Saturday, February 14, 2015

Saturday and Breakfast

This morning Bob and I will go to breakfast as is our usual Saturday morning activity. Afterward, at 9:00, I will go in to the library for two hours. That is the last of the hours I have worked extra to make up for the Monday President's Day holiday. We have a Valentine Day banquet this evening at 6:00 PM. We will pick up both Phyllis and Joyce.

Bob and I may go to Joplin..if he's still interested, on Monday, after my hair appointment. Kathy moved it to Monday at 9:45.... anticipating snow. Now they have taken the snow out of the forecast.

I don't know what Katie has in mind for my two hours this morning.  Hopefully they will go fast. I scanned the Spanish section yesterday and also the large print non fiction. I also cleaned shelves and shelf read. There's always shelf reading to do.

I am doing some laundry again this morning. The colored jeans I wore to work yesterday were filthy. We never think of a library being a dirty place but I get dusty every time I work. I brushed the dust off before I came home but when I turned those jeans wrong side out to put them in the laundry, they were covered with dust inside. So I put my dish mat and towels in with them and the tablecloth I took off the table yesterday. I also had some socks and underwear so hopefully everything will come clean.

Last night he came over and we watched "Saving Mr. Banks".  It was very good. I recommend it highly. We may watch videos from the library on the evenings there is no worthwhile TV.  There is very little on TV that we are interested in watching...a lot of PBS,....and 60 Minutes on Sunday evenings is about all.  We do watch the new episodes of The Big Bang Theory on Thursday evenings.

More later...

We had a good time at the Valentine Party. There were 14 of us counting  my two small great grandchildren.

I got home and took my bath about 8:00 and was in bed by 9:00. 

Friday, February 13, 2015

Friday Again and Exercises

I slept really well last night after taking an Aleve to aleve the inflammation and soreness of my hands and upper back. That med really works. I have to use it very sparingly though because it can be hard on the liver.

Today we will have the rest of the meatballs and I will fry some more potatoes and fix a veggie.

I will probably be scanning bar codes again today at work.

I will get some more wine today...probably some time this morning after exercises.

Bob will come over this evening to watch Brooks and Shields with me on PBS. I am always interested in their commentary.

More later....

I just read the blog from my blogging friend, Balisha from "Simply Balisha". She has learned that her cancer is fourth stage and has decided to stop the chemo and have hospice come to her home. Like my Bob, she would rather have "quality of life" instead of "quantity of life".  I am just sick about her situation but she has made the decision my Bob made and the one I will make when my time comes. Dying is a part of living. God will be with her and be her support. God is always right there with us if we only recognize that.

More even later...

I spent the afternoon  scanning bar codes and shelf reading. This evening Bob brought over the video from the library "Saving Mr. Banks" and we watched that with the wine I bought. He went home at 9:00 and I took my bath and got ready for bed.

In the morning we will go to breakfast and later at 9:00 I will go to work for two hours.  That will finish making up the hours I will lose on Monday when the library is closed.

Then just before 6:00 PM we will pick up Phyllis and Joyce and all go to the Valentine Party at Tavern on the Plaza. There will be 14 of us, counting my two great grandchildren.

I also noticed this evening that  my blogging friend, Baliaha (Pat) has blogged again. So I read her blog.

An Exhausting Thuesday

I never got around to posting yesterday. It was a busy day. I am doing laundry this morning so I may be interrupted every so often while I'm trying to get caught up. I just put the laundry in the dryer.

Yesterday we had our pork sirloin for lunch and it was very good. I fixed it in the oven with a sauce. We had baked potatoes and salad and cauliflower.

I did some cleaning yesterday too.

When I went to work, I sorted and put away DVDs at first then Katie came in and wanted me to scan bar codes on the large print books. I had done both sides of one aisle and there was just another   aisle of them...both sides. I spent from 2:00 until almost 5:00 and finished the large print books. I was very tired when I got home but recovered after having a couple of cups of hot chocolate. Before I went to bed I took an Aleve and slept like a baby. Aleve really takes care of the inflammation. My hands were swollen, both thumbs and my middle finger on the left hand that I use to pull those books out of the bookcase. 

Also, when I got home I had invited Bob over for the new Big Bang Theory episode and the rest of the red wine. I gave him the spice cookies too. They didn't agree with me. I was pretty miserable all afternoon.

He went home at 7:30 and I took my bath, put my PJs on and read until 9:00  when I went to bed.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Wednesday and Another Work Day

We will have exercise class this morning and then when I get home I will heat up the oven and bake my meatballs. After my hair appointment yesterday I went out to John and Leslie's to get the three pounds of ground beef she forgot to bring to me at church Sunday. She convinced me to stay and she fixed her wonderful meatballs and sent me home with 9 for our dinner today. They have to bake for an hour so I will peel potatoes and boil those for frying. She makes her own barbeque sauce from scratch. I will have brussell sprouts with them and Bob will bring a salad. I still have some pudding for dessert and cookies. Thank you, Leslie!

I actually felt well after working yesterday. I did not come home exhausted as usual. That's because I did not have my arms up over my head scanning bar codes. My back does not even hurt today. It has been aching between my shoulder blades from holding my arms up.

Aime e-mailed me yesterday about a conference she will be attending in Irving, Texas in May. She is supposed to bring two of her program participants with her and she wants me to be one of them. We will leave May 26th (the day after Memorial Day) and return May 29th. I will be paid for my time. The other participant and I will take some training classes there. I have taken training before when I first started in the program but it was held at our college here in Coffeyville. I imagine I will be putting away books again today and the rest of the week. I also put away DVDs. So I stayed busy.

