Saturday, October 15, 2016

Saturday and Breakfast

I slept well last night. It's been a week since the arm has hurt and kept me awake and the thumb isn't bothering me as much either.

I got up about 5:30 and dressed and got myself ready for the day.

Missy is lying here beside me on the floor waiting patiently for her breakfast. I always want to get the blog started while my thoughts are clear.  Then I add to it during the day as things transpire in my life. Not much is going on in my life just now.

I was filling her litter box and dropped the box and made a mess on the clean bathroom floor. I got the dustpan and dumped the litter back in her litter box.  I also got it on the clean bathmat. I dumped that back in her litter box too. What a mess!

Bob will be by in about 45 minutes to pick my up for breakfast at Eggberts. He talked about going to Bartlesville yesterday while I was baking cookies. We may go today. So more later....

I fed Missy and had a cup of Chai myself.  Bob will be by shortly. 

Well we had our breakfast and we had what they call the "Silver Dollar Special". It's one egg, a small short stack, and bacon. It's plenty and it's only $4.95 plus .99 for senior coffee and tax.

We didn't eat lunch until 1:30 and then we ate our chili. It was fine and we also finished up the pudding and cookies.

I spent the afternoon reading for awhile and then decided to shred some old files. It will be a huge job going through that file cabinet and picking out files I can shred but I have to do it sometime and so I may as well get started. I did four grocery sacks full this afternoon and have just barely begun, I will work on it this fall and into winter. It needs to be done. I have just put it off too long. I did it about three years ago but an awful lot of paper can accumulate in just three years.

More later...

Bob came over shortly after 5:00 to watch the news. He left at 6:00 and I went ahead and took my bath and watched TV with Missy in my lap until 8:30. I simply couldn't keep my eyes open any longer and just went on to bed. 

Friday, October 14, 2016

Friday and Exercises Again

I slept well last night but awoke in the night too hot. I got up and turned the air conditioning back on.

I slept well then and when I awoke again at 5:00, the apartment was too cold so I turned the furnace back on. It is warming up again in here.  

This morning I will go to exercise class again. I want to fix some chili for lunch. It has really cooled off this week.

My eldest son called last night and talked awhile with me. I haven't heard for the younger one in several days. I imagine between his work and the damage from the hurricane, he has his hands full.

Missy is lying here beside me, patiently waiting for her breakfast. Maybe I'd better work on this later...

We've had our breakfasts and even gone outside briefly. It had been raining so Missy was not too interested in staying outside. we came back in and I checked the e-mail.

In the meantime, my younger son did call and fill me in on what all had been ruined at the house. The water poured down through the damage of the second floor and ruined the first floor too. It will be after the first of the year according to Harry, their contractor, to get it restored. I am cancelling my trip to Florida for Christmas...but just playing it by ear. ...just in case.

More even later...

Check out this video my son, Scott, posted on his facebook page. The Zinc video is right. Although there's a lot wrong with the world we live in now, it's a whole lot better then the one of the last century.  I prefer to try to be positive then to think of the negative side of life.

More even later....

I fixed the chili after we left  Utopia. It cooked on low until 1:00 or so when I texted Bob to ask if he was hungry now. He said he had eaten a candy bar and was not hungry so I put it in the frig. Then I decided to bake some cookies because we were out. Bob called to see if I wanted to go to Bartlesville but I was in the middle of baking the cookies so I told him what I was doing. As soon as I finished, I texted him to see if he was still interested but he was out of the mood then.  He did drop over to visit awhile and ate a cookie. He left after about an half hour.

More even later.

Bob came back and watched the news with me and after he left, I took my bath and watched some TV with Missy in my lap.  We went to bed at 10:00.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Thursday and a Dental Appointment

At 9:00 this morning I got my teeth cleaned. Afterward I came home and went over to Karan's to take her that stick that is supposed to cover up scratches. She tried it and it looks a lot better. She laid her fingernail polish remover down lid down on a new table and it removed the finish. She was just heartsick. She wanted me to stay and visit so I did. She is having a hard time working through losing Bobby. He was really the love of her life. He was so good to her and they had just been married about 7 years.  In fact, Bobby was good to everyone.

