Saturday, September 21, 2013

A Big Saturday

This will be a big day and so will tomorrow. This morning shortly before 8:00 I will pick Bob up and we will go to Eggberts for breakfast. After that I am free for awhile. I did my laundry and ironing yesterday afternoon so that's finished. I will need to finish dusting. Later on this afternoon.(we will not have a large lunch today) I will fix my baked beans and the cherry pie cake I'm taking to the PINCH meeting and dinner tonight. Then this evening Paul wants me to do the welcome and introduce our guest, Robert Stile, Director of the SEK/CHC (Southeast Kansas Community Health Center) who is our guest speaker this evening. I really wanted Paul to do it since he was the person who contacted Mr. Stile. But Paul wanted me to do it so...I will.

I have been awake since around 3:00. I have a slightly off stomach this morning. It's either the fruit I've been eating in my smoothies in the evening or the bran I've been eating for my breakfast. I didn't eat anything last night. I didn't trust my stomach. I did go up to the senior center at 6:00 last night and help set up tables and decorate for tonight's meeting/dinner. We had plenty of help. Maybe I will get a nap today. We will see.

Then tomorrow evening I am hosting the Living the Questions group. That always kind of bothers me anymore because we are to have about 12 or 13 and my living room is limited for space. It will be close. There will be Bobby and Karan, Bob and me, Howard and Judy, Keith and Joyce, Marilyn, Richard and Mona, and their son, and Gretchen.) That's 13. I am going to make an apple crisp for that occasion and serve it with vanilla ice cream.

Then next Sunday I speak at church. I think I have my sermon all ready. Anyhow, I hope so. I never know for sure until I give it. :) But first Bob and I are going back to Branson Thursday and Friday and come back Saturday afternoon. We want to see the group Cajun Connection out at Silver Dollar City and they are not there Fridays or Saturdays. This time we will go by ourselves.

More later...

Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday and Exercises

I went to Independence in the rain this morning to get my hair done. It was really hard to see in the dark with the dark with the rain. I don't have the greatest night vision anyhow and especially in a rain when the entire sky is pitch black. Bob and I will also go to exercise class at 8:45. I will pick him up.

Afterward we will probably go to Utopia for coffee and cinnamon rolls. Then at 12:30 I will go to lunch with the girls. Bob has the leftovers from yesterday's lunch and he will be fine.

Yesterday afternoon my neighbor, Maureen came down to ask me to take a look at her notebook. It had locked while she was playing solitaire. I went down and did everything I knew to do but could not get it to unlock or even to shut completely down. I called my older son, Keith, who is an IT. He walked me through getting it fixed. He is such a good guy. He always tries to be helpful. He called later in the evening to visit again. He was out for his run. He does a lot of exercise. He is trying to lose a few more pounds.

More later...

We did go to Utopia and the cinnamon rolls were really great! Then we came back home and I dropped Bob off at his house and went to lunch with the girls at 12:30. I didn't get home until 2:35. I stopped at Brahms and got milk.

I will go back up to the senior center at 6:00 PM and help set up tables and decorate for fall for the dinner tomorrow evening. I will fix my baked beans and a dessert for that PINCH dinner.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thursday and the Dentist

I have a dental appointment this morning at 8:20. I have my teeth cleaned and have an exam every six months. I lost a three unit bridge last year because of a botched root canal that finally blew up. The root canal was probably ten or fifteen years old. It blew up a month or so after the root canal and I had to see an endadontist to have it redone. That blew up too after I had spent a total $1600 on it. I was going to have the tooth extracted but after a round of antibiotics it mysteriously cleared up and I chose to keep the tooth. It was my bridge abutment tooth. I was advised against that because an infection like that can affect your heart. But I weighed everything and decided to keep the tooth. It took fifteen years for it to finally become infected again and this time I had it extracted. It had split at the root. Now I have a gap from my second molar to my cuspid on the lower right jaw but there is nothing I can do about it. At my age, I am not going to spend $3600 for new four unit bridge. I told my dentist (who that bugs to death) that I was in maintenance mode now. I brush and floss daily and that's the best I can do.

