Saturday, August 3, 2013

Rainy Saturday Too

Another rainy day. But it has stopped temporarily at least. I received the first of the Back Pack Fun Day photos and will post it in this blog today. My daughter will finish sending them to me when she finishes cleaning house this morning.

Bob and I went to breakfast early this morning after the rain let up. I am baking cookies right now and taking care of sending our story to the local papers and our church magazine.

Here is the group of workers as well as the children. My daughter, Leslie, is not in the photo. She took the picture.

Me with butterfly painted on my cheek.

Skyler with Angry Bird painted on his cheek.

Krista with heart painted on her cheek.

Delila with butterfly and flower painted on her cheek.

Saeble with Missy Kitty painted on her cheek.

Laci with butterfly and flower painted on her cheek.

Rachel with heart painted on her cheek.

The children loved face painting. Soon most all of them had some painting either on their faces or the back of their hands. Karan is a real artist and can draw about anything.

This is Johnna helping with a pipe cleaner project.

It was a fun evening but really exhausting. I decided such activities were for the younger group of members. Melissa came up with the idea and spearheaded it. Cyndi brought five children and Leeann brought five...four of them her own.

This is Melissa giving instructions to one of the children.

We have three pastors at our congregation at church. Melissa is the one listed but Johnna and Leslie are also co- pastors. All three have really demanding jobs. So it takes all three. In our church, pastors are self sustaining.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Rainy Friday

It rained again this morning. Luckily the Bishop's got our lawns mowed first yesterday and Bob got my trimming done before the rains began. It's supposed to rain again tonight. We will see. I am supposed to go out to the church this evening for the Fun Night. We hope to have some children attend.

I got my hair dome this morning for the weekend. Afterward Bob and I went to exercise class. Then we went to Utopia for coffee and a blueberry scone. Then we came back home. I left him at his driveway out of the rain. I then came back home and began my casserole dish. It was a chicken casserole and also contained those leftover potatoes from Tuesday. I had broccoli and applesauce and cottage cheese with it and frozen fruit for dessert. It was all good and I have enough left for lunch tomorrow. I also have a few of Leslie and John's fresh tomatoes for the cottage cheese Bob brought today. We are leery of buying packaged salad since there is a recall out for those. They are making people sick in our area.

More later...

I went out to church this evening and ten children came to Fun Night. Cyndi brought five of them. They were her neighbor children. Leeann brought hers and a neighbor child. There was face painting, bead work and stenciling and a movie later in the evening. The group served hot dogs, chips and lemonade for supper. And each child received a back pack with school supplies at the end of the evening. They all seemed to have a good time. I even got my face painted. Later, I will post photos of the face painting. Leslie took the photos and she will have to e-mail them to me. I forgot my camera. I got home a little after 9:00 after we cleaned up. I took my bath and went to bed a little after 9:30. I was really tired.

They hope to make Fun Night an annual affair.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Cool Thursday Morning

It's cool this morning and I have been sitting outside in back of my car in the carport watching the birds with Missy, my cat. She's too old to catch any anymore...thank goodness. Bob came over while his coffee dripped and we visited awhile. I am going to meet my daughter, Leslie, for lunch today so he will need to fend for himself for his lunch. We will have the chicken casserole I planned tomorrow.

I stayed up late last night and watched some PBS programs. Anymore, PBS is about my only source for decent programming. What a shame! The networks are just airing junk...reality shows and such.

We did walk over to Braums last night and have an ice cream cone. Bob bought. He said I'd bought the last couple of times. I need to go get gas this morning. I'm pretty low.

More later...

I met my daughter for lunch today in Independence. This afternoon the landlord mowed and Bob will trim my place after his charger charges his weed eater.

After a short nap I went out to church and helped get the back packs packed for the kids at Fun Night tomorrow evening. We have 23 back packs ready. The younger group got tables ready for face painting, crafts and a movie night. I came home at 8:30 and took my bath and am ready for bed later this evening. I have a 7:00 hair appointment tomorrow morning. My hair goes nuts with curl when it gets humid. Tomorrow evening Fun Night begins at 6:00 until 8:30.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Different Wednesday

I saw Bob outside this morning and we talked about going out of town after exercise class. We will go to Bartlesville and perhaps eat at McAlister's. We haven't eaten there for awhile. We both get bored doing the same things everyday. He went out yesterday afternoon and looked at his wife's grave. He hadn't been out there for awhile.

