Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday Mission Center Conference

Today Leslie and I are leaving for Springfield Missouri for our Mission Center Conference. We will be back tomorrow afternoon. I am all packed and ready to go. Missy, my cat, sees the suitcase and is suspicious. She hates it when I go off and leave her even for a day. I will ask Bob to check on her. She likes him as much as she likes anyone. She really doesn't like anyone but me and she doesn't like me much but I am her staff.

If she hates the trip today just wait until I leave for a week to go to Hawaii. She will really be unhappy then.

I will leave in about 30 minutes for my hair appointment in Independence. I will be back by 8:00. We have exercises from 9:00 until 10:00.

I didn't sleep too well last night. I awoke at 2:00 AM and it was off and on from then on.

I am hoping to recruit staff for the next summer's camp this weekend while a lot of people are at the conference. I would really like to combine the two camps and have it in June. June is when the short camp is held. It is cooler. I think we only need one camp. When I attempted to recruit staff for the camp I directed last year which is held in July, I found many people had gone to the short June camp and were not going to attend the July one. July is very hot in Missouri. I am taking my material to this conference in hopes I can begin getting staff early. I got staff early last year but unfortunately four people had to back out...some of them at almost the last minute. It was very difficult to get replacements at that time. I was stressed over it.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Thursday Trip

Today Bob and I are going to Bartlesville to eat at McAlisters. It's just something to do to get out of town and do something different. Yesterday we invited Bobby and Karan over to share our chili. They seemed to enjoy it. They are some of our best friends. We will finish off that chili tomorrow noon.

My TV is doing something strange. I don't know whether it's the TV or the cable. It freezes and then the picture tears. I am going to call the cable company today and see if it's on them or if I will need to buy a TV. My TV is only 20 years old. I bought it in 1993. It's never had a service call either. Hopefully it's the cable. Of all the things I don't need to spend money on now, it's a new TV.

My daughter e-mailed me my itinerary yesterday evening. Going over to Hawaii, the trip should be routine. Coming back though, I will leave in the evening and fly all night. I have one change both coming and going and that's at Houston. I dread that. The last time I flew, I missed my plane there. I disembarked at the south end of the terminal and was to catch a flight on to Tulsa at the north end of the terminal. There was very little time between the planes. I hired a tram to get me and my carry on across the terminal in time but we still got there just in time to see the plane take off. I had to catch the next plane and my brother-in-law was to have met me and picked me up at Tulsa.

When my flight came in and I was not on it, he didn't quite know what to do. Luckily he stuck around to check out the next flight in from Houston. I was on that one. The really aggravating thing about the whole experience was that the airline would not tell him anything about where I was. This was before cell phones too. I just hope nothing like that happens again.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Chili Wednesday

It's pretty chilly today..that's for sure. Because of that, we're having chili for lunch today. It always sounds good when fall comes. It's been since last winter that we had chili. I was living in the house on Catalina. Well, we're having it today.

I watched Frontline on PBS last night. It was all about this antibiotic resistant bacteria that is going around in hospitals. I heard an interview about the program on NPR yesterday. Talk about scarey! I would not want to go into a hospital nowadays. Hospitals are not required to report their experiences with the antibiotic resistant bacteria.

I have a thing about the cost of pharmaceuticals. Only in the past five years have I had to take any meds. I began taking a thyroid tablet when my previous doctor noticed my thyroid levels were low. I was also losing hair although my energy level was always very high. This past January, when my new doctor noticed my blood pressure had crept up, I began taking a blood pressure pill. Both these prescription were generic and both were from the $4.00 group.

Last week I refilled my thyroid tablet prescription and the cost had quadrupled to $15.30. I complained to the doctor about it and he suggested I buy 90 days worth instead of 30 days worth. I discussed this with my pharmacist and was told the savings would be minimal. He said he had one antibiotic that had gone from $60 some dollars to $1500. He blamed it on a shortage.

I was listening to that NPR program this morning and one scientist explained that most pharmaceutical companies had stopped developing new antibiotics because there was not enough profit in them. People take them for ten days to two weeks and then when their problem clears up, they stop taking them.. Other drugs taken on an ongoing basis are much more profitable to develop. So the pharmaceutical companies will not develop any new antibiotics.

That is all very well and good except for one thing. There are now numerous antibiotic resistant bacteria. We have over used and over abused the use of antibiotics over the years and now bacteria are developing a resistance to them. In fact in 2011 one hospital in Washington DC fought a deadly bacteria for a year and it continued to be spread by carriers who did not get infected themselves. Several people died because of this antibiotic resistant bacteria before sophisticated gene tests discovered how it was spread. This deadly bacteria and it's progress through the hospital was kept a very tight secret because several of the people who died had come to the hospital with other complaints and had contracted the bacteria through carriers who were treating the people with the bacteria and then accidentally spreading it to those new patients in their weakened condition.

