Saturday, April 16, 2022

Saturday and Dusting

I slept well last night.The exercise of raking must have helped me sleep. Anyhow, I am up and dressed and having my breakfast here in the den. It is just now 5:22AM. 

I will get to the dusting today. I have put it off for three days.

Hopefully Krystal will mow this afternoon. I hope it doesn't rain before she can get to it. There is rain in the forecast tomorrow. I want her to get the mowing done before that happens.

I haven't seen Scruff since Thursday and I am concerned something may have happened to her. Over the two years I have been feeding cats, several have been taken to farms to keep the mice and rats down in the barns. One of the former tenants next door took a couple to his dad's farm.The others have just disappeared.

I will go watch the weather forecast now and check a little later to see if either of the cats are out there. 

So, back later... 

Only Blondie was out there for breakfast this morning. I haven't seen Scruff since Thursday. I am concerned about her.

 Right now it is 47 degrees and cloudy. And it's to be 58 degrees today and cloudy. It is forecast for 52 degrees tomorrow and rain. Monday is to be 64 degrees and sunny. Tuesday should be 68 degrees and partly cloudy, Wednesday 73 degrees and scattered thunderstorms and wind, Thursday is forecast as 78 degrees and mostly cloudy, and Friday 83 degrees partly cloudy and wind. Iffy at best!

Scruff didn't ever show up for her breakfast. 

It is chilly today at 46 degrees. I hope it warms up today. It's supposed to get up to 59 according to the phone forecast. I hope it does.I sure would like Krystal to get the yard mowed.

I'd better get to dusting the apartment.

I got the dusting finished and everything shines now. The wind is blowing something fierce.

I sorted my cards and put them by category and put rubber band around each type. I am just puttering right now.I may go back to reading.

More even later...

I went back to the puzzle and have been working on it all morning. It's 10:00AM now and I am tired of it right now. I will get back to it later.

I never did see Scruff. I'll check again now.

No, she never came again.

I have been working on my latest puzzle again. I have sat so long I had to be careful when I got up. It's 1:16PM now and the sun is shining brightly. It's 55 degrees now so it has warmed up a lot.

I don't know when to expect Krystal. I know she works on Saturdays so it will be after she gets off work at the Bartlesville Post Office.

More even later. 

I couldn't come up for anything for lunch so I just fixed a peanut and jelly sandwich for my lunch.

Krystal came about 3:15PM and mowed the yard. I trimmed while she mowed. She bagged the leaves and put them in the bag and then put the bag in the trash container for me. 

Disgustingly enough, I can no longer lift it when it's full. The yard looks really neat now for another week..She would like to mow on Sundays if I don't care. Sunday would have been alright this week too except it is forecast for rain tomorrow. ...on Easter Sunday.

It's 4:25PM now and I guess I will read again. I finished the puzzle I was working on. That's the second one of those that Keith and Esther sent me. 

More later...I just read a little bit and then I decided to start another puzzle.

I worked on that until bath time. Actually I didn't take my bath until 8:15PM..late for me. I got involved in the puzzle and lost track of the time.

I will get up at my usual time tomorrow morning and instead of eating my usual oatmeal, I will bake my coffee cake. That's what I am taking for the Easter breakfast.I hope to get there early enough to make coffee....for those of us that drink coffee.It's nearly my bedtime so I will finish this up and get ready.

Friday, April 15, 2022

Friday and Working in the Yard

I slept fairly well last night and was up shortly before 5:00AM and made my bed and dressed and got myself ready for the day. I am only having my Chai Latte this morning since Kelly and I are having breakfast at Eggbert's at 7:30AM.  We have done that every once in awhile since he has Fridays off work. I used to have breakfast every Wednesday at Coffeyville's Eggbert's with Bob Avery when he was still alive. I sure miss my long term husband who died in 2010 after 57 years of marriage and my brother-in- law, who died in February of last year. He was married to my sister for 63 years. He lost her in 2012. I guess you never get past missing those you are close to.

It's 5:50AM and I see it's 50 degrees out there this morning. Perhaps Spring is here after all. We can only hope.

After breakfast sometime I will go buy some cookies to take to church on Sunday. Phyllis and Karan will also bring theirs to church on Sunday and then on Tuesday at 9:00AM I will take them up to Independence to the First Christian church where they serve a free supper every Tuesday evening. For 7 1/2 years we used to take cakes to them every Tuesday when they served 200 but the pandemic has slowed that down to 55 so now they serve store bought cookies for dessert. After I give them the cookies, I will go down to Bartlesville to visit with Nancy and take her to lunch.