Missy and I went out about 5:45 and watched for the foxes. The large one was out and just next door when I went out. He ran around my neighbor's apartment and then when I went to check on the whereabouts of Missy, he ran across the street to Merrill's house and around the corner and disappeared. They are very shy.

More later....

We did go to Bartlesville and walked the mall and ate at McAlister's. It was very good. We had a good time. When I returned I noticed I had sold another of Leslie's college textbooks on Amazon so I just went over to Dearing and got it put in the mail. They don't change the textbooks often. These are probably five years old but they are still selling.

Tonight we plan to walk over to Braum's and get an ice cream cone for supper. Bob is gone right now.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Rainy Tuesday

It's raining again. This has been the strangest summer ever. It's been in the 70's and 80's for quite awhile...since camp....and we've had a lot of rain...very unlike a Kansas summer. I have a hair appointment at 10:00 and my hair really needs it.

Today, I think we will have smothered steak for lunch/dinner. I am out of potatoes except for some tater tots I bought for a casserole awhile back. We may have those if I don't get to the market. We will have cottage cheese and applesauce and a veggie too. We may have some more fruit for dessert.

Until Thursday when we go out to church to pack our backpacks, I have nothing on the calendar but my hair appointments until Friday evening when we start our fun night at church for children. I hope that works out. Melissa only put an ad in the County Chronicle. We only have Mary Beth and the Brooks girls in the congregation. Any other children will have to come by invitation or from the neighborhood. Nothing will be wasted though. Any backpacks and school supplies left over will go to the Caney elementary school where we always provide them.

More later...

I didn't do a whole lot after lunch. I did take a nap. Then I stayed up until 10:00 to watch a PBS Frontline documentary on assisted living homes. Very depressing!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Monday Again

I didn't post yesterday. I was very busy. We went to church and later afterward many of us went to Pizza Hut to eat lunch. It had been a long time since I was in Pizza Hut. When I got home, I did my letters and then started my tuna salad for today's lunch/dinner. I watched some TV after the Living the Questions group meeting at Jack and Marilyn's. Finally I finished the tuna salad and then went on to bed and slept very well.

I got up this morning at 4:30. I went outside for awhile earlier in the morning but it was chilly so I came back in. It's hard to realize it's the 29th of July when the days have been so rainy and cool. It's forecast rain again this week. We are also under a flash flood watch.

I drank my leftover coffee and didn't make fresh this morning. I have an appointment with Dr. Eslicker scheduled but his office didn't call earlier to remind me so I'm not sure. I understood he was taking the summer off. I will call his office at 8:00 and check.

We have exercise class this morning too. If I find I have no appointment, I will attend the class. My arms have not been a problem for several days now and I am sleeping well.

More later....

I saw my family doctor this morning and he asked me about my arms. I told him I thought that deep aching was a thing of the past. I decided my decision to read the literature that came with my blood pressure medicine was key. Melissa, my former doctor who now practices at the Cherokee Clinic said it might take a month for the medicine to get completely out of my system and sure enough, about one month later, most all of the aching went away. I am taking a lot less of this new medicine too. I like that. I hate taking medicine. Almost everything, including common aspirin, has side effects. I only started taking blood pressure medicine this year. I don't have to see him again for six months. He asked me about my daughter, Leslie, and I told him she was doing fine but had the same philosophy as I held about doctors. The further away you can stay from them, the healthier you are. I'm quite sure he knows how I feel about doctors.

We had our tomato stuffed with tuna salad at noon. We ate it with crackers and cheese. It was good and I sent the remainder home with Bob. I will have a smoothie with yogurt if I need anything else this evening.

I sent my son his birthday card and a small surprise within it this morning. His birthday is Saturday the 3rd. He will be 58.