Saturday, June 18, 2022

Saturday and a Funeral

 I slept pretty well last night and it was almost 5:00AM when I finally got up. I got myself ready for the day and fixed my breakfast  I am eating that here in the den, as usual.

I will be attending the memorial service for an old friend this afternoon. Marilyn Lively died of Parkinson Disease recently.  They had a memorial service in Washington right after she died but she lived most of her life in Coffeyville and was very well known there so they are having one at Coffeyville's Presbyterian church at 2:00PM this afternoon.  I will attend that one. Bob and I had known her and her husband, Jack, for years. Marilyn and I had attended several classes at the Disciples of Christ seminary in Tulsa over the years.  

It's after 6:00AM now and I want to go check and see if the cats are back. They never made it for any meals yesterday.

So, more later.... 

Both cats came for their breakfast this morning! Whew!!! I hoped nothing serious had happened to them and evidently they are fine. Both ate and left but Scruff ate the most. She has no other source of food but birds and me. When she was finished, I took the cat food into the garage and covered it up.

I also saw "the weather on the 8's". It's going to be another very hot week.

Today is to be 95 degrees and mostly sunny, Sunday is to be 91 degrees and sunny, Monday 93 degrees and sunny, Tuesday 97 degrees and sunny, Wednesday 97 degrees and sunny, Thursday 97 degrees and partly cloudy and Friday 96 degrees and partly cloudy.  That's the week! And it's not even Summer yet!

More later.... It's 8:25AM now and I will get back to my book now. So, more even later.....

Instead of reading, I went out and watered the flowers again ,,,both the back ones and those under the mailbox. It seems to help them survive this hot weather. 

I now need to water the white geraniums in the front on the hook

So more even later.... 

I watered those geraniums and then about 9:15AM I left for Coffeyville. First I went out to Woodshed and bought gas and then I went to Eggbert's there in Coffeyville and had an omelet.It had been a long while since I had had one.

After that I sat in the parking at the library and read awhile in my Kindle. Then close to 1:45PM,  I went to the Presbyterian Church for Marilyn's service. It was very nice. Mike and Laura from our congregation were there too and sat with me.

I didn't go out to the winery  for the refreshments. I was very tired by then.  I got home about 4:00PM and read awhile.

About 7:00PM, I took my bath. I plan to go to bed around  9:00PM. I never did see the cats for supper. Now I will read until bedtime.

Friday, June 17, 2022

Friday and Apartment Cleaning

I slept restlessly last night. I kept waking up off and on all night. I think I was just too tired from my trip.. I am just starting my breakfast now. I will need to get some breakfast bars at Dollar General today. I eat oatmeal every morning but I usually have a breakfast bar too. But I have been out of those a couple of days. 

I checked for the cats this morning but neither of them were out there. They didn't come last evening for supper either so I will be surprised if they aren't here for breakfast.

I will go check again now and also check for the "weather on the 8's". It will be awhile for that since it's only 6:33AM now. 

I caught the weather forecast but neither cat is out there for breakfast. 

Today is to be 97 degrees and mostly sunny, Saturday is to be 94 degrees and mostly sunny, Sunday is forecast for 92 degrees and more sun, Monday is to be 95 degrees and mostly sunny, Tuesday's forecast is for 98 degrees mostly sunny, Wednesday is to be 98 degrees and mostly sunny and Thursday is to be 95 degrees and partly cloudy.  Another scorching week!!

So more even later.... 

Neither of the cats ever came for their breakfasts. I hope nothing has happened to them. I remember I used to feed four cats but something happened to the others. Maybe someone took them to their farm to keep the rodents under control in their barn. I hope that is what happened to them and not something worse.

I had to go out to Dollar General for some things I can't get at the Caney Market. I got my swifter mopping cloths which I needed to finish the last two rooms I had to mop.I have those finished now and I have yet to do the vacuuming. I still am awfully tired from yesterday's trip and so I may not get it all finished today. It's only 9:25AM  so I may recover yet.

I got the dry laundry folded and put away and did the rest of the mopping and now I am really tired. I need to stop and rest a bit. I may get back to my book. I charged the Kindle again last night.

I will rest awhile before I start the vacuuming. 

I got the bedroom, hall and den vacuumed and now I need to rest awhile before I begin the living room and dining room. I am very tired. It is 10:16 AM now. I have plenty of time to finish later...

I watered all the flowers and filled the bird bath too.

So  more even later...

It's a little after 2:00PM and I have been reading and also fixed myself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch. 

Then I was rested up and finished the vacuuming of the living room and dining room carpets and emptied the sweeper and put it away. I will dust tomorrow unless I get it done this afternoon sometime.

