Saturday, June 3, 2023

Saturday and Cleaning the Apartment

I slept restlessly last night and was up an hour earlier then usual. I have dressed and made my bed and got myself ready for the day. I am having my breakfast here in the den now. I must have been too tired after Karan and I walked all over Sooner Park yesterday afternoon.

I am doing my laundry this morning  too. My week was all messed up after not going to visit Nancy on Monday as I usually do and meeting Sally after her work.

 It's just one of those things. I am such a routine driven person that it doesn't take much for me to feel kind of confused. I don't recall ever cleaning the apartment on Saturday before but that's what I am going to do today. I am also doing my laundry today.  In a little bit I will go check and see if either of the cats are out there for their breakfast. I will also check "the weather on the 8's" .

So. More Later ...

Well, there were no cats out there at all...not yet anyhow.

The weather channel did  come on though and I have the forecast for the week.

Mid morning Blondie came for his breakfast and I took the cat food out to him. Scruff did not show up.

Today is to be 83 degrees and PM thunderstorms, Sunday is to be 90 degrees and mostly sunny, Monday is to be 88 degrees and mostly sunny, Tuesday is to be 89 degrees and mostly sunny, .Wednesday is to be 89 degrees and mostly sunny, Thursday is to be 87 degrees and partly cloudy, and Friday is to be 85 degrees and  partly cloudy.

That's the week.  It looks like today has the only chance of least thus far. But this is Kansas and anything is possible.

I may take my walk now. It is 6:26AM. 

I did take my walk and got a half a grocery bag of trash again..not as much as usual but some.

I got all the floors mopped and  the laundry done and dried and put away. I am tumbling the throw rugs now on the fresh air setting. Soon I will start the vacuuming. I just need to rest a few minutes.

More Even Later...It's 7:30AM now and still no cats.

It's 8:04AM now and I have just finished the vacuuming and cleaned up the vacuum sweeper and am charging it now. I will dust later after I have rested. I have warmed up my Chai and am drinking it now while I rest.

I read most of the morning and then called Sally Love and met her at Joyce and Roger's and had a chocolate sundae. She had a root beer float. We visited until 3:00PM. 

The vacuum sweeper was fully charged and I put it away when I got home.

I haven't seen much of Scruff today at all. But when I got home from the market she was out front first by my front walk and later behind my hedge. She didn't eat anything. She is very ill and I will be surprised if she makes it another day or two. She is skin and bones and has not eaten anything all day today. She has been under my hedge all afternoon. I left the cat food out there. 

She has moved over behind Stephen's hedge now and I took her food over there by their front door just in case she is up to eating anything tonight or in the morning. She may be dead tomorrow if she can't eat tonight or tomorrow. Poor thing! She looks terrible!

Friday, June 2, 2023

Friday and Sunfest in Bartlesville

 Karan will be here sometime around 9:30AM to take us to Bartlesville for Sunfest at Sooner Park.

I slept pretty well last night. I was up shortly before 5:00AM, made my bed and dressed and got myself ready for the day. I finally got the "weather on the 8's"  at 6:48AM.  I even have time to take my walk before she comes.It's only 6:53AM now.

We are forecast for 88 degrees and partly cloudy today, Saturday we are forecast for 83 degrees and thunderstorms, Sunday 89 degrees and partly cloudy, Monday is to be 89 degrees and and partly cloudy, Tuesday is to be 89 degrees and mostly sunny, Wednesday is to be 85 degrees and  mostly sunny, Thursday is to be 84 degrees and partly cloudy.  That's the day of rain and that's Saturday.

I did get the trimming done and the walks swept off too and it's only 6:58AM.

It's 7:44AM and I just got back from my walk. I picked up 2/3 a bag of trash this time. Not as bad as usual.

I guess I will read for awhile now. I have had my breakfast and my walk and Karan won't be here until 9:30AM. 

Karan came at 9:30AM and we went on to Bartlesville to Sunfest. It was a slow day. Most adults were at work and there was very little traffic. We were told that on Friday Sunfest doesn't open until 3:00PM. We left and went to Luigi's for lunch. It was very good. And then she brought me home. We had a good time and a good visit.

 Neither of the cats came for their breakfast today. I did see Scruff lying out on the grass on the west side yard when I got back from Bartlesville but she never came to eat and Blondie never showed up at all.

More Later...I will get back to my book now.. 

