Friday, May 31, 2024

Car all Packed.

 I worked all morning packing my suitcases and putting them in my car. About 1:30 PM I will go over to Karan's and put my bags in her car because she is going to drive to the reunion camp grounds. Her car is much newer then mine. Mine is 16 years old. I will leave mine in one of her three garages. We will be gone a week.

I have labeled all my suitcases so I will know what is in each of them. 

I did catch "the weather on the 8's" and here it is.Today is to be 78 degrees and Thunderstorms,  Saturday is to be 83 degrees and thunderstorms, Sunday is to be 86 degrees and AM thunderstorms, Monday is to be 80 degrees and scattered thunderstorms, Tuesday is to be 97 degrees and scattered thunderstorms. and Wednesday is to be 86 degrees and also scattered thunderstorms.  Looks like a lot of rain in the next week. 

More after camp is over. I am not taking my computer to camp... 

The little black cat and Grey came for their breakfasts and so did Whitey. I have not seen Blondie yet.

More Later... 

I called Karan to tell her I would be over to her house at 2:00PM and she told me the reunion doesn't start until tomorrow. Sure enough...that is what my calendar says.   I would have gone over there a day early if I hadn't called her this morning. For some reason, I was thinking it started today.  But it is actually tomorrow.

I noticed I had another 5th flat this year.  I took it to Main Street and they got it right in and got it repaired. Sure enough, it had a roofing nail in it...again. ...the 5th flat I have had. Because I had written him a check, it was only $15.00. So he saved me some money.

More Even Later.. I had gone out to Eggbert's for lunch and used the some of the $60.00 Eggbert's gift card Keith had given me this week.

About 2:00PM, I will go to Karan's and load all my stuff in her car. We will leave at 2:30PM. Somehow I have lost my phone charger. I looked through all my bags but never did find it. I will stop at the Android phone store and see if I can get another one. In the meantime I will use my Kindle charger.

Thursday, May 30, 2024

Packing for Church Reunion

I am packing for reunion today. Karan and I leave tomorrow for our church family camp we call "reunion.". I have attended the camp for  50 years...every summer. Scott was one year old when I began to attend our "family camp". He is 64 now. Keith is five years older then Scott and Leslie is two years older then Scott,  I will take three bags of clothing and a sleeping bag.We stay in a lodge that is complete with rooms we can share. They are complete with bunk beds.  Karan and I usually share our room. There are showers and bathrooms for both sexes in the lodge. We are provided with all our meals. They are included in the registration.

There are also small cabins along a path behind the dining hall and some more on the way to the swimming pool. But I usually stay in the lodge and room with Karan. It is a great camp. There are classes and sermons held in  a Tabernacle on the grounds. My daughter is in charge of planning the camp.

More Later.. I need to finish packing. 

I Managed to finished my packing for the Church reunion. Karan and I will leave for the reunion grounds tomorrow at 2:30PM. I will go to her house to put my luggage in her car at 2:00PM tomorrow.

I fed Whitey and Blondie and Grey today twice and the small black cat as well. I will be gone to the camp for a week so they will have to find food somewhere else.  

More tomorrow morning. 

Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Wednesday and A Color and Cut

I was up early as usual and left for Coffeyville and my hair appointment at 8:00AM right after Esther and Keith left for Chicago. I tried to reach Karan several times this afternoon to find out what time she wants me to come over on Friday for our  trip to the camp grounds. She never did get back to me. 

I had a text from the Caney Drug this afternoon that I had my thyroid pills replenished. I went up to pick this up. Then I decided to mow the front yard. It was long again and wasn't going to be mowed until the new mowing person starts on the 7th when I return from reunion on that Friday. Leslie is going to pay him $40.00 to mow for me every ten days and she will give me the money at reunion.

Dee Anna, my landlord's wife, invited me over to see the tea sets she had put out for her granddaughter to use for refreshments. She is very nice and so is Stephen, her husband.

He saw me mowing and I told him not to tell Leslie I was doing that. It's primarily the front and some of the west side.  When I got hot, I stopped and emptied the bag and put away the mower.. He had mowed his yard too. It looked nice!.

More Later...



Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Tuesday and Breakfast for cats

 I slept well again last night. We had gone out to John and Leslie's for some of John's good hamburgers yesterday afternoon. We had gone out after church on Sunday and they had fixed steak for the four of us and their son, Jeromy, my grandson,  and his two girls. Everything was very good. Keith and Esther had bought two pies form Jay, who buys them from the Amish in Parsons. They were also very good. They bought one pecan pie and one chocolate pie.

Keith has been fighting a cold ever since they have been here. He has a lot of drainage. They stopped at Walgreens in Independence and bought some  medicine and that helped some but he still has a lot of drainage.

They will be leaving tomorrow at 6:00AM to drive back to Wichita and then catch flights that will take them back to Germany where they currently live. It has been a blessing to have them here. Esther, however, had developed  a urinary track infection and they went down to Bartlesville yesterday to find a doctor to treat it.

A new little black cat came with Grey to have breakfast this morning. It came here for the first time yesterday. I haven't seen Blondie yet. 

I did catch "the weather on the 8's" though, There is going to be quite a bit of rain this next week.

Today will be 80 degrees and AM rain, tomorrow is to be 80 degrees and partly cloudy, Wednesday it is to be 80 degrees and partly cloudy, Thursday is to be 79 degrees and AM thunderstorms, Friday is to be 75 degrees and thunderstorms, Saturday is to be 83 degrees and AM showers, Sunday is to be 86 degrees and AM thunderstorms and Monday is to be 86 degrees and scattered thunderstorms.

That's the week, Six days of rain. 

Saturday June 1st, I will go to a friend's house and put my luggage in her back seat and she will drive me and herself to 10 miles south of Joplin to our church reunion for a week . That's a church camp and I have attended every year since Scott was 1 year old. And he was born in in 1960. So he is 64 and will be 65 in November.

More Later...  

We went to Coffeyville to look for shoes for Esther and Keith found some he  liked and bought them. Esther couldn't find any that fit her feet correctly. They all pinched her toes. So she didn't buy any. Then we went to Nowata to get to Bartlesville since there was a detour and a very long train so we couldn't go directly to Bartlesville. We looked at the Brown Shoe company in Bartlesville but again, they pressed against her toes and she could not use them.  They would hurt her feet. So she didn't find any that were comfortable.

We stopped at a Mexican restaurant and had lunch. I had a child's plate and didn't finish all of it. But it was very good.

Then we came back to Bartlesville to try one more place. We never found any she could use. She really wanted Skechers'. She just couldn't find any that were comfortable for her feet..

When we got back home Keith went out the Dollar General store again and bought several big boxes of cat food...the wet kind. He also bought Kleenex.

More Later...

Sunday, May 26, 2024

Sunday and a Tornado Warnng

About  1:45AM  the city's tornado warning went off. Esther and I went into the bedroom closet and took cover as best we could  until the alarm went off. I stayed up awhile to see if there were any more warnings. Nowata county was under a storm warning until 5:00AM this morning. It's 4:36AM now. I made my bed and dressed but the kids are sleeping in my bedroom so although I went in the bathroom to use it, I did not try yet to make up my face, I will wait awhile rather then to disturb them. In awhile I will also start the coffeecake for the church breakfast.

More Later... 

I got the coffeecake done and even got into the bathroom to make up my face. I am ready for church even if the kids are not up yet. I think one of them may be up least one. They were out late last night at the class reunion at Keith's 50th reunion class. Then we were up with the tornado warning too. It's 7:32AM now. Our church class begins at 9:30AM. 

More Even Later..