More later....

The cats are all gone now so I will go bring in the bowls.

I didn't see Pablo going to work this morning  so he may be taking off work today. Kylie is gone so he has no transportation unless he calls his folks. I taped a note on his door that if he has an emergency and needs help or a ride to the clinic, I gave him my cell phone number. Kylie is still at her mom's I guess.

More later...I had better go trim.

I got the trimming finished and it is just beginning to sprinkle so I got it finished just in time.

I started the laundry now.

I am watching the CBS news. So I will get back to this later.

It is starting to rain now so I got that trimming finished just in time. It;s 8:25AM.

I watched CBS news until it went off at 10:00AM and then turned the  TV off.

I will work on my laundry and play FreeCell for awhile.

And that's what I did. I got it all folded out and put away.

Lunch was a frozen meal and an ice cream bar. The mail came but nothing very important came except a letter from Medicare that I can use for proof of coverage until my new card comes..  It will be 4 weeks until it comes. Somewhere in changing purses, I managed to lose my Medicare card.

I watched a program on TV after playing some FreeCell.

So more later....It is 1:45PM.

I have been on the phone with Amazon for two hours trying to get my problem with access to my account fixed. I will know within the next 48 hours whether Andres was able to help me.

What a mess this had been for two weeks now. It is 4:22PM now and I have spent the afternoon trying to find someone to help me.

More later...

 I ended up playing FreeCall for awhile and listening to Alexa play music until 9:00PM when "Bull" came on the TV. It was rerun, of course, but I had not remembered how it went so I watched it again. I went to bed at 10:00PM

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Sunday and Online Church Again

I slept fine although I did wake up three times to go to the bathroom. I had drunk a lot of water to stay hydrated. I have had my breakfast and am working on my coffee  now

Krystal and one of her girls will come this afternoon late and mow for me....if it doesn't rain.

I had Scruffie and her two kittens and two yellow cats come for their breakfast this morning. I think they are finished now and I will get the bowls back in the apartment.

At 11:00AM, I will log onto the church in Ontario Canada and watch their church service.  In the meantime I will watch the news on channel 6 after I watch the weather. It's good that I am planning to have the yard mowed this afternoon we are supposed to have rain most of the rest of the week.

More later...

I watched the church service  from Ontario. It was in Spanish this week with French translation and English translation. Very good and very interesting.

I had a frozen meatloaf dinner afterward and a ice cream bar for dessert.

I tried to call Nancy again afterward to take the book to her but she never answered. She might be taking a nap. Her cousin, Dale, has taken her car to sell it. She let him do that. That leaves her stuck at her house even if she wanted to go somewhere or come over to my apartment.

I will try her again in awhile. She wanted to read this  new book and I was going to take it to her.

More later...

At 11:00AM I watched our Toronto  Ontario church worship service and it was very good. They do such a good job.

Suzanne dropped over this afternoon to tell me that Pablo had had a wreck with his truck and had been taken to Tulsa with a neck injury. She was going to give him their extra garage door opener to get into his apartment but needed to use one of my markers to put the address on it.  After they ran some tests at Tulsa they discovered the neck injury was an old one and had healed. One of his friends brought him home and I could see he was still sore by the way he was walking. Kylie, who is pregnant, has gone to visit her mom.  So he is there by himself. I hope he will be alright alone.

I finally went over to Nancy's house and rang the doorbell and she answered that. She was still in her robe and had never dressed. I went in and visited with her for a couple of hours until time for me to get ready for the mower to come.  I took the new book for her to read. She is going to Sylvia's funeral Monday morning and will start reading the book that afternoon.

I came home and filled the mower with gas and got my blower out and blew the old grass off it and cleaned it up. I also blew out the garage. It needed it. It was too hot to stay out though  so I came back in where it was cool.

The nephew of Krystal mowed for me. He did a good job too. Neither of Krystal's girls were interested. At least now I know I have a substitute if Krystal or her girls are too busy.

I watched the Springfield worship service at 7:00PM as best I could. They had technical problems and had to cut it short. 

I watched some episodes of "Dr. G" and went to bed at 9:00PM.