My son, Keith, called yesterday evening. He and Esther plan to come visit me and Leslie and John over the Memorial Day holiday weekend in May. I am really looking forward to that. His wife, Esther, texts me every morning about 10:30AM my time. They live in Phoenix so their time is different from ours. She says if she doesn't hear back from me within 30 minutes, she will call Leslie. She is a real sweetheart. She knows I live alone and if anything happened to me, no one would know. However I carry my phone with me at all times. That's my insurance that I could call Leslie and 911.

More later... I will go check "the weather on the 8's" and the cat situation.

I've checked several times but have seen no cats yet. Strange.... However I did get the weather forecast. Today will be 79 degrees and partly cloudy, Saturday will be 66 degrees and partly cloudy and windy, Easter Sunday is forecast for 55 degrees and rain, Monday is to be 62 degrees and mostly sunny, Tuesday is to be 66 degrees and mostly cloudy, Wednesday is to be 70 degrees and thunderstorms and wind.and Thursday is forecast to be 74 degrees and partly cloudy. Sunday and Wednesday look like the worst weather.

I will go check once more for the cats. So more later...It's 7:07AM and I am to meet Kelly at 7:30AM this morning for our breakfast.

No cats ever came for their breakfast. 

Kelly and I spent an hour and a half chatting over breakfast. Then I went to the Caney market and bought three boxes of cookies for the dessert at the First Christian Church dinner Tuesday evening. Then I came back home and did some weeding. I need to trim at the hedge now.

I trimmed on the hedge some and did the best I could to get the leaves out from under it. I have half a notion to hook up my leaf vacuum and try to vacuum them up out from under there.. 

I worked on another puzzle for awhile before beginning another book.

It's 2:20PM and I have been reading ever since I worked on the puzzle.

I never did see Scruff today... but I did see Blondie but he didn't come for lunch. He just drank some fresh water I had put out. It's been a couple of days since I have seen Scruff. I wonder if she has had her kittens. Or maybe someone has caught her and taken her to the country and left her. I hope not.

About 2:00PM, I raked the leaves up in the back yard and bagged them. Stephen spread Weed and Feed on our yards yesterday. I hope it does some good.

More even later...

I just had my bath. I am very tired today and I never did get the dusting done but I will do it tomorrow. I worked in the yard instead. I trimmed the hedge and raked the back yard and scooped up the leaves there and put them in a black yard bag. I also watered the plants. They seem to be doing very well.

Tomorrow afternoon Krystal is supposed to mow my yard. I need to check and make sure I have $25.00 for her. I am almost sure I have it. 

Yes,I just checked and I do have it. I always put it in an envelope for her with her name on it. She has taken on the mowing. I used to have the girls do it because they were saving for I phones. After they got those, Krystal took over the mowing. She does a very nice job too. She spends the money she makes on the girls. She buys them refreshments at their games. They are  a very nice family. Krystal works at  the Bartlesville post office and also works after work at the Pizza Hut here in Caney part time.

It's after 7:00PM now and I am tired of reading and tired of working on the latest puzzle. I plan to go to bed at 9:00PM as usual. I have been up since before 5:00AM.


Thursday, April 14, 2022

Thursday and House Cleaning

 I slept poorly again last night but I was only up once in the night. I was concerned that I couldn't; seem to balance my checkbook. Finally in the middle of the night I realized what the problem was and got up and fixed it. Then I was up at 5:00AM as usual. I am having my breakfast now here in the den.

I wonder if my bedding plants made it through the night? It's too dark to tell now. It's only 6:02AM and still too dark to see out there.I imagine I was trying to rush the season.

I need to contact Cox Complete Care today and get them to look over my desktop computer. It has frozen twice now and the last time...yesterday..I wasn't sure it was going to come back up. It did a lot of updating before it finally loaded. Both computers are pretty old. The laptop was Scott's and he gave it to me when he got his Apple.

My primary concern today though is to mop and vacuum the apartment. It is usual cleaning day.

It's 6:10AM and I guess I will go turn on the "weather on the 8's" and see if either of the cats are out there for their breakfast. Only Blondie came for supper last evening.

It looks like the flowers in the back flower bed are hanging in there but I notice it's 32 degrees out there. I don't know how long that will be true. I hope it warms up before the cold gets my bedding plants. I knew I was rushing the season.

I haven't seen any cats yet...and it's 6:37AM.

It's 8:41AM now and I have been cleaning up both computers for awhile. I get a lot of junk e-mail and if it's just junk, I delete it.  

I never did see any cats this morning. I hope Scruff got fed somewhere.

So more later... 