Anyhow, then I came home and Bob came over to get me and we went to eat at El Publeto. It had been a long time since we had eaten there. Afterward I went to look for another of those cases that protect your cell phone. This new one is so slick, I am sure to drop it. I couldn't find the one I was wanting. So I ordered one from Amazon. I hope it is the one I am wanting. Anyhow I have it coming. If it isn't the right one, I can send it back...or just settle.

I read this afternoon, made out a birthday card for Mary Beth and got it out on the mailbox before the mailman came. I saw Ron and Jan Elias out at Walmart. They are such neat people.  Jan worked with Leslie when Leslie managed the cable office years ago.

I cleaned the apartment after lunch and then Bob came over and did some laundry. He checked his computer and his bank account while he was here. I balanced my checkbook and worked on my budget. I owe a little over $1700 on my car. I would love to pay it off but I am afraid to spend the money. At my age, you never know what will come up.

More later...

Bob came back at 5:20 and we ate the last of the butter brickle ice cream and watched the news. He wanted to watch a football game so he went home a little early.  I watched some TV with Missy and finally, at 9:00 , we went to bed.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Wednesday and Another of Those Nights

I awoke at 2:00 and really never did get back to sleep. All I could think about was the kids' dilemma with their hurricane damage. Scott texted me yesterday about how much worse it was then they originally thought.

Finally, I got up about 3:30. Why lie there tossing and turning?

Missy is patiently waiting for me to go fix our breakfasts. I will start this first.  It  has been thundering and raining most of the night. Usually I sleep well under those circumstances. Not last night.

Today I will pick up Bob for exercise class. Then I will come home and start lunch. I will just have tuna cakes and fried potatoes with a veggie and Bob's salad. I still have that pudding for dessert.

One bright spot. My social security came in last night and lo and behold, I also got that refund from that Sleep Aid company.  I never thought I's see that $79.95 again.

This afternoon, I will go to Bingo at the senior center. I could use some entertainment in my life.

More later...

We went to exercise class and later I cooked lunch. Then I read all afternoon. This evening when Bob came over, I fixed some popcorn.

We decided to eat at El Pueblo tomorrow. If it's still really cool on Friday, I will make some chili.

When Bob leaves, I will watch Nature and Nova.

Missy and I went to bed at 8:00. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Tuesday and Juanita's Birthday

Today is Juanita's 95th birthday and so when I go to Independence to get my hair done, I want to go out to Walmart there and get her some Russell Stover chocolates. She loves Russell Stover candy. I already have her card and would have put it in the mail on Friday but was afraid it would not get there in time with the holiday.

Anyhow, I slept well again last night. I did wake up several times but managed to get back to sleep each time. The arm has not been hurting but I find if I try to sleep on my right side, it tends to make it sore. So, I will continue to sleep on my left side.

I really need my hair done today. For some reason, it has not been holding up very well. I washed it myself Saturday night and I can't do much with it except dry it and try to use the curling iron a bit. It's very short anyhow.

I will pick up Bob about 8:30 and after I get my hair done and we go to Walmart and then take Juanita's card and gift by her house, we will eat at Big Cheese this week.

Tomorrow I will cook again. I need to figure out a menu.

More later...Missy is being very patient about her breakfast. I'm hungry too.

We had our breakfast, went outside for awhile and finally,  I picked up Bob to go to Independence to get my hair done. After that we went to their Walmart and I bought some Russell Stover chocolate for Juanita's birthday today. She is 95 now. I visited with her for awhile and then Bob and I went to Big Cheese to eat lunch.

Then we came back to Coffeyville and I took him home.

I texted Scott this afternoon after he texted Ginger's mother about how depressed she was over all the damage from hurricane Matthew to their new home.  I suggested he try to contact the builder that built the home and see if he would restore it to it's former beauty.  He did that. And he will repair the roof next week. He will work on the rest of the house as soon as he can get to it. That may be awhile. But it's a start. At least the house would be restored to look like it did before the storm.