There was a show on Frontline on PBS this past evening called "Hunting the Nightmare Bacteria" that exposed all this. The hospital did eventually write a paper about their battle against the bacteria that ravaged their hospital but it was a very brave move. You see the program explained that most hospitals do not report their "nightmare bacteria" to the public or anyone else for fear people will not enter their hospital.

The fact that the pharmaceutical companies will not invest in developing new antibiotics because there is so little profit in developing them is an international disgrace. Those companies have put aside the good of the patient for the benefit of their strictly profit motive. Furthermore, some of our tax dollars pay for the development of new pharmaceuticals and yet the pharmaceutical companies refuse to use any of those funds to develop new antibiotics.

This entire story illustrates once again the problem with Capitalism. It is greed driven.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Cake Tuesday

It's the day we take cakes to Independence and I have five cakes in my trunk. I will leave at 9:00. I like to get there about 9:30 and hope someone is around to help me unload the cakes. I baked my two yesterday afternoon....both spice cakes Bob brought his over this morning. He is going to do some laundry this morning and then this afternoon he will take his sister, Betty, to their sister's funeral at 1:00. After that, they will go to the VFW for lunch together as a family. Then he will take her back to Independence where she lives.

Bob came over this morning for coffee and we finished up the coffee cake I made for Sunday. It was still good.

I have my hair appointment at 10:00 and afterward meet Leslie around 11:30 or 11:45 for lunch at Big Cheese. I may go to Bartlesville after that. It depends. I have no plans for the rest of the day or even this evening.

I will fix chili tomorrow for lunch. I have the meat thawing in the frig now. I have the rest of the makings already.

I need to get a few things at the market. I may go to Wal Mart in Independence. Otherwise I will go over here to Country Mart.

Which is what I did....

Monday, October 21, 2013

Chilly Monday

It is chillier this morning. I think the thermometer said 46 degrees. I went out and swept leaves off the carport a little bit ago. Bob came over for coffee and coffeecake this morning. I made the coffeecake for church yesterday morning but some of it was left so I brought it home and invited him over for coffee this morning and we ate some more of the coffeecake. It was still very good.

I heard from my daughter by e-mail this morning. She is pleased I have decided to go to Hawaii to be with Scott for the Thanksgiving holiday. She will buy the ticket this week. I guess the boys will reimburse her for part of it. I don't think she and John are going to pay for it alone but I don't know. Anyhow now I can make plans.

Before I leave next month, I will help Bob move to the apartment. As soon as the landlord puts down new carpet and vinyl we can begin. The storage unit adjoining the apartment across from mine is for him. It is empty and we would like to start moving the stuff out of his storage unit across the street into the one in front of Marilyn's apartment. I have my air compressor and pressure washer in there and I think there will be room for them in that storage unit too. Next we should move the kitchen stuff. That will be a big job. The rest will be relatively easy.

Bobby and Bob's son, Dennis, will help with the furniture. Then I will help him hang curtains and blinds at the front double windows. He will have to shop for dining furniture. Hopefully he can find some used. All he needs or has room for is a table and chairs. I told him he could use my dining room for his family Thanksgiving dinner. I will be in Hawaii and will not be using it. Whether he will or not is up to him and whether he finds a dining set by that time.

But first things first. Today he has an ultra sound test. Tomorrow is his sister's funeral.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

A Lovely Sunday

This has been a lovely day. The sun is shining brightly. We had a small congregation at church today but the ones who were there were attentive. Afterward Phyllis and Bob and I ate at Eggberts. It was a huge meal and brought some home with me for later.

I have thought about it and meditated on it and I plan to go to Hawaii to be with Scott for Thanksgiving and our two birthdays. It will be a long flight but I will take my Kindle and perhaps even my laptop computer. The Kindle will serve me well on the trip over and I will get up several times and walk the aisles to prevent blood clots in my legs.

I will tell the kids tomorrow. I think Scott will be happy with my decision. Bob will feed and water Missy and she will be unhappy about being left alone for a week but I left her alone for a week when I went to camp and she survived.

The weather in Hawaii should be lovely. I will take my crop pants and short sleeved tops and perhaps even my swim suit. I will need to make a list.

This was a big decision. At my age, it may be one of the largest decisions I make for awhile.

More later...