I got everything mopped and vacuumed except the dining room rug. I am going to have to rest awhile. That new vacuum is pretty heavy to push around especially if I try to get it all in one period. I tire a lot easier then I did when I was young.

Leslie contacted me this morning to see if I was interested in attending the 50th anniversary of the church's John Whitmer Historical Association. I really wanted to attend when I got their notice but was hesitant about driving up there by myself clear to Independence, Missouri. She volunteered to drive if I wanted to go and she also registered both of us. I am so pleased. It is a three day conference.

I have been watching for my confirmation but so far, I don't have it. Maybe Leslie got both our confirmations since she paid for both our conferences.

I took the puzzle I just finished apart and put it back in the bag it came in. If Esther and Keith don't want it back, I could offer to send it to my niece,  Carol.

I finished vacuuming  the rug in the dining room. All I need to do now is dust. I may do that this afternoon. I usually do it on Fridays but if I recuperate from the exertion of the vacuuming, I may get it done today.

It looks like my bedding plants made it through the frost last night. It's warmed up now to 54 degrees according to the desktop computer.

More even later...

I planted the last of the Marigolds this afternoon. 

Keith called this afternoon on his way home from work and chatted with me quite awhile. They will be coming here again over the Memorial Day holiday and stay the weekend and Monday. He will leave soon for Ottawa, Canada, for a month. They think they will be leaving for Germany in June. That's the plan anyhow. It depends on what the pandemic is doing.

I fired up the mower  this afternoon and made two rounds around the front yard but was just too tired to finish. I will let Krystal do it Saturday afternoon. At least with the new fresh gas added to the older gas, I managed to start it.

Then I read most of the afternoon.

Then the First Christian Church in Independence contacted me again to see if our congregation would like to help them participate in their Tuesday evening dinners. I asked if they needed cakes again and she said "no" the are serving store bought cookies now that they are only serving 55 on Tuesday evenings. I checked with Karan and Phyllis and and they were interested in participating in that service project again. We did cakes for 200 for  them for 7 1/2 years but since the pandemic they are only serving 55. But now they are serving store bought cookies with their Tuesday evening meal. So we will take our cookies to church on Sundays and I will pick them up there and take them to the First Christian Church in Independence at 9:00am on Tuesdays. I contacted most of the congregation by text and told them about it too and asked any who would like to participate to bring their cookies to church on Sunday and I will take them to the First Christian Church  on Tuesday morning.

They will serve the next six Tuesdays and then take a break until August when they will start up again on Tuesday mornings.

It's 7:27PM now and I will take my bath now and then read some more until bedtime.

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Wednesday and a Hair Appointment

I slept well again last night and was up shortly before 5:00AM. I have dressed and got myself ready for the day. My appointment is at 9:00AM this morning in Coffeyville. Afterward I will come home and go to the market here in Caney. I need a few things again. At lunchtime, I will eat the other half of my sandwich from Dink's yesterday..

When it gets light I want to see how my bedding plants held up overnight. I still have the red salva to plant. It will be hard to find a place for all of it but it will add some more color if I can. 

It was 79 degrees last night at bedtime. I turned on the air conditioning to get to sleep and I slept well. Now I have turned it back to heat. It's 52 degrees this morning. The weather just can't seem to make up it's mind to be spring or winter. It's 6:19AM now and the furnace just came back on.

It's 6:29AM now and I will go check and see if there are any cats here for breakfast. And I will check "the weather on the 8's" too. 

So far the bedding plants look fine. The weather hasn't come on yet but I stepped out the back door to check on the bedding plants.And so far there are no cats out there to be fed.

Scruff showed up about 7:30AM for her breakfast. She ate her fill and then left and I took the cat food back into the garage and covered it. 

About 8:15AM I left for Coffeyville to go to the bank and get some money for the week and also to get my hair done. They had got their bank machine repaired. I also stopped by their Sonic and bought a cherry limeade slush. After I got my hair done, I came on back home and went to the market and bought water, tissues and instant oatmeal.

Then I came home and checked my bank account. My social security had come in. So I checked my bank balance and then  transferred another $100 to my saving account. I am trying to build it up again after paying for that crown and also the repair to my car. This is the third month I have done that. I need an emergency savings account and mine was about depleted after those large expenditures.

I don't want to get out in the wind with my fresh hairdo. And it's been trying to rain too. 

More later... 

 May be an image of African daisy and outdoors 

This is after I putting bedding plants among the bulbs. I started that last evening and finished it this afternoon. Now if they just don't freeze.

It's 3:24PM and I will go back to my reading.... 

More even later...

It's 7:30PM and I have just had my bath and put my pajamas on and robe.

I see Stephen got his weed and feed on the yards. I was reading when he did that and just caught a glimpse  of him as he was doing his back yard.