Right now I will go back to my more later...

I have been reading again. And I never did see the cats at all today.

The CBS news is on now and I am watching it now. In fact.I had to stop watching it...every other ad was a political ad and that's Oklahoma and I am in Kansas.

It's almost 7:00PM now so I will take my bath and put my pajamas on and my robe. I plan to go to bed at 9:00PM. I will read until then.

Thursday, June 16, 2022

Thursday and a Tour

I slept fairly well last night but a little restless. I was afraid I might sleep too late and get to Independence too late to catch the tour bus. So I ended up getting up very early instead. But at least I am ready to go and can leave in plenty of time not to be late. I am having my oatmeal now.

I made my bed and dressed and got myself ready for the day ahead. We will be going to Ponca City and Pawhuska and I am sure Sherry will have the history of both down pat. She always gives us lots of history of every community we pass though. I will leave here now later then 6:30AM, probably 6:15AM, in order to get the location of the tour bus in Independence before 7:00AM.  I was hoping either Karan or Phyllis would be going but neither of them is.

I usually clean my apartment on Thursdays but instead, I will clean it tomorrow.

More later...

I turned on the TV just in time to catch "the weather on the 8's".

Let's see if anything has changed on the forecast.

Today is to be 95 degrees and partly cloudy, Friday is to be 97 degrees and mostly sunny, Saturday 94 degrees and mostly sunny, Sunday 95 degrees and sunny, Monday 96 degrees and sunny, Tuesday 100 degrees and mostly sunny, and Wednesday 98 degrees and mostly sunny. It looks like a scorcher week ahead.  

I'll check and see if the cats are out there yet...

No, no cats yet. It's 5:31AM so it's probably about 30 minutes too early for them.

Scruff came for her breakfast and Blondie cam a little later and ate a little but I think he had been fed at his home. He didn't eat much. 

I want to leave here about 6:15AM so I won't miss the bus. It is getting light now so I won't be driving in the dark. I hope the car is going to be alright. 

When I started to start it and put it in gear yesterday at the beauty shop, it wouldn't go into gear again. I turned off the ignition and started it again and tried putting it into gear, and that time it worked and it went right into gear. I hope my transmission isn't trying to go out. I would have to get a loan at the bank to have it repaired.  Well, I don't need to buy trouble. I will just wait to see if everything is alright one day at a time.

More later in the day...

I got home from my tour about 6:15PM and watered the flowers. They were very dry. Now I need to water those in front. They too are very dry. It has been very hot all day. I had a good time but it was exhausting.

It's 6:28PM now and soon I will take my bath and put my pajamas on and read. It was an exhausting day. Way more walking then I was used to doing.

I plan to go to bed at 9:00 PM. I am very tired!

Perhaps even later...

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Wednesday and Hair Day and Bunco

I slept very well last night. It could have been the two Melatonin I took but whatever it was, I slept well and was up at my usual 5:00AM. I made my bed and dressed and got myself ready for the day. I will get my hair done about 8:30AM this morning and then read in my Kindle until time for Bunco at the senior center at 1:00PM.

I initiated my new microwave this morning. It usually takes two minutes to cook my oatmeal with the old microwave but this one took about one minute.  I am having my breakfast here in the den as I blog.

First I will go to the bank when I get to Coffeyville and get the money for the week and then go to my hair appointment. This is the day for a hair color and cut and I really need it. I have trimmed around on my hair around my ears for several weeks. It grows so fast.

It's almost 6:00AM now and I will eat my oatmeal and then go watch "the weather on the 8's" and see if the cats are out there wanting their breakfast.

Blondie was the only cat that came for breakfast and when I set it out there, he barely ate anything and left. Scruff didn't show at least not yet.

Wednesday (today) the weather is forecast for 91 degrees and partly cloudy and windy, Thursday is to be 95 degrees and partly cloudy, Friday is to be 97 degrees and sunny, Saturday is to be 97 degrees and mostly sunny, Sunday is to be 95 degrees and sunny, Monday;s forecast is to be 97 degrees and sunny, and Tuesday is to be 97 degrees and mostly sunny. That's the week ahead. Hot,hot and more hot!

 So More Later...

Before I left for Coffeyville, Scruff showed up for her breakfast and I fed her and when she was finished, I put away her food and covered it.

I left about 7:45AM and got there in time for my 8:30AM appointment. After I got my hair colored and cut, I went to the senior center and sat in the car and read my Kindle. After it got too hot in the car, I went into the senior center and took my treat in too. It was cool in there. At 12:30, folks started coming for the Bunco  game.   There were eight of us to play, counting Janet. I didn't win anything although I had fun playing..According to Marilyn, the next week is game day. But I think it's two weeks away...the last Wednesday of the month. I will check later.