My social security came in today...thank goodness! I still have bills to pay later in the month..the cable bill and my insurance but at least I have money in there now.

More later....

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Tuesday and Cakes

I have everyone's cake this morning except Bob's. He was late getting his in the oven last night and will be bringing it over later this morning before I leave. After I deliver them I will have my hair done at Kathy's.  Then I may go shopping for powder for my makeup. I am nearly out.

Yesterday wore me out at work and I imagine today will be another huge day. I scanned an entire aisle yesterday and those books were in the shelf tightly so this morning my hands are sore again. This job is not the ideal I had imagined. Climbing up and down on that stool for two or three hours is exhausting. And it's even worse when I have to sit on the floor.  But it's a job and I want to get my car paid off early. I may not have five years (four left, I think... before the extra payments) ...who knows at my age.I have been making an extra payment to cut down the length of the loan.  I only have about 13 months left in the program I work in. I was able to work 4 years and I think I have already worked at least two of those years.

I'm not sure about lunch today. If I can kill enough time in Independence I will bring home a Big Cheese pizza. If not, we will have hamburgers and french fries. That's easy enough.

I tried to make cake mix cookies last night and they didn't work out so well. The recipe said use any kind of cake mix and take out three tablespoons of the mix before adding 2 eggs and 1/3 cup of oil. Mix well but if the mix is too wet, mix in some more of that 3 tablespoons of cake mix. Bake at 350 degrees for eight minutes. The first batch did not work out. I made mine with spice cake mix and should not have taken out the 3 tablespoon of cake mix. Furthermore I should have baked them for 12 minutes because they were too wet and not completely done. Before I try that again, I will adjust the recipe. I will leave in the 3 tablespoons of cake mix and bake them 12 minutes and see how that works out. Cake mix cookies are very easy. I use a yellow cake mix and make peanut butter cookies and snicker doodles.  They are easy and very good. But the spice cake cookies recipe needs some adjustment.

I get my social security tomorrow and I am really glad. I am nearly out of money. I get mine the second Wednesday of the month and everything comes due before that date. Sometimes the second Wednesday is as late as the 14th of the month.  In February and March this year though, it is the 11th.

More later....

It was an easier day after all. Carolyn's sister-in-law died and she is off work for the week. I did her job which is to put checked in books away.

Bob came over and we watched American Experience and Frontline on PBS. We had a glass of wine too. The program was very interesting. Bob couldn't get through American Experience though. He kept falling asleep and finally just went home. I took my bath and put my PJs on and stayed up until 10:00.  Then Missy and I went to bed.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Monday and Exercises and Work Again

I have really been busy this morning. I got up shorty before 5:00 AM and dressed and then went into the kitchen and fed Missy (that's always priority if you want a happy kitty) and then started the stew we will have for lunch. I have it in the slow cooker now and it will simmer on #3 for three or four hours. I will fix biscuits to serve with it. We will have hot tea with it too.  My order from Keurig finally came last weekend. I also baked the cake for the First Christian Church in Independence. They serve a couple of hundred lonely and hungry folks each Tuesday of any charge.

Bob will be here around 8:30 to pick me up for exercises. I will also ice my cake before I go to work.

I imagine I will be scanning bar codes at the library this afternoon. I shelf read the two hours I worked on Saturday. I will work again for two hours next Saturday morning. That will make up for my four hours lost when they are closed for President's Day.

Bob came over last evening to watch 60 Minutes with me and have wine and popcorn. When he left I took a shower and washed my hair. I will have it done while I am in Independence in the morning. I always have to re-comb it after Kathy does it. She sprays it and spikes it and that exposes the thin spots in my hair. I am thinking of looking for someone local to do it so I won't have to drive to Independence to have it done each week.

Missy and I went to bed about 9:00.

More later....

Before lunch I ran the vacuum. By Thursday I will need to do it again. I only did the part I didn't get done last Thursday.

Sure enough, I scanned bar codes for three hours. I put away over a hundred DVDs before I even began the scanning. After I finished the scanning after 4:00, I had another 75 to put away. Paula was gone by then so I had to file the cases in the bookcases as well. I left exhausted. Thank goodness I had made my stew and baked my cake this morning while I was fresh.

Bob called awhile ago. He had his cake in the oven so will bring it over in the morning. Phyllis hasn't brought hers over yet either. Karan just brought hers over.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sunday and Presiding at Church

I preside again at church today. I also have the bulletin to print off. After church some of us will eat out together somewhere. Bob and I have discussed going to Independence to Great China. Phyllis is probably the only one who would go with us.  Most do not really want to drive up the 9 miles to Independence.

I will try to get my housework finished after I get the congregation's newsletter finished afterwards.  I will be going to exercise class and on to work tomorrow. At least yesterday I got my bed stripped and the sheets washed yesterday morning.

I have set some stew meat in the frig to thaw for lunch tomorrow.

More later...

We did go out to Great China for lunch. There were ten of us counting my great grandchildren. We had a very good lunch there.

Afterward I came home and did the congregational newsletters and afterward called Bob to see if he wanted to go out to Wal Mart with me. He did. I had quite a list this time. I spent over $30 out there then stopped on the way home and ran my car through a car wash.

Bob will come over before 6:00 tonight and we will watch 60 Minutes and have some wine and perhaps some popcorn. All he needed at Wal Mart was bread and a cake mix. We do take cakes to Independence to the First Christian Church there this Tuesday. I will drop them off and then get my hair done at Kathy's.  It really needs it. I may wash it myself tonight when I take my bath.  It looks bad.

I preach again next Sunday.