Blondie came for supper but I didn't see Scruff this evening. She was here this morning for her breakfast.

 I will read until 9:00PM and then go to bed.

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Tuesday and Lunch With Nancy

I slept very well last night and didn't even get up until 5:45AM.  I am having my breakfast here in the den now. I will go down to Bartlesville and take Nancy out to lunch but first I will stop at US cellular and see why my incoming texts are not obvious when I open the phone. Most of the time I can't even find them and discover who they are from. That is very irritating and certainly not the way they are meant to be accessed. Once or twice I have found them easily.

I am thinking of taking Nancy to Dink's Bar B Q again today. I'll ask what she wants to do...if she has a preference.

I didn't do laundry yesterday as I usually do on Mondays so I am doing it this morning. It's  just my underwear and towels so it's not a big load. Next Monday I will strip my bed and change the sheets again.

I just put the laundry in the dryer.. I looked out when I put the throw rug down by the front door and Blondie was there waiting for his breakfast. I didn't see Scruff. ,,at least not yet.

More later...I am going to go check the weather forecast.

Today is to be 81degrees and isolated thunder storms, Wednesday's is 58 degrees and thunderstorms, Thursday's is 67 degrees and mostly sunny, Friday's is 78 degrees and partly cloudy, Saturday is 64 degrees and mostly cloudy, Sunday is 66 degrees and clouds, Monday's is 61 degrees and partly cloudy.

Scruff never did come for her breakfast .  I finally put the cat food back in the garage and covered it.

I got my load of laundry dried and folded and put away. 

Then I dumped out that old gas in the can. I tried to start it with that gas in there like Leslie did but I couldn't do it. Leslie was able to use it when she mowed last week but pull as I might, I couldn't get it started. I will have to get Krystal to turn over the mower and dump it out on Saturday. I am getting new gas today.

So more even later...  

On my way down to visit Nancy, I stopped at the US Cellular store and the manager fixed my phone so the texts show up at the top of the list. Hopefully that is the end of these kinds of problems.

I went to visit Nancy next. She was, as usual, still in bed. I woke her up and told her to get dressed if we were going to eat out. First she said she didn't feel well and wanted me to go tell that to the nurse. She dozed in her chair off and on while we were waiting. I told her I thought she wasn't up to a visit and I thought I would just go back home until next week. Then she perked up. She wanted me to stay and she got dressed and was ready to go. That sleepiness and saying she didn't feel well may be an attention getting device. Anyhow she was ready in no time and I took her to Dink's. We had good lunch and couldn't eat it all. So we had it boxed and bought back to our homes.

John texted me while we were visiting and told me not to dump out that gas in the mower. He said the oil would get someplace it wasn't supposed to and it would be trouble for the mower. I agreed to tell Krystal not to do that. He said to just add the new gas to what was left in there.

Then we went to Lowe's and I bought bedding plants to fill in around my bulbs.

Nancy was very tired and found a chair to sit in while I shopped. Then I moved the car closer to the door she was sitting by and she came right out. I went to take her back to her apartment and stayed and visited with her until 3:00PM. 

She walked me out to the car and gave me a big hug. I am the only one who visits her....unfortunately. We had a good visit and a fine meal too.

I stopped and bought gas for my car on the way home and also bought some for the gas can for mowing on Saturday afternoon. Krystal will mow for me.

 Then I came back to the apartment and planted the bedding plants. I hope they don't freeze but I wanted to fill in around my bulbs. I am taking a chance, I know.

More even later... .

It's 8:00PM now and I took my bath at 7:00PM and put my pajamas on. I will read until 9:00PM or so and then go on to bed.

Monday, April 11, 2022

Monday and the Apartment Sprayed

 I slept very poorly last night. I must have woke up five times. Most of the time, I got back to sleep. I have no idea what the problem was but I certainly did not sleep well last night. I finally just got up shortly before 5:00AM . I just couldn't stay asleep.

Stephen had contacted me last week and wanted to know if  I would be home today. He has a man from Neodesha  who will coming to spray the apartments and also their home in Owasso. I am nearly always home on Mondays so that was not a problem. I will be here. I even have the rest of my chicken and okra that I bought at the market on Friday to warm up for my lunch today.

Tomorrow when I go down to see Nancy, I will stop at US Cellular down at Bartlesville and see if someone there can tell me why when I get a notification of a text, I can never find out where it is and who it is texting me. That is the one thing about this phone that is a mystery to me. Every once in a while I can, but very seldom. The notification goes off  but there isn't a clue who is texting me. I had a notification early this morning but no idea who it was.