Tomorrow is my tour of Ponca City and Pawhuska. I have to be at the bus meeting place in Independence at 7:00AM.

It's 6:40PM now and I may just go ahead and take my bath an put on my pajamas and robe. I do need to get the solar cat in though. It's been out there all day soaking up sun.

After my bath I will read until bedtime at 9:00PM

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Tuesday and Reading Again

I slept fitfully last night and was up a couple of times over the night. I finally got up at 4:45AM and dressed and got myself ready for the day. I drank more water then usual last evening and had to get up in the night a couple of times for that. I realized that I drink very little water and it was so hot that I knew I needed to drink more but that had me getting up in the night more too. There seems to be no happy medium.

I am having my breakfast now here in the den. It's almost 6:00AM and I imagine the cats are out there waiting for their breakfast. When I finish my oatmeal I will go check and see if they are out there. It's just now getting light out.

Both cats were out there waiting for me to open the door and check them out. I took the food out but Blondie had evidently eaten at his home. He barely ate anything  but Scruff got right to it. 

She seems to be finished now and has gone her way and he did too. In a minute or so, I will go bring it back in the garage and cover it. It's 6:09AM and they didn't show "the weather on the 8's" at all. Maybe they will at 6:18AM . 

I just took the cat food into the garage and covered it up.

They did show the weather at 6:19AM just as I thought. Today is to be 92 degrees and mostly sunny and windy, Wednesday is forecast for 92 degrees and partly cloudy, Thursday is to be 97 degrees and partly cloudy, Friday 98 degrees and mostly sunny, Saturday 96 degrees and mostly sunny. Sunday 96 degrees and sunny, and Monday 86 degrees and sunny. It looks like the next week is going to be a scorcher!  

So more even later...  

Blondie is back here now just lying just outside the front door . He doesn't seem to want food and just wants to lie there looking around the street. Scruff is nowhere to be seen.

I did my laundry yesterday morning and will get my hair done in the morning and play Bunco tomorrow afternoon and I have my tour of Ponca City and Pawhuska on Thursday. I will clean on Friday this week.  

I  just went out and watered the flowers. Today will be a scorcher and it will be all week. I need to water the ones in the front too. I put my little solar cat out to get some rays. I did that yesterday too and he just glowed last night.

I brought the solar cat in after he had absorbed enough sun rays to glow.

So more later...

My new microwave finally came but it was way too heavy for me to even try to move. I did shove the box into the garage to prevent anyone from taking it. I talked to Stephen,  my landlord, about bringing it in for me when he got off work and he said he would be over about 4:00PM and bring it in and set it up for me. 

He suggested I think of him as a friend and not as a landlord. The new owners are excellent landlords...very nice people.  He also has a ceiling fan for my bedroom and a new garbage disposal too. He will have to work out when he can put those in for me. There is no huge rush although it will be good to have a working garbage disposal again and I had a ceiling fan in the bedroom over at the fourplex over in Coffeyville and that was nice to circulate the cool air in the summer and the warm air in the winter. 

It's a little after 5:00PM now so I will go watch the CBS news and get back to this later..  

I watched the CBS news and then read awhile. At 6:15PM or so,I took my bath and put my pajamas on and my robe.

I will read until 9:00PM and then go to bed. I may take some Melatonin tonight to sleep better.

Monday, June 13, 2022

Monday and Laundry

I slept pretty well last night. I woke up once with foot cramps and I took some meds for that and was able to get back to sleep. I was up at 5:00AM and dressed and got myself ready for the day. 

Both cats were out there waiting for their breakfast. I fed them although Blondie tried to fight Scruff and drive her away and I had to kick him away from her. She is gone now but he is still out there eating even more. I hope she got enough to eat. I went to get the laptop computer and that's when she disappeared. He may have taken advantage of my being gone.

He is gone now and she is back eating more of her breakfast. He probably did drive her away earlier.

I plan to go down to visit Nancy later this morning and take her to lunch.  Right now I have the laundry in the washer. I will leave about 10:00AM after I get the laundry out of the dryer. It's only 6:44AM  now. 

I just missed "the weather on the 8's" and I hope they will put it back on at  7:18AM. I was putting the cat food away in the garage. 

I have the laundry in the dryer now. 

 More even later.... 