It's 7:04 PM now and I just had my bath. I had been reading but lad to go out to Dollar General for some groceries. I waited in the check out line for 15 minutes and finally just put everything back and left. The checker was doing more visiting with the customers then she was checking. I will go again tomorrow and get what I need and the older woman will be checking then. She tends to the business.

I will clean my apartment and do my laundry tomorrow.

I will get back to my book again. It's extra thick and I will not be able to read it in any short time. I plan to go to bed by 9:00PM or so.

Thursday, June 1, 2023

Thursday and a Trip to See Nancy

I slept well last night and was up only once in the night and then I took my meds. 

I was up at 5:00AM and made my bed and made myself ready for the day.  

Both cats were out there this morning and I took their food out to them but Blondie made a dash to come into the garage and I had to chase him out. Then they both ran away. I hope Scruff comes back to eat because I think she was doing better yesterday. I'd let Blondie to come eat too but I frightened him away trying t get him out of the garage. Scruff is very thin!!

I did catch the weather forecast though. Today is to be 88 degrees and partly cloudy, tomorrow is to be 88 degrees and partly cloudy too, Saturday is to be 84 degrees and scattered thunderstorms, Sunday is to be 89 degrees and partly cloudy, Monday is to be 89 degrees and partly cloudy, Tuesday is to be 89 degrees and mostly sunny and Wednesday is to be 87 degrees and partly cloudy.  That's the week. Rain only on Saturday.

Maybe the cats will come back and eat if I take my walk and take one library book back to the book drop.  

I took my walk and dropped my first book into the book drop and picked up some trash but not a lot. It had rained and that made a difference in the amount of trash on the streets.

Both cats came back for their cat food but they were cautious about it. I had scared them off when I chased Blondie out of the garage.

About 9:30AM, I will leave to go see Nancy. It's only 8:39AM now so I have awhile.  

I left to go see Nancy at 9:30AM  and got there about 10:00AM. We visited a bit and I suggested we go out to lunch. She would rather have a milk shake so that is what we had. First I went to wash my car at Okie's and then we went next door to Brahms for a small milk shake. We drove around for a bit and then I took her back to her assisted living home. I had taken her some coffee cake and then picked up my book that she had finished reading.

I will read again myself now. I just started my second book. I will clean the apartment on Saturday this week. I usually do it on Thursday but today I went to visit Nancy. I don't have another plan for Saturday. It's 4:27PM now and I have been reading all afternoon.

More Later... 

I got the trimmer out and did all the trimming I could until the battery went down. I still have the back yard to trim but the battery has to be charged before I can do that. That will take awhile. The man that mowed for me yesterday was supposed to come back to trim but he never made it. When the battery charges, I will finish it....probably early tomorrow morning before Karan comes at 9:30AM.

He also wants to trim the west side tree. It's branches are hanging down in his way. He didn't cut the yard as short as I usually do either. But he used his own mower and I imagine he doesn't cut as short as I prefer.  Beggars can't be choosers. Leslie is paying for my mowing. That's a blessing in itself!

John and Leslie came and got me and took me to the softball game Cheyenne was playing in this evening. Afterward they brought me home and it was 9:30PM by that time. I took my bath and read until bedtime. In fact I may stay up until 10:30PM or 11;00Pm so I will be tired enough to sleep.

The charger was charged so tomorrow I plan to trim the back yard before Karan gets here tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow Karan will be coming about 9:30AM and we will go to Bartlesville to Sunfest at Sooner Park. She is driving. She wants to get here about 9:30AM to 10:00AM. Sunfest starts in Bartlesville from 10:00AM until 10:00PM.

Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Wednesday and a Hairdo Day

I slept a lot better last night. I did get up once in the night and take my meds and check on Scruff. It was raining and she was tucked into the corner of my overhang by the front door. She is still sick but I can't see where she is vomiting anymore and she did eat a little of that food I left out there for her. After the rain let up, she moved back behind the hedge. The damp ground there must feel good to her. She probably has a fever. I would not have been surprised t find her dead this morning but she is still hanging in there.

I don't see anything of Blondie but then it's still raining some. 

I have eaten my breakfast in the living room while I was waiting for "the weather on the 8's" to come on. It finally did.