I am going to move the card table with the puzzle into the living room this morning and bring in a folding chair  to work on it from and set up a TV tray to put the remaining pieces on and get them off the dining room table. Right now the entire thing is blocking my way out of the dining room and the space is too small. Besides I need the dining room table for lunch.

Later I will phone the bank and tell them about my problem with their 11th street location's cash machine.  The woman ahead of me in line  took forever to move on. Finally she did. Then when it was my turn, I could not get my cash and the machine would not release my card back to me. That was evidently her problem too. I tried five or six times but it was stuck in there. I looked in my trunk for a pair of pliers but could not find any tools.. I was about to go across the street and buy a pair at Dollar General but I did not want to leave that card in the slot for fear the next person would be able to get it out. I tried one more time and it came out that time.

At church, I was telling Karan about it and she said that happened to a woman in line before her and so she went up to the old Condon bank drive through location which is also a Community State Bank location and got her money from that one. That's what I did too. I was afraid to put that card back in the drive through location on 11th street. Heck of  note! I will call them about it this morning.

More later... 

I finally finished that puzzle. I worked on it all morning and when i finished I noticed there were five pieces missing. But it was really a bear to do. I will wait awhile before starting another one. It is good to have an option though instead of reading every day like I had been doing. Besides, it's good for my mind.

I went to the market and bought a dozen eggs. I had had my present dozen for three months so I just threw them away. I knew they would be no good after all that time. 

The man from Neodesha came and sprayed for bugs. I had seen one spider and that was about all since Steve had sprayed annually. I imagine that kept them down. But it had been a year since Steve had sprayed. So I am sure it needed it. The name of his company is "Chase Pest Control". 

At noon, I warmed up my chicken and okra in the microwave and had it for my lunch. Later I went up to Mr. G's and had a small butter pecan flurry for dessert. I love those things but I have to get just two a week or I will gain weight.

I read for awhile then took a break.

It was supposed to have rained today bu the sun is shining brightly. 

It's 6:06PM now and I have been reading this afternoon and am tired of it now, I just called Krystal about mowing for me this weekend but I just got her voicemail  and left her a message. Hopefully she will call me back with an answer when she's free.

I am charging my watch again on the computer. It only held a charge for a week. I am hoping it is charging again. I think it is. Yes, the light on the computer is flashing now so it is charging. 

I will take my bath at 7:00PM and try to stay up until 9:00. I am hoping I will  sleep better tonight. 

It's 6:49PM now and I will go take my bath and put my pajamas and robe on and read  until 9:00PM

So more later...

Sunday, April 10, 2022

Sunday and Church

I slept well last night although I was up once in the night. I got back to sleep easily. I got up at 5:00AM and dressed and got myself ready for the day. I am eating my breakfast in the den as usual. The dining table and card table are full of puzzle pieces. This puzzle is a doozy.

I am dressed for church. For me, that means slacks instead of jeans. I haven't worn a dress in years. I can be buried in one when that time comes. I have a couple in the closet.

It's 6:01AM now and I think I will go watch the weather forecast and check to see if any cats are out there waiting for their breakfast.

Both cats were here this morning..very hungry it seems. I have their food out there now. Even after Blondie was gone, Scruff stayed and ate like she hadn't had anything in a week. It had only been three or four days since I had fed her. She's gone now and I took the food into the garage and covered it. 

I did get the weather forecast though. Today is to be 82 degrees and  partly cloudy and windy...again. Rain tonight. Tomorrow is to be 64 degrees and showers.Tuesday is to be 83 degrees and partly cloudy and windy, Wednesday is to be 65 degrees and thunderstorms and wind, Thursday is to be 66 degrees and mostly sunny, Friday 74 degrees and AM showers, Saturday is to be 67 degrees and partly cloudy. That's it for the week.

My grand daughter, Christina posted this picture of Bob and me on her facebook . 

May be an image of 1 person, standing, outdoors and tree 

That's the house on Catalina we are standing in front of. He would have been in his middle 70's and I would have been in my early 70's. I moved into the fourplex after he died and sold that house. It had way too many painful memories. Bob died under hospice while we lived there...a day before his 80th birthday. We lived there seven years. A couple of years later, I sold the house and moved into the fourplex in Coffeyville. I moved here to Caney in 2020.

So More Even Later...

It's 4:19PM now and I have been working all afternoon on that puzzle. It really is a doozy. I am making some headway on it but I am far from finished with it.

This is my immediate family...all but Bob, he has passed away.

 May be an image of 5 people and people standing 

That is Bob with me!The ones in the back are my kids.

I will go take my bath now and read until bedtime at 9:00PM