After the dental appointment, I will call the Honda agency in Bartlesville where I bought my car and see if the little part came in yesterday. They were supposed to have called me when it came in and they may have tried. I saw I had a missed call on my phone when I cleaned it up at bedtime last evening. The part was a little cap that goes over a screw that holds the windshield wiper on the driver's side. The cap is fine on the riders side. It will cost $3.99 and probably plus tax. If it has come in I will run down there and pick it up. While there, I may run to the mall and get some more hand soap at the Bed and Bath shop there. I use a lot of hand soap washing my hands.

Other then that, I will fix lunch today. I will fix chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy and a veggie. Bob will bring a salad. I will also fix a dessert of some kind. I will send the leftovers home with Bob. I have a date with Marilyn and the girls for lunch tomorrow and that will give him something to eat for his lunch too.

Scott, my younger son, called yesterday and we had a nice visit. He is over to Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri for a school for the Army. He has no down time so he can't drive over to see me. I was tempted to drive over there to see him but I have this dental appointment, tomorrow I am to decorate and get the senior center ready for Saturday evening and Saturday I have the PINCH pot luck dinner. I believe he flies back to Hawaii on Friday anyhow. I haven;t seen him in over two years. Some of that is my own fault. He has offered to bring me over for a visit but I have Missy to take care of and I don't like to fly anymore since all the nonsense that goes on at the airports anymore with Homeland Security.

More later...

After lunch Bob and I went down to Bartlesville to get the car part. Wouldn't you was the wrong one for the wrong side. The parts manager reordered it and said he would put it in the mail to me tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wednesday Again

It's another Wednesday and a busy one. I got up early and ate breakfast and a little later Bob came over for awhile. I then visited with my neighbor on the east most of the morning. Then I came home and fixed dinner/lunch and Bob came over for the dinner.

Bob and I had an opportunity to see Connie's apartment two doors over on this fourplex. She's going to move. I would like to see Bob get that apartment if he can get Mr. Bishop, our landlord, to put down new carpet. It would be $20 more money each month but he would have a nicer apartment and also a dining room. He would also have a dishwasher and Mr. Bishop pays all the utilities except the electric....even the TV. He talked to Mr. Bishop about it and he said he didn't have a problem with it. So Bob may move across the street in November...maybe before that if she moves out earlier. It also has a nice patio.

This evening I went to PINCH. The meeting went well and all the plans for the PINCH dinner on Saturday evening are in place. I was home by 6:30.

Friday evening we will go up to the senior center and set up the tables and decorate. I will need to take a dish Saturday evening.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tuesday Again and Yet Another Mass Shooting

This morning at about 9:00 I will go to Independence to get my hair done. Bob will go too. He is going to get a haircut while I am under the dryer. Afterward we will eat at Big Cheese. Then we will come back home. At least that's the plan.

This evening at 5:30 I have PINCH meeting. I will attend. I need to make up the agenda before that time. It's to be held at Saint James Methodist Church over on East 5th and Cedar.

In between I have no plans. I should do some cleaning. We will see.

There has been another mass shooting over at the Navy Yard in Washington DC. Thirteen were killed. When will the violence end? When a gun law is passed with some teeth in it...that's when. Antone who actually reads the 2nd Amendment will see that the authors were talking about arming a militia. The amendment needs to be read in the context of the culture of the time. There was no standing army and no police force. The citizens were a part of the militia who kept the peace and protected the citizens from Indians and marauders. We now have both a standing army and police forces in every community. When Australia passed a gun law, their violence was reduced by 75%. We obviously need a gun law regardless of what the NRA thinks. That's the only way the gun violence will stop.

More later...

Ironically, just today I heard an interview on NPR with Ruth Bader Ginsburg about this very subject and she said exactly the same thing I have said. In the day the amendment was written, it made perfect sense but that was two hundred years ago when there was no standing army and no police force. Every man was supposed to have a musket to be a part of the militia. You can google that interview on NPR if you are interested in her remarks.