Today is to be 83 degrees and AM thunderstorms, tomorrow is to be 87 degrees and mostly sunny, Friday is to be 85 degrees and partly cloudy, Saturday is to be 84 degree sand scattered thunderstorms, Sunday is to be 89 degrees and partly cloudy,  Monday is to be 87 degrees and partly cloudy and Tuesday is to be 85 degrees and Mostly sunny. So we're down to two days of rain in the next week. We can use all we can get. However the mowing is out today. It's soaking wet out there and will rain all day I imagine. 

I will drive over to Coffeyville for my hair appointment at 9:00AM this morning and then just come back home. There's nothing at the senior center until next Wednesday.  That's when we will have Bunco, weather permitting.

More Later...I want to check on Scruff again. 

It may be my imagination but I think she may be feeling better. She drank some of the water I had set out for her. She hasn't vomited this morning and she ate a little food too.

It's time for me to leave  for Coffeyville and my hair appointment. I will be back after that. No Bunco until next week.This is only the 31st.

More Later... 

I got my hair done and came back home afterward. I did stop at the bank and withdraw some money for the week. 

When I got home and read some more. Scruff was seemingly feeling better. At least she was not vomiting anymore and she did eat a little more cat food...not much. 

Later I went out to Sonic and ordered the child's Wacky Pack with two chicken strips and french fries and a coke. All that for $2.18. 

When I got home this time I found Leslie's friend mowing my yard. I took him out some water. I asked him if I owed him anything and he said he told Leslie he would mow for me and she said he would or she would beat him. I told him I knew exactly how he felt. :)

A little later he finished and left. I had taken the plastic yard bag out for him but he didn't use it. I put it away. 

Evidently him starting mowing scared Scruff away. She was gone when he finished. She had been outside my door almost all morning and then under my hedge for awhile. 

Blondie came about 4:20PM and I went in the garage to get him some food. He didn't eat though and left when I put the garage door down..

I intend to go see Nancy tomorrow. Friday is Sunfest in Bartlesville and I will see if Karan still wants to go with me. If Gretchen is still there, she may want to go too. I will check with Karan.

More Even Later

Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Tuesday and A Sick Cat

I stayed up late and read last night until 11:00PM.  It rained most of the evening and Scruff came to eat. She is still sick but at least she is not vomiting now. She lay by the front door all evening near the door mat out of the rain. After the rain stopped she laid down under the hedge. She is skin and bones. I took her out fresh food...just not a lot of it. She nibbled on it off and on all evening. I took my bath and then read until I finished my book. Then I went to bed.

About 3:30AM this morning I woke up and took my two meds. I finally just got up and checked the front door. When I opened it, Scruff was lying there in front of the front door.. just not right in front of it... out on the sidewalk in front of it  ...wide awake and looking pretty pitiful. She still had that little bit of food out there. I couldn't bring myself to bring it in. She has fresh water too. There's really nothing more I can do for her. I hope she doesn't die and gets well but it doesn't look good.

I didn't see Blondie. There's probably no sense in going back to bed at this point. I doubt I could sleep and it's almost 4:00AM. I have read all my library books and will take the last one to the book drop at the library later this morning and get some more when the library opens. 

More Later ....Scruff tried to sleep after awhile but had trouble because I had the light on in the living room. Finally, she ate a little more of that food and moved back under the hedge. Then I dressed and fixed my breakfast and came in there in the den to blog. I did catch the "weather on the 8's" though.

Today is to be 85 degrees and mostly sunny, tomorrow is to be 86 degrees and  partly cloudy,Thursday is to be 87 degrees and partly cloudy, Friday is to be 83 degrees and scattered thunderstorms, Saturday is to be 85 degrees and scattered thunderstorms, Sunday is to be 87 degrees and isolated thunderstorms.and Monday is to be 88 degrees and partly cloudy. That's the week! Only three days with rain in the forecast. I don't know when the man Leslie got to mow for me will mow. She said he would mow on Wednesdays. We will see if that happens.  I hope she tells Jeromy she has found someone. He had planned to mow on Tuesdays after he took Cheyenne to softball practice or her games. I think I will text him what she told me.

Scruff was gone when I left for my walk. She must have found some kind of shelter. I hope she didn't crawl off and die somewhere. Poor little thing.

I took my mile walk at 7:30, returned my last library book and  picked up a full grocery sack of trash. I put it in my dumpster when I got home at 7:57AM.

More Even Later... 

I went to the library when it opened and checked out three more books. 

At noon I went up to the Pizza Hut and ordered a personal pan pizza. Then after that I read most of the afternoon.