I finally caught the weather for the next week.Today is to be 97 degrees and sunny, 

Tuesday 93 degrees and sunny, Wednesday is to be 92 degrees and partly cloudy, 

Thursday is to be 96 degrees and partly cloudy, Friday is to be 95 degrees and mostly sunny, 

Saturday is to be 95 degrees and mostly sunny, Sunday is to be 93 degrees and mostly sunny. That's the week! 

Plenty of heat and sunshine! Wow! 

It's 7:26AM now

May be an image of outdoors 

Now the mailbox flowerbed lilies are beginning to bloom too. 

So neat! 

I have the laundry out of the dryer and folded and put away. It's  8:29AM now. 

I sent out letters to Gene and Chris, the only two that were not at church yesterday besides Melissa and Kelly, who I understand were out of town. I mentioned that Vivian Davidson was to be our guest speaker next week. I also told them that we had taken Maia and Cheyenne to Jr. Camp over to the church's campgrounds south of Joplin. It is to be their first camp experience besides "reunion" which is "family camp".

It's almost time for me to go down to Bartlesville to visit Nancy and take her to lunch and a ride around town. It's 9:33AM and it's sunshiny today and should be a nice day to do that.

So more later... 

I went down to Bartlesville and was there at 10:15AM. She was up and around when I got there. She dressed and we went to Copan Restaurant for lunch. I had my usual small Chef Salad and Nancy had a hamburger. She had coffee and I had ice tea to drink. 

Nancy is a lot more satisfied now that she has gotten acquainted with more of the residents. She says the food is good and the people are nice. I am glad she seems more satisfied now. 

I will continue to go down to see her on Monday's. Taking her out to eat and for a drive seems to make her happy.  I left about 3:30PM. I was ready to get home. 

The microwave Keith bought for me did not come today. Maybe it will be here tomorrow. I will be home all day tomorrow. It's 5:26PM now. I have Bunco on Wednesday afternoon. I went to the market and bought a treat for it. It is from 1:00PM until 3:00PM or 3:30PM.

More later.. 

It's 6:53PM and I think I will take my bath and put my pajamas and robe on and read until 9:00PM which is my regular bedtime. It's almost 9:00PM and I think I may as well go on to bed. I've read until the Kindle needed charging and I have it charging now.


Sunday, June 12, 2022

Sunday and Church and a Trip to the Campgrounds

I slept well last night and was up at my usual 5:00AM, made my bed, dressed and got myself ready for the day. I am having my breakfast now here in the den. I will have to get some more instant oatmeal. I am having my last package now. I think the Caney Market carries it.

It will be interesting to see if my car is alright this morning after that incident last afternoon.

It's 5:45AM now and still dark outside. I don't know whether it stormed last night or not as predicted because I slept well for a change and was only up one time in the night to take my meds and go to the bathroom.

I will need to charge my watch again sometime today. That has to be done about once a week. I very carefully take the bracelet off and plug it into the USB port on my desktop computer. It only takes about an hour..maybe less.

It's beginning to get light outside. I am anxious to see if any more lilies are blooming.

More later...I will check out the weather forecast and the cats.

Both the cats were both waiting for their breakfast when I opened the front door. I fed them but had to insist that Blondie not attack Scruff. I pushed him off her with my foot and scolded him and he finally left her alone and ate right next to her. When they finished, I put away the cat food in the garage and covered it up.

Then "the weather on the 8's" came on and I took a photo of it with my phone.

Today will be 98 degrees and sunny, Monday is forecast for 98 degrees and partly cloudy, Tuesday is to be 94 degrees and sunny, Wednesday is to be 98 degrees and partly cloudy, Thursday is to be 96 degrees and mostly sunny, Friday is to be 96 degrees and mostly sunny. That's the week's forecast. No rain in the forecast this week.

I will leave for church about 9:45AM and go into Coffeyville first to get some cash at the bank there for the next week.  Then I will go out to the church and make sure it's clean for the service.  

I texted the congregation...hoping to see them at the service this morning.

More later... 

I went over to Coffeyville early so I could go to the bank and also buy gas out at Woodshed.Then I went out to Walmart thereto get two or three things I couldn't get here.

I got that done and then went out to church and did a little cleaning and swept off the front walk.

After church, Leslie and I and the little girls (two great grandchildren) went Steak and Shake and ate lunch and then took them over to our campgrounds for Junior camp.

Leslie and I got back to Coffeyville and stayed just long enough to get something cold to drink before going home our different ways. I had left my car in the parking lot at the market there.

I watched the CBS news and later 60 Minutes.

Then I took my bath and put my pajamas on and will read for awhile before going to bed around 9:00PM. It's only 7:47PM right now.

I am charging my watch right now. It's almost a full charge already.