In it is:

"There have been 19 mass shootings (defined as killing more than 5 people in each) in the USA since 2009. In Australia? Zero. Why? The Australian government passed strict gun control laws following the Port Arthur massacre in 1996.

In an interview on The Takeaway on NPR this morning Ruth Bader Ginsburg gave a history lesson on the 2nd Amendment. She explained that in the early days of the USA there was no organized army—there wasn’t any money to pay soldiers. The country’s defense relied upon the state militias who could be called up when needed to defend the country. These militias were made up of volunteers who were required to own certain specific weapons (like muskets) for this purpose. The “right to bear arms” was more like an obligation to bear arms so as to be ready to defend the country. This is the history behind the 2nd Amendment.

It’s time for a reality check and a move into the 21st century."

Monday, September 16, 2013

So Now To Today... Monday

This will be another busy day. I will go to exercise class this morning and then up to Newkirk Dennis and Buckles to buy insurance for my car. I can't register it until I get the title in a couple of weeks. Then I will fix dinner/lunch for Bob and me. I have the meatloaf all ready to put in the microwave and will peel the potatoes and cook them. I want to fry them in a little oil and put some onion in with them and then fix a vegetable to go with all that. Bob will bring his salad and I have cupcakes for dessert. It should be good lunch. I will send some meatloaf and salad home with him for his supper tonight.

This afternoon I want to go through my file cabinet to find my old Honda Civic's title to sign over to Denise. While I'm at it, I'm going to clean out that file cabinet and throw away anything no longer relevant. It's packed with old files. That will keep me busy all afternoon. I usually do that once a year but I have kept a lot of "stuff" no longer relevant at all.

More later...

Terry and Denise came over as Bob and I were eating lunch/dinner and we had enough to invite them to stay. They did and we had a good visit. They came back after they got insurance on the car and brought me several things Terry had found in the green Civic.

It took me a good part of the afternoon to go through the file cabinet and shred the old documents. Then later on I watched TV...mostly Big Bang Theory. But at 9:00 I watched American Masters on PBS. It was about Billie Jean King. I found it very interesting. Then at 10:00 I went to bed.

Busy Sunday Yesterday

It was a very busy Sunday you can see. I didn't get any posting done yesterday. We went to church at 8:45...drove my new car this time. I did some cleaning out there and Bob did his usual deacon stuff. Then at the 11:00 hour, we had a friend of mine from the black community as our guest minister. He brought his entire choir. There were 15 of them and 18 of us. A nice little crowd. They did a fantastic job on the music. Then Virgil preached and I mean he preached! All in all it was a terrific service!

Afterward Leslie and Phyllis and Bob and I went to Independence to the Railroad Inn for lunch. That was good too. Leslie took a photo of my insurance card to e-mail to the Honda agency in Bartlesville. It's amazing what modern technology can do. I don't have a smart phone and frankly..I don't want one. It's all I can do to stay up with the technology of computers. But Leslie wouldn't let me have one even if I wanted one. It would cost her an extra $35 a month on her already high phone bill. She provides me my cell phone and it's my only phone anymore. I got sick and tired of all the recorded sales pitches.

After lunch we took Phyllis back to the church to pick up her car and came back home. I dropped Bob off at his place to take his nap and came over to mine to do the newsletters I do each week. When I finished those Deana came over and printed off a document using my printer. Their's must be on the blink. Anyhow then after that, I read the Coffeyville Journal and took it over to Bob. He was through with his nap by then. He was hungry again so we decided to walk over to Brahms and have a small hamburger and a small milk shake. Then we came back to my house and watched the news. We skipped 60 Minutes because it was a rehash of the Syrian question and I am tired of hearing about it. We watched Big Bang Theory. I have become hooked on it. Then Bob went home to bed and I took my bath and Missy and I went to bed about 9:00PM. My power was out on one of my table lamps and also that affected the axillary speakers for my TV.

This morning when I woke up I found that the microwave oven was also off. That gave me a clue that it was a breaker so I took my flashlight and step stool into the hall and checked the breaker box. Sure enough a breaker was off so I flicked it back on and everything, including the lamp and speakers came back on. That was simple. Who would have thought!