Scruff came back this evening for her supper.She ate some but then she vomited it up. I took a wet paper towel out here and cleaned it up. Then she went under the hedge and lay down under it to rest. She is so thin...bless her heart. She probably ate too fast and lost it.

I called the Caney animal control officer and she told me they have no facility for cats and they just have a pound for dogs. And they don't euthanize them anymore.  I no longer have a cat carrier so I can't even take her to Independence to the vet to euthanize her to put her out of her misery. Maybe she can get through this. I hope.

It's 6:55PM now. At 7:00PM I will go take my bath.

More Even Later...

Monday, May 29, 2023

Monday and a Different Day

I will not be going down to see Nancy today. Suzanne called me day before yesterday and asked me to go a different day. She wants to go visit her sister,Judy,and Nancy there and she would like me to go a different day this week. I agreed to go visit Nancy on Thursday instead. Judy is very happy living in assisted living there. She thinks Judy may be able to influence Nancy to be happier there if she visits with Judy.  If that would work, that would be great!

Both Blondie and Scruff came for breakfast but Blondie was the only one that ate anything. Scruff is still sick and didn't eat anything although she is very thin and terribly hungry. But she is unable to hold anything down. Pitiful! And I can't do anything for her.

I did catch the weather forecast though. 

Today is to be 82 degrees and thunderstorms, tomorrow is to be 86 degrees and partly cloudy, Wednesday is to be 86 degrees and partly cloudy, Thursday is to be 87 degrees and partly cloudy, Friday is to be 86 degrees scattered thunderstorms, and Saturday is to be 88 degrees and scattered thunderstorms,   Sunday is to be 86 degrees and scattered thunderstorms. Looks like five days of rain. That will cancel the Wednesday mowing. But it will be good for the Caney River.

More Even Later...

Sunday, May 28, 2023

Sunday and Breakfast at Church

 I slept fairly well last night. I was very tired. It had been a big day but a nice one.

This morning I was up at my usual early time, dressed and made my bed and put together my coffeecake. It is baking now.

I will  turn on the TV soon and check on the weather for the next week and see if the cats are out there for their breakfast. I am having my coffee now and that's all I will have until I get to church for breakfast at 10:00AM.

More Later. 

Scruff came for her breakfast but she still can't keep anything down. She is skin and bones. Poor little thing!

I did catch the weather though! Today is to be 83 degrees and partly cloudy, tomorrow is to be 79 degrees Isolated thunderstorms, and Tuesday is to be 84 degrees and partly cloudy, Wednesday is to be 83 degrees and scattered thunderstorms, Thursday is to be 87 degrees and partly cloudy, Friday is to be 86 degrees and PM thunderstorms, and Saturday is to be 82 degrees and Scattered thunderstorms. Four days of rain! That should help the Caney River!

Scruff is still out there lying by my flowerbed.  She knows she can't eat or she will throw it up. She ate a little and then threw it up after trying to keep it down. She is a farrow cat so I can't pick her up and take her to a vet. I don't even have a carrier anymore. I must have got rid of mine when I moved to Caney after Missy got sick and I had to have her put down.

She is gone now. She was not able to eat the cat food without losing it. She is terribly thin..poor thing. 

I took my mile walk at 7:40AM this morning and I could sure tell yesterday was Mayfest. There was a lot more trash in the streets. I got twice as much as I usually get. It's a tragedy people are so trashy. to just throw their trash and empty water bottles in the streets. 

It makes me wish I was still living in Bartlesville where most people have some pride in their community. In Bartlesville, if someone saw that happen they would be reported and receive a citation for spreading trash in the streets. There are trash receptacles everywhere here so there's no excuse for just throwing their trash out their car windows!

I left for church about 9:30AM and got there in plenty of time for the breakfast at 10:00AM. There was watermelon from John and Leslie and donuts from Karan and my coffeecake. The rest of the congregation were later getting there and they did not bring anything for the breakfast. 

After we had eaten and were in the sanctuary, I took my coffeecake out to my car. I didn't want to have to go back for it after the worship service was over. Phyllis and I went in to Coffeyville for our usual lunch at Eggbert's there in Coffeyville.

Afterward I came on back home. 

More Later... 

I couldn't get Outlook to work on the new laptop so I called Cox Complete Care and the tech got it working by downloading updates.

Thank goodness for Cox Complete Care. 

I did my letters for those who were not at church today. There were only two missing and I included a bulletin for them for the announcements and the Prayer List.

More Even Later...