I read most of the afternoon. Bob came back over about 5:15 to watch the news and an episode of Big Bang Theory. When he went home, I took my bath and watched TV for awhile with Missy.   About 9:00 we both went to bed.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Columbus Day and Exercise Class

Today is Columbus Day and I believe it is a legal holiday and there may be no exercise class at the senior center. I will call and check later to be sure.

When I called, I learned that Columbus Day is not one of the holidays the senior center closes for. If the city offices are open, then the senior center is also open.

I slept well last night and only awoke once. I got right back to sleep.

Today we will have hamburgers and french fries for lunch. We will also have Coke with that. It's been awhile since we have had hamburgers and french fries.

I am up and dressed and the bed is made but I still have to get my make up on before I go in for breakfast. I wanted to check the fact checks on last night's "debate".  Sure enough Hillary won again. It's hardly a debate. Trump spent most of his time attacking Hillary.  She defended herself against most of the worst of the attacks. She constantly corrected his more ridiculous accusations.

As it turns out, Fact Check agrees she did the more factual job. Trump doesn't seem to have any answers to the actual questions asked. He primarily was on the attack. Of course, his position, after that video was aired, would be hard to defend.  Hopefully, she will be the next president. Then all this nonsense can be over. If  he should be elected, I would have to move to Canada. :)

More later....

We had our hamburgers with french fries and afterward  Bob left to go home to nap. I called Keurig about my coffeemaker and they walked me through the cleaning of it.  That still didn't fix it so I thought, "What the heck. What have I got to lose?" I took it all apart and gave it a good cleaning inside and put it all back together again and it worked just fine!

I have been playing solitaire on the desktop computer and Missy is lying here on the daybed behind me sleeping.  I just talked to my older son, Keith. He is off work today and going to the range to shoot and then on to swimming. There is a pool in their housing development. They pay for it so they may as well use it.

More later...I need to go get some yogurt for my supper.

I got my yogurt and also some ice cream. They had butter brickle and  both Bob and I like that flavor.

Bob came over at 5:20 and stayed until 7:00 watching the news and one old episode of the Big Bang Theory. Neithe rof us likes this season's episodes. We think they must have changed writers.

After he left I took my bath and got ready for bed. Missy and I watched TV until I kept falling asleep in the chair and so then we went to bed.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Sunday and Church

I went to bed way too early last night and awoke way too early too. I think it was 8:00 when I could no longer keep my eyes open and Missy and I just went to bed...

So I woke up at 3:00 and really never got back to sleep. I got up at nearly 4:00.

I have been considering the problem with my Keurig coffeemaker now. It has quit making good coffee. The water doesn't get hot enough and the flow comes out as a spray now. I cleaned it good a month or so ago with descaler but that only helped for awhile. I will try to descale it again this week and see if that helps. Then I will contact Keurig.

Anyhow, these issues get stuck in my mind and there is no getting them out. They keep me awake. Rather they wake me up in the night with concern about them and no way to shut off my mind.

I will watch the presidential "debate" this evening. It will be interesting to see how Hillary handles the latest scandal on Trump. The man simply has no morals or ethics. I heard a report on NPR a couple of days ago about his many bankruptcies. Then there was this video of him with his disreputable problem with beautiful women. Hillary has her own set of problems but nothing in comparison to Trump. What an election year!

Then there's the situation in Florida with my younger son and his wife. They sustained major damage from hurricane Matthew.  Scott is accepting the situation as well as possible and just working on cleaning up the mess while Ginger was on a 24 hour shift at Jacksonville. 

More later....

Bob came to watch 60 Minutes  and after he left I took a quick bath and watched the second "debate". Trump showed his usual despicable behavior. Hillary managed to stay mainly dignified. I check the fact checks later and most everything she said was "right on" and most everything he said was nonsense. The fact checkers said she won this "debate" as well.

At 10:30